Major Conservative Media Figure Declares ‘You Don’t Have A Right To Have Children If You Don’t Make Enough Money’

Jerry Agar is a famous conservative media personality from Canada. Working in radio and television in both the USA and Canada and formerly a part of the Sun News Network, Jerry Agar was standing in for Ezra Levant at Rebel Media when he made this segment, entitled’ Struggling to pay bills? Then don’t have kids’:

In addition, Rebel Media posted the following on its Twitter feed:

Rebel Media is a part of the entire “new conservatism” that has emerged over the past ten years that we have heavily criticized for being anything but conservative. This is particularly true with regard to homosexuality, as they heavily promoted Milo Yiannopoulos and currently hose the radio show for Gavin McInnes, who we have shown to be an open supported of homosexuality and bisexuality, as he discusses various acts indetail on his show and even went so far as to make out with Milo.

But what bothered me was at 0:47-0:48 he says “Children aren’t a right. They are a responsibility.”

Nobody who has children doubts that they are a major responsibility. Children are little people, and raising little people is a difficult task no matter who does it. They will eat up your time, tax your patience, drain your energy, and interrupt plans, and often at inconvenient times.

But children are never, ever not a “right.” While certainly there are bad parents and people who do not care and should not be parents, the logical corollary to this is that if children are not a right, then they are a privilege. If children are a “privelage,” then it means that having them means they can be taken away from because they do not actually belong to you in the first place. When Mr. Agar’s line of logic is followed far enough, it means that children are not just merely not yours but they can be regulated by an outside force, up to and including another person saying “you have had too many children- the government now requires that you are to be sterilized.” Not only that, but if children are a “privelage” that is bestowed externally but not an internal gift that is given from God as a part of man’s creation, then it means that men would be able to have the power to determine if certain children were “fit” to “be a part of society.”

This is the approach which certain others nations have taken towards children, most blatantly China. In China, for a long time only one child was permitted. That number has recently been raised to two, and for certain upper middle class or wealthy Chinese, they are able to pay off authorities to let them have a third. But forced sterilization, abduction, forced abortion, and outright murdering children and babies after birth is common place in China because of this way of thinking.

If [a woman] lived in a small village, for example, she would probably be scrutinized by a group, she would probably be grouped together with a set of households and come under what they call a cluster leader, somebody who sort of monitors the progress and fertility rights of a certain set of households. … So if this woman … fell pregnant then most likely this cluster leader would know about it very quickly and then she would report to higher up. … Probably at first a village leader would show up at their doorstep and say, “You know very well you should not have this; you could have all sorts of problem with this. You may have to pay a fine.” I’ve met enforcers who have gone to these houses and say, “We used to take away something valuable to show that we mean business.” … Like a television set, for example, or a pig, or sometimes if the household was a very poor household they’ll take away homespun cloth or grain or something, something that had to make it hurt, basically — that was in a village setting, of course.

In a city setting they could maybe, if you worked for a [civil service-like] job they might threaten to fire you. … This is for having a child. If you went for a termination, all of this would go away. But, of course, then there were people who really wanted the child and then they would try and evade the whole process of being taken away for a forced abortion, because here’s the thing: Between your conception and your delivery date, all bets are off — they can make you. (source)

But the situation in China or government policy does not even have to be so in other countries for this problem to exist. All that it takes for is for a “eugenics mindset”- a way of looking at the world which says that the lives of certain people are worth less than that of others, and that other men have the right to tell other men who can live and who can die based on their own criterion.

A very disturbing example of this is the current state of “birth defects screening,” most notably with Down’s Syndrome. It was revealed last year that in the tiny nation of Iceland, a nation the size of the state of Tennessee but with fewer people in the whole nation than in just the city of Chattanooga, the abortion rate for potential Down’s Syndrome babies is 100%. The crisis is so bad that an Icelandic photographer began taking pictures of people in Iceland with Down’s Syndrome in order to help people remember that these people are humans and just as worthy of dignity and life as anybody else.

And she is worried that her son will grow up in a world where more parents choose not to give birth to babies diagnosed with the condition. She gives the example of Iceland, where almost everyone screens for Down’s and 100% of women who have a positive diagnosis now terminate.

Icelandic photographer Sigga Ella, whose aunt had the condition, took a series of portraits of people with Down’s to raise awareness of the Down’s community there.

But in the UK about a third of pregnant women opt out of screening, so if that remains the case, any of these babies who have Down’s will continue to go undetected until they are born.

In the UK the new test is being developed by Lyn Chitty at Great Ormond Street Hospital – professor of genetics and foetal medicine.

She carried out a study to see what women do when they are offered NIPT. Based on this research she believes that an extra 195 babies with Down’s could be diagnosed in England and Wales each year before birth.

But even though 90% of women in the UK with a positive Down’s diagnosis have abortions, she doesn’t believe it means most of these 195 pregnancies will be terminated. (source)

Jakob, one of the children in Iceland with Down’s Syndrome. Look into his face, and then tell him “you don’t deserve to live” while stabbing him repeatedly- because that is what abortion is and is the mindset what men like Mr. Agar have. They would murder children like him in the name of “convenience” and “rights.”

The modern “conservative movement” clearly has nothing to do with the sanctity of human life. As we have pointed out, both the liberals and the conservatives do not care about people- they see them as means to an end for their particular political ends.

I remember three years ago when MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris Perry went on television and outright said that “children do not belong to their parents, but to whole communities.” I remember the outrage on “conservative media” about how horrible she was for saying, this, how she was advocating that the government should take children, and how “conservatives” need to stand against this.

Now I look at the new “conservative” media, and what is Agar doing any different from Perry? It is not at all, except the difference is that the one speaking is a guy named Jerry Agar and the other is a woman named Melissa Perry. Both of them are poisoned with a eugenics mindset, both of them want to government to come and control your life and your fertility, and both of them want to play “god” with other people because they think they have a right to determine who lives and who dies. Both of them are evil. However, I have far more respect for Melissa Perry not because I agree with her at all, but because the “Democrat” or “liberal” (call it what you will) agenda in America is openly eugenicist. They are eugenicists, but they don’t try to hide and instead they brag about it. To their credit, they are at least being honest with themselves and their viewers, while conservatives such as Agar will wrap themselves in the mantle of “traditional values” and “family values” all the while they are just as murderous and deceitful as the liberals are.

And coming back to the issue of eugenics, what true good has it done? Again, look back at the situation in China. By aborting and adopting out (mostly to American and European families) millions of baby girls in favor of baby boys, the result is a dearth of available women to marry and glut of single, unhappy young men with, in their minds, no prospects for a future and no idea what to do.

In the case of Europe, while abortions are common, the issue is a limited family size that has caused a precipitous drop in population which in turn has created voids in the society. Jobs that need to be filled are not being filled because there are not enough people to fill them. So what has happened was that Muslims were brought over to fill the population gap left by the European people who refuse to reproduce (while some of this is certainly for policy reasons and political manipulation, there is also are real crisis going on). One only needs to turn on the news media to see what the result of this has been as Europe is literally being assimilated into the Middle East and North Africa.

In America, the issue is not as serious yet because of the immigration and how Americans, until recently, were at replacement rate with fertility but have since fallen. The result you see in the same- large numbers of immigrants, a changing culture, and social unstability.

Now the issue which I am driving at here is not that “immigrants are bad” or that “people should not take responsibility for themselves.” Not the least. What I am saying is that society belongs to the people who show up, and if you do not have the children to occupy society as simply a part of your basic duty of being alive, then just like a house left vacant, somebody else will show up to occupy it, and the way to prevent this is to do what God said, which is to “be fruitful and multiply.”

With regard to the issue of government welfare programs, that is a completely separate issue divorced from the fertility question. The willingness or unwillingness of parents to take care of their children is a matter of character. As I said earlier, parenting is hard work and requires a lot of sacrifice. One only needs to look at the old European immigrant families of the last century or at the many countless peoples across the world who give up la dolce vita in order to do what is good and right for their families.

If you ever have a chance, go down to your local “Deparment of Human Resources” or “Department of Social Services” office and attempt to apply for food stamps. You will get an application, and with that application (either separately or on the same paper attached to it) you will receive a mandatory paper asking you to register to vote if you have not already. This happens in every state. While one is not required to register, the fact is that the government welfare programs are entirely connected to vote grabbing from the Democrat as well as Republican parties. Welfare is simply a tool of public policy, a means of wealth transfer to promise the Roman idea of “bread and circuses” to the masses while not caring about whether or not this behavior encourages  people to care about their stuation or not. That is the main issue with welfare that nobody wants to address.

People will rise to the occasion throughout history, and private charity through the Churches has always been used to help the truly destitute and needy, who we have a moral obligation to help. But helping society does not come through promoting eugenics in any form, and most certainly not through the deceitful idea that children are somehow property of anybody else but their parents regardless of who says it.




  • infowolf1

    the truth as usual lies between extremes. in Genesis before the full impact of the corruption of the human heart had set in, Eve said she had gotten (same word as begotten transl. for men is used of women giving birth or conceiving) a man from YHWH when she gave birth to Cain. the child was not seen as the creation of the parent or property thereof. Much later, we see that Laban’s daughters complain that he had treated them as strangers, having devoured their inheritance and sold them. Laban also conducted all his business privately and no one had any business knowing anything apparently so not even the girls knew Jacob was laboring for Rachel, she was never told and Leah thought she’d stolen her husband Jacob from her and Jacob didn’t have the guts to challenge Laban publicly and call him to account publicly for giving his word regarding Rachel not Lean even if the custom was against the younger marrying first.
    as time passed, children were viewed and even among conservatives and Christians are viewed as CREATIONS of the parent, that we CREATE life. no we don’t. we procreate, we do a process we are tools in it. GOD is the Creator. the children are not our property but our responsibility to raise right.
    the culture, the state, society has a rightful say are you raising little psychopaths or good citizens? do they side with their family right or wrong and attack those who complain of injury by one of the family? or do they judge righteously and side with the victim?
    But the society the state can have some wrong ideas they try to force on the kids just like parents can have. Both categories of authority can be in full revolt against God, including using God as a rallying point but the values pursued are fleshly not godly and the object of obedience is strictly human not Jesus Christ.
    conservative writings talk of parents as if sacro sanct, as if automatically whatever evil the school is pushing is inimical to the values of the parents. TILT! the parents now are two generations or more the product of postmodernism depravity and whatnot. they are the people our great grandparents warned us about. so are the school teachers.

    • Ceirwyn

      Exactly. If you aren’t viewing your kids as: (1) Precious, loved-by-God beings, created by God Himself (not you). (2) Merely entrusted to you so you can guide them back toward Him and help them fulfill their purpose in being sent,
      then you have failed as a parent, no matter what else you do.

      It’s true that people who can’t feed and support kids shouldn’t have them, but that’s just a small percent of people in the west. The real issue bugging the conservative is lack of responsibility and mooching off everyone else, not having kids. Sadly, I know there are moochers in the west, who have kids to get money from the government or because it’s expected, not because they really want kids.

      • infowolf1

        A Christian shouldn’t be so concerned about “mooching.” Sure the kids are the parents’ responsibility but when you can’t meet your responsibilities yourself, your responsibility is to find someone to help you do so, without selling your body to do it (that includes getting married just to have someone to support your kids).
        A big problem in the economic thing is the real estate industry, a hidden driver of costs. property values go up, driven up on purpose so people can get equity out by another mortgage, while interest and interest on interest is allowed instead of viewed as dubious at best.
        taxes on the land calculcated as a percentage of its value house and so forth incl. go up. This drives up the rents (often calculated as the value of a segment of the total value of the property) which is overhead to businesses and individuals. the businesses increase prices of goods and services to cover this, and the increased rent (or mortgage) of the owners’ and managers’ own homes. employees have to pay more for rent and mortgage and goods and services and demand raises, the cycle goes on. Gas is sold at different rates depending on typical income of the location. This affects getting to work.
        safety issues mean kids can’t be left on their own while parents go to work, and a single mother (or father) may mean a molester parent is absent. kids have to be put in day care then even at an older age they can be street savvy and safe to care for younger children this is child abandonment. dumping them without a court procedure on relatives as used to be the usual thing generations ago is child abandonment.

        • Ceirwyn

          Conservatives aren’t necessarily Christians; they’re traditionalists.

          Mooching should only be a concern for Christians when it’s actually sloth pretending to be hardship. The world is full of slothful people who want a free ride off someone else back, particularly in wealthy countries (where most of the “entitlement mentality” lives).

  • Flame blue

    Just saw the video. He suggests that couples wait until they are wealthy before having children, but most people only get wealthy after they are too old to have children, well women usually have problems conceiving after the age of 38- upwards! Young people can’t usually make enough money to buy homes or rent decent accommodation, and buy furniture and everything they need for a growing child. So, what’s the guy saying, just wait until your old, but by that time it’s too late!

    However, l guess he will never tell Muslims to not have children and keep them by provision from the State ( and muslims have more than one or two children). Muslims won’t listen to that message anyway, because Muhammad told them to have lots of children for Islam!

    That kind of talk is aimed at cutting back on indigenous birth rates, to accommodate a case for importing lots of Islamics into the land when birth rates fall. This has been the messsge that Europeans were lectured on up to ten years ago, and they heeded that message, now they are told Islamics are needed to make up for the fall in the birth rate. As far as l can see, Canada is being prepared for everything that happened to Europe!

    I don’t associate Rebel Media with that kind of lecture! That guy is likely an infiltrator, unless Rebel Media are wolves in sheep clothing! Canadians don’t heed him, tell him to get lost! Have children, they don’t need designer clothes and complicated expensive toys, or even the best of food and accommodation, but love they do need. In a wealthy nation like Canada, there is no place for such an evil message! Children will be an asset to Canada if brought up correctly. They will work and pay taxes at some point in their lives,they take nothing from the State that they don’t pay back ten fold!

  • Flame blue

    I had children and all the time l struggled to pay bills! I worked and supported them fully. The state used to give tax relief recognising that parents had children to support, but eventually they stopped allowing a bigger tax threshold before tax was taken, and instead gave a child allowance. That means working parents are made to pay tax as if single people, marriage not recognised so women need to go out to work, and no recognition in the tax system that a couple or lone parent has children to support. The child benefit is given as if a state benefit, and parents are told the government help to keep your children! This is a lie! It shouldn’t be the case that when the government gives back from the tax we pay, that it is giving us anything, particularly if we have paid far more in tax than was paid out in child benefit!

    There is a hostile attitude in rich Western nations towards children and parents! There really is! Today someone told me that his boss makes the lives of two working mothers with infant children miserable. I asked why. I was told ” he makes it his policy to harass them, bog them down with work, make demands that cut into their time at home with their children and disturb their sleep, because he resents that working mothers think they have rights to run home to little Johnny because he’s sick, and why should they get privileges that non parents don’t receive”. So, it seems that the boss just hates mothers or parents.

    • Marie Halligan

      I agree there does seem to be a deliberate drive to discourage Westerners from having children and it’s multi-layered,from the spiraling cost of houses, to the pushing of mothers to work OUTSIDE the home ( as if we don’t do a tap AT home and just sit around all day on a permanent holiday!!) to the cutting off of Lone Parent Allowance once a child is 7- they still are at home during school holidays and kids do get sick and injured! I could go on but I think you know the score. Oh yes, the pushing of abortion and especially they are trying to force the R.o.I to change it’s 8th Amendment of the constitution that protects unborn children. It is deeply disturbing.

  • “Not really worth having children at the end times. ”

    Its worth it to have children all the time since no one knows when the end will be.

    ” It is very hard to discipline children of today.”

    It was the best and easiest thing I have ever done. Kids came out GREAT because I brainwashed them to think the way I think making them carbon copies of me.

  • Another effing heretic. I hope you never have children TPMSP for if they come out like you China would be in a bigger mess.

  • Zuzana

    I am not sure if Gavin is pro homosexual. Also Rebel Media is definitelly a better news option then cbc. They have done some good work. Unfortunatelly today homosexuals have infiltrated many conservative groups.
    I also listen to 1010 talk show that portrays itself as conservative with Jerry Edgar being one of the hosts. I many times wonder how they can call themselves conservative. For example they make fun of Trump and most issues they pick are very liberal.
    In contrast to 1010 tslk show, Rebel Media is pro Trump for Christians and for Israel.

  • Marie Halligan

    I think it’s really sad you think that way! Yes it’s very hard because we are surrounded by influences that want to turn kids into horrible selfish,Godless beasts BUT funnily enough,in my experience a fair few of them are still basically kind and decent- some of them still even believe in God!! My young fella has just turned 18 and we struggle on a low income,he can be a pain but he’s a lovely lad, sound as a pound and so are all his friends. They are still teenagers who act the maggot sometimes but there is a basic decency in all of them because Our Kid doesn’t hang around with nor like scumbags and yes,he still believes in God.He is still the best thing that ever happened to me. Don’t loose hope,please!

  • jersy lilly

    He can go straight to Hell.