Imam calling for Jews to be killed in sermon at Montreal mosque

Posted by Keith Davies

Canadian Television reports on Jordanian Imam who repeats in his sermon the standard Jew Hate in the Hadith.

A Montreal mosque is facing a police complaint and rebukes from the larger Muslim community after a video of an imam delivering a sermon in which he asks for Jews to be killed surfaced online.

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The controversial imam is Jordanian cleric Sheikh Muhammad bin Musa Al Nasr who was the invited guest of a Saint-Michel mosque. (YouTube)

The sermon took place at the Dar Al-Arqam Mosque in the city’s Saint-Michel neighbourhood on Dec. 23, 2016.

The video was posted to the mosque’s YouTube channel three days later. The imam in the video is Jordanian cleric Sheikh Muhammad bin Musa Al Nasr — he was reportedly an invited guest of the mosque.

In the video, the imam recites in Arabic the verse: “O Muslim, O servant of Allah, O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

CBC independently verified the speech and its translation.

The controversial verse comes from a religious text known as a hadith, which interprets the words and actions by the Prophet Muhammad.

The hadith in question deals with end times and tells how stones and trees will ask Muslims to come and kill Jews hiding behind them.

Spike in calls about hateful comments since mosque shooting, Montreal police chief says
CBC Montreal has reached out to the Dar Al-Arqam mosque for comment and was told no one was available.

Accused of inciting violence

The video was brought to the attention of B’nai Brith Canada, which filed a complaint with Montreal police on Monday.

The organization said it is totally unacceptable that a mosque would allow this to go on.

“This is inciting violence, and this is inciting radicalization,” said Harvey Levine, regional director of B’nai Brith in Quebec.

“It’s against the law and has to be stopped,” he said, adding that the complaint was filed with the Montreal hate crimes unit.

Harvey Levine
Harvey Levine, regional director of B’nai Brith in Quebec, urged police to act more quickly. (Sarah Leavitt/CBC)

Montreal police confirmed they received a complaint, but would not provide any more information.

Mosque should apologize, says Muslim council

The president of the Muslim Council of Montreal, Salam Elmenyawi, wants to know why the imam was invited. He says the mosque should apologize.

He added that the Dar Al-Arqam Mosque is not one of the more than 40 institutions the council represents.

Imam Ziad Asali of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects told CBC Montreal’s Daybreak Thursday that he was also mystified as to why the cleric was invited to preach.

“I do not understand how this person was invited to come and give a sermon and spread this hatred in Montreal against any community,” he said.

The hadith is one of more than 100,000 that are written in many books, some of which are considered authentic, while others are not, said Asali.

“To use the themes of the Prophet to spread hatred is actually something that is disrespectful towards the Prophet himself,” Asali said.

There are mosques in Montreal, the imam said, that embrace a more extremist message.

“These people, not only do they show hatred towards non-Muslims, they even show hatred to us Muslims,” he said.

Other complaints

Levine said this is the second complaint against a Montreal-area mosque filed with the Montreal police’s hate crime unit in just over 40 days.

He said the police are still investigating that first instance but says they are not taking action soon enough.

“This is totally unacceptable. We want to know why the hate crimes unit has not done something to date yet. This person should be arrested and charged for hate crimes,” said Levine.

‘Words can be knives’: Premier urges Quebecers to cool the rhetoric
CIJA Quebec, an organization that advocates for the Jewish community, said it has a close relationship with the Montreal police and has been following the two complaints.

“We know the Montreal police are seriously and diligently investigating these sermons,” said David Ouellette, deputy director for CIJA Quebec.

He added the group believes the police are close to completing their investigation of the first complaint.

with files from CBC Montreal’s Daybreak and CBC reporter Sarah Leavitt

  • Tom_mcewen

    Well, the imam can counter sue using M-103 and win. Canadian is heading the wrong direction. The Jews should start packing.

    • mspip

      canada and the young trudeau are way off in their thinking. if i was a jew it would seem wise to leave canada quick as possible. islamophobia may be an epidemic????

      • Craig A. Mouldey

        I doubt most Canadians support this motion. Of course the SJW will. They are no different regardless of where you find them. I’m afraid this M-103 is eventually going to lead to a specific law. Soon the murders and head cutting will begin here and the government fools will say it has nothing to do with their ‘religion’, so anyone who speaks against Islam will be guilty of a hate crime and likely jailed and fined. The liberal party has been absolutely decimated here before and it can happen again. Sooner the better.

  • richinnameonly

    Trudeau needs to go asap.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    ““To use the themes of the Prophet to spread hatred is actually something
    that is disrespectful towards the Prophet himself,” Asali said.”

    Such bs vomit (like rare and safe abortion):

    “Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)”

  • Grace Ziem

    If this were a threat against the government; he would be in custody by now. We need to speak out about this outrage; it is a HATE CRIME, and prison the first time is violence prevention. If you have any question about the History of slaughter of Jews under Islam, read From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters.

  • Flame blue

    If it was a hate crime against Islam even in the mildest form it would rapidly lead to arrests. There is an agenda to Islamophy the whole of the Western Nations which Western leaders are complicit in doing in unison with each other. Whether it’s cowardice that has caused a submission to Islam or Satan just appeared and told them to do it, l don’t know, but they preferably desire a slower submission to Islam over a few decades, starting with moderate view points of Islam before the most heinous Sharia is brought in. However, some imams just want to fast track the agenda, which obviously causes this sort of problem, but in order to deal with it, no tough action will be taken because Islamisation of the West has been approved by the Leaders of the United Nations, who are of course Islamics in high positions within the UN.

    I have no doubt that there has been a directive to Islamophy Europe, America, Canada, Australia etc. Unless we ditch the UN, we cannot stop the agenda.