Marine Le Pen Declares: ‘If I Take Power, I Will Prohibit The Jews From Wearing Yamakas In Public.’

By Theodore Shoebat

Marine Le Pen has declared that if she takes power, she will prohibit Jews in France from wearing their skull caps, or yamakas (also called, the kippah). I did a whole video on this and its significance:


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  • infowolf1

    probably the French constitution doesn’t allow selective banning of religion if so then to ban the hijab the kippah and cross have to go too, so this issue in the constitution if it exists should be changed or reinterpreted perhaps islam declared not a religion but a political movement and ban only their symbols. however, Ted may be right.

    • JamieAllen

      pretty sure the people of france can tell that moslems are EVIL and that the jews are part of the problem. Pretty sure they can see that. Laws? Hahahaha

  • infowolf1

    “the faith of the people” last I heard the typical French person is barely Christian at all. this is a problem.

    • Flame blue

      Well perhaps but they still have a right to be free of Islam.

      Sunday l listened to a sermon in church that was barely concealed as to promote the arrival of more Islamic refugees into Europe, into Britain. This is the leadership of Christianity giving sermons that Islamics have been beat up by robbers and are rendered unconscious on the ground needing good Christian Samaritans to rescue them, take them to hotels, feed them and meet their needs for these are our neighbours now!

      Well, that’s not how l see it. These Muzz could have moved into another area of their country, their whole countries are not war zones. This refugee situation is a racket to submerge Europe with Islamics, many sharks coming in with the rivers. These people are not fleeing persecution. On that basis the whole of China is entitled to arrive in Europe! To my knowledge the beaten and abused Jew laying by the side of the road needing help had no religious book that told him to behead the Good Samaritan as soon as opportunity presented!

      My point is the Christianity is not helping the situation, it is supporting the destruction of Christians!

      • Kevin Nicholson

        ” To my knowledge the beaten and abused Jew laying by the side of the
        road needing help had no religious book that told him to behead the Good
        Samaritan as soon as opportunity presented!”

        Such good sense! Godspeed Flame blue.

        Rather it’s the false brethren within – not Christians. 1 John 7-9

        • Flame blue

          Thank you for your supportive words to me, my friend. It’s good to hear kind words.

  • Flame blue

    Yes, and she will prohibite the burkas too! As it is there are no foolish Jews who would walk the streets of France wearing obvious Jewish clothing, in a country plagued by Islamists. However, Le Pen knows that if she says she will ban Jewish religious symbolism there will be no outcry, but if she says she will ban anything Islamic then she will be accused of being racist and an Islamophobe, but it stands to reason that this will include banning the flaunting of Islamic symbolism. Le Pen knows that Christians and Jews will fit in, but Muslims won’t tolerate it, thus they will rise up aggressively which will give her grounds to deport the Jihadists and save France.

    In a country the size of America, the United States, there cannot be a comprehension of how small France is and how it will soon be subsumed by Islamism, to the point that tips it to be doomed.

    Maria Le Pen is the woman who went by invitation to visit a Muslim country, to discuss her policies, explain them to the Islamics, who demanded to know how Muslims in France would be treated if she became President. Le Pen made clear she would dress as a Western woman, and no objection was raised until she arrived to see the Grand Mufti, where it was demanded that she cover her hair and they offered her a scarf. Le Pen said that she wouldn’t, and she didn’t regard wearing a veil as protical. When the Islamics insisted, she said ” give my regards to the Grand Mufti, Goodbye.” It is clear that Le Pen aims to bring France back under control of its indigenous people!

    America is regarded as being a new country, a nation of immigrants, but France and the rest of Europe is not, and lies are told about it to justify millions of Middle Easterners to take over Europe, through immigration. While it is true that there were invasions into various European countries by invaders from other areas of Europe, such as Vikings, Romans, Norsemen etc, these invaders settled with the people, integrated.

    Why should the identity of France change from French? Maria Le Pen is not a savage, she will never go to bed willingly with an enemy like Islam, but she is aware that if she takes no tough action to confine Islam to the shadows, the fear of witnessing more and more obvious Islamic soldiers in their war gear will frighten the native French into joining Islam or fleeing from France. America doesn’t rule the World, nor should it. Sitting in the comfort of an American land doing jaw jaw politics is for America, it’s well past that stage for many European countries, and France is fighting for her life. A can can girl will be a pretty bird in a cage with her wings clipped, something she’s never known as a free bird but is fast coming to know. The difference is stark when we listen to the music of the Can Can dance, and we look at those colourful petticoats flying high, then we look at somber miserable women dressed in black with faces covered, looking like witches on their way to a satanic ritual. That’s what France is about to change to! So, Le Pen has to be wise, clever, in her handling of the situation. Yes, and if she succeeds, l will call her Joan of Ark!

    • magaforever

      Joan of ark would never tell christians they cant wear a cross..all the rest of what you said is just blathering.. Which is why france will be dominated by muslims..because thats all you people do is run your mouths…we American’s saved the world..TWICE.. very little thanks to you…so piss off with your arrogance as if the french somehow understand foreign policy ..its obvious you people have no clue time and time again

      • Flame blue

        Le Pen will be doing the few foolish Christians and Jews a favour if she bans crosses and skull caps in the streets, because she will save their lives, and prevent attacks on them! Christians and Jews have already told Le Pen that they wouldn’t dare wear their religious apparel in the streets of France! So, l applaud her banning these items, because Muslims have already banned the cross from being displayed and the Jewish scull caps for being worn in the streets. There’s nothing left to ban except the banning of Muslim garb will not be considered as persecuting Muslims only. Le Pen is clever.

        I am not denouncing America, slating her government past and present. I am saying that American people in America are not aware of all the facts. I am simply stating that those who stick up to Islam in a Western democracy ( still supposedly in control) must use wisdom to find work arounds just like D Trump has had to find a different route to protect the American people from the threat terrorism presents, because he was blocked by American judges from implementing his policy, so he is now trying a different route to deal with the problem.

        Sitting in an armchair in America, imagining how horrific it would be if President Trump banned the Jewish scull cap and the cross jewellery symbolism in the streets of America, where mega Jews and Christians face no attacks from Islamics, is quite different from banning it in France where few would dare to wear it anyway!

        • magaforever

          You talk like a coward..The crusaders never hid the cross.

          • Flame blue

            The Crusaders also had swords with them! The Jews and Christians walking the streets of France with scull caps and crosses around their necks are not in war mode, they are just Jews going to the synagogue and wisely would want to get to their destination without actually broadcasting that they are Jews. Equally Christians don’t need to parade through Islamic neighbourhoods or encounter Muslims en route to display crosses to them! It’s not wise, but somehow l missed the scriptures where Jesus declared Christians should be going out wearing crosses around the necks to provoke attacks on their person. Believe it or not, wearing a cross is not a requirement of Christianity!

            If l was a coward, l would shut up, keep a low profile. Man l have put my life on the line, taken big risks speaking out against Islam!

          • magaforever

            Wearing a cross isnt compulsory but it is certainly not a provocation and those who view it as such can pound sand because theyre going to feel the wrath of the final crusade and its leader will be here and it wont be pretty ..if you say wearing a cross is nothing but a provacation then youve already submitted and youre a coward..because deep down you know its not a provacation to try to get into fights with muslims..what an absolutely stupid and spineless statement…no wonder the muslims are running over you spineless pathetic excuses of men ..absolutely pathetic cowardly attitude.

          • Flame blue

            A cross being worn indicates you are a Christian in an area where Christians are being a attacked. The governments have allowed that situation to develop. It’s wise not to wear it, in such circumstances, not cowardly, just wise! Jesus asks no Christian to foolishly put their lives at risk, no more than he would demand a person to walk in a remote dangerous park in the middle of the night!

            Even if a Christian is a coward, Jesus still accepts that person, being brave is not a requirement for being a Christian. Denying Jesus before men is to verbally deny him, like Peter did, yet even was Peter forgiven. I do not think l would deny Jesus, say he wasn’t Lord, if confronted. I would find it difficult to deny my Christianity, and my Lord.

            In my country guns are not legal, and they are not available to be bought or accessed. One would need to mingle with gangsters to obtain a gun, pay a lot of money and be subject to danger in the dealings with such people. If one does gain a gun, and is caught with it, probably you would be looking at least a 3 year prison sentence amidst criminals, thugs, Muslim oppressors. Plus if the gun had been used previously for a murder one could be accused of that murder!

            Furthermore, if l took in a gun that had been used for a murder, l would sense the negativity from it! I cannot even purchase antiques that belonged to those who have died, ( and that would be the case), l feel Death emanating from the object. My sister gifted me a little ornament, nice it was, looked brand new, told me it was brand new when l emquired. Later l rebuked her for lying to me, which she admitted at that point. Everything in my home has to be bought by me or my spouse, brand new, owned only by us. I have never taken anything from relatives who have died.

            A friend gave me boxed never used pillowslips, we washed them and my spouse put them on the pillows. I had no idea of their source at that stage. I couldn’t sleep for nights, felt l was in a grave. I kept tossing the pillows out of the bed then l would be ok. Eventually my spouse told me that the pillow slips came from our friend. We puzzled over it until it dawned on me that her mother had died ( 6 months earlier) and she had collected up some “unused wedding gift” pillowslips and passed them on to me without sharing their background. Actually she had given them to my son as a wedding present, but he thought them too old fashioned and gave them to me! I know it’s astonishing, that even took me by surprise but you can’t wash the death out of those things.

            I have another friend who suffers badly from depression and l tell him to get the antiques and charity shop buys out of his house, but he won’t, he cannot believe that they could be the source of his depression!! He’s not a sensitive he thinks, and he’s not into believing in that kind of thing. Maybe, you are not either, but l have told you the truth 100%.

          • magaforever

            Lol you cant sense death tied to an object because it doesnt ..peoples souls arent tied to earthly dont have any special powers and you didnt rebuke your sister..and the bible says youre a liar because it clearly condemns cowards.. Revelation 21:7-8New International Version (NIV)

            7 Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. 8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

          • Flame blue

            I told you the truth, but l knew you wouldn’t believe. I don’t lie! Everything people own, they own it, and it’s theirs, associated with them.

            Cowards are not condemned, and because l say that, it does not mean that l am a coward, because l am a brave person, l know.

            When I used to pitch my tent, l couldn’t just pitch it anywhere, l had to pitch it on ground God approved of, and his Spirit was there!

            It is not appropriate of you to suggest that l am unbelieving, vile, a murderer, sexually immoral, or that l practice magic, or do idol worship or lie. I know l won’t be going to the second death. I cannot die, l know this, and with my Lord Jesus my abode will not be Hell.

            Is your judgemental attitude not a problem, it is a sin, be careful?

            Now l walk away from you, you have offended me!

          • magaforever

            Lol i simply quoted scripture which states COWARDS WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM YOU STUPID LIAR ..IT SAYS IT NOT MEEEEEE…. Now show me where scripture says that you shall not take any possessions that belonged to a person now dead…i cant think of any right now but i guarantee that there have been many possessions of dead people inherited by biblical icons ..idiot..stop acting like an idiot


            Great quote. One of my favorite verses.

            I was going to ask for the baseball bat you were using on Blue, but after that verse, here, yu can have your baseball bat and beat Blue to a pulp 😉

            Sorry Blue. You’re about to become purple 😉

          • magaforever

            Lol i hope hes done i shouldnt have to quote such verses to a supposed christian

          • susan

            Lol. Megaforever, to this day, I’m still learning new verses. Someone may quote a scripture or maybe give their best recollection of it and I’ll say, “I don’t think that’s in the bible..” And sure enough. It is. And I’ll be wrong and have to apologize. ;).

          • magaforever

            Ya i know but the one i quoted is pretty popular.. Its in revelation..everyones read revelation lol

          • susan

            lol. I think Revelation is difficult to interpret. 🙂

          • “Revelation is difficult to interpret.”

            Its a piece of cake. Beasts are threats, waters are people, stars falling are demons, iron means strong, clay means weak, mountains means empires, floods means armies of the enemy …

            Its a piece of cake.

          • Flame blue

            It’s you that’s the supposed Christian!

          • Is Blue purple yet? I try to warn people not to mess with Maga but they do not listen. You’re like me in fights. I roll my sleeves and don’t care if I get a bloody nose so long I break a few bones 😉

          • Flame blue

            Do you have a love hate relationship with me Walid?

          • No love and No hate. When you see me plug “;-)” its me joking. I see you and Maga at it and I am wondering when will the arguments stop. So then I tell myself heck, here Maga a baseball bat, here Blue a shield, have at it.

            A fight in front of my falafel stand.

          • Flame blue

            Well fine, but do try to love me brother Walid?

          • We do. We will. Who do you think is waiting on the side of the dirt road ready to give you the ointments. I even have a Falafel sandwich ready. My advise is not to mess with Maga. I don’t mess with Maga.

          • Grandmere


          • Finally. I got a bark. Now can you post a bunch of SNAPS too? We want out Grand back, not a Grand Finale gone cross the street to the deli. There are souls to win for the Kingdom and as I told Blue, our mission is to lay eggs for the master.

          • Grandmere

            I nah ah deli. Gah tap on ton fa Len. Etah com, I be bak.

          • I give up

          • Grandmere

            Okay. I’m not at the deli. I have a trap on my tongue for Lent. After Easter, I’ll be back.

          • susan

            lol. Now I get it! But Grandmere…what about your SNAPPING fingers?!

          • Grandmere

            Tu Tnaps up in a thircle!!!

          • Two SNAPS UP in the Circle.

            I can interpret tongues. Hallelujah.

          • David W

            Woulda bought a honda, Coulda Bought a Honda, Shoulda bought a honda, gonna by a Honda–repeated 30 times. That is the extent of my gift of tongues…

          • Now we must find an interpreter.

          • Grandmere

            All we need now is a Honda.

          • susan

            Lol. Do you sew Grandmere?

          • I see. I thought you were speaking in tongues for a moment. I guess you were trying to say that your tongue got caught in a mouse trap. Finally I deciphered it:

            “I nah ah deli. Gah tap on ton fa Len. Etah com, I be bak.”

            O No Go to Deli. Got a trap on tongue for Lent.

            I got it.

            Etah Com? After Communion I will be back?

            You can eat the cheese for Lent but get your tongue caught in the mouse trap? Ouch. Painful. Tongue Flagellation for Lent … painful.

          • susan

            Are you speaking Cajun, Grandmere? Cause I can’t make head nor tails of it.

          • DeusLoVult

            Cajun? Nah, don’t you speak jive, Susan? 😉

          • susan

            Lol. I just watched it. Grandmere’s the bomb. 😉

          • Flame blue

            I have no fear of him, l only fear God. I do note your advice. He is like a dog with a bone, and l am the dog. God bless you and all you do!

          • You will finally conquer your enemies when all the chicken peck at you and you do not give a rat’s ass while continuing to lay eggs for the master.

            Shoebat 3:16

          • Flame blue

            Golden eggs, l know! Strange sheep laying eggs. What a picture, high up on the mountain laying eggs, eggs rolling down. Easter cometh. Flame blue psalm 3.

          • susan

            I think there’s the one about the wealthy man who was going to tear down his barns and build new ones because he had such abundance. But then he died that night and all his wealth went to another.
            You’re quite correct Megaforever. There are quite a few verses like that. 🙂

          • magaforever

            Lol i was just wondering if soloman rejected all his inheritances from his father

          • susan

            Can you imagine being granted whatever you wished for by God? I’m not sure exactly how old Solomon was when he was made King…but I think he was still a teenager. And a very responsible one too. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have asked for wisdom when I was young. 🙂

          • magaforever

            Lol i know i wouldnt have

          • Flame blue

            Well you should have asked for wisdom, it would be useful to you because you desperately need it!

          • magaforever

            Lol its obvious you least i have the honest and humility to admit my flaws and laugh at myself you arrogant tool.

          • susan

            me either. 🙂

          • Brilliant. A nurse knows what she is doing. Change the subject and the fighting stops. Brilliant. I knew us doctors can’t run this mental ward by ourselves.

          • susan

            Lol. I’m slowly learning Walid. Now I need to get up to 41’s speed. He’s a fast rower. 😀

          • Flame blue

            I know you didn’t say it, but you think it appropriate to use as an accusatory tool against me!

            Asking me to show you from the scriptures where it says not to take any possessions of a person who is dead, that’s just sooo easy!

            The story of Achan’s sin and God’s punishment is found in Joshua 7. Achan was an Israelite who fought the battle of Jericho with Joshua. God had commanded the Israelites to destroy the entire city of Jericho because of its great sin. Only Rahab the harlot and her household were spared because she had hidden the Israelite spies (Joshua 6:17). God further commanded that, the Israelites were to take nothing from Jericho. Everything in it was “accursed” or “devoted to destruction.” God warned that anyone taking spoils from Jericho would “make the camp of Israel liable to destruction and bring trouble on it” (Joshua 6:18-19). The Israelites obeyed, except for Achan, who stole a beautiful robe and some gold and silver and hid these things in his tent.

            His sin was discovered, of course (Numbers 32:23). God commanded that Achan and his entire family and all his possessions be destroyed, a punishment that seems overly harsh to us today, but that’s not the point. The point is l have fulfilled your request, given you scripture where God says ” take nothing belonging to the dead”.

            Boy l outrank you, you are not a match to me! Just give up, because God is on my side so you won’t win. He tells me everything to give to you! This is the truth you don’t recognise!

            Flame blue wins again!

          • magaforever

            Lol the bible says cowards are condemned..did God tell you to lie and say otherwise like you did?? The God i believe in doesnt contradict himself like an idiot like you..this isnt a contest to me you didnt win anything all you did was look stupid.

          • Flame blue

            God would not encourage someone to lie, don’t you know that??

            I don’t lie, have no need to lie! Satan is far from me for God is near me, even is he in me! I am God possessed!

            You have misunderstood the scripture ” Cowards are condemned” . It is by God’s Judgement, not by man’s perception of cowardness that is the determining factor!

            By your judgement of what constitutes cowardness, you are behaving satanically. You are saying ” go out into a place full of wicked Islamics (that the democratic leaders have no control over which leads them to feel immune from prosecution) and sport your cross, and if you fear doing that then you are a coward who has denied Jesus in the sight of men and cowards will not enter heaven” . Yes, that’s what you said, even though l tell you l am not a coward but neither am l a fool.

            To me you are saying something very similar to what Satan said to Jesus when he encouraged him to jump off a cliff to prove that his belief in Father God was strong. He said ” go on, the angels will catch you and you will be safe, prove yourself”. We know what Jesus replied!!

            Yet, you are asking me to test God or you will call me a coward.

            Sir, you are my enemy. I still want you to stay safe with Jesus, and may he forgive you!

          • magaforever

            I didnt call you a coward i said cowards are condemned as scripture states and you lied and said they are not because you think youre God.. Im convinced you dont even believe in just make him out to be whatever you want on any certain day…you are not a high priest you are nothing but a stupid arrogant protestant moron and i would leave you alone if youre just stupid its the arrogance i wont ignore

          • Flame blue

            I reject the way you interpret that script in terms of what constitutes cowardly behaviour, no where did l deny that word is in scripture. I say that cowards who believe in Jesus are not rejected by Jesus. I stick by that statement. In example so that you can understand better, l will say this: the young soldier is a Christian, and he is sent into battle. He should have known he could be called to lay down his life but in the battle he realises that he is highly likely to be killed, and he sees an opportunity to run away from the battle and takes it. He hides in a forrest and lives. He is captured by his colleagues later, and accused of cowardice. He takes the consequences, the shame, he is imprisoned. But he is still a Christian and Jesus still loves him and Jesus will not send him to Hell for this!

            Your understanding of Christianity states that a Christian should walk amongst vipers wearing a cross and be brave enough to do so or be a coward who has denied Jesus. And you say that, in full awareness of the fact that Peter did disown Jesus by denying him three times, yet Jesus forgave Peter.

            It’s Jesus who will judge if l am arrogant. Jesus not you! For a fact l don’t appoint myself as High Priest, nor did man appoint me. Jesus himself appoints me, he knows it, and l know it! I listen to Jesus. It’s you who is judgemental and arrogant!

            You stand with scoffers, and scoff me, a devoted servant of God.

          • magaforever

            Cowards are with the cant believe in Jesus and be a coward as it clearly saus COWARDS SHALL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM..i dont care what you reject because youre nothing but a stupid self proclaimed protestant high priest…youre a joke and your blasphemy will bury you

          • magaforever

            Why is it that i never see wise people like walid shoebat talk about how wise he is and claim that hes a high priest of God?? You “outrank” me?? Yes said the pharisee…just shutup and go read the bible which you obviously never have

          • Flame blue

            Don’t be silly, you well know that l have read the Bible. As l said, you are attacking and accusing me of being stupid, so l am not boasting, merely defending myself.

            As for Walid, he is the forum administrator and owner. He holds religious views and openly uses his talents. Walid will not describe himself as High Priest of God unless he is aware he is a high priest. It’s not for a man to appoint himself to that position, and l didn’t! I know who l am, and where my spiritual home is! I don’t allow Satan’s servants to zip up my mouth! Being called a liar and mocked will not silence me! I can’t die, l fear no cut off from life, only that my duty is to cherish God’s image and not endanger the body with foolish actions that have consequences.

            I once saw a boy in my village running in panic so l run after him and asked him his business. He told me he was going to kill the person who persistently mocked him, and l looked at his hand and saw a knife. I knew he was a nice boy, severely humiliated by the nasty person. I spoke to him, telling him he needed to calm down that being put in prison for attempted murder would ruin his life, and it was likely that his mocker would resist the attempt on his life, and merely have a cut or two that would quickly heal, while he received sympathy and was viewed as a hero, he, the attacker, would languish is jail, ruin his life, job prospects, be forever judged dangerous, and the mocker was not worth suffering for, and he would be the loser if he continued with his plan. I begged him to listen. He listened, and l took the knife from him, and took him home. I begged him to never act in haste again. I know this boy is a man now with a good life, good wife, lovely children. I protected his future! Mockery is the worse form of humiliation, and l abhor a mocker!

          • Me High Priest? I am the guy who gets stones thrown at on daily basis.

          • magaforever

            Lol i never asked you to test God..youre just so stupid and arrogant you put things into that context so that you can try to respond like youre high priest…go pound sand you stupid pharisee.. Why didmt soloman reject his inheritence from his dead father?? Ding ding ding!!! Because he was wise and knew death doesnt attach itself to objects unlike you

          • Flame blue

            I never said anything about what is left to someone who’s relative wants them to have it! I said about items “taken”. I have not taken anything from someone who died, who did not bequest it to me! Even buying something from an antique shop doesn’t legitimise it spiritually, lawfully yes, but not spiritually. The owner of that property is dead only in flesh. Some are in outer darkness or earthbound, they can resent and grudge.

            I am not stupid, Menza stated that my IQ is in the first 4% of the population of the World! I don’t boast about it, or about my degree but l will defend myself from your accusations. I am telling the truth 100%.

            You can surely see that l am well educated, my writing is highly literate and easy to understand even if you don’t agree with what l write about.

            Goodbye magaforever. Calm down, be at peace.

          • magaforever

            Lol iq tests dont measure your wisdom or knowledge..everything you say is stupid

          • magaforever

            Lol outrank me?? Lol what ecavtly is your rank??bishop?? Pope?? High priest??

          • Flame blue

            You know that l am not the Pope ( who you respect) but l could be the Pope incognito as Flame blue, and how would you know? That’s the point really, you never know who you are communicating with! Who am I, you ask in mockery, Bishop, Pope, High Priest, you mock.

            Well, l am indeed a High Priest, l know l am, and God knows l am! Of course, l have told you the truth 100%.

            Easter is coming soon, here’s a scripture for you to focus on;

            Matthew 27:27-31New American Standard Bible (NASB)

            Jesus Is Mocked

            27 Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into the [a]Praetorium and gathered the whole Roman [b]cohort around Him. 28 They stripped Him and put a scarlet robe on Him. 29 And after twisting together a crown of thorns, they put it on His head, and a [c]reed in His right hand; and they knelt down before Him and mocked Him, saying, “Hail, King of the Jews!” 30 They spat on Him, and took the reed and began to beat Him on the head. 31 After they had mocked Him, they took the scarlet robe off Him and put His own garments back on Him, and led Him away to crucify Him.

            ” Hail King of the Jews” and indeed He was the King of the Jews, the very Lord in flesh. But if they had realised who Jesus is, they would have treated him better and been sly, but God saw their hearts first hand, black as the pits of hell!

        • magaforever

          Jesus said to take up your cross and follow him not hide your cross and cower in fear..he said to buy a sword not to allow yourself to be slain without a fight.

          • Flame blue

            We are also told to obey the authorities of our Lands because God has appointed them, and as far as l am aware picking up swords and crosses and going out fighting Muslims has not been given licence. Furthermore, Jesus has not called for Christians to sign up for mass genocide. And do remember that if you group up with other Christian soldiers and march into battle to fight Muslims, you will not be called anything other than Nazis and racists unless the government sanctions the battle!

            There is no need to use other than politics and laws to rid Islam from the West. Let’s see who will be clever enough to do that? I hope Le Pen does!

          • magaforever

            We are told also by st. Peter when the authority is making ungodly laws that we ought to obey God rather than man..if your government banned wearing crosses and you obeyed them you are no christian because you feared men rather than God and put down your cross and denied Jesus in front of men..that is all that is to be said on that subject.. As far as fighting muslims i never called for vigilatism i mean carry a gun and be ready to defend yourself…and if your government denies you that right then you correct them with violence if government has the right to tell decent law abiding citizens they cant own guns.. Its not their right to give

          • Flame blue

            Wearing a cross is not compulsory for Christians. Carrying our Cross means ” we suffer ” not make others suffer!

            Guns, l have never owned a gun, not ever touched a gun. Those who live by guns and swords die by guns and swords. In my country in Europe, guns are banned, only certain types of police officers are allowed guns. We fight with words, but now we are not allowed to fight with words anymore and that’s an injustice! So, what will be will be! There are warriors who have the mission to fight! It is not my mission to fight with anything other than words!

          • magaforever

            I never said wearing a cross is compulsory to be a christian..BUT… if you do wear one and you stop doing so because the governmemt says so ultimately because it will bring you “suffering” ..then you are not a christian you are a coward.. Of note Jesus did not condemn Peter’s ownership of a sword, but only his particular misuse of it. .. Jesus said to buy a sword to be able to defend ourselves.he didnt say to live by can keep thinking that you are some morally superior great priest of God that doesnt need to know how to use a gun but you are sadly mistaken.. The apostles owned swords ..youre not a priest..even priests should be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones..God hates men who dont do all they can to defend their families that much i know for a fact

        • magaforever

          The muslims being angered by the cross should make us want to wear it that much more..let them hate without a cause and fulfill their own doom

          • Flame blue

            I am not against Christians wearing the Cross, but to wander lonely as a cloud drifting through Islamic ghetto areas, or even not being aware that the Islamics may be encountered in your neigbourhood, is asking for as much trouble than a woman wearing shorts and walking into little Pakistan on her own. That’s the reality of Europe, there are few safe areas any more, not like America.

            The poorer non Muslims cannot escape, are not safe, and are forced to Islam so that they can sleep in their beds at night without their house being set alight! Many of these areas are lawless except by Sharia, and it allows attacks on kufer.

  • knightsstrength

    Lets pray for Gert Wilders and his party this Wednesday elections

    General elections are planned to be held in the Netherlands on Wednesday, 15 March 2017 to elect all 150 members of the House of Representatives.[1]

  • knightsstrength

    Do not know what is wrong with Marine, she needs the Jew vote, than to decrease her votes.

    Why Oh Why Marine you do a foolish thing like that.

  • magaforever

    And yet the stooge alex jones marches on for her claiming shes part of great awakening..what absolute fools this woman needs hung from a tree along with many others

  • Grandmere

    I had no sound on the video. Double check my speakers. No sound.

    • Стефан Евгений

      Works for me, try again.

    • works for me too. Still having trouble?

      • Grandmere

        I came back later and it is working for me now. Thanks, Chef. Have a blessed Lent.

        • You too Grand. You too. That guy named Kushal was selling us Chicken Tikka this whole time and he was supporting the Nazis and trying to brainwash Juan. I caught him and am throwing his hide off my ship.

          • Grandmere

            I always say “May God bless you on your journey.” Those who are not on the journey get no blessing. Quality control. I had to resist the urge as I have a mousetrap on my sharp tongue right now.

          • ” have a mousetrap on my sharp tongue right now.”

            I noticed. You and Brick are getting tired of Falafel. Can’t blame you. Sometimes I too want to head to the Deli.

  • magaforever

    The french submitted to islam when they became indifferent to the one true faith which brought their once great nation into existence… Disappointingly stupid comment.

    • John Roberts

      “The one True Faith.”

      Isn’t that what all zealots say?

      • magaforever

        Only one can be true..its not my fault if youre too stupid and arrogant to see for yourself

  • Juan

    France is a Roman Catholic country.

    • magaforever


  • AnthonyM

    Will she also ban the Shahada on arm band and heads bands? I don’t think her plan to ban all religious symbols is effective way to fight Islam. You can’t fight an ideology with a vacuum.
    They will still arrive in droves, sleep on the streets and burn property while they wait for social aid.

    • Juan

      To ban all religious symbols isn’t a Le Pen’s idea but the unholy tradition of satanic French Republic since XVIII th century. Separation between Church and State and Religious freedom are authentic totems in Masonic dominated France.

  • susan

    I propose we ban blonde haired bimbos from political office. What’s next? Is she going to ban cars and motorcycles because people get killed in accidents? Ban water because people drown? How about banning food because of obesity?

    Honestly. You’d think someone could come up with a better solution than banning all religious symbols. But hey. This is what passes for intelligence in France…where adults explain to their incredulous children that flowers will stop gun shooting terrorists. :/

    • Grandmere

      What about nurses? I guess we can lump them in with the good Samaritan. Have a blessed Lent.

      • susan

        lol. There you are! I’m leaving them in your Inn, Grandmere. I know you’ll take wonderful care of them until I return. 😉

        Have a blessed Lent to you and yours too, Grandmere. 🙂

      • susan

        Thank you Grandmere. I’m not a Good Samaritan very often. There are so many wounded on the’s easier to look the other way. 🙁

  • Randy Perez

    It makes sense why the devil is spreading eugenics and trans humanism. We are God’s children, people, and servants and God will give us glorified bodies. Not like any normal human body, but bodies that are holy, righteous, and can do wonderful things.

    The Devil who wants to be God wants to copy God. The Devil wants his own “master race” to worship him and rule over them.

    We humans have a natural knowledge that there is something wrong with us. There is something wrong with us because of the fall in the Garden of Eden. The devil uses this natural knowledge that humans have and directs them to eugenics instead of Christ.

    If there is going to be a “master race”, God will create it in the great resurrection and those who are in Christ will receive a new body, a glorified body.

    The final solution is “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

  • Juan

    Secret societies and traitors within western governments are, as you say, the biggest menace.

  • Kamau41

    Excellent video, Ted. Once again, you have really depicted the nefarious ideology that is running rampant within these ultra-right national socialist groups and Marine Le Pen is just one of many who is pushing such evil. You have clearly shown how the Antichrist will deceive so many.

  • magaforever

    Thats your opinion…those two bombs ended the ww2..youre an idiot if you think otherwise.. You need to interpret anti u.s. propaganda with more care..

  • Kushal,

    When you first came along, everyone was excited at your conversion and interacted with you. If you notice, I didn’t. I kept my reservation and I was right.

    Now you suggest we unite with Nazis. This is evil and what you suggest is utter evil.

    I need say no more.

  • Muslims want to slaughter us and Nazis don’t?

    What a lame argument. I stand with Blue on this one.

    I knew you were an infiltrator the moment you started commenting Butchering Nazi pig.

    • David W

      He admits to following the same demonic Hitlerian writings used by the Turkish and Palestinian Muslims! He would be just as happy disembowling Orthodox priests and Armenians. Did he bother to read the works on the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Ustashi, the Albanian death head brigade, Hitler’s profound admiration of the young Turks?

      • He is an infiltrator David. Ignore the demon. And if he writes again I will ban him.

  • Glad to hear about your gf Kenneth. Send him my best.

    The reason there are no links is because its video and Le Pen speaks in it so the reference is right there in the video.

  • Dan

    She still needs to be elected for any of this to matter so hang tight.

    • Not exactly. They make coalitions.

      • Dan

        Yea, but will it go anywhere? Right now what your seeing is a reflection of what instability looks like when America goes around apologizing for american imperialism.
        People like Le Pen will be around for as long as it takes to but the globalist ideology back in the bottle.

        The world is a mess because of the past 2 American administrations and hopefully Trumps will do a better job.

        • The world is a mess because people are a mess Dan. Quit blaming everything on just the democrats.

          • Dan

            Walid I said the last 2 administrations meaning the republicans too.

            The world is a mess because people are a mess Dan.

            Walid, I couldn’t come up with just one response to that statement brother ; except this one.

            On a separate issue, what do you think about the movie
            THE SHACK ? I enjoyed the book very much but haven’t seen the movie.

          • “what do you think about the movie THE SHACK ?”

            The movie is toilet and the book is toilet paper. Who would read that awful shiite?

          • Dan

            What’s the matter Walid, you don’t believe God can appear as a fat black woman? : )

          • No. Its that we have different tastes Dan. How could you read the Shack? I perused it and dropped it after minutes of reading. Its for easily tricked Christians:


            Today its the Shack and tomorrow they will eat everything in the outhouse.

          • Dan

            Thank you for that link Walid I really enjoyed reading it.
            He made a lot of good points I didn’t even consider or even notice; about the book.
            For me I can only say I was in tears all through the book because it was beautiful.
            But, like all fiction I recommended it to friends and forgot about it.

            Yep, the worlds full of messed up people ; right ?

            I would start humming the song ” what if God was one of us” but I’m afraid your head would explode. : )

            Walid , we know very little about God or even Jesus and I’m certain all of the trinity understand this even if we don’t.

          • “For me I can only say I was in tears all through the book because it was beautiful.”

            Beware of following your tears. Always follow your mind.

  • Thats why her niece is with this black Muslim

    • David W


  • magaforever

    I didnt say you were stupid but if the shoe fits wear it

  • magaforever

    Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life and no man comes to The Father (God) except through me” that one verse completely eliminates that argument.. There are no others like Jesus ..muhamhead and buddha are empty dead copycats..lifeless vacuous hollow words of folly..nothing like Jesus

  • Flame blue

    That’s true my friend, but l like to give and test the spirits. You are right!

  • Flame blue

    One thing l am not is a coward. I stand up for God’s Word, l don’t deny him, but to be asked to throw myself off a cliff to prove that l am not a coward, l can only say, ” get out of my path Satan”.

    You may say that you didn’t tell me to prove my faith in my Father by jumping off a cliff, but l say that you and magaforever are saying much the same thing, telling me l should walk amongst wild savages wearing a cross to show bravery, and saying that if l don’t l don’t have enough faith in God and l am a coward.

    The coward is the one who will take the mark of the beast instead of sticking with Jesus. The coward is the one who falls for Satan’s tricks and deceptions.

    So buzz of you fly! Go back to the rotten corpse you came off (putrid Satan, your master).

    • Just ignore that demon.

      • Flame blue

        Thanks Walid. He’s certainly got a pathetic satanic mind!

        • Yes. He called you a coward and now you are arguing with Maga over this issue. The devil comes to divide and now you two are dividing.

          If you notice when Kushal first came in to drop his so-called testimony I did not jump like everyone else did. I remained silent. Completely.

          You Americans are not used to this type of thing. You get easily deceived and easily believe people. I don’t. In my world everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

  • Juan,

    This guy is a devil in disguise. Why are you entertaining a demon?

    • Juan

      I realize you are saying the truth, brother. I let him my last message feeling he isn’t on the right path. May he really convert to Jesus from heart. He speaks like a muslim or like a hindu but noway like a Christian.

      Thanks for your advice Walid 🙂

  • magaforever

    The first quote was to a stupid now that you bring what i said in context to them into a different context..ill ask you…are you stupid??

  • magaforever

    Dont answer im sure youre very stupid thats why you ask such questions

  • Juan

    Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the World and their splendor. “All this I will give you”, he said, “if you will bow down and worship me”.
    Jesus said to him, “Away from me Satan, for it is written ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.'”
    (Matthew 4: 8-10).

    Hindus, nazis, muslim and jews are fighting for this World, while Christians are focused on Eternal Life. Satan’s ways and false religions just lead to the Fire. Christianity is Life and Truth, not social engineering like islam, nazism, hinduism of judaism.

    Win the World and lost your soul? No, I remain with Jesus, with the Cross.

    Pagans, jews and muslims are worried about Christians and persecute us in different ways, even knowing we are few and weak. It’s so curious.

    Virgin Mary is stronger than the Rothschilds, Muhammad, Hitler and all their demonic armies together. The woman will crush the serpent’s head.

  • Nan

    The only person with the right to call a crusade is the Pope. Note also that Nazis collaborated with Muslims​.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Amen Theo, sad but true regarding the destiny of the “broadway” crowd:

    “while evil men and imposters go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”
    2 Timothy 3:13

    Keep up the these good works, since:

    “But as for you, continue in the things you have learned and firmly believed, since you know from whom you learned them.…” 2 Timothy 3:13

    The Holy Spirit, the living word, and our Father’s militant church is our foundation.

  • Lidia

    Kushal, Nazism is evil and will fail again because it is not the solution to our problems. Neither is radical alt-right or radical liberal left or populism or any kind of -isms. Christian militancy is the answer, specifically Catholic militancy. You should look into the Great Catholic Monarch prophecies. It’s very interesting. The Russians also believe in a Great Tsar. I and others who follow these prophecies believe that he is alive today, a young man who is about to enter the military or is already in the military–a young soldier. In the beginning he will learn to fight as a soldier in Syria. I’m sure he will fight against ISIS and other terrorists. He is a devout Catholic who later becomes a strong military commander of this great army of the Cross Bearers and invades England from France (now I understand why), then Germany, and pushes all the Muslims out of Europe. His last battle with the Muslim army which includes Turkey, will occur in Armenia by some river, where he finishes them off. He frees Constantinople from the Muslims and returns it to Greece. I’m sure this will be the end of Turkey. He even goes to Jerusalem twice, I don’t know what the condition of that city will be during his time and why he goes there. And there is so much more.
    You see 90% of Europeans only Christian in name because today is not the time but in 20+ years that will all change. Why? Because the Europeans will suffer greatly and will turn to God for help. And God will answer their prayers.
    I hope this helps you to forget the Nazis. Don’t worry, there is hope because God is control. Only God can save Europe and the rest of the world.
    I read a good article in tradcatknight. It talks about how Wall Street and the city of London funded the Bolshevik Revolution and the Third Reich–“to have the Germans and Russians destroy each other in world wars.” Maybe Walid and Ted can explain that in more detail. David Meade, another interesting person I just listened to yesterday, on the LMN Radio Network, talking about the Coup D’état against President Donald J. Trump. He mentions a lot powerful groups who rule the world and states that the banks are more powerful than the military.
    I guess the whole world except for Russia, China, Iran and North Korea is ruled from London. How interesting is that!! CNN did a show on the Russians and Putin yesterday. Of course they demonized the Russians. I’m not surprised because we all know who CNN works for.
    Don’t blame the Muslims for everything. The enemy of humanity is bigger than the Muslims and the Nazis combined. You have to ask yourself, who opened the floodgates for the Muslim immigrants? The same people who helped the Nazis and the Communists! Who do they want to destroy now?

    • Lidia

      Let me answer my question? The Muslims and the Christians! I don’t understand Pope Francis’ involvement. There is something really strange going on inside the Catholic Church itself. David Meade talks about that too. That is also mentioned in Catholic prophecy–Catherine Ann Emmerich.

    • He is an INNN FILLL TRAAAAITOR Lidia.

      • Lidia

        OK Walid, I was trying to help him. There are a lot of people like Kushal.

  • Available options? Nazism who killed millions of Christians is now an “available option” for “Christians” and I have an agenda to stop Nazism? Well of course I want to stop Nazis. I want Nazis all dead you nit wit. Go worship your Shiva Lingam and next time don’t try t fool a Falafel man. Good riddance. What a waste of time and energy.

  • First he says he was Catholic. Now he sounds like a true Protestant. Oh no, a Hindu. Oh no a Nazi. Oh no ITS AN INFILTRATOR.

    You think we do not know that in India the level of dishonesty or the rate of racism is the highest in the world?

    India is the most racist country in the world par excellence. A massive shit hole and the cesspool of the world. You would beg to live in Italy and have the Pope wash your Nazi feet.

    Now get lost you sack of chicken Tikka.

    • Grandmere

      Time to cut him loose,.

      • I give him the last word, just in case. He did. It was awful. He gone.

  • “I had no dealings with Kushai until he suddenly launched in calling me a coward. There he was speaking about the strength of Nazism and how it will beat Islam down. This is the trouble, many don’t know that Hitler was friends with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and that Hitler had thousands of muslim soldiers fighting for him and his Nazi ideology”

    You have been worrying about getting your feeling hurt more than you were watching.

    No. He knows about Haj Amin Al-Husselni. He reads all the articles.

    I have been watching his comments all along. When we exposed the Alt Right’s connection to Turkey he says nothing because he all along approves of this.

    Wake up and smell the Hummus.

  • You’re a can open on both sides Blue. No matter what we pour in it oozes out of the other side.

    • Flame blue

      Ha, l don’t know what to say to that! You have just about rendered me speechless. I have a very strong character, not easily moulded, think l am off the potters table, fully baked in the oven, hardened now, no cracks ( honestly ) You can put a dab of paint on me if you like,but l prefer white and blue, with a gold rim around the top, and you can fill me with clear water preferably from the Sea of Galilee.

  • Ragg muff

    OK guy, Seems your Reaction tells it all.

    • Yep. Nazis are always in bed with Muslims. Always were and always will be and no rag is changing my mind any time soon no matter how much they rag so give up.

  • Ragg,

    If you truly understood why you misunderstood you would not be asking this question. Ultra-Nationalists and the Populist of Europe are not simply “nationalist”. You must have missed our reports on the differences. Secondly, you live in Utah and not Europe and obviously know little about the movements there.

    “Me (Being a Nationalist) must then be a NAZI”

    This is far from the truth of what I stated. I am a Nationalist.

  • Now Merkel is the Nazi and Le Pen is not. You worshipped Merkel when she first came out so I guess its whomever you dislike is the Nazi.

    Try to seal that bottom of that can this way you retain some wanter.

  • RubyRedd

    Most of Europe’s leaders are alt right which is like the Kkk. This is so close to the beliefs of the Nazi-Sociialist’s party. The end times are at hand.

  • Flame blue

    I am not French nor live in that country. I think LePen will not capitulate to Islam, but even if she does that’s what her rivals are doing anyway so giving her a chance may prove the better option. She can be friendly with Putin, nothing wrong with friendship. I would trust Putin more than Turkey and Saudi said to be our allies
    ( what a joke).