Patriotic American Tells School Board to Cut Out The Teaching of “The Peaceful Religion”

Posted by Keith Davies

Chris Wyrick a resident of San Diego, tired of the PC fools in his school district tell his school board what he thinks.

Worth a watch and inspiration to us all to tell each and every school board in this country to stop their sucking up to CAIR and the left fools.

  • Higlac

    BRAVISSIMO to him, especially given how he was labouring under those appallingly-ridiculous time-constraints!!!! That school-“Board” deserved to be castigated A WHOLE LOT MORE…

  • magaforever

    Thank God we still have some sane people left

  • Tom_mcewen

    Liberals are the big tent so to them bigot covers any one who doesn’t share their viewpoint of truth justice and the American way. Superman is a fascist, he holds the old values, nasty values, he had a job, paid his taxes, didn’t live on welfare, didn’t wear a suicide vest to dinner parties and believed in Western Civilization.

    • Brenda

      That woman yelling bigot is telling everyone what she really is as far as I am concerned, None of those people supporting Islam should ever be allowed around children, They are clearly telling us what they are anymore, the name calling doesn’t work anymore in the way they are thinking it works.

  • Brenda

    Anyone that yells out your a bigot with all that is going on in the world with Islam I automatically assume they are a child molester or enjoy watching, I don’t care if it’s a male or female, they have to have a deep seated hatred for children.

  • susan

    Awesome! He came. He saw. He called them out on their hypocrisy and of course they labeled him a bigot. And you notice how he left peacefully. They didn’t have to call the riot police. My only regret is they didn’t show the faces and names of the school board members.

    • PaulF

      Exactly. The speaker didn’t ask for anonymity even though he was taking a much bigger risk. Every school board should have to face dozens of true men like him.

      • susan

        He is a true man! And I think there are dozens like him out there. We just need to find each other and stand up.

        • Kamau41

          There are certainly quite a few of them out there, Susan. More than we think. They are just simply not widely publicized.

          • susan

            That’s so true! They’re the ones trying to protect their kids, keep the family together and stand against these outrageous hypocrisies.

  • PaulF

    It looks like that police officer was moving toward him already, causing him to stop and leave. Big problem when the police take the wrong side of this argument.

    • Kamau41

      Very good point. Not a very good sign.

  • Kamau41

    AWESOME!!!!! A very brave man indeed standing up against evil.

  • jami

    At some point in time , no matter where we are, we will all have to take a stand , like Chris did. Real men .

    Thankyou Keith , God bless you!

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Bravo! – give that man a bullhorn and send him coast to coast !!!!

  • JamieAllen

    good on him

  • PaulF

    I don’t want to pollute my spirit by giving my attention to the works of the devil. Study truth, not falsehood.

    • Filip

      It is good to study islam as the religion of satan and understand the dangers it poses but not to a middle school.

      • PaulF

        How many fake religions is it good to study?
        OK some people have a mission to a particular group, like Fr Zakaria Botros. Short of that, don’t touch occult religion. It’s like Eve talking to the serpent.

  • lewjac3

    Tell em brother, cair will soon be outlawed by president Trump.

    • Is there anything Trump can’t do?

      • lewjac3

        NO, he is like, the engine that could