Nearly 1000 Christian Slaves Rescued by RC in the First Quarter

Rescue Christians saves more slaves each month than all other anti slavery organizations combined. Through your financial support we spend tens of thousands of dollars each month to save our persecuted brethren many girls (wives and daughters) subjected to rape, men, women and children beaten as well as working 18 -20 hours with little or no money to even feed themselves. These people are illiterate and uneducated, were unable to understand the terms of their bond. Generations of their families kept bonded for small loans received 20-30 years prior, some of these loans were incured by their parents and even grandparents.

Rescue Christians saves these people by removing them from the kiln, provides them with a new home, new job and intial food supply and vital requirements like bedding and silverware. After one month they do not need us anymore as their new job takes care of all their needs. We have done this for nearly 1500 families and each month we save about 200-400 people.

Pakistan has over 250,000 Christian slaves alone and in two years we have saved over ten thousand people with video testimonies that can be reviewed on our rescue christians you tube channel

Al Jazerah produced a documentary on this issue in 2011 prior to us even getting involved in this project. Obviously because of our stance on Islam and the Middle East, Al Jazerah would not be willing to interview us on our work in the Bonded Slave problem. The documentary below is accurate and provides a valuable back ground on what we are involved in doing.


We are currently planning to expand our work to help release thousands of Bonded Christian Slaves in India, in order to do this we need to double our donations. If you have time to help us raise the funds or have one or two contacts who are able donate larger sums who might have a heart for our work please call us at 1 877 832 7200. We also continue to work on helping the perseucted in many countries as well.

Thank You

Keith Davies
Executive Director Rescue Christians