Muslim Terrorist Attacks Christian Man As He Is Walking To Work, Pulls Out A Pistol And Murders Him

By Theodore Shoebat

Two Muslim men riding on motorcycles approached a Christian man as he was walking to work, and one of them pulled out a pistol and shot the Christian man dead. As we read in one report:

A young Christian in Pakistan was shot and killed in the street allegedly for refusing the demands of an influential Muslim that he work on a Sunday, his day off.

Noman Munir Masih, 20 lived in Sheikhupura in Punjab Province, working in a local sanitation department. He was on his way to work with his brother-in-law and uncle on March 20 when he was attacked and killed, according to Morning Star News.

‘They were about to leave after dropping off Noman when suddenly two motorcyclists arrived there,’ Norman’s mother Khalida Bibi said.

‘One of them whipped out a pistol and opened fire on Noman, killing him instantly.’ Bibi said her family was in shock at their loss.

Norman was the primary provider for his Pentecostal Christian family after his father died two years ago. Through his work he supported his mother, three brothers and two sisters. A local Muslim man named Daanu Chaddar has been arrested in connection with the case.

An attorney for the family, Kashif Naimet, said Chaddar threatened Masih after he refused to sweep his outhouse on Sunday, Masih’s day off.

Naimet said: ‘Ostensibly angered by the Christian’s refusal to submit to his demand, Chaddar allegedly told Noman to be ready to face “dire consequences”, as he will not take no for an answer from a petty sanitary worker. Chaddar reportedly threatened Noman that he would “Cut off his legs and riddle his body with bullets” for defying his order.’

Naimet added: ‘Noman was a simple sanitary worker and had no enmity with anyone. His refusal to clean the Muslim’s dera [outhouse] apparently led to his killing.’

Rights advocates say many Muslims in Pakistan mistreat Christians as they are a minority community with minimal power or status. Many in the sanitation profession, a relatively lowly position mostly comprising Christians, find themselves especially degraded.

Riaz Masih Bhatti, president of the Sheikhupura Tehsil Municipal Authority sanitary workers union, said: ‘There have been frequent incidents of prejudice against Christian sanitary workers, but Noman’s murder in a brazen attack in broad daylight has sent a wave of shock and panic in the entire community.’

Christian rights activist Napolean Qayyum said: ‘Many Muslims find it hard to accept refusal by a “lowly” Christian. This is not the first time a Christian sanitary worker has been killed or subjected to violence for refusing to comply with unjust demands of persons from the Muslim majority.

‘The situation won’t change for the better for Christian street sweepers and sanitation workers until the state realises its responsibility toward all citizens regardless of their faith, caste and creed.’

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  • Grandmere

    This made me think about the rich man and Lazarus. Noman was persecuted and marginalized here in this earth. Now, he is at rest and in comfort. Alleluia.

    • Higlac

      Very true, Grandmère. The difference is that the fate of this Christian was even worse than that of Lazarus: here there were no dogs to at least lick his sores and offer him their companionship; furthermore, Lazarus wasn’t apparently that openly persecuted compared to this poor unfortunate.

      Thanks indeed be to God that this worker is in Heaven as a martyr for Christ. As to that Moslem wretch, the Lake of Fire – and beforehand, Hell/Purgatory – awaits (assuming he doesn’t repent)…

      [If I had my way, it’s these Christians that need to be rounded up and brought over here into the West instead of all those Moslem invaders who – I most strongly fear – will force us into massacring them (how I wish we all would be spared this!!!) à la St. Bartholomew’s of 1573/08/24. Yes, those would be the immigrants instead to bring along while tracking down and firing ALL the Marxists of our Western countries. THEN we could stop ALL Moslem travel to the West – and both disenfranchise and expel all those already here prior to terminating all ties with dar al-Islam and publicly declare that we openly accept to be at war with them – and that they’ll have to pay all the consequences thereof…]