Demon Possessed Hindus Storm Church With Police Help And Attack Christians During Services

While Christians in Pakistan suffer daily attack and harassment from the Muslims, Christians in neighboring India suffer the same but at the hands of the Hindus. Enraged by the rise of Christianity especially among the lower classes, self-professed Hindu “nationalists” are going on demonic rampages throughout India, destroying churches and abusing, torturing, and murdering Christians just as savagely as the Muslims do.

In another story out of India, Christians were having services when a group of Hindus with the help of police attacked them and ransacked their Church:

Police in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh stopped a church event after a Hindu nationalist organization alleged a person was converting to Christianity at the event.

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous of India’s states, but Christians make up less than 1 percent of the population. Overall Christians represent 2.3 percent of all Indians, though given the country’s vast population, that works out to almost 30 million people.

The right-wing Hindu Yuva Vahini (HYV) filed a complaint against Yohannan Adam, the pastor of the church, accusing him of converting Hindus to Christianity. It’s a charge Adam denied.

The HYV was set up in 2002 by Yogi Adityanath, who now serves as chief minister of the state.

About 150 people were attending the independent church’s event in the district of Maharajganj on April 7, including 11 foreign nationals, 10 of which were Americans.

“We stopped the ongoing prayer,” Anand Kumar Gupta, station house officer at the local police station, told reporters.

“There were 11 foreigners in the church at the time without any prior information to the police. We checked their passports and visas and allowed them to return to Delhi,” he said.

“The charges are absolutely baseless. The people were attending a prayer meeting voluntarily. We prayed. Nothing else was done.” Adam said, according to the PTI news agency.

The prayer started at its usual time around 9:00 AM and many people came to join it, Adam said. “Soon after the prayer started, a group of individuals with saffron headbands arrived with the police,” he said. “Police immediately stopped the prayer and asked everyone to come out from the room.”

Adam said the disruption of the prayer gave HYV members the license to do as they pleased. “Since it was not a holy place for them or for the police, they roamed around every corner inside the Church and picked any paper or book that came in the way.” quoted the pastor.

“You know that every church has a dais that no one touches or gets on except the priest,” Adam continued. “We have the one, too, and I deliver a religious speech from that. It is a holy thing.”

The pastor said the police confiscated everything on the dais. “I don’t even know what important papers I have lost.” he said.

“They were kept harassing and abusing us,” continued Adam. “I can’t say the words with which they were calling us. I simply cannot.”

For some time, the roughly 30 million Christians in India, about half of whom are Catholic, have suffered various forms of intimidation and harassment, including physical violence. One human rights observatory estimates there’s an average of one physical assault on a Christian somewhere in India every other day.

In the main, the violence is driven by Hindu nationalists who accuse Christians of the use of force and surreptitious tactics in pursuing conversions, often storming into villages and leading “reconversion” ceremonies in which Christians are compelled to perform Hindu rituals.

Christians have felt even more under threat since 2014, when the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took power in the country. Uttar Pradesh, with a majority Hindu population, is also run by the BJP.

Those who disrupted the church service in Maharajganj are unapologetic.

“The presence of U.S. nationals indicates that innocent and illiterate Hindus were being converted by missionaries who had lured them with money to change their religion,” said Krishna Nandan, the HYV leader.

Adam said the tourists had wanted to see the church because of its historical value.

“How could I have stopped them or questioned them? It’s a church, so everyone from every community is welcome here anytime,” he said. (source)



  • Raph Sebastian

    Ahh those peaceful Hindus strike again. They like so many hypocrites speak from both sides of their mouths. At one point the preach “ahimsa” (peace and non-violence) and at the other would not blink an eyelid if they had to chop your head off. Demonic possession and demonic worship is a norm in most parts of India.

    • Indian Christian Crusader

      They killed low castes (aboriginal black skinned people of India) and women for thousands of years. The death toll together would number over millions over the last thousands of years combined. Low caste women were raped at whim by upper castes, and low caste men were forced to clean the toilets of upper castes. This is Hinduism. Now some Hindus deny it and keep saying it was introduced by Britishers, that is not true. Reformers like the Buddha condemned it and mentioned in ancient texts. The Hindu upper castes carried these ancient demons and merged it with tribal gods of the aboriginals to create this Hindu religion. I am 2nd generation Christian that emerged out the so called “upper caste” clan from a north Indian tribes. Most of my clansmen were very cruel to low castes and killed them brutally. Kali is a demoness, Shiva is a demon. Hindu extremists plan to exterminate Catholics and other denominations, a Hindu extremist leader once said, they plan to destroy the Vatican also. It is an ancient evil awakening, old Babylonian evil. You also need to beware of many Hindu extremist supporters working in the U.S. They are terrorist sympathizers and racists. They hate white people and African Americans in general inside, outwardly they smile, inwardly they curse. (Of course there are some good well meaning sincere Hindus too).

      Added note : the concept of non-violence was amalgamated into Hinduism from Buddhism and Jainism. jainism pre-dates Hinduism by thousands of years and was the original religion of India, before outsiders came bringing the Brahminical religion. They took many elements from Jainism. Jainism is largely a peaceful religion, more ascetic in nature and non-violent. Buddhism borrows some elements from Jainism. Both opposed Hinduism and its gods at that time in history. Hinduism /Brahminism by its core is violent. The manu-smirti doctrine teaches violence towards women, low castes etc. Hinduism is a fraud religion. Even the name “hinduism” comes from Arabs and Iranians to denote the Indus/Sindhu river.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Yes. There is an eerie resemblance to OM sybol and the allah symbol except the OM is flipped to one side.

  • jami

    Hindus actually hate Christians . They are afraid of being converted if they befriend Catholics. What loosers, so weak already from idol worship. Obviously when you learn of the true God, your heart and soul is converted, nobody forces anybody to convert, people are themselves ready to accept Jesus as their Lord. So many young people wana get converted but their families then threaten to disown them and to an Indian his Family is everything. I’v heard so many incidences of nuns being attacked in villages in India and there was a blessed Man I think he was an American he went there with his three children and wife to help the poor people , there were some groups who burnt him and his two sons in their car while they were sleeping. I have myself being quite carefull whenever I’d go to church too, there are trouble makers everywhere. Hindus are big Antichrist’s too. Crusade Brothers we must.

    • Indian Christian Crusader

      Correct. My father was disowned by his family. He converted to Christianity, he came from an upper caste Rajput clan. His brothers tried to behead him, when he was very young. He was on the streets until an Anglican missionary took care of him. I am 2nd generation born into the Anglican church (Church of north India). When I was young, my father’s relatives would constantly threaten us. These dirty rascals hide behind culture and traditions, emotionally blackmail their family members and treat them as objects, possessive about them. There is no real love in Hindu families. Fear keeps them to their idols, and they use fear to make others subject to them too. When my father was old, even in his deathbed he cried and remembered his parents, who shut their house door to him long ago. His body still had scars from beatings and torture by his relatives from his youth, until the day my father passed away. He suffered for his faith. It had a massive impact on my mind. I vowed never to remain silent at Hindu terror.

      • Steven

        God bless your father. He endured much, but he’s definitely in a better place.

      • jami

        oh my God , how touching is the story from your Father, i can understand what Family is to an Indian, they literally say like you can die for them, and for your Father it must have felt so heart broken all his life, but be of good cheer , he is now in Heaven for his Faith and the Lord has him. Praise the Lord he made the first move to fight for his Faith and hence all the Family is saved. Gods Grace and Peace be with you.