Trump Slams Assad, Says That He Has Changed His Mind On Him. It Looks Like Trump Is Continuing The Same Policy As Obama

By Theodore Shoebat

Trump just slammed Assad, and has made it clear that he has changed his mind on him. It looks like Trump is continuing the same policy of Obama. I made a whole video on this:


  • I have the same impression as well.

    Yet I wonder if Trump is doing this because he sees just how entrenched “the swamp” is and has no choice but to play the game.

    He’s trying to focus more on North Korea than Syria, and I suspect he does this knowing Japan has leverage on him since Japan invest billion of dollars in creating jobs.

    • susan

      Could be. Is this the last country on our regime changing list before we hand over the keys to Turkey?

      • Who knows?

        • susan

          not me.

          • I am reminded of a movie, “Sum Of All Fears,” based on Tom Clancy’s novel.

            Jack Ryan tried to explain why Russia’s new premier was talking and acting like a hardliner. The Congress’ committee weren’t interested in his doctrinal thesis. Ryan was saying the premier had to put on a front to keep the hardliners in check and off his back. He ended up being right and helped prevent a devastating nuclear war between America and Russia.

            This brings me to Trump. It seem he realizes he has to speak the language of the neo-con and warmongers of Congress to keep them in check. Right now the media are doing their damnedest to bury Trump with allegations of Russian tampering with our election.

            It’s always about finding a cause to go to war against Russia.

            Finally all of these staged videos and outraged are engineered to have Assad removed and Syria becoming a state under control of Erdogan.

            I think the whole premise is a caliphate is needed to bring stability to the region and keep the oil flowing. Too many focuses on economic parameters and not enough on eschatological parameter.

          • susan

            I think that’s true. Look how carefully the mission was carried out. Who are they wanting to replace Assad? And yes it looks like a caliphate is what they’ve decided. :/. Regardless, that ship has sailed. They can’t undo it.

    • Folks needs to be asking themselves, “Why is Erdogan so eager to voice support for Trump’s military action in Syria?”

  • Lidia

    Ted, I always learn a lot from your videos. Thanks for doing a great job. Same goes for your father.

    I thought it was strange that a week ago, President Trump and his administration, specifically, Rex Tillerson, said that the future of President Assad “will be decided by the Syrian people.” We all know who the Syrian people want, they want President Assad. And now you have this tragedy. It sounds so suspicious. President Trump also said that he doesn’t want to be the president of the world, he wants to be the President of the United Sates of America. Now he changed his mind. The best thing for our president to do right now is to talk to Russia and get the facts straight before he makes his biggest mistake, one that could ruin him forever. If he does something to hurt Syria, I will not vote for him again.
    The Syrian people know, including the Christians who live there, if Assad goes, they are doomed. President Trump knows that too, so he better stick with his original plan.

  • Lidia

    Alondra, thanks for all the videos. Great information!

  • Lidia

    We are living in a world ruled by deceivers! Warmongers!

  • richinnameonly

    You are not a nut.

    • susan

      Lol. Thank you!

  • richinnameonly

    Donald, you are disappointing me on this issue. Take a deep breath and remember how concerned you said you were about Christians. Assad let’s them live in peace. Rethink this thing.

    • Grandmere

      If we get caught up in Syria AND Korea, it might be the end of us. We do not have the money, the equipment, the manpower or the will to fight a two front war.

  • Juan

    The U.S. is a country funded by Freemasonry. The American people isn’t guilty of it but this is the truth.
    The whole West is masonic controlled and a cesspool of depravity and aberrations.
    I just come home from Mass and the priest asked to pray for the victims of the Gas attack in Syria (something that I have done from heart, no matter if they are Muslims because they are human beings)… the question is why I never hear on Roman Catholic churches the priest asking to pray for the victims of nazis in Ukraine or the victims of NATO in the whole Middle East. In Roman Catholic churches priests often ask to pray for the refugees (using NWO terminology), that is to pray not only for the real refugees the come from countries in war but also for all the moslems that Turkey is sending to EU as economic immigrants in order to conquered the continent trough demographics.
    Europe is going to pay for its deviance but Americans will continue voting Democrats and Republicans liars, puppets of secret societies. The freedom, liberty, etc. is just a big masonic lie.
    Countries are better ruled by Christian monarchies and not by masonic republics.

  • Grace Ziem

    Why is Assad using Sarin gas? This is a population poison; it attacks the brain and nervous system, kills, and leaving lasting harm on survivors. It is inhumane, to put it mildly: literally torture by gas

  • nagra bagra

    The news says Assad is murdering his own people….is this true? I heard these were rebels, not Syrians. I heard that Assad controls the spread of his enemies, the rebels, with gas frequently….so this is nothing new. Trump acts like this is new and uncommon. Trump mocked Bush for what he did in the middle east and now Trump is doing the exact same thing. I hope he comes to this realization.

  • filomena seiffert

    I can, he never convinced me of the contrary. Some idiots continue to find excuses for the demon. His face does not look human, he is demon possessed.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    What is the status of Maxine?

    • Ashley

      So with regards to refugees Maxime says he wants to bring in an amount that is economically beneficial without causing social problems. He has alluded to our current government trying to repopulate the country. He wants to end Canada’s reliance on UN for refugee selection and consult civil society groups (I like this part). He was opposed to the liberals upping our intake from 250000 to 300000.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    This is as bad as it gets! People voted for Trump based on his message: Bring back jobs, no more globalism, no more interventions. Only days ago they decided Assad can stay. Then this event occurred (quite a coincidence) and the entire scene has flipped. The NWO agenda is back on with a vengeance. Nikki Haley (Samantha Powers sister?) is now in the U.N. saying Assad has to go. I believe we are days away from seeing an event with North Korea. What the reaction of China and Russia will be I don’t know. It could be time for the big barbecue. I think it is clear Trump has flipped. You have to know when your severe critics such as Schumer, Pelosi, McCain, Graham, the main stream media and the Muslim slaughterhouse are happy with you, that a wrong path has been taken.
    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God; have mercy on me a sinner.