I have been longing to write about this for a very long time now after being exposed to the sickness of Western television series and movies as well as a number of Hong Kong movies. This work is not intended to encourage people to start having a fanatical fan craze over Hong Kong movies as opposed to Western series and movies. Both do not have a godly base in Christ, yet amazingly, Hong Kong movies have shown more honour and respect towards Christianity despite the directors in question not being Christians nor having any intent to promote Christianity. This I say to the shame of a good proportion of Western series and movies commonly accepted today. I will be mainly using Hollywood as the main example although I could well have included many others from godless Western European films that are award winners. However, time only allows me so much and I will thus focus my contrast on godless Hollywood series and programs as opposed to Hong Kong movies. It will become clear that the soul of the sickness in the Western world due to their rejection of the Christian Faith, is evident and is a call for Christians in the West to awaken out of slumber and in the words of the late Father Seraphim Rose (1934-1982): “Be Christians once again.”


Proverbs 26:18, 19: “As a mad man who casteth firebrands, arrows, and death, So is the man that deceiveth his neighbour, and saith, Am not I in sport?

Proverbs 28:4, 10: “They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them…Whoso causeth the righteous to go astray in an evil way, he shall fall himself into his own pit: but the upright shall have good things in possession.

Ephesians 5:3-16:But fornication, and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints. Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks. For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not partakers with them. For ye were sometimes darkness, but now ye are light in the Lord: walk as children of light: For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth; Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

I Thessalonians 5:21, 22:Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil.

From a clear analysis of the above Scriptures, we discover that:


  1. A person who engages in deception thinks he is having fun and games and is seen as a mad person who throws out dangerous things, even death.


  1. a) Those that forsake God’s Law will praise the wicked, but those that keep God’s Law will fight against the wicked.
  1. b) Those that cause the righteous to stumble into evil ways shall also fall into their own evil traps. Those that are upright shall have good in possession at the end.


  1. a) Things that should not be named (talked about or even treated casually in speech) among saints (believers): fornication, all uncleanness, covetousness, filthiness, foolish talking, and jesting (making jokes of all manner of evil as well as jokes at the expense of what is holy and at the expense of others).
  2. b) Thanks to God and others should be given instead.
  3. c) People who will not be in the kingdom of Christ and God: whoremongers (promoters of sexual filth and fornicators), unclean person, covetous persons who are also called idolaters (since they worship created things not God). The wrath of God shall come upon all these as children of disobedience.
  4. d) We must not partake in these aforementioned but walk as children of light in the Lord who have been delivered from darkness.
  5. e) Since light is what we are, then the fruit of the Spirit (goodness, righteousness and truth) should be in us and thus we can prove what is acceptable unto the Lord.
  6. f) We should not have anything to do with the works of darkness but should shun them, and it is shameful to even speak about those things done in secret.
  7. g) The light of God shall shun and expose evil works through good works. Good works are manifest to all as light.
  8. h) We should walk wisely and not as fools, since we are in evil days and time is short.


  1. We are to prove(test) all things and to hold fast to that which is good as well as abstain not only from evil, but even any appearance of it.


Application to the Hollywood programs:

Family Guy. One of the most filthy and blasphemous television series next to both The Simpsons and South Park

The Simpsons. An extremely blasphemous and filthy cartoon television series.


South Park. Vile and blasphemous cartoon series.

Big Bang Theory-Godless atheistic series deliberately attempting to blaspheme God.

Glee-Godless, vile trash aimed at making sin “cool”.

Two and a Half Men-A series aimed at glorifying all manner of sin and making it fashionable.

All the above mentioned sins and evils have been clearly manifested in these Hollywood programs such as: The Big Bang Theory, Two And A Half Men, Glee, The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park and others. In all these Hollywood programs, there has been open promotion and glorification of all manner of sin, heresy and blasphemy. Here is a list of sins (and it is only the tip of the iceberg compared to others) and evil ideas:

  • sodomy/homosexuality. (All the above programs and others have promoted the lie of Satan that: “gay is okay” and even have transgenderism being promoted in all 3 as well as other programs. Glee is the most guilty culprit. In Glee, there are sodomite characters, not to mention a sodomite actor (Neil Patrick Harris) as well as sodomite behaviour promoted onscreen. i.e. the 2 sodomite characters kissing. There are also transgendered characters in both Glee and Two And A Half Men. If you are in doubt, please see for yourselves. The Holy Scripture is abundantly clear that such are reprobates due to receive the wrath of God and will not be found in the kingdom of God. See Romans 1:24-28; I Corinthians 6:9-11; Revelation 22:15. Sodomites are called “reprobates”, “effeminate”, “abusers of themselves with mankind”; “dogs” cf. Deuteronomy 23:17, 18). The Big Bang Theory is filled with disgusting references on this that I do not wish to repeat most of it.


The Simpsons is one of the worst for promoting sodomy, whereby we have a sodomite character in the person of Smithers, the personal assistant to Mr Burns, the boss of Homer Simpson.

In addition, there is an episode whereby Lisa Simpson, the daughter of Homer Simpson, promotes sodomy and sodomites by supporting the evil behaviour of a sodomite. Family Guy and South Park are also filled with disgusting references to sodomites that is being promoted.

The Simpsons with all their filthy sodomite promotion is summarised here:


South Park Episodes filled with sodomite references and promotion can be found here:


As for the sodomite promotion in Family Guy, we have 2 episodes: “Family Gay” and “You May Kiss the Guy…Uh…Who Receives.” Summarised here:…_Uh…_Guy_Who_Receives


  • denial of God as Creator by promotion of Darwin’s theory of evolution. (This is a common Hollywood trait, but the most pronounced of this is in none other than: The Big Bang Theory, whereby this is the most outspoken in not only its title but also in its introduction in every episode whereby the show begins by citing the evolutionary time-frame of history of billions of years and ape-men, which clearly goes against the Scriptural dating of the earth and of man). All the others have no qualms about mocking God as Creator in more ways than one. The Simpsons even has one episode whereby God is mocked as Creator by having Lisa Simpson create a world from a tooth whereby all the events in human history are repeated, and Lisa Simpson is asked by the creatures in this created world in a tooth: “What is the purpose of all this suffering?” To which, Lisa Simpson answers: “I don’t know why all of this is happening.” This is clearly designed to mock the concept of a Divine Creator with a purpose. Family Guy and South Park have no qualms denying God as Creator in many ways themselves too numerous to mention here.


Here is one classic example of this in The Simpsons in an episode: “The Monkey Trial”


  • Open promotion of fornication, adultery and no-fault divorce. (This is the case with all the above movies and other Hollywood programs. The most guilty of this is Two And A Half Men whereby majority of episodes are dedicated to these subs as a theme).
  • Mockery of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Scriptures and themes relating to this. In a word: blasphemy. All the above programs are guilty of this, and in fact, Glee has blasphemed God and His Holy Word through mockery or open attack on His character. Christians are mocked and portrayed in the most negative manner. In one episode, the sodomite character was invited to church of one of the other members, and was told that it was “okay” that the person doesn’t believe in God. In other episodes, Neil Patrick Harris deliberately mocks the born-again experience in our Lord Jesus Christ. Even more than that, the Christians are portrayed as unloving, uncaring and hypocritical. Whilst problems exist amongst Christians, yet godless programs like Glee love it and seek to make fun of God through the sins of his people. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon us sinners! The Simpsons is the worst culprit second to South Park and Family Guy. The Simpsons had no qualms in making a mockery of God as Creator as alluded to earlier, and Christians are always portrayed to be stupid and ignorant, not to mention the number of times when God is actually depicted, He is depicted in a mocking manner. The Flinders (a Christian family in the Simpsons) are shown to be naïve simpletons and in some cases, their faith is totally attacked. South Park had a blasphemous episode depicting the Virgin Mary in a foul, disgusting manner along with Christ. Similarly, Family Guy has also committed such evil by making fun of our Lord Jesus Christ in an episode: “I Dream of Jesus”.

For a neat summary of all the episodes in The Simpsons that are filled with blasphemy against Christ, the Holy Scriptures, and other topics, please look here. Notice that Christianity and Judaism get more attacks and mockery by The Simpsons than any other religion.


As for blasphemy against our Lord Jesus Christ, Family Guy has a whole episode dedicated to this whereby Christ our God is depicted as a fornicator and a liar in “The 2000 Year Old Virgin.”


As for the vile nature of blasphemy in South Park, there are numerous episodes where Christ our God is made fun of, but the ultimate is their whole episode dedicated to attacking and blaspheming God and the Virgin Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ via attacking the Blessed Virgin Mary, in an episode called “Bloody Mary”


  • Covetousness, lying and flattery are promoted in all the above programs. One example was the case in one of the episodes in “The Big Bang Theory” where one of the room-mates pretends to be a friend to another of his room-mates simply because he wanted to go with him on a trip to Switzerland. He brings breakfast, uses a whole heap of flattering and lying words, but when his ‘friend’ is still unwilling to take him to Switzerland, he takes away the breakfast and uses nasty words. What is worse, is that you hear laughter in the background at such evil behaviour! This is not only jesting but also being a mad man throwing deadly things at others.


Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.” (Proverbs 14:9). How true is the Word of God about today’s comedians. They are fools that will land themselves in hell and the lake of fire should they continue their rebellion against God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There are more evil mentalities, evil ideologies and others but these will suffice for now. As for the producers, directors and actors (Neil Patrick Harris, Charlie Sheen and others in those programs who are known for their anti-God, anti-Christ mentality) who promote all the above evils, this warning from Proverbs 13:13 should be enough: “Whoso despiseth the word shall be destroyed: but he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded.”


Any honest minded Christian should ask: “Do I love God, His Word and His values? If I do, how can I promote, let alone view with indifference, all these Hollywood programs that run contrary to Him?” Our Lord Jesus Christ is being attacked with such vitriol and yet the professing Church has done next to nothing to defend our Divine Husband!

May I take the opportunity as a Christians appealing to other fellow Christians to not only refrain from these evil shows but also to shun them and make your voice and actions known to Hollywood by refusing to view their programs and also to expose their evil works to all. As a fellow Christian, I urge that we take the injunction of Proverbs 28:4 to contend with the wicked, not to pander to them. The wicked shall be cast into hell and all the nations that forget God. (Psalms 9:17). Also as a fellow Christian, I urge that we take the injunctions of Romans 12:1, 2 and I John 2:15-17, of not loving nor wanting to be conformed to the things of the world but have our minds renewed, and seek the will of God and do it.


In stark contrast, we have a number of Hong Kong movies. Although Hong Kong movies are certainly not out to promote Christianity nor are the film directors or actors in any wise godly people, yet to their credit, we find that not only is Christianity respected and honoured for the most part when references are made to it, but at times, even the Gospel is preached. In fact, I was shocked to discover this myself. Also to the credit of Hong Kong films for the most part, despite the fact that the film industry in Hong Kong has many ungodly sinful problems such as Triads, fornication, and others, yet to their credit, the sodomite agenda is for the most part not promoted and characters in films that are sodomites often do not have good endings and often suffer serious reprisals for their sin in some way, shape or form. But most of all, and this will be the discussion of this section, Christianity has been treated honourably and even at times, the Gospel being preached. In addition, I was amazed to discover that in certain films, when there were characters that mocked the Holy Scriptures or Christ or any of the teachings of Christianity, they never got away with it and faced some kind of reprisal. This was a real pleasant shock and surprise for me. I will be pointing some movies out and attempt to give accurate translations of the Cantonese dialogue that the English subtitles often fail to pick up on.

One such movie I was pleasantly surprised to discover Christianity and the Gospel being preached was none other than Tsui Hark’s Once Upon a Time in China (1991). Whilst we most certainly can agree that Tsui Hark was in no wise a Christian nor was he attempting to promote Christianity, yet for this to be discovered in his film was an extremely pleasant surprise. Towards the beginning of the movie, we have a scene where there are Jesuit priests and their converts to the Faith, not only carrying a large crucifix in procession as well as signs with the words in Chinese characters that translates as “God loves the people of the world”, but we have them singing the famous “Hallelujah” song sung in many churches. We even hear the priest state in Cantonese later on in the film before the arrival of gangsters, “Believe in Jesus and attain eternal life.” As the film progresses, the Jesuit priest in the film becomes an ally of the main hero, Wong Fei Hong (played by Jet Li), and helps him be a witness against gangsters that attacked his clinic as well as even sacrificing his own life to save the life Wong Fei Hong, thus resulting him being shot. But more important than this, is a dialogue they actually have in the film. When Wong Fei Hong meets this Jesuit priest personally for the first time, they have this dialogue which is filled with deep theological truth that the English subtitles failed to translate, and thus I have translated it here and present it as follows:
Jesuit Priest: My dear lost sheep, you should seek the Kingdom of Heaven.

Wong Fei Hong: Are you here to promote the Gold Mountain (America)?

Jesuit Priest: Material things are impermanent. There is Jesus, Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. You should follow Him and thus you will see the True Life.

Wong Fei Hong: I have just arrested a wicked man today. Will Jesus be my witness or not?

(See around 46:00-46:40)

Movie can be seen here: 

Once Upon A Time in China (1991). Starring Jet Li as the lead character, Wong Fei Hong.

This would eventually lead to this Jesuit priest being an ally of Wong Fei Hong in being a witness against the gangsters that attacked his clinic. From this, we can gather that despite the fact that this movie was clearly not intended to be a Christian movie, we nevertheless can see that Christianity is clearly promoted and the Gospel of Christ is clearly preached.

Another series of movies in question that pleasantly surprised me in being honourable towards Christianity and even preaching the Gospel was none other than the Young and Dangerous movie series starting from 1996 to 2000, consisting of 6 movies. Whilst the whole movie series is based on a well known comic book in Hong Kong: “Hung Hing Boys”, and clearly it is about Triads, yet even from such films as this, we discover that Christianity is honoured and even the Gospel is surprisingly preached in some cases. This is best reflected in the first of movie series. In the first movie “Young and Dangerous”, we have a scene towards the beginning of the film where the various characters were being introduced. One of the characters being introduced was none other than Chicken (or more literally translated: “Mountain Chicken”) played by Jordan Chan who was having a dialogue with Pastor/Father Chan. In this scene, Chicken is in a lift and meets Father Chan for the first time, who would later on become a very good friend and ally for the main gang in the film, the Hung Hing Gang. I will attempt to be accurate as possible in the translation of the Cantonese dialogue which even the English subtitles failed to pick up on. (Lift Scene)

Father Chan: (speaking to a woman) My church is on the floor above. If you want, please come over and talk.

Chicken: (speaking to the woman) It is good to believe in Jesus. Jesus will “One Two” you. [A crude reference to sex. Chicken is known for being a real sex crazed character in the film]

Father Chan: (now addressing Chicken) Young man, it is best for you to come too.

Chicken: Okay.

[The lift suddenly stops and is stuck]

Chicken: Lift is stuck? Fuck!!! (kicks the buttons on the lift and drops a bag filled with knives and weapons. The woman is looking in shock) What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen weapons before?

Father Chan: Young man, are you running to a gang fight?

Chicken: What has this got to do with you?

Father Chan: Young man, drop your butchers’ knife, bow down and believe in Jesus.

Chicken: Shut up will you!

Father Chan: The Lord has arranged for this lift to stand still since there is something He is trying to point out to you. Will you spare some time to listen to reason from me?

Chicken: I am not the right man to talk about this with. Save your breath!

Father Chan: Which Big Brother are you following?

Chicken: What has this got to do with you?

Father Chan: Why not follow Jesus instead?

Chicken: Jesus? (scene cuts out to another scene before returning back to their conversation) Open up!

Father Chan: Let me tell you, following Jesus will be of greater benefit to you. Your Big Brother tells you to fight for him and that he will look after you for life. He just wants you to fight for him. Chicken: Open the door!

Father Chan: Sooner or later you will land up being caught by the authorities. Not so with Jesus. You can waste Him, kill Him or whatever you like but He rose again from the dead 3 days thereafter and ascended into Heaven.

Chicken: Listening to you, you must have been a gangster before yourself.

Father Chan: You’re right. Not only was I a gangster, I was also taking drugs heavily too. But that all changed and now I am a priest today. Do you know what nickname they gave me before? Heavy Cannon.

Chicken: I don’t know any Heavy Cannon, I know of an old Cannon. If your Big Brother Jesus is any good, He will get this lift going now and then I’ll say He is good. (The lift lights turn back on and starts moving again). You must be very familiar with Him, aren’t you?

Father Chan: That’s right.

Chicken: In that case, thank your Big Brother Jesus for me. I will come and drink some tea with you some time.

Father Chan: Young man, you said so. I will be looking for you to have some tea.

Chicken: Okay! Okay Okay! (he runs off)

[Scene between 7:00-10:00 mark]

There is also another scene in the same movie whereby Father Chan is preaching Christ again, this time to the other members of the Hung Hing Gang. Here it is as follows:

Father Chan: Jesus is a leader that does not demand anything from you. If you follow Him, you need not have to give him a red packet of money. Listen to me, just leave your rotten ways behind you and follow Him. He will not use your past against you.

Chicken: That’s what you say.

Father Chan: In fact, Jesus liked having followers and was even selfless towards them and multiplied 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish to feed them. He even had a certain man called Judas who betrayed Him. Peter refused to acknowledge Him as His Big Brother 3 times and yet He didn’t get angry with Him nor did He use any sort of family punishment on him.

Chicken: Shit! He must be really dumb as a dog! My brothers aren’t that dumb as a dog. Maybe he will (pointing to another character)…[Moves to another cut whereby Chicken is talking to another gangster from another gang. Chicken is talking with the father of the girlfriend he was involved with. The father is saying that if Chicken has had sex with his daughter then he better wear 3 condoms rather than 2. As the scene progresses, Father Chan interjects the conversation]

Father Chan: Excuse me sir, you should not encourage young people to engage in pre-marital sex. You are leading them astray by so doing.

Chicken: Get lost will you! [Conversation continues]

(See around 35:00-37:00 mark)

Here is the movie in question:

From this, we can see that the Gospel has been preached and that even Christian values has unexpectedly been promoted by an otherwise non-Christian movie. That is not all. By the time we come to the 2nd of the movies in this series, Young and Dangerous 2, we have a scene where Chicken goes back to Father/Pastor Chan for advice after feeling betrayed and not knowing the best course of action to take to save his friend. This scene contains some deep theological truth. (Around 1:14:38 to 1:15:48)

Chicken: Pastor, I really don’t know what to do. I am at a loss. One involves a woman that I loved but she betrayed me. I feel so much pain. I always am so strong in front of others.

Father/Pastor Chan: Okay Go home in a private place of your own, have a good cry and you will feel better.

Chicken: I wish it was that simple. Another involves my good friend who I grew up with and who I will always support. If he loses now, then he is in deep shit. But I don’t want to lose either.

Father/Pastor Chan: Is winning and losing that important? Many years ago, the Romans nailed Jesus Christ to the cross and watched Him suffocate to death. They won, right? 3 days later, Jesus Christ arose from the dead. And now His ways of righteousness and teaching are preached all over the world. What can you do about that? Now the largest headquarters of His teaching is now found in Rome. So tell me now, who has won or who has lost?

Chicken: What you say makes sense. It seems as if you didn’t even say anything to me and yet I feel awakened. Now I know what to do.

Father/Pastor Chan: Lord, I never told him to do anyone in.

Movie in question here:

From this scene, we can clearly see the Gospel is being preached clearly. The Gospel preaching even continues in Young and Dangerous 3, whereby we actually see scenes where this time, we learn more about the family of Father/Pastor Chan. In fact, we are even taken to a scene where Chicken is introduced to the church of Father Chan and we not only are introduced to the daughter of Father Chan, whom Chicken had an altercation with earlier, but we also have the account of the Prodigal Son in the Gospel of Luke being recited to the church too. The second scene in question involves after a failed attempt on the part of Chicken to have premarital sex with the daughter of Father/Pastor Chan, only to have Pastor/Father Chan catching them in the act and rebuking her. She then attempts to quote the parable of the vineyard owner who employed people to work in the vineyard only to all receive the exact same pay as found in the Gospels. The proper interpretation is also given in the scene as well as the real reason why this lady is dating Chicken. I will attempt to translate as accurately as possible these scenes in question.

The first scene involving the introduction of Chicken to the church of Father/Pastor Chan begins as follows from 15:48-17:40.

Pastor Chan: Dear congregation. Today we are going to hear a Tang style poetry recital of this theme: The Prodigal Son Repents and Returns to His Father.

Chicken: So what is it now? Tell me frankly. Are you trying to kick me into joining your church?

Pastor Chan: Can you please not treat the church in the same manner as the triad societies?

(Choir is reciting the parable of the Prodigal Son, line by line, one person at a time. One of those happens to be the daughter of Pastor Chan, whom Chicken had an altercation with in an earlier scene).

Choir Member 1: When he had no way out to go…

Chicken: What language are they speaking?

Pastor Chan: This is a church for Chiu-Chow (Teochew) people. So they are speaking the Chiu-Chow (Teochew) dialect.

Chicken: Chiu-Chow people? Is it those guys who like saying “Fuck” (Bu La) a lot?

Pastor Chan: Hey, this is a church. Stop using “F” words please.

Member 2: He intended to repent and said: Chicken: Who is that girl with the short hair? Is she a member of your church?
Pastor Chan: She isn’t just a valued member of our church, she is also my daughter too.

Chicken: Can a priest marry and have children?

Pastor Chan: I am a priest. I am not a monk.

Chicken: Is there a difference?

Pastor Chan: Of course there is. My daughter has just graduated from a Christian College in England. She is a good girl. She wants to help her father out. She also helps minister in Causeway Bay. You understand that Hong Kong is such a complicated place. Hung Hing controls Causeway Bay. That is good, now you can look after her.

Chicken: Is that why you asked me to come?

Pastor Chan: That’s right.

Chicken: Okay.

Pastor Chan: Hey, I’m warning you. My girl is a good girl. Don’t have any ulterior motives on her.

Chicken: Of course. If I don’t fear God hitting me, I fear you will hit me.

Member 2: He thus returns to his father.

Even from a scene like this where the 2 characters are having a dialogue, we see that the parable of the Prodigal Son is being recited in the background. From this dialogue, we can see that the standards of Christianity are respected highly even by a godless movie and for that matter, even a Triad member. I have yet to see such respect ever accorded to Christianity from Hollywood!

The second scene to be discussed from this movie involves the quoting of the parable of the vineyard owner hiring workers to be paid the same wage of one coin. It goes from 32:00-36:00 in the movie. In this scene, after a failed attempt to fornicate on the part of Chicken with the daughter of the priest, whose name we discover is Shuk Fan, Pastor/Father Chan catches them out, and he as well as his fellow church members with him at the time, express shock. At this point, after Pastor Chan has expressed his disgust, Shuk Fan attempts to defend herself by quoting from the Gospel of Matthew 20:1-16 regarding the householder that hired men to work in his vineyard and then to receive a proper reply from her father. The scene finally concludes with the reason that she chooses to befriend someone like Chicken is to bring him and others around to the ways of the Lord. I will now attempt to translate the scene as accurately as possible, beginning with the part where Shuk Fan and Chicken were caught out by Father/Pastor Chan.

Pastor Chan: Shuk Fan, I never thought that you would…You really frustrate all my efforts.

Chicken: Uncle. No, no, no, I mean Pastor. I was just playing around just now.

Pastor Chan: Are you trying to cause my death with this kind of playing around?

Shuk Fan: Chicken doesn’t mean to do this, Dad.

Pastor Chan: Don’t call me “Dad”. With that kind of behaviour of yours, you make me ashamed before the face of Jesus Christ. I have no face to see Him nor do I have any face to see my church friends. You may not feel any shame but I am ashamed.

Shuk Fan: I don’t know what I have done wrong here.

Pastor Chan: You have studied so many years of the Holy Scriptures as well as your learning at college. Where has that all gone to now? Don’t you remember the 10 Commandments?

Shuk Fan: I remember everything. Dad, can you please give me a chance to say something now?

Chicken: Yes, you should give your daughter a chance to talk.

Shuk Fan: You know how to quote the Bible. I also know how to quote it too.

Chicken: What is “quote” (using back the English word)?

Shuk Fan: Quote is to repeat back words that have been said. Now Dad, let me speak of the story of the vineyard. Gospel of Matthew 20:1 onwards. Chicken, you listen too. There was a vineyard owner who hired people to work for him. He asked people to work for him since the earliest hours of the morning and promised to pay them 1 dollar at the end of it all. At 12 pm he hired more workers to come and work for him. At 4pm he also hired them too and promised them 1 dollar too. When work was over, they all got 1 dollar each. Those that worked at the earliest hours were unhappy and complained to their employer: “Are you kidding? We worked really early and only got 1 dollar. These guys just came on the job and only get 1 dollar too! Don’t you think this is really not fair?” Chicken, don’t you think this is not fair too?

Chicken: Those guys that worked one hour are really dumb as a dog.

Pastor Chan: My daughter, your reasoning just now is not correct. Now let me answer you. What Jesus Christ means is this: Whether you believe in Jesus at birth, or whether you believe in Jesus at 18 years of age or whether you believe in Jesus at the point of death and departing, all of those will ascend to heaven. That 1 dollar represents going to heaven.

Shuk Fan: Then do you understand what your daughter is trying to do? You always urged these gangsters to walk the straight road. But do you see any results? Chicken is still a Hung Hing boy, but is there any change? I don’t see it. You only get seen as a dog. Your daughter is trying to be punk, “yeah” and “in” and at a later time will kick them into the church. They are the 4pm workers here.

Pastor Chan: I don’t want to say anymore to you. You are really being ridiculous here.

Shuk Fan: Chicken, let’s go. Let’s go to Lan Kwai Fong.

Chicken: Pastor, what your daughter said this time is right. See you soon.

From this we can see clearly that not only are the moral teachings of Scripture being upheld, but even a correct discussion of the story of the vineyard owner in Matthew 20:1-16 is also held too. I have never encountered anything like this in any of the movies in Hollywood and for that matter, even in the Western world! Christianity is once again being treated with respect and the Gospel is even upheld. The movie in question is here:

Even in the 4th movie in the series, we have a scene in the beginning of the movie whereby one of the members of the Hung Hing gang, Big Tin Yee is getting married, and is given a gift by Pastor Chan which is a placard sign that has the whole love chapter of I Corinthians 13:1-13. In this scene, after being presented with this gift, Chicken makes fun of the sign only to be reprimanded by Shuk Fan (the daughter of Pastor Chan earlier). This scene occurs at 3:14-3:49. I will translate it as follows.

Pastor Chan: Congratulations, Master Yee.

Tin Yee: Thank you.

Pastor Chan: You are a big man now. Now that you are married, act as a mature man now.

Tin Yee: For you to come to our wedding, me and KK (the name of the bride) are really happy more than words can say.

Pastor Chan: Just a pity you didn’t get married at my church, otherwise, I could be your legal witness.

Chicken (holding Shuk Fan in hand): Leave that chance to us here.

Pastor Chan: I don’t have any money to give for the wedding as a gift, but I will give you this gift here. (Presents the placard to Tin Yee)

Tin Yee: What is this?

Pastor Chan: You can see it for yourself. (Opens the gift). I Corinthians Chapter 13 states: “Love bears all things, and is kind, does not seek its own, does not…”

Tin Yee: Pastor, but I worship Guan Yu.

Chicken: So what if you do. Pastor’s words are right. You can read this and make love…

Shuk Fan (giving a slight push to Chicken): Hey, how can you insult the Holy Scriptures like this?

From this short scene at the beginning of this film, we can even see that not only is the Holy Scriptures being preached but also upheld, since even any mockery that is given always receives some reprisal. This is much more than I can say for any film or TV series I have encountered in the West!

The movie can be seen here:

There are 4 more movies I will make reference to now which are not godly movies by an standard, yet surprisingly promote the Christian Faith and even show how those who mock the Christian Faith or teachings, always meet with some reprisal. These 3 movies are: 1. In the Line of Duty 7 (海狼-Sea Wolves)-1991. 2. Triads: The Inside Story (我在黑社會的日子-My Days in the Triads)-1989. 3. Hardboiled (辣手神探-Super Hot Shot)-1992. 4. Fight Back to School 2 (逃學威龍2-Powerful Dragon Plays Truant 2)-1992.
The movie “In the Line of Duty 7-Sea Wolves” done in 1991, was a movie in a series of action movies done by Cynthia Khan and starring other actors. The director of this movie has an interesting scene whereby one of the characters in this film, Gary (played by Gary Chow), has lost his memory and unexpectedly meets a Western street preacher/missionary on the streets of Hong Kong. In this short scene (starting at 32:16-33:06), you have a very clear presentation of the Gospel here, before Gary is hauled away by another lady (Yelia) who rubbishes the preacher. In such a short scene, we can see that the Gospel is so clearly presented and there is even some respect accorded despite the fact that the lady in question rubbishes the preacher. I will translate this short scene as accurately as possible as follows.

Western preacher/missionary: Friend, do you know who you are?

Gary: How do you know that I don’t know who I am?
Western preacher/missionary: That is because the Holy Scriptures states that we are all like lost sheep gone astray. So of course you don’t know. Only God can help us. Come with me here. (He points upwards). Only the Father in heaven above can help us. That is because Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Look around you and see that people are always running around and busy, yet in fact, they are lonely and lost inside. Only God can really help us, do you see what the Holy Scriptures states here… (Yelia arrives and speaks to Gary)

Yelia: Hey, what are you doing?
Gary: He knows who I am.
Yelia: Don’t bother about him. He is fooling you. Let’s go. Go!

Western preacher/missionary: (speaking to another passerby) Friend, do you know who you are? The Holy Scriptures can help us understand this.

Passerby: I don’t want to know.

This movie can be seen here with that scene in question at 32:16-33:06:

In the Line of Duty 7-Sea Wolves (1991). Starring Cynthia Khan, Gary Chow and Simon Yam

From this short scene, there is no mistaking the fact that the Gospel was clearly being presented here despite the opposition that was clearly given. In fact, I have never heard anything like this ever in movies or TV series in the Western world! For a movie that is not godly and not intended to be Christian, this is most impressive! The director is certainly not intending to make a Christian movie either and yet we have such a clear presentation! Impressive indeed!

Another movie that unexpectedly has the Gospel or even the Christian Faith being shown is a Triad movie known as “Triads: The Inside Story” (我在黑社會的日子-My Days in the Triads)-1989. Again, this movie is not even intended to be Christian by any means and yet we have an unexpected situation. There is a scene where there is a fight going on between triads and yet surprisingly in the background, there is a church with not only a cross, but also some words in Chinese that are nailed to the church that states clearly: “Believe in Jesus and attain eternal life.” The scene can be seen here in this clip:

I was pleasantly surprised when I was watching through this action movie, Hardboiled (辣手神探-Super Hot Shot)-1992, directed by John Woo, and also starring famous action star Chow Yun Fat. What I was most surprised about were 2 things: 1. The final showdown between the 2 main heroes against the villain (starring Anthony Wong) takes place in a hospital that has Christian posters in it. 2. The main villain after making a total mockery of the words of our Lord Jesus Christ found in Matthew 5:39, faces reprisal in the form of being finally killed. All these 2 scenes consecutively can be found at 2:12:44-2:14:48 and 2:24:28-2:26:00

In the first part, whilst all the shooting is going on, the main character played by Chow Yun Fat, risks his life to rescue the babies in the hospital. Whilst he is saving the last one, there is a poster in the background written in English that states: “God is the wing beneath our wings.” In fact, the hospital according to the film is supposed to be a Christian based hospital. Here we can see that in the face of all the violence, there is God Who carries us beneath his wings. That seems to be a clear message, you would think.

In the second part, we have a scene where now the major villain played by Anthony Wong is all that is left and he has taken one of the heroes, Alan, hostage (played by Tony Leung Chiu Wai) whilst being faced off against a whole contingent of the Hong Kong Royal Police Force. In this part, as a means of humiliating the main hero, Tequila (played by Chow Yun Fat), Anthony Wong’s character makes Tequila not only say some humiliating things about himself but even goes further than this. He adds insult to injury by not only making Tequila slap one side of his face but also the other and adds this blasphemous mockery: “That is what Jesus said to do.” However, the tide turns and the main villain is shot in the eye not long after this by Tequila and thus this evil character that blasphemed Christ met a fitting end. Clearly, even from such a scene, we see that not only is the villain an evil character throughout the film, but has sealed his own doom by blaspheming the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been pointed out to me, that the famous Hong Kong director behind this movie, John Woo, himself had a Christian background. Whether or not he is a true believer in Christ, I cannot say. Nevertheless, we can even see from this scene, that those who blaspheme Christ are truly villainous and do not come to good ends. In fact, the blasphemous mockery is a reflection of the heart of an evil person, and thus he would not come to a good end either. We can clearly see from such a scene and the one before it, that Christianity has been honoured and that those who attack it, cannot expect to have a good end or some kind of reprisal. This is better than anything I have seen in the West!

Movie can be seen here:


The final movie that I will be discussing here is somewhat unexpected considering that the leading actor of this movie, Stephen Chow Sing Chi, is by no means a godly person, neither is the director of this movie. This movie in question, Fight Back to School 2 (逃學威龍2-Powerful Dragon Plays Truant 2)-1992, has a very surprising scene in there. Before discussing the scene, I will mention that the main character Chow Sing Sing (played by Stephen Chow Sing Chi), has gone undercover in an international school to try and flush out an international terrorist ring that is planning to use the school as a base for drugs and weapons smuggling. He has gone undercover as a student alongside a sidekick (played by Ng Man Tat) that plays one of the staff in the school as a disguise to help the main hero. [As a side note, the title in Chinese is a loose tribute to the late Bruce Lee, since Stephen Chow Sing Chi personally admired Bruce Lee, and wanted to take on his legacy as a “Powerful Dragon”. Also, Stephen Chow Sing Chi was loosely using the Chinese title of Bruce Lee’s Way of the Dragon (猛龍過江-Fierce Dragon crosses the River) in an attempt to capitalise on his hero’s success. But I digress].

The scene in question from this movie involves the priest of the school, who not only happens to be the Scripture class teacher, which all students must go to, but also happens to be the second most important person in the whole school, second only to the Principal. Stephen Chow Sing Chi’s character not only makes the mistake of blaspheming our Lord Jesus Christ, but also punching the priest in the face and giving him a black eye. What follows is a humiliating scene whereby Chow Sing Sing (Stephen Chow Sing Chi’s character) is tied to a cross and is forced to walk up and down a huge flight of stairs, in reminiscence of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ being made to carry His cross to His execution. Whilst this happens, Chow Sing Sing’s sidekick, played by Ng Man Tat, walks alongside him rebuking Chow Sing Sing for his foolish behaviour, telling him that he has offended the second most important person in the whole school. Chow Sing Sing is infuriated by this and asks why he was not told earlier about this, only to be made to walk continuously with his hands tied and later on, another scene whereby Chow Sing Sing bashes up his sidekick, for not notifying him earlier and thus making him suffer in this humiliating manner. This whole scene can be found at: 38:07-41:07

The whole movie can be watched at:

I will now attempt to translate the above discussed scene as accurately as possible.

Priest: Gospel of Matthew Chapter 27. At this time, the one who betrayed Jesus, Judas, saw that Jesus was to be crucified and now was regretting it. (Snoring can be heard from the side where Chow Sing Sing and his friends, Turtle Wong and others are sitting. The priest makes an attempt to wake Turtle Wong up and was about to hit him on the head with the Bible he was holding until Chow Sing Sing said in his ear…)

Chow Sing Sing: Let’s play mah-jong!

Turtle Wong: (throws his wallet down on the table) Okay. How much are we betting?
Priest: What are you doing now?

Turtle Wong: Goodbye sir. I am going to play mah-jong now.

Priest: You!…I punish you now to copy the Holy Scriptures, both the Old and the New Testaments once through!

Turtle Wong: What’s happening? Why is it so serious now? Didn’t you say that we were playing mah-jong?

Chow Sing Sing: In a few years time. Look at how thick that Bible is. It will take you 2 years to copy it out that you won’t even have time to play mah-jong, not even to jerk-off either.

Turtle Wong: How can this be?

Priest: Going back to the regretful Judas. He placed the 30 coins into the Holy Place (a reference to the Temple in Jerusalem), ran out and hanged himself.

Chow Sing Sing: What would make him worth getting so upset about that he would want to die? (Snickering away)

Priest: (angrily) Do you think that the one who betrayed Jesus is a good person?

Chow Sing Sing: Judas? I think he is okay. If he had not betrayed Jesus, then Jesus would not be crucified to a cross. If he wasn’t crucified on a cross, then you won’t have a cross around your neck too. You would be out of the job, aren’t you afraid of that? (Chow Sing Sing and his friends are laughing away).

Priest: Judas betraying Jesus was arranged by God!

Chow Sing Sing: (still laughing) That’s right! That means that God deliberately set up Judas to cause trouble. (Both Chow Sing Sing and all his friends are laughing now. The infuriated priest hits Chow Sing Sing over the head with the Bible in his hand).

Priest: O God, please forgive me for my violence. Please show me the way to save this student.

(Chow Sing Sing is getting up from the blow received. Turtle Wong whispers to him).

Turtle Wong: Big Brother Sing, there is no law here. You can do whatever you want now.

(Chow Sing Sing is getting up to approach the priest)

Priest: What are you doing now? Do you want to copy the Holy Scriptures too?

Chow Sing Sing: That’s a small matter to me. Whether God saves me or not, we can talk about this later. But right now I want to bash you up! (Chow Sing Sing punches the priest in the face, knocking him out and giving him a black eye. His friends start cheering on).

Turtle Wong: Good one Big Brother Sing! Your punches are so accurate! But now I don’t have a good feeling about this.

(Moves to the next scene. Chow Sing Sing is tied to a cross with a crown of thorns around his head. All the students along with the priest are there to witness his punishment along with Ng Man Tat’s character, Head of Discipline, Bond, who is forced to carry out the punishment on him. You can hear the “Hallelujah!” chorus in the background).

Bond: You have really blown it now. Of all the people you should never have offended, you should never have offended Pastor Wong. Pastor Wong is the most powerful person in the school, even more powerful than the Principal himself. Now that you have offended him, he can have you kicked out of the school anytime now.

Chow Sing Sing: Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!

Bond: I forgot you know. (Strikes him with a ruler) Move!

Priest Wong: Let’s see how you are going to bash me up now!

Bond: Move! (Continually hitting Chow Sing Sing as he walks up the stairs)

Chow Sing Sing: You really are something, Head of Discipline, Bond!

Bond: Of course I am! Don’t run away!

(Moves to next scene where Chow Sing Sing calls Ng Man Tat’s character into the toilet and bashes him up.)

Here we can see from even such a stupid comedy that is far from godly, that even a blasphemer and mocker of God does not come out good. Even Hong Kong film directors, for all their godlessness, have more respect for the Christian Faith than Hollywood or many of the films in the West for that matter too!

Some are asking why I bothered to go into such length over this scene. Simple reason is to reveal that even from a silly comedy such as this one, blasphemers do not come out good and face reprisal. This is something I have not seen in the West at all! And here we have an otherwise godless movie giving more respect to Christianity and the Gospel than anything that Hollywood or the Western world now has offered in their movies and television series! This ought to reflect a sickness in the soul of the current Western world!

Based on all the above, is it not evident that even a nation that does not claim to either be a Christian nation nor a nation that has a Christian heritage, has given more respect towards Christianity and the Gospel of Christ and even the Bible much more than anything the modern Western world has done! And yet the West had a Judeo-Christian heritage, and has chosen to turn against it and be blasphemous as well as filthy beyond measure, as is evident in the many movies and TV series in the West today! The worst that I have seen above all this, is the fact that I have encountered preachers in Evangelical and Charismatic circles who have dared to quote their theology from the most blasphemous of movies and television series in Hollywood, as almost second to the Holy Scriptures! I had personally seen blasphemous movies and TV series, such as Last Temptation of Christ, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Simpsons, and others being quoted in a positive light by these blasphemous sons of Jezebel and Balaam in the pulpit! If one was to quote any sort of secular TV shows and movies, then one could use Hong Kong films and even a Korean TV drama series such as Dae Jeung Gum, as a much better reference than any of the blasphemous trash that Hollywood and the West has to offer. Dae Jeung Gum is a historical drama based on a character in the Joseon Era of Korean history (1392-1897), Jeung Gum, who was an orphaned cook who went on to become the first female royal physician in the history of Korea. Not only is it an actual history, but the film potrays common themes in Korea of class, mannerisms under Confucianism, power struggles as well as traditional Korean culture. But more fundamental than that, are the moral themes of perseverance against all odds, standing up in the face of betrayal and also determination. There are no evil themes that Hollywood glorifies ever portrayed in this series, and in fact, much of it is in tune with Christian moral themes of endurance, perseverance in the face of opposition and also of maintaining moral strength. Not only is this TV series popular throughout Korea, but even in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as Russia, Sri Lanka and even Iran! Whilst it is obviously not Christian, there is more in Dae Jeung Gum that is praiseworthy than anything that is popular in the West today. Nevertheless, since time and space is limited, I will leave some clips to give an idea to our viewers.

Here is a neat summary of Dae Jeung Gum here:

Here are the first 10 Episodes of Dae Jeung Gum:

I should take the time to mention there are some really godless movies in Hong Kong that promote sodomite filth but these are a result of attempting to win the approval of the depraved Western Oscars and critics reviews. Such filth which get awards and accolades from depraved Western film critics and movie organisations are actually not the norm of what ordinary Hong Kong people are inclined to watch. Nevertheless, it is worth me noting this since I know my critics are bound to come back to me with such filthy movies to refute me. The basic point is that even the ordinary, popular films of Hong Kong have more respect for Christianity and Christian morality than anything the West has to currently offer in their television shows and movies. But that will be enough for now.


There are more evil mentalities, evil ideologies and others but these will suffice for now. As for the producers, directors and actors (Neil Patrick Harris, Charlie Sheen and others in those programs who are known for their anti-God, anti-Christ mentality) who promote all the above evils, this warning from Proverbs 13:13 should be enough: “Whoso despiseth the word shall be destroyed: but he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded.”

Any honest minded Christian should ask: “Do I love God, His Word and His values? If I do, how can I promote, let alone view with indifference, all these Hollywood programs that run contrary to Him?” Our Lord Jesus Christ is being attacked with such vitriol and yet the professing Church has done next to nothing to defend our Divine Husband!


May I take the opportunity as a Christians appealing to other fellow Christians to not only refrain from these evil shows but also to shun them and make your voice and actions known to Hollywood by refusing to view their programs and also to expose their evil works to all. As a fellow Christian, I urge that we take the injunction of Proverbs 28:4 to contend with the wicked, not to pander to them. The wicked shall be cast into hell and all the nations that forget God. (Psalms 9:17). Also as a fellow Christian, I urge that we take the injunctions of Romans 12:1, 2 and I John 2:15-17, of not loving nor wanting to be conformed to the things of the world but have our minds renewed, and seek the will of God and do it.

Whilst Hong Kong and the Far East are not Christian nor are their shows necessarily holy, at least we can say that there is more respect and honour given to the Holy Faith of Christ and to common morality than anything that the West, particularly Hollywood, has offered in this time period. If one wishes to watch anything entertaining, then at least those shows highlighted in Hong Kong and some from the Far East deserve some consideration.

Finally, we must follow the command of the Blessed Apostle St. Paul to: “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil.” (I Thessalonians 5:21, 22). As a counter to the evils of Hollywood, let us observe Philippians 4:8, which the Blessed St. Paul urges us to do: “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”



  • Cuzick

    ” May I take the opportunity as a Christians appealing to other fellow Christians to not only refrain from these evil shows but also to shun them and make your voice and actions known to Hollywood by refusing to view their programs and also to expose their evil works to all. As a fellow Christian, I urge that we take the injunction of Proverbs 28:4 to contend with the wicked, not to pander to them. The wicked shall be cast into hell and all the nations that forget God. (Psalms 9:17). Also as a fellow Christian, I urge that we take the injunctions of Romans 12:1, 2 and I John 2:15-17, of not loving nor wanting to be conformed to the things of the world but have our minds renewed, and seek the will of God and do it. ”
    Thank you Thomas for this article and another reminder that Christianity Is At war. Christ came to destroy the works of satan [ I John 3:8 ] Let us unite with him in our actions . If those who claim to be in full communion with Christ would take heed to this article, things might begin to change.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Eastern cultures generally have more respect towards religion, spirituality and religious figures. Just a theory, even though Christians may be persecuted. You will find respect being shown towards religion even in Indian movies and other Asian movies as well. Hong Kong has a large Christian population, due to the direct British rule over the region before 1997. It also had a large Western expat population.

    • Juan

      Buddhism have some messages similar to Christianity but anyway is a deceitful false religion. Confucianism is just philosophy and moral, constitutes the core of Chinese Civilization and is compatible with Jesuchrist. Just Chinese government knows that RCC and Protestant churches are tools of CIA and western powers.
      China is receptive to Jesuchrist and I have seen a lot of Chinese people attending Mass on Italy.
      India is becoming more fanatic hinduist under Narendra Modi government and hinduism is not compatible with Jesuchrist. Anyway being India a country with religious diversity there is more respect to Christians in comparison with Pakistan, a hell for Christians.
      The West is just a nightmare of social engineering controlled by occultism-antinomianism-satanism and Hollywood is the best example of it.
      I consider sufism capable to unite antichristian elements from the New Age West, India and Islam… sufism is esoteric, gnostic and syncretist.
      May China convert to Jesus on the future.

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        Buddhism as a philosophy came 500 years before Christ, I am not defending it, but compared to Hinduism, it did teach many good things to people at that time and helped to greatly confront the caste system, and help spread compassion. While Buddha was a philosopher with his own limited understanding, his intentions were noble, not deceitful. As a Christian, I respect some of the good efforts he did make. But yes, Buddhism cannot save anyone now. Remember all this happened before Christ’s era.

        As far as your comment that Christains are “respected” in India, well, Jesus said Christians will be persecuted everywhere. India just has a secular paper constitution in name, if you don’t preach the gospel then the Hindus will leave you alone. A person disobeys the teachings of Jesus.

        Confucianism has NO compatibility with Christianity. It is a hierarchical religion of obligations to human hierarchy. It is the same ideology that drove Japan’s imperialism, North Korean regime and Chinese oppression. Confucianism puts extreme veneration towards leaders and people of position. I see no comparison or compatibility with Christianity. Sorry.

        I have worked among Tibetan refugees in India, to share the gospel. Many have faced great oppression at hands of Chinese government.

  • richinnameonly

    Thomas, thank you for your perspective on this. This is a little slice of our world of which I had no picture. I haven’t been to the movies in several years and I purposely ignore much of our TV here in the US, although it’s probably pretty sad all over the world. It’s too bad man winds up using some of the best technology with some evil intent.

  • I have been putting up with your lousy comments for years and you know crap about history. I feel sorry for these Chinese. Had they known what I know about you they would box you and post “return to sender”.

    Here. A Chinese will even tell you:


      Walid, I can testify to one thing. Besides Christians being on the increase in China, at least they have not gone out of their way in movies or television series to mock the Christian Faith nor promote sodomite filth.

    • Dan

      What’s wrong with his comment? More context please.

      • Nothing wrong with the comment. I have a history with this guy which you do not know about and it would take reposting them all to explain. He knows very little history and he teaches history. I simply do not buy his claim. He is full of it.

  • Ceirwyn

    They are ahead of many in the west, who are at the pro-communism and
    destroying-traditional-values stage. China did that and learned from the
    experience. The west only saw the bad of the communism in terms of economics, ignoring the moral destruction. The other Asian nations got a good ring side seat to what happened to China and learned by example.

    Many in the US are unsubscribing to cable/TV, and avoiding movies, which is why Hollywood is premiering so many movies overseas before they do them in the US. Hollywood now makes more money on the international box office than in the US. In fact the movies made now are far less “American” and more generic and “internationalized” to appeal to a global audience. It’s mammon worship at it’s most disgusting.


      Interesting note: even China despite its tenuous relationship with the Christian Church, has allowed more Christians to promote the Gospel more so than the Muslims. Even Chinese Communist Party members are turning to Christ and His Faith! Deep down, many of them realise that Marxism is bankrupt in more ways than one and that Maoist principles are not really practical. In fact, now the government wants to rebuild many aspects of traditional cultural heritage sites that they once destroyed. Even more interesting is that the Chinese Christian Church on all fronts (Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox) is gaining an increased interest not only in the rural areas but even amongst university students! Clearly, many people know, even the government officials, deep down that Marxist atheism has nothing to offer but disaster and chaos.

      • Ceirwyn

        People who’ve had a taste of a satanic system designed to enslave them on every level are very receptive to God’s hope and values. It’s a good time to be Chinese, as it will be a long time before the cycle repeats itself, and society has to screw up to remember why it was doing what it was doing.

  • Ceirwyn

    Same people, different propaganda tools. Thank god modern “pop” music in America is so terrible and formulaic that the young people are following small bands and overseas performers.


    I loved that scene myself! And yes, you are right about provoking the Jews to jealousy through the Gentiles believing in the God of Israel. This is in Romans 11. A good friend of mine, a Korean gentleman, spent most of his formative years in Hong Kong and Shanghai. He is currently studying art in New York in the hope of using his talents to glorify Christ and to teach others about Church history that is often neglected. When he is in New York, he tells me often: “I feel homesick for Hong Kong and Shanghai. Everywhere I go in New York, there is all this filthy LGBTQ nonsense and anti-Christian garbage. When I was in Hong Kong, I felt at home in a lot of Christian churches and generally did not have to face this filthy bunch of sodomites and antichrist SJWs that I see everywhere in New York.” Interesting note: even Chinese Communist Party members are accepting Christ and His Faith. I am sure you are familiar with the Back to Jerusalem project that began amongst Chinese Christians in the 1920s. It seems it is all coming to fruition. China with a huge amount of Christians could well have an impact in the future of Israel and the Jewish people in leading many of them to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Indian Christian Crusader

      I respect your feeling towards Chinese Christians, but I also want to caution you, that there are many carnal ones among the young generation too influenced by the world. I encountered many such people in Singapore during my stay there few years ago. Some just attended churches but didn’t even know the gospel properly. Love of money had consumed them. Racism also was entrenched among some Chinese. Like any human society they also have good and bad elements among them. If they are in Christ genuinely, then good. It is not good to romanticize any race or people above others. The city harvest Church in Singapore is going through a huge scandal with its pastor now facing prison term for financial fraud. It preaches health wealth prosperity gospel. It is a Chinese majority church with branches spreading to India too.


        I understand your position and agree with you. My intent was not to glorify one race above another at all. I was simply stating that Christians in China have a better chance of leading the way to real revival and in general, are not lukewarm unlike those out of China. Nevertheless, your principle is sound. God is not a respector of persons but seeks all those who genuinely fear Him.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Which “denomination” of Christianity The Pentient Man are you referring to? jehovah’s witness? mormons? cults? There are also cults that are rapidly spreading.

  • Juan

    Absolutely, just nowadays some Sufi tariqas (orders) like Naqshbandiya are among the most violent terrorists from Chinese Xinjiang to Middle East and they are established also in West Europe, just ready to act at the appropriate moment.

  • Kamau41

    A great comparative analysis on the movies that we see here in the west vs the east. It is incredibly sickening to see so much filth, garbage and blasphemy against Christianity out here in the west that has been heavily promoted for years. You can add the latest to the list, “Beauty and the Beast”(see link below), as another example, which describes exactly what you have so accurately pointed out within this very timely discourse. Thank God, however, there are some righteous Christians here in the west though, who are not partaking into such wickedness. So many, on the other hand, have become totally desensitized to evil and wickedness in our days and continues to get much worse.