Alt-Right Terrorist In New York Murders Black Man With Sword, Declares That He Is A White Supremacist

James Harris Jackson appears at his arraignment on Thursday. He is charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime. (JEFFERSON SIEGEL/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

By Theodore Shoebat

An Alt-Right terrorist in New York murdered a black man with a sword for the cause of his diabolical ideology. According to one recent report: “Before he allegedly killed a random black man with a sword, a self-proclaimed white supremacist liked alt-right YouTube videos and claimed high test scores in U.S. Army intelligence. James Harris Jackson, 28, was charged with second-degree murder Thursday after he took a bus from Baltimore to New York City with the express goal of murdering black men, according to prosecutors.”

One report documents:

A hate-fueled white supremacist told cops his killing of a random black man was merely a practice run for a racist mass murder spree.

Suspect James Harris Jackson, who came from Baltimore to unleash his homicidal bile, said his unprovoked sword attack Monday night on an unarmed black man was the first of many plotted executions.

“His intention was to kill as many black men here in New York as he could,” said Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi at the suspect’s Thursday arraignment. “New York was selected because he believed he’d get the most media attention.”

Jackson, 28, stalked several other potential victims, including an interracial couple, before repeatedly plunging the 18-inch blade of the sword into an unsuspecting Timothy Caughman, authorities said.

“Mr. Jackson regarded the killing as practice prior to going to Times Square to kill additional black men,” according to court documents.

The accused killer appeared agitated and restless, scowling in the direction of court workers at one point, as he appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court on a new count of murder as a hate crime. Prosecutors said the murder was “most likely an act of terrorism.”

Jackson was led into court wearing a white Tyvek suit for a second straight day, with his hands cuffed and his feet shackled. Judge Herb Moses ordered Jackson held without bail.

The accused killer began wandering the Times Square area looking for African-American targets after arriving via Bolt Bus from Charm City last Friday.

“He walked around selecting and stalking black men, with an intent to determine who he was going to attack,” Illuzzi said.

Around 11:15 p.m. Monday, authorities said, he settled on Caughman as the 66-year-old man rooted through the garbage on Ninth Ave. in search of returnable cans and bottles.

“The attack came from behind,” the prosecutor said.

“What are you doing?” Caughman asked in disbelief after the sneak attack.

A witness who saw the stabbing said there was a white man on top of the black victim, whose chest was covered in blood when he rose from the ground, according to the criminal complaint. The blade pierced Caughman’s chest and exited his back.

After the “vicious and cold-blooded” killing, Jackson casually walked eastbound on W. 36th St. as Caughman staggered south alone Ninth Ave., authorities said.

Nine minutes later, the dying man appeared inside the Midtown South Precinct roll call room with blood pouring from wounds to his hand, face, chest and back.

The court session on Thursday came shortly after the medical examiner’s office said Caughman died of internal bleeding caused by wounds to his spleen, bowels, pancreas, diaphragm and lung.

Caughman, known for a Twitter page filled with photos of himself and celebrities, died at Bellevue Hospital.

Jackson surrendered to an officer outside the NYPD substation in Times Square barely 24 hours after the stabbing.

“You need to arrest me,” the Army veteran announced just before 1 a.m. Wednesday. “I have knives in my pocket.”

Jackson told police his racist views were spelled out on his laptop. It was not clear late Thursday if cops had yet secured a search warrant to examine the computer and his cell phone.

Baltimore city and county authorities said Thursday that Jackson had never been arrested in those jurisdictions.

I knew that this type of violence was going to start happening with the rise of this Alt-Righ diabolism. I knew, once I saw the mob of these brain dead people following a sodomite (Milo), and all of these other deviant, Social-Darwinist, that violence was going to erupt. This murder was not isolated; it was the consequence of an ideology, an evil and sinister religion. Any belief system that seeks to put violent tensions between members of humanity, is of the devil.

The only thing that separates us from the animals, is our thirst for God. Once we remove this, once we declare the flight of the soul absent, then we become no different from the Japanese wasp, the vicious insect that will brutally annihilate a whole section of its own kind:

Racism is a heresy; it is the heresy that declares that when Paul wrote: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28), that he was wrong. It is the heresy that says that when Christ said: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” (Matthew 28:19), that He was wrong, that He should have focused on one nation. Catholic means Universal, for in Christ, humanity is one.



  • Kamau41

    Pure evil. We can expect more senseless attacks like this in the future. This is exactly what you have been consistently warning us about, yelling from the rooftops; yet so very few refuse to even bother to listen.

  • susan

    “Any belief system that seeks to put violent tensions between members of humanity, is of the devil.”

    Summed up in the death of an innocent black man walking down a street one day.

  • magaforever

    Gosh what a pos

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Some Indians in western nations (Hindus and Sikhs) are also getting attacked at random, being mistaken to be Middle eastern or Muslims (especially the lighter brown skinned ones or turbaned Sikhs) by radical white supremacists. Of course, some Hindu extremists among the diaspora in Western nations are also scaring and provoking the some locals into it by their hatred for Christianity and white people, so reaction-counter reaction perhaps. Middle Eastern Christians also are in danger of being attacked, being mistaken as Muslims by white supremacists. It is becoming a serious problem. Theodore is very much right in discerning the various dangers of the times.

    • Juan

      Portugal has just now a half-Portuguese/half Indian prime minister; in Southwestern Spain we haven’t any of this supremacist scum. May be we can create a Gypsy Christian Empire (joke)… nightmare of all fucking racists.
      We need to be smart because Neo-ottoman​s will integrate from Asians of any Kind to blue eyed Europeans… Erdogan’s new Janissaries.
      More racism and more tribalism from Europeans, Indians or Jews more powerful will be the Turks and harder the Chastisement… C’est la vie…

  • Ceirwyn

    Yet another idiot to throw on the bond fire with the Muslims, satanists, tyrants, marxists, etc. It’s become obvious why God is going to allow 2/3 of the population to die before He returns.

  • Flame blue

    Disgusting, demon possessed. The poor man he attacked went on walking for help, but he needed help fast as his blood loss was heavy. Every step of the way, he had to puzzle over why a random person came up to him and attacked him.

    Now the young man will suffer for his horrendous crime, his hatred. He will be in prison with many black prisoners. He not only took a life, he threw his own life away into the rubbish bin.

    Only Jesus saves, only Jesus is the solution to hatred. Jesus was as much black as he was white, lightly tanned skin, light brown tone, darker in summer.

    It surprises me that American white people are not used to seeing black people because they have been there for hundreds of years. How can people hate on the basis of just skin tone? It’s Satan and demon possession! There can be no other explanation!

  • Julie

    His look reminds me of that of the defiant arrested Nazis…even the 12 year olds had quite an expression when they were captured towards the end of the war.

  • Flame blue

    Your point, your post, is not relevant to my post you responded to!

    I have not said that racism only happens in America. America has had black people in the country for several hundred years, l think it must (in this age) be unusual for a white person to be racist towards black people simply because they are black, and l think there’s a lot of hype about racism, needlessly so because people like to lie and play the victim, so easily offended.

    I am not napping, but as a Christian, l don’t feel a person’s skin can have anything to do with them being good or bad people. I know several black people and like their mindset, knowing full well if they are not criminals and they have values then they are my kind of people and their skin colour is nothing to do with anything. Never would l rebel against black people simply because they are born black as my Lord created them, and they cannot change, for to despise them is to war against God.

  • Flame blue

    ” It surprises me that American white people are not used to seeing black people because they have been there for hundreds of years.

    When l say it surprises me that American white people are not used to seeing black people because they have been there hundreds of years, l am actually saying ;
    ” Black people have been in America hundreds of years, yet we are expected to believe that American white people have not got used to them yet and are still racist”. l am disbelieving of that kind of prejudice still existing in white people after a long time of living with, seeing black people taking part in American culture, born into it!

    The major Deceivers of promoting the idea of racism by whites against blacks to cause division is Marxists and Islamists!

    To conclude, l ran that original paragraph of mine to my friend who’s with me at the moment and asked him what he thinks l have said. He replied ” you said that American White people should be used to seeing black skin people after hundreds of years.” That’s exactly how l thought it would read, but you didn’t see it in that light so l think perhaps their is a cultural different understanding in English between you and l, sir!

    I write and comprehend in British English, and you write and understand in American English, obviously there is a slight difference in our interpretation. My apologies, but in my defence, l feel l should state that l have a degree in English, so, l think that l haven’t been careless. When you challenged me, l thought maybe l could have been clearer but my friend reads what l wrote in the way l intended.

  • Flame blue

    Sir, you do not understand irony! I was stating that in view of the facts that white Americans have seen black people in their midst for centuries it would be surprising if they were not used to them! It’s like saying ” l am surprised at that” in response to someone who says he prefers cooked potatos instead of raw ones! As l know people on the whole don’t eat raw potatos, l could say with light sarcasm ” l am surprised at that”.

    So if there are lots of black people in America for centuries, l am surprised that white people haven’t got used to that fact after all that time, meaning ” it’s “doubtful ” that the whites are not used to black people who have lived amongst them for hundreds of years. But really it was just too simple to state it that way so l employed a jocular wording using mild sarcasm!

    Let’s give it a bye bye? That means let’s end this line of communication.

  • susan

    I think it’s quite correct to protest to your government officials that are forcing new people into your countries. There are ships that are bringing them in. Who owns these ships? It’s been pre-planned. The immigrants themselves also have to learn to behave and obey the laws in their new country. I’d peacefully protest but be careful not to vote in people who will use hatred and violence to fix this situation.