WE INVESTIGATE THE “INVESTIGATORS.” NBC Investigative Journalist States “Black Lives Matter is NOT a Hate Group,” The Same Journalist Then Tries To Expose The Shoebat Organization as a Hate Group.

By Keith Davies

Recently I did an interview on request from the Phildelphia affiliate of NBC News. They wanted my comments and reaction to the far left whacko group called the Southern Law Poverty Center who lumps all Christian organizations who speak against Abortion, Homosexuality and Islamic terrorists with Nazi White and Black Supremacist hate groups. We have the honor to be on their list.

The above Mitch Blacher who is a personable guy but his agenda and politics get in the way of the real truth about “Hate Groups”

I agreed to do the interview with NBC knowing I was going into the lions den and that without a doubt I knew they would try and portray me and our organization as a hate group, then copy and paste and edit the interview to show what “haters” we are. What they did not know is that I turned on my cell phone recording device and recorded the audio of the interview so you can here the audio of most of it and show you how the journalist was schooled on issues, even though he was reluctant to take the medicine. It is amazing how biased and clueless most journalists are on the issues we face as a country, never mind making unfair attacks on people who are the actual exposers of hatred.

The interview is shocking in not so much as the “investigating journalist” was trying his best to get me to admit we are haters but the incredible lack of knowledge of Islam and the issues concerning why terror happens. I quote examples of the hate in the Sharia, the interviewer Mitch Blacher tries to say Islam teaches peace but cannot provide one example.

I challenged the journalist regarding Black Lives Matter which the Southern Law Poverty center omits from their hate list, the journalist without a flinch says that Black Lives Matter is NOT a hate group even after I expose the hateful rhetoric against police that Black Lives Matter spews, as well as the increased murders of police officers around the country. He denied flately they were a hate group, this is incredulous! I pointed out hateful rhetoric on “main stream” Middle East Television, and pointed out MEMRI as a very reliable source where he could go and see the English translations of pure anti Semitism. He evaded the issue and redirected the interview on us, when he got caught with the truth that might be exposed and who really are the exposers of hate i.e Shoebat.com. The reality is that the haters we talk about should be the issue and not us as the big bad “hate group.”

First Watch the three short segments on NBC which I feature in a few short quick edits in a nearly 30 minute recorded interview that I actually gave, then listen to the audio of the interview which I recorded secretly.

Here is the audio, the sound is not perfect because I had the phone hidden in my inside pocket of my jacket. Turn the volume up full and it is audible.