Serbian Military Confiscates Thousands Of Machine Guns, Rifles, Mortars And Grenades That Were Being Transported Into Macedonia To Cause Extremely Bloody Conflict

By Theodore Shoebat

The Serbian military just recently confiscated thousands of machine guns, rifles, grenades and mortars that were being transported from Serbia to Macedonia. Why were they being sent? To spark violent conflict in the Balkans. I suspect that Germany could have been behind this, since they were behind the formation of the Kosovo Liberation Army whose attacks against Serbian police officers instigated the conflict in Kosovo back in the 90s.

According to one Serbian report, it is suspected that the weapons were being sent for Albanian political parties in Macedonia, whose members have participated in armed conflicts in that country. The weapons were discovered near Presevo and Bujanovac, and were being transported through illegal channels by a foreign citizen and two Serbian citizens of Albanian origin. “This is a large cargo of weapons which was obviously intended for use if conflict in Macedonia escalates, or perhaps to provoke incidents”, says one source.

“Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that amount of confiscated weapons could serve someone to pour oil on the fire in the current fragile political situation in Macedonia …At the same time VBA noticed increased movement of Albanians from the area of Presevo and Bujanovac to Macedonia in previous days. The similar situation is with Albanians from Kosovo, primarily those known as former KLA members”, said the source.

Notice what the source is speaking of here: “former KLA members”, that is, former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army. As I have written in one of my recent articles, the KLA was formed, armed and trained in the 90s by Germany, the very nation that recruited Albanians to be a part of their SS killing squads. As I wrote in the article:

What is most interesting about this situation, is that the Germans wanted to dominate the Balkans in the First World War, and they wanted to do the same in the Second World War, and recruited Albanians, Bosnians, Croatians and Ukrainians into the Nazi SS, so that they could slaughter Serbs, and control that region. The Second World War eventually came to an end in 1945, and people generally would believe that Germany would never return to the warpath, but in the 90s the Germans would train the descendants of the Albanian Nazis, that is, members of the KLA, to accomplish the very mission of the Nazis and their predecessors, to control Serbia.

Here is a video on how thousands of Albanians travelled from Germany, and other European countries, to Kosovo to fight for the KLA:

I spoke with our Balkans correspondent, Lazar, about the weapons cache caught going from Serbia into Macedonia. He told me, “it’s just part of the weapons that went through Serbia. God knows how many weapons is transferred through Kosovo and Albania.” When I asked him if he was speaking of weapons from the Kosovo War, he said, “Albanian weapons that no one seized from them and new weapons.” He also told me that “that Serbian army intelligence has registered that about 1000 armed KLA terrorists entered Macedonia through Kosovo.” It is obvious that the KLA is involved in this, and since it was Germany that formed and supported the KLA, I suspect Germany is involved in this.

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  • I agree that Germany is behind this, and I also suspect this is also how Erdogan of Turkey have managed to deceive Europe with the migration deal, for every unregistered foreigner sent back, one Turk would be sent.

    It is sickening to see this.

  • Kamau41

    When we look at history and currently seeing how conditions have been unfolding in Europe, it’s quite easy to see that Germany is behind it. It’s so unimaginable to think what the future will soon like.

  • rodolfo

    Maybe this is a perfect timing that i bumped into a site about Serbia. Maybe Trump is also part of this by calling on Putin to stop the holy war.
    Russian Orthodox Patriach declared holy war on terrorism
    Christianity is really at war.

    • infowolf1

      whatdoesitmean is Sorcha Faal a total fraud and cultic whatnot, unfortunately the EU times likes to cite her

      • rodolfo

        Right. that is what they say. but i think it can also connect the dots with correct discernment.

  • Shane Bass

    I remember the skype interview you did with Lazar, very informative and I also remember the article you wrote. One can only hope you are wrong but that’s never the case

  • ace

    Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa), please intercede for the populations of these regions. (Mother Teresa was an Albanian-Indian born in Skopje, now the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, then part of the Kosovo Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire. When she was 18, she moved to Ireland and then to India.)

  • susan

    Soros and McCain seem to pop up together.

  • jami

    The Germans are very well known for using men of Nations to reach their own goal.
    As Ted has specified.

    They use Nations in many ways, they want cheap labour? They want to dominate .

    They wana use up Muslim refugees too to fight for them as Ted had stated earlier .
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    The Germans use up foreigners to mate and make kids, and ofcourse a German is not able to keep a relationship for more than 6 months or so, thereby the foreigner is left jobless or has to take up cheap labour , I know soo many of them already who are struggling here in Germany just to see their stolen children by the German Partners.
    In this way there are loads of single individuals here who need single apartments , who need jobs etc. Lonely individuals are rising excluding the lonely Germans themselves.

    These are the cunning , the Godless people I Hate, not the good ones, I don’t know if I ever came across any.

    Germans know that by giving a little bit they can buy the whole person so that’s the trick . Throw little food and they got you , If you ate it.
    Never take anything from them as you never know what your selling of you.

    God surely has a plan for these tricky beings who do not take the name of God. They hate the name of God and even if someone talks about it.

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    I walked away.
    The men here are like little boys . The Women look like Mothers already. Coz they Mother these boys . And then obviously there’s no need of a child , a dog definately works.

    Looks like God hasn’t given them the “increase” required. Somethings lacking.
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    Therefore I ain’t seeking a guy from here.

    This is how sick they are , no matter where you come from , you adapt to the foolish ways of the Germans . This hatred for Christians is like top list . They hated him they will definately hate me too.

    One thing is for sure, that when you start suspecting something about Germany , be sure its them. 100%.

    Thankyou Ted for writing again on Germany . God’s peace and grace be with you always

  • jami

    Oops I wrote that much.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Of course the Germans (or rather the Germanic hidden elites) are behind this, as they wanted always to destroy Serbia and rule the Balkans. They broke up Yugoslavia, and everything in the region is part of the fallout from that disaster.

  • Filip

    I got one for you guys as well it is from Medugorje a Holy Catholic site where Mary appeared to three children. Check out this article! 😀

    choose to translate page to English.

  • lewjac3

    The Serbs have nothing to worry about this time, the clintons are not in power. Trump will let them do what they have to do. I never knew Albania was a supporter of the nazis, I read an article that said there were more Jews after the war then before.