Trump Followers Are Now Defending Pedophilia And Bowing Down To The God Of Sodom And Gomorrah

By Theodore Shoebat

Trump followers in America are now defending pedophilia and bowing down to the god of Sodom and Gomorrah. I did a whole video on this:


  • Ozibarb

    cant wait to read the book. the shipping cost to Australia is more than the cost of the book, (understandable, as it is such a large book), so hopefully by next month ill be able to get one.

    • susan

      Amazon has it. Did you check out the shipping cost on Amazon? I received mine the other day. I love the way it’s written. You can open it up and start reading from almost anywhere in the book. It’s full of facts. Historical facts. Biblical facts. Old writings. New writings. Biblical stories. Historical stories. Times of war and times of peace. There’s nothing to compare it to. I hope you figure out a way to get one soon.

  • susan

    This video is my new favorite of yours. You nailed it.

  • Flame blue

    Well l agree you are true to God, Theodore! Pamela Gellor, Gavin McGinnis etc, they haven’t taken an oath to God.

    It is hard to get to the stage when everything you respected falls down before your eyes. It happened to me a while back, l prayed that l wouldn’t see Satan in control of my church, the church being the people. Unfortunately, this liberalism has deceived some of my brethren. I pray the darkness lifts instead of getting worse!

    You know about some of the backgrounds of these Institutions that Gellor, Spencer, etc, visited and gave speeches in, you could ask them had they researched the backgrounds of those groups. Do they even care or are they so desperate for to give their message that they will stand on any platform provided. You have the Quedos, they may reply to you. Best wishes Theodore.

  • magaforever

    Not this trump supporter..trump is cracking down on the child rapists .. A few faggots and pedophiles dont speak for all of us.

    • susan

      I was shocked to see how much support Milo actually had. Milo is not some person struggling to overcome a fecal fetish. He’s bathing in it. He loves Nero. Nero was a sexually depraved emperor who dipped Christians in tar and then used their burning bodies to give light to his huge parties of debauchery. That Trump supporters can’t make the distinction between such an obvious case of darkness and light is shocking. It means it’s time for them to take the red pill or else they’re going to get deceived by the antichrist’s spirit. For this is what’s coming in the future. It’s an old James Bond song…

      • These days the wise want to cocoon underground for a couple decades since its useless to fight against the tide. Wait 20 years or so and come out. Like the movie Blast From The Past:

        The old James Bond, Roger Moore came to our village in Bethlehem.

        • Cuzick

          Since when did you choose the ” easy path “? Why start now. A good fight keeps the blood flowing to the brain.

          • Kushal Das

            I really admire how you guys can keep a cool head in this unfolding situation. Whenever I read news these days, or contemplate alone, my blood pressure starts to shoot up.

          • Cuzick

            Yes me too. But God has informed us thru his word and the proper interpretation of Bible prophecy as revealed on this site, that these days were coming. We must continue to prepare ourselves spiritually and physically as it unfolds before us.

          • susan

            Lol. That’s why we come here and visit with each other. We never know for sure when our last day is upon us. So we keep fishing. 😉

      • Ceirwyn

        Me to. It’s disappointing considering most are supposed to be opposing the democrats.

  • magaforever

    (g)od* of sodom and Gomorrah small g

  • Stop making slander. Show us where Catholicism teaches Pedophilia? Had you done your research you would see that we expose the pedophile priests while you still have not learned what constitutes slander.

  • Had we wrote “Erdogan’s Muslim Followers Are Now Defending Pedophilia” would you still have objected?

    • susan

      It’s weird how easily people get offended. “Trump supporters.” I’m a Trump supporter. I know I don’t support sodomites. Or pedophiles. So why is he offended? Maybe he is a Milo supporter? Or a paranoid person who sees himself in every article? Or maybe he’s what our good Doctor would call “an enabler”.

      • I asked Theo why don’t he change the titles and make them where is sensitive gets less offended. He said that watching people get offended is a social experiment to see and monitor the madness and the level of sensitivity.

        • Kushal Das

          Slightly Off Topic: Is the website called “The Vigilant Citizen” a real, respectable website or does it belong to the loony bin like that of Alex Jones? Vigilant Citizen makes a lot of explosive claims with pretty convincing argument, but since it’s a conspiracy site, am not sure about its integrity.

          • Ceirwyn

            All sites are biased in some way. See who is funding them and find an opposing side talking about it.

        • susan

          Theo is correct on many levels with this. He brings in the big and small. The shallow and the deep. And even the lukewarm…

        • paulette barrow

          So he just wants to see how much bs he can stir up, what makes him any different from the left,tell him to keep his experiments to himself

          • susan

            Hi Paulette. I disagree. Trump supporters is just that. People who’ve supported Trump are defending pedophilia. Did Ted say ALL Trump supporters? Nope. What Ted does reminds me of what Jesus said and did.

            “We Played the Flute and You Didn’t Dance
            …To what can I compare this generation? They are like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling out to others:
            ‘We played the flute for you,
            and you did not dance;
            we sang a dirge
            and you did not mourn.’
            — Matthew 11:11-19
            “We Played the Flute for you and you did not dance, we sang a dirge and you did not mourn”
            Just like I had done on several other statements by Jesus in Matthew 11, I read over these comments in Verses 11-19 and never really tried to understand what Jesus was saying. I just decided that it was something that was only known to that culture and time period. It was kind of interesting to find the source of this little saying and it almost certainly is an Aesop’s Fable!

            Aesop was a real person who lived during the time of King Croesus, in Sardis, in what is now modern day Turkey. Aesop was a member of King Croesus’ court and was one of the wise men that Croesus sought advice from. He wrote a whole collection of stories and they were all stories that had a hidden meaning or moral to the story. Even though they were written several centuries before Christ, you can buy a copy of Aesop’s Fables today in the bookstore.

            There is a lesser-known fable of a fisherman who went down to the seashore and began to play a melodious tune on his flute. He just knew that his wonderful tune would have the fish jumping out of the sea and on to the shore. When the fish wouldn’t respond, he became angry and went and got his net. He threw the net into the water and caught a bunch of fish and then threw them on the shore, where they lay flopping and dying. He said to the fish, “I played a tune for you and you did not dance, and now all you can do is dance. In other words, “I gave you plenty of opportunities to follow my voice, but you didn’t take advantage of my offer”. This little story was passed down through the generations and would have been familiar to them just like we are with the “Three Little Pigs”, or other favorite nursery rhymes.

            Now back to our Matthew passage. Jesus was quoting an Aesop’s Fable when he compared this generation to children in the marketplace calling out to others this little story with a hidden meaning. He was telling the crowd, “John the Baptist and I have been piping and singing and you have not been responding”. “You have certainly had your chances”, would have been Jesus’ message to the crowd. Also, since Jesus mentioned that he had played both a happy tune and a sad song and they didn’t respond to either, there could be an additional message here. He could have been saying, you have rejected John the Baptist’s (sad or stern) message and you have rejected my offer of salvation. We have come at you from every angle, yet you are not responding (a stiff-necked generation).

            Now re-read the passage and see if that doesn’t make sense. Once again, it helps to know the culture to try to understand more clearly what Jesus was saying. Just as we have many idioms and witty sayings that have been passed down for generations, so it would have been with their culture. Let’s be careful not to just pass over some of the things that Jesus says that don’t seem to make sense at first glance. A little digging can result in some exciting and interesting findings”

            Interesting isn’t it? 😀

          • paulette barrow

            Thanks for your reply but i dont agree,Jesus doesnt go around provoking a reaction for debate,he doesnt provoke people to anger or wrath and a statement like Trump supporters,support pedophiles is lumping Trump suporters all together,have to remember that theres plenty of people who would have voted for Berny voted for Trump also people who voted for Obama voted for Trump,those who follow Christ wouldnt support pedophiles but supported Christ

          • susan

            Lol. Jesus didn’t provoke people to anger or wrath?

            Here’s just one example.

            Luke 4:28-29
            28 When they heard these things, all in the synagogue were filled with wrath. 29 And they rose up and drove him out of the town and brought him to the brow of the hill on which their town was built, so that they could throw him down the cliff.

            They seem pretty mad to me. 😀

          • paulette barrow

            I should have clarified myself,he doesnt provoke his children,the world yes but not his children

          • susan

            Does Jesus discipline His children? He did call Peter satan… And that doesn’t seem like a nice thing to do..

      • paulette barrow

        @susan,I said the same thing as vah4bm,not all Trump supporters support pedopjiles so why say it like all

  • dovari

    I received the book, Christianity is at War. Thanks.

  • Cuzick

    Good work Ted . Keep preaching, those who are genuinely seeking truth will hear. Don’t grow weary in well doing. CHRISTIANITY Is At WAR to destroy the works of the devil !!

  • Cuzick

    ” Why not tone down the rhetoric and state who’s really involved? ” Why not continue to expose those who are an enmity to the Gospel now, instead of have to fight them later when more people have been deceived and joined with the AntiChrist spirit. Think about it.

  • DeusLoVult

    Can you share what you dislike about Novus Ordo mass as opposed to the traditional one? I’ve never attended a traditional mass, but after learning some of the disparities, it doesn’t strike me as superior. I would like to hear your two cents worth, Mr. Shoebat. And other knowledgeable Catholics are welcome to answer. Many of the team members of my RCIA who grew up with the traditional mass believe the Novus Ordo is more proper.

    • I can tell you from my own perspective and experience. We argue over Novus Ordo or Traditional.

      Obviously the aged wine tastes better and is better. But it depends on whom you drink it with.

      Let me explain my allegory here.

      Amongst traditionalists, every other Catholic I find is a Nazi sympathizer or a Holocaust denier or a hater of Jews and of Israel, while amongst the Novus Ordo, every other person I speak with is either liberal or pro-sodomites.

      What good then is the wine if it is drank with the wicked?

      By “wine” I do not mean the Communion Wine, God forbid. I am using a metaphor here.

      In other words, while the form of Godliness is just superb, what good is it if the hearts of these people are wicked?

      I look at long lines of confessionals. People I spoke with, holocaust deniers and Nazis. They will sit there spewing crap on why it wasn’t 6 million but 500 thousand Jews died in the ovens and even that there were no ovens.

      I always tell them “what about two million Catholic Polish whom Hitler murdered?”

      They will look at me stunned. They do not know what to say.

      In other words, they spin their lives arguing about the Holocaust. There are many Holocausts. What about the Sudan? Over a million Christian was killed there. Why are they not disputing these numbers? We have less evidence for the Sudan Holocaust than the Jewish one.

      When I try to reason with them it is to no avail. Yes I see them every week going to confession to throw popcorn at the priest with their sins, while they forget the greater sin that is in their hearts: their hatred of God Himself.

      You see haters of God have a form of godliness. They HATE His ordinances. They HATE His prophecies. They HATE His people. They HATE His agreement with Abraham. They LOVE the devil and are of his minions.

      So while we dialogue over which is the finer wine, we should realize that we are all drinking it with a brood of vipers.

      But even these brood of vipers I do not hate. I still try to reason with in hope I defang these and rid them from their poison.

      Thats how I see it.

      • DeusLoVult

        I once believed the traditionalists had it right, until I found what you have also found. They are [email protected] And on the other said, yes…liberals and servants of sodom. Yesterday, my RCIA sponsor told me that Catholic teaching is on a pendulum. It swings from Left to Right and passes go in the middle. He said it was too far to the Right, so it swung back, passed go, and has continued Left. After pondering his explanation, I have one disagreement. Today, the Church is not afflicted by one extreme or the other. It suffers BOTH. The pendulum passed go and went both directions at the same time. And the land betwixt is that between two trenches, which, unfortunately, is where we must stand.

        Thank you for your opinion, Mr. Shoebat. One day, I shall attend a traditional mass and see for myself which more verily benefits the soul.

      • Kevin Nicholson

        “Yes I see them every week going to confession to throw popcorn at the
        priest with their sins, while they forget the greater sin that is in
        their hearts: their hatred of God Himself.”

        Good root cause analysis:

        “But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: ‘They hated Me without reason.’” John 15:25

        Lord have mercy on the militant church.

  • “They are worthy of death” is not a license to kill Lasha. I am afraid you misunderstood this.

  • Actually George we were cleaning up and trying to rid more Breitbart readers to stay there where they belong. Its a social experiment and it works like a charm for you just bit the dust.

    Keep in mind. We work opposite from the world.

    Let me quickly explain. When someone writes ” tactic of the Democrats and the Globalist” and then believes that the Shoebats are “Democrat” and “Globalist” would mean that such an individual follows his whims and does instant accusations that anyone who does not agree with them must be “democrat”.

    We are neither democrat or republican, neither left or right. We are Christian.

    Back to your trough.

    • Kushal Das

      I love this. We need to have just one identity – Christian. Moving away from our Lord has brought us to this peril.

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    I’m shocked about your hair, but not at all about Disney. In fact, that trash was announced last year, that they were planning a sodomite character.

  • George,

    Thank you for painting me a sinner. I am the chief of sinners.

    I think you are looking too much into this. No need for the fiasco had you examined the contents of the video you would understand that what its about is that a bulk of Christians and pro Trump Conservatives support homosexuality.

    This is simply a fact. Trump also carried the gay flag.

    While all this does not make me judge Trump as homosexual or the entire conservative movement as pro homosexual. Its a fact to how lenient this nation has become towards homosexuality which I am sure you would agree.

    Now here we are arguing me and you. Why?

    Theo titles the article in this way to see who would dig, examine and evaluate the CONTENT by clicking on the video and watching and understanding the arguments from the people who would quickly read the headline, conclude, and shoot from the hip hailing slanders at the author.

    You shot from the hip. You accused us of being “democrat”.

    Others didn’t. You failed the test.

    By this we know the ones who examine before they shoot their lip. Testing is no sin. Its scripture.

    Breitbarters, Ifo Wars, WND readers, I would say that bulk majority have a short attention span.

    All we want to do is teach how one should have a long attention span, how to have patience …

    Is this such a bad social experiment? No.

    It is “TEST THE SPIRIT” if you will.

    The title is correct. It is not an error. The error was not allowing your mind to digest the content.

  • 600NE

    Watch out….I think your over the edge on this one…..

  • See George. Now I have made a good friend. Indeed, we are all sinners. I do not dwell in the upper stratosphere of intellectual superiority George. I am just another sinner like you.

    I urge you to read and spend time in reading long articles. Allow me to explain in detail what I mean from our exchange. Spend a week if you must but read this:

    Let me know what you think brother George. This will open your eyes to the reality of what lays ahead of us and the dangers put on President Trump. Pray for him.

  • Cuzick

    It’s awesome how God answered your prayer! Always remind yourself of his love for you and the way he moved to bring you into his kingdom. This will be a source of great strength as his Grace transforms you into the image of our Lord Jesus. We pray for great discernment as you take up your cross and follow where he leads.

  • Nan

    I promise I won’t desecrate the Church of the Nativity when I go to it in less than a month.

  • Grace Ziem

    Not a trick, George, you just need to read more carefully.

  • “Can we Virtually expect a story that Trump himself is a Pedophile.”

    No. Can we expect people to stop putting words in our mouths?

    ” Where is the Story of Islam and its Pedophilia??”

    Had you spent a few seconds searching you would have found them:

    Do some homework Ragg

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Very good geopolitical and church doctrinal analysis Theo:

    “So when the crowd had assembled, Pilate asked them, “Which one do you want me to release to you: Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ?” For he knew it was out of envy that they had handed Jesus over. ” Matthew 27:17-18

    Also, on a lighter note, since you have chosen to pursue a laity ministry I have Christian daughters who will be available in say 2020. Gives you more research and writing time before starting discipling your parents children’s children. : )

    Finally, neat sailboat – Lake Erie or Ontario? Peace in Christ brother.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    An unrepentant, pervert priest practising what God says is an abomination taking part in Holy Eucharist? He should be terrified. How is it he has not been stricken down?
    No Theo, if you were a priest they would likely send you in the end to ‘the Island’.:)

  • paulette barrow

    Not all Trump followers are Christian, so whats your point?

    • Randy Perez

      Still bad.

  • paulette barrow

    I really wonder how many in this room will stand befor God and he says get away from me i never knew you,not standing up for pedo’s but we all fall short,maybe you should pray instead of accuse,what will you do when you actually find out youv been praying to dead people,which is necromancy btw

    • susan

      btw Paulette, do you even know what the definition of necromancy is? And tell me…do your relatives in heaven pray for you? Watch over you? What about Angels?

      It seems to me you’ve come in here snarling and growling. Is something bothering you today?

      • David W

        Paging Dr Shoebat! More haldol, STAT! Maybe Dr Grandmere has a spare vial of the stuff? And no, the average Jack Chick disciple does not know what necromancy is! And most of them believe in soul sleep, another false teaching of Martin Luther.

        • susan

          Here’s the haldol nurse David. And no, I haven’t seen Grandmere all day. Maybe she’s working the evening shift today. I hope she comes in early. I was just about to leave when I heard your call.

  • susan

    “Tell people how God can impact their lives and how much he loves them!”

    So that’s the problem with the United States? None of them have heard that God loves them? I say most people HAVE heard and they DON’T care. IF they cared, they’d be HIS children. They only want a God that fits neatly on a pretty shelf. God requires us to do righteous deeds. They only want to believe. They don’t want to warn or rebuke. 🙁

    • Jamie Grieve

      I was talking to shoebat the homosexuall hating fraud!

      • If I am a fraud in hating homosexuals would mean that I do not hate them.

        Can you rephrase your nasty comment so I can approve it? In other words, try speaking English.

      • susan

        He’s not a fraud. He hates homosexuality. Practicing homosexuality sends people to hell. We are to hate sin and those who practice and promote homosexuality are worthy of death. Or are you unfamiliar with what Paul taught? How about what God taught?

      • Kamau41

        Walid is not a fraud. He is always speaking truth.
        “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; such a thing is an abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22).

        • susan

          Thank you Kamau41! It appears another sodomite worshiper has slipped through the cracks.

          • Kamau41

            You welcome Susan. No surprise, evil is everywhere these days and getting worse.

  • DeusLoVult

    I remember that quite well, sir. They are never willing to address the point of contention.

    Let us pray the powder keg can be defused before it erupts into internecine warfare, for neither side shall claim victory, only oblivion.

  • susan

    Judith, there is no ALL in the title. Please read it again. It says Trump supporters. Here’s a clip of Trump supporters supporting Milo. They deny he supports pedophilia.

  • susan

    Margaret, I know you don’t support Milo. But there are Trump supporters who do. Here are just a few.

  • susan

    Really? God showed you to let the wicked run rampant?

  • susan

    Okay. I don’t recall that particular rule. Did you happen to listen to the video? 🙂

  • Raph Sebastian

    Ok while it is true that a lot of Trump supporters support that homosexual “conservative” former editor of Breitbart, The Shoebats have NEVER SAID ALL Trump supporters. Meanwhile The TRump Admin has arrested over 1500 pedophiles in the first 50 days of the new admin.

    Once again, those who support that homosexual, whose name I refuse to say, are only aligning themselves with evil. And if any of them are Christian then I say this, stop pretending to be and call yourself Christian.

  • susan

    Dang. If I’m on my way to hell I want someone to yell it at me if they need to. That’s how God sent His messenger John the Baptist. He didn’t sit on the beach humbly asking people to come to Christ. God is interested in your eternal destination. He doesn’t use bench warmers very often. He wants people to see their sin as He does. He HATES it. And we’re hell bound no matter how nice the world perceives us. When a person comes into the church as a repent sinner like me, God works miracles in the heart. He loves us and doesn’t want to see us condemned. His only begotten Son paid our ransom. What more could He have done that He hasn’t already done? Remember what Jesus said to Lazarus who was thirsty in hell? Even if someone were to come back from the dead, they wouldn’t believe. And guess who came back from the dead?