Unrepentant ISIS Soldier On Death Row Brags ‘Allah Has Given Us License To Destroy You Americans- I Tortured And Murdered Over 300 People For Allah And Would Happily Do It Again’

Sitting on death row waiting for execution, ISIS fighters opened up about their deeds. Unsurprisingly, they were unrepentant. They said Allah had given them license to kill, and some even bragged about how many they butchered and said they would gladly do it again:

Inside a low-slung concrete building ringed by blast walls and razor wire, unrepentant ISIS fighters awaiting execution told Fox News they killed and maimed innocent civilians under “license from God” while fighting alongside radical Americans and vowed the terror army can never be truly defeated.

Fox News was recently given exclusive access to prisoners, who spend their days behind yellow, steel doors and freely admit to killing hundreds of people as leaders of ISIS cells around the embattled country. Iraqi officials allowed the interviews in between interrogations of their own, aimed at understanding how the terror group operates.

Abu Omar, 25, told Fox News he oversaw a cell in Baghdad and, by his own admission, carried out countless bombings.

As Omar melted into teeming crowds and detonated the bomb, all that remained was to wait to learn how many innocent men, women and children his twisted handiwork killed or maimed.

One bomb killed more than 100 people, including 30 women and children. Omar, who estimates he had a role in the deaths of 300, calmly described the screams and the chaotic aftermath.

Now facing a death sentence, Omar — despite a rote admission of remorse utterly lacking in conviction — appears untroubled by his deadly deeds. He claimed he had a license from God to kill in the name of Islam, and still believes ISIS is justified in torturing and burning prisoners of its own. (source)



  • Grace Ziem

    This is surely Satanic, reason enough to want to avoid hell. The rage of Satan as his time draws short!

  • Flame blue

    John 16:2English Standard Version (ESV)

    ” They will put you out of the synagogues. Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God”

    We won’t be allowed to worship in our Churches, the beast religionists will prevent us and kill us by beheading. The beasts think that they have God’s authority to murder us.

    Yet, the Commandment says ” you shall not kill”. The beast Islam does not follow the Commandments of God. The Islamics pretend that they are the only religionists who are fighting against immorality and evil, ( one told me that yesterday) . He also said that Isis only kills Christians who fight against them by not becoming muslims. Meaning the crime against Islam is not converting to it.

    Our politicians in Europe are bringing in millions of beast Islamism religionists to slaughter us and without doubt they will!

    • “Our politicians in Europe are bringing in millions of beast Islamism religionists to slaughter us and without doubt they will!”

      And so will the other politicians do. You’re favorite ones in Europe.

      This is because you are still a blue-pill drinker. It mattered little how many times I poured red pills into your medicine cabinet, you will not drink.

      Flame Blue is your name. It is not Flame Red.

      • Flame blue

        I cannot stop the politicians bringing in the beast religionists. It doesn’t matter what we vote for. I can see the manipulation of the people. I can see politicians are not honest. Perhaps it’s because they learn how to be deceptive and evil at university when they study politics. Yesteryear, people didn’t go to universities to study politics. The politicians were people who had real experience of life.

        I see your concerns, and they are likely well founded. I know Turkey and Germany are united in evil. I know Merkel and her party are not Christian, no matter their name.

        As for Pam Gellor, Robert Spencer, the Dutch politician Geert Vilders, Ann Maria Walters, Tommy Robertson, they have been demonised for years, in terror for their lives, linked to exmuslims who are telling the truth about Islam. They have been called fascists from the beginning by the real fascists, now you are also calling them fascists, suggesting they were working for a great agenda of uniting Islam with the West, all along. The stress, the passion of these people, l find l cannot believe that they are eugenists and Nazis.

        I don’t dispute that the Briebert Agency has some evil within. The homosexual Milo has been sacked. I never thought he was sincere in his new found respect for Christianity. I don’t think he was to be trusted, but on the other hand, l cannot believe he thinks Islam was a good prospect for his lifestyle even though he could have bacha boys and older men showing the boys who they really are sexually.

        But if we can trust no one, l understand that point. I only trust God, and that’s always been my position!

    • paulette barrow

      @Flame,I said this in another post,The leaders of these countries are inviting a spirit into thier countries,its manifesting in the flesh now in these other countries where its been invited

      • Flame blue

        I understand that spiritual concept, unfortunately the politicians don’t understand spirituality. They have pushed so much filth, that now they don’t see what is evil anymore. It really doesn’t matter too much to Satan what shape and form as to how he is permitted to rule the world but he certainly would mock God by having a counterfeit that pretends to be good while being grossly evil. It’s so clear! The foul spirit enters then more and more of its kin follows it.

        Satan can deceive greatly. I know people who let their daughters sleep with boyfriends in their homes stating that they don’t want her endangered outside and its best to know what is going on. Also they give in to other things justifying why they should. Satan even uses love to get people to approve sin. Well, we know how well he uses love! Bring in those who will oppress and murder you, because you are kind and loving. Approve all kinds of immorality because you love the depraved person who must have his rights met.

        Just as Obama brought in gender neutral toilets, and Trump is abolishing them, old Britain has caught up with the corruption, and now the unisex toilets are being brought into schools, parents are protesting that their girls are sensitive and easily embarrassed at 11,12,13, and so on, and menstruating girls are afraid and embarrassed to use the rest rooms. It seems that the 0.1 % males who think that they are female must be catered for, and in doing so, the testosterone charged lads, also get the rights to access girls spaces to stare and scare. What madness and badness. No rights for girls to have privacy! And the powers that be say this stops bullying! Strange minds, l know who’s being bullied but there’s no consideration for them. I am just wondering if the Muslims will object to their girls sharing toilet facilities with males? Strange how they are quiet on this!

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    ‘The time will come when those who kill you believe they are doing an act of worship to God’. No doubt these people are brutal, without compassion and have a lust for killing. I think I might have found something even worse. I’ve read a couple of stories this week about MS-13 gangs in the U.S. They are psychopaths who worship Satan. My blood was heating up when I saw the picture of two of them in a Houston court, sitting on the bench, smiling, laughing and waving. My hope was that someone would have gone over them and reminded them they are in Texas. We have the death penalty here. And after a quick trial, being found guilty of these murders, they are sentenced to death, with the execution to immediately follow the trial. They are led out back as the gallows await.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Yes, evangelize through Christian parenthood. Amen

  • Kevin Nicholson

    More like that he will be given a conscience of right and wrong and face burning with passion on a salt plain feeding swine realizing that false gods lead to utter dishonor and banishment….

  • Flame blue

    It should be ok, but watch it doesn’t go on Facebook and Twitter because they are reporting what they term hate speech to the European police, who may check out the original poster. Ok brother Christian, don’t use my handle! I trust you!

  • paulette barrow

    These people dont realize the devil has totally taken them over,they are possessed with a spirit of rebellion and murder ect,the devil comes to steal kill and destroy,this is all they know how to do

  • paulette barrow

    Thier not sick tier possessed