Hungry Florida Man Arrested After Assaulting His Mother Over A Cheeseburger

A Florida man was arrested after assaulting his mother in an argument ‘over a cheeseburger’ according to a recent report:

An argument ‘over a cheeseburger’ between a Florida mother and her son Monday night has resulted in a domestic battery charge against the young man.

Cops allege that Noah Sullivan-Lincoln got into a physical dispute with his mother, Cheryl Sullivan-Lincoln in the family’s kitchen of their St. Petersburg, Florida home.

According to the complaint/arrest affidavit from the Pinellas County court, the 19-year-old ‘spat in the face of the victim as there were arguing in the kitchen of their home over a cheeseburger’.

Noah then apparently ‘smacked the cheeseburger out of the victims hand’ in the process hitting his 57-year-old mother on her arm and hand.

The boy confessed to the attack after he was detained.

Noah was charged with domestic battery which is a misdemeanor and spent half-a-day in the county jail.

He was released Tuesday afternoon with his own recognizance.

In the report, it seems that there may have been an indication of drug influence in the altercation.

The window replacement firm worker has been ordered by a judge not to have contact with his mother. (source)

Now this story is as ridiculous as it is true. People sometimes wonder why we post about things that are seemingly “irreleveant” to the discussion about Islam and the West. But that is where they err gravely. In fact, stories like these are as important to watch as are stories about Islam and Muslims except for different reasons.

For an experiment, change up the context. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll call them Mohammed and Asya, and we’ll say they are from Pakistan, and that the food in question was not a cheeseburger, but a kebab and that the fight took place in their family restaurant. Mohammed attacks his mother Asya in the kitchen of their family restaurant over a kebab. Mohammed is arrested and ordered not to have any contact with his mother. What do you think the response would be? I shouldn’t even have to say it, but for those who watch stories like these the reaction would be an instantaneous outpouring of anger bordering on and even calling for outright genocide.

I’m not saying that Muslims and Islam do not cause many and serious problems in the societies which they have immigrated to. This is well-known and documented and must continually be reported on as we and many others have done and will continue to do because there is such intentional silence over the crimes they commit. But with all respect to the Muslims, at the same time they cannot be the sole focus of the problems in society because this is a post-original sin world. All men are fallen and need the grace of God because, as I am reminded of St. Augustine, nobody can do any good apart from God because God is good since He is love and mercy itself.

Likewise, one must also look at the greater context in which the incident happened. This is very important today especially in light of the rise of National Socialism, for as we have continually pointed out, National Socialism for the most part does not lie about facts, choosing instead to embrace controversial facts and expecting to be persecuted. This is also why National Socialism is so dangerous, because after a time people will realize the fact and many will change their opinion, at which time the National Socialist offers them the conclusion for what they want them to believe.

For example, in Sweden recently there was a story about a Muslim man who raped another man at knifepoint:

The now convicted, Khalid, had come into contact with his victim – a homeless male prostitute who was then with an elderly customer – at McDonalds at Slussen on April 15, 2015.

Khalid invited a hack and walked with the couple to the Old Town, as he became increasingly uncomfortable and began to ask intimate questions. In the Old Town they managed to get rid of him by jumping on a bus to Sergel’s square, but on Vasagatan he appeared again.

The older sex buyer then fled the field and the prostitute man became lonely with Khalid, who drew a knife, put it in his back, called him “damn eagerness” and ordered the victim to accompany him.

“I’m going to f*ck you,” said the knife man.

When they reached the cemetery at Klara Church, Khalid forced oral sex to rape the prostitute man. (source)

At first glance, this story looks like a case of typical Islamic violence. However, as the details of the story quickly show, this was a case of a gay man raping a gay prostitute at knifepoint. I am not justifying anything here- either homosexuality or assault. However, given the tremendous amount of heinous violence that exists among homosexuals which we have continually documented, one must naturally ask- was this really a case of “Islamic violence,” or was it a case of the common occurrence of one homosexual violently assaulting another homosexual? The details of the story clearly reveal it to be the latter. So why was this story posted?

The answer is simple. The man who did the attack was indeed a Muslim. It is not really about the attack or about the homosexual violence, but it is intended to continually impress the current narrative that ISLAM HATES GAYS. We have written many articles here showing that far from being banned, homosexuality is tolerated and even regulated by Islamic law from the inception of the religion through today. However, the objective truth about Islam- including the nature of the entire “counter-jihad” movement itself- has nothing to do with truth, but rather about using a manufactured narrative about Islamic teachings to push for other ends, which is the re-emergence of a new darwinism through the rise of a renewed National Socialism.

Again, Islam is not good- it is very evil and must be opposed. But likewise, it is also evil to promote a false narrative for financial and personal gain at the expense of the many.

This is why we write about men like this “cheeseburger assailant.” The story is actually quite funny, and nobody is going to call for the genocide of all people from Florida because THEY BEAT THEIR MOMMAS UP OVER CHEESEBURGERS. Indeed, punching out one’s mother over a cheeseburger or a kebab- whether your name is Noah or Mohammed- does not make you a terrorist. It makes you a moron.

It’s about providing balance in an unbalanced world, as a reminder that evil comes in all shapes and sizes, and that one needs to focus on objective truth and the pursuit of truth as one’s objective, not the intellectual submission to a particular narrative.



  • filomena seiffert

    The bad man broke the 4th commandment and should be severely punished. If you can not respect your mother who cherished you, love you above all others, spent countless caring for you, changing your dipper, feeding you, washing you, do all kinds of sacrifice for you, denied herself many things so that you had the best, you can not love God. The love of a mother is the closest love to God’s love.

  • ace

    Yeah, and had this happened in Russia, it would have taken place in Moos-cow.
    And, if it’d happened in a vegetarian family, it would have been over a missed-steak.
    On the possibility of Mozart and his momma, the concern would be over a beef-flat.
    Had the argument been between two astronauts, it would have occurred in udder space.
    Regarding the fight between the Hawaiian and the tourist? Over Moo-moos.
    And, between a neighbor and the local gossip? What was herd wasn’t juicy enough.

    • Tom_mcewen

      Thank you ace. I put bleach in my eyes and drove sharpened pencils into​ my ears, Moos-cow

      • ace

        Sorry for the pain…

  • David W

    America has a growing number of “adults” living at home with their mom. They enjoy the free ride and the even get to be on mom’s medical insurance until age 26. With food stamps, and a number of character faults (not physical disabilities) that can qualify you for disability benefits, work is so overrated. I doubt this trailer trash troll would be willing to do the jobs that Central American immigrants do.

  • ace

    There may be more to this story. Mom has some strange skin condition or auto-immune disorder. Go here to read info on the mom on a “Go Fund Me Page”:

    • Sorry Ace no GoFundMe links are allowed unless you gain permission first. What is this all about?

      • ace

        Sorry, was not expecting people to contribute, just wanted them to read back-story. I’ll take link off and cut and paste something instead. My apologies.

        • Ace,

          I take out most links but people still don’t get it that we try to delete most links since we cannot examine every link to see if it is a trusted source.

          • ace

            No problem.

      • Tom_mcewen

        Rats, I was going to ask for funding for paints Umton great paints, Paris blue and cobalt blue for skies and canvas for Dobrotiva-Zajecov monastery. So God expects me to pay in return he gives life, beauty and talent plus Czechia. Chocolate chip cookies?

  • Indian Christian Crusader
  • Kamau41

    More signs that evil is raging in people more than ever and getting worse…

  • yodave

    Maybe she should have just given it him. And a vitamin. He looks malnourished.

  • gerry d welder

    All this craziness while the democrats want to did-arm law abiding citizens?

    Newtown families getting worried?

    Newtown families urge NBC to drop Kelly’s Alex Jones interview …

    Could the crisis actors (Newtown families) be worried about this?

    “In this age of information, ignorance is a choice.”

    Sandy Hook ‘Parents’ At White House BEFORE Newtown HOAX?? Caught On WH Visitor Log!

    Go to minute 6:30, listen for just a minute,
    then 19:30 where are the inspection reports?
    SandyHook School Not in Operation During Alleged Masacre

    Sloppy job of adding items to give the appearance of activity can’t hide the deterioration:

    All the Smoking Gun Sandy Hook School Pictures

    Go to minute 5:30:
    Wolfgang Halbig: “I Will Not Rest Until I See The Work Orders From Sandy Hook Elementary School!”
    When the police arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) that morning, they parked ¼ mile from the school’s front door instead of doing what first responders are supposed to do in an active shooter event, which is to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible so as to save as many lives as possible.
    Paramedics and EMTs (emergency medical technicians) were not allowed to enter the school. Instead they were kept waiting in the Sandy Hook fire station nearby, 500 yards down the road from SHES.
    Trauma helicopters, which can provide the quickest and best medical services in an emergency, were not sent to Sandy Hook. Life Star, the medical helicopter service at Danbury Hospital’s Trauma Center, told Halbig “we were never called, never asked.”
    Where were the ambulances to transport the wounded to hospitals?
    Why did police declare 26 people to be dead within the first 11 minutes of the shooting, when according to Connecticut law, only a doctor can declare someone to be legally dead?
    Why did the FBI classify the Sandy Hook massacre? This has never been done before. Even the Columbine School massacre was not classified information. To this day, the FBI report on Sandy Hook remains classified information, not releasable to the public.
    Why did the State of Connecticut wait ELEVEN whole months to issue its official final report on the Sandy Hook shootings to the American public? Note that the final report does not include the FBI’s still-classified report.
    Police transmissions don’t lie because they are made by sworn and trained law enforcement officers. On the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, recorded police transmissions said “We have multiple weapons inside the [SH] classroom — a rifle and a shotgun.” But nobody could find the shotgun in the school. Instead, a shotgun was found in the black Honda parked outside the school.
    At 9:45 AM that day, a police officer found a surviving kindergarten-aged girl in the hallway. The officer sent her back into Room 8 — a crime scene with students and teachers shot dead. What police officer would do that?
    Similarly, that morning, two Connecticut state troopers entered Room 10 and found an unharmed boy hiding in the bathroom. The troopers ordered the boy to stay in the room — a room with dead people. “That’s not police protocol.”
    Having investigated and given expert testimony on many school shootings, Halbig says “I know what tears look like.” But the parents of slain Sandy Hook children, as we’ve noted here on FOTM, did not cry. (In the now famous case of Robbie Parker, the father of allegedly slain 6-year-old Emilie, he went from laughing and joking to pretending to choke back tears in the blink of an eye.)
    Sandy Hook’s medical examiner Dr. Wayne Carver refused to let the parents see the bodies of their slain children, and instead gave them photos of the bodies, which is “unheard of.” Halbig knows about the inconsolable grief of parents and is himself a parent. Parents whose children had been shot dead “would kick the door down” demanding to see the bodies.
    Why was Sandy Hook Elementary School torn down? This is not the case with any of the other schools where shootings had taken place, including Columbine School.
    Who installed the new security system at SHES? This should be a matter of public record.
    (This new security system was bragged about in a SHES news letter prior the incident)
    The shooting-to-death of 26 people would leave 45-60 gallons of blood. Who cleaned it up? What biohazard company was hired to clean the crime scene?
    (Receipts, records, chain of custody for biohazard cleanup?)
    Why is there not even one lawsuit by a Sandy Hook parent against SHES for negligence? Halbig has never ever seen a school shooting without parents suing the school for negligence.
    Why are there so many fund-raisers for the Sandy Hook shootings? Halbig: “I’ve never seen so many fund-raisers” in the case of Sandy Hook. One fundraising alone, by United Way, netted $17 million, from which “every [SH] parent got a big chunk of money.”
    Alleged shooter Adam Lanza, 20, is said to have Asperger syndrome — a high-functioning (in academics) form of austism. Halbig points out, however, that like those with autism, children with Asperger have “very very poor motor skills” and “very poor muscle tone.” How did Asperger-afflicted Adam Lanza with “very poor muscle tone” carry a rifle, a shotgun, a handgun, and bullets? How did Asperger-afflicted Adam Lanza with “very very poor motor skills” shoot 26 people dead — not wounded — in less than five minutes, firing one bullet roughly every two seconds?
    (An amateur shooter, with no formal training or experience, and adrenaline pumping, would not be able to shoot, lethally hit targets and reload quickly, while cycling between 3 different weapons. Below is a link of Keanu Reeves shooting for time in a ‘3-gun trial’ while training with professionals for John Wick 2; essentially, this is how Lanza would have to be moving)

    Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Maj. William Podgorski Dies Suddenly
    Jun 21, 2014 …

    Wolfgang Halbig Files Lawsuit, “Sandy Hook Was Not Operating” in … 2015/ 03/ 07/ wolfgang-halbig-files-lawsuit-sandy-hook-was-not-operating-in-2012-sc hool-safety-expert-says/

    33 Unanswered Questions on Sandy Hook’s 3rd Anniversary
    Dec 14, 2015 …

    Now, this may seem irrelevant, but what makes this stand out is that at least, ten police officers either entered through this window or claim they might have entered through this window, but don’t remember, on that fateful day of December 14, 2012.

    Last summer, Wolfgang Halbig published ten partial officer affidavits and, more specifically, the testimony about how they entered Sandy Hook Elementary that day. Here is Wolfgang’s commentary which we published at DC Clothesline back in July:
    No trained law enforcement officer would have entered that window without first breaking it out using his baton. When you have so many sworn law enforcement willfully and knowingly lying in sworn affidavits regarding the Sandy Hook School “shooting”, it would appear incumbent upon the Governor of Connecticut and the Connecticut State Attorney to open an investigation of the conduct of the investigating authorities.

    Sandy Hook – Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole

  • ace

    What did the fish say when he posted bail? “I’m off the hook!”
    What do fish do after evading the net? Go fishing for compliments.
    Why did the bonefish cross the road? To get to the other tide.

    • Grandmere

      Man who leaps off cliff jumps to conclusion.

      • ace

        …but his fate might turn out to be a cliff hanger.

        • Grandmere

          Two snaps up! You clever boy!

          • ace

            After taking a shower, the mouse feels squeaky clean, but still refuses to go out since it’s raining cats and dogs…

          • Grandmere

            Little Orphan Annie says “The sun will come out tomorrow.” Have a nice day, bro.

          • ace

            Yeah, baby, “You are never fully dressed without a smile” and if you stand for God, you can have it all…

  • Kamau41

    The Bible clearly warned about these days just as we are seeing:
    “The brother also shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the son: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and shall put them to death.”(Matt 10:21)