President Trump Personally Stands Up In Final Hour Attempt To Save 10-Month-Old British Baby From Murder By European Court

A European court ruled that the parents of Charlie Gard, a 10-month-old British baby with a terminal medical condition, could not take him to the USA for a shot that may save his life. Instead, they told his parents he had to stay in the UK and die.

President Trump announced on Twitter and it has now been officially reported by the UK Telegraph that he making a direct appeal to get the baby to the USA for treatment:

US President Donald Trump has made an eleventh-hour intervention in the case of terminally-ill baby Charlie Gard by offering help to save him.

It comes as Chris Gard and Connie Yates are spending the last days of their 10-month-old son’s life with him, after being given more time before his life-support is turned off.

Charlie, who suffers from a rare genetic condition and has brain damage, is being cared for at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

The little boy has been at the centre of a lengthy legal battle between his parents, who wanted him to undergo a therapy trial in the US, and specialists at the hospital who said the treatment was experimental and would not help.

Following Mr Trump’s tweet, Theresa May’s official spokesman said that the Prime Ministers thoughts are with Charlie and his family but declined to comment on Mr Trump’s comment.

The Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman said: “This is a very sensitive case. I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to talk about it here at this point other than to say our thoughts are with him and his family.”

On Friday a picture of the couple sleeping on either side of their son in hospital was posted on their Twitter account alongside the hashtags #jesuisCharlieGard #charliesfight #letcharliegohome.

The couple released an emotional video a day earlier saying they had been told Charlie would die on Friday.

They said they had been denied their final wish to be able to take their son home to die and felt “let down” after losing their legal fight.

The hospital later confirmed it was “putting plans in place for his care”.

Charlie’s plight has touched many people and the family received donations totalling more than £1.3 million to take him to the US for therapy.

Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life issued a statement saying: “Dear Charlie, dear parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates, we are praying for you and with you.”

He also drew criticism for saying the parents’ wishes should be respected, but that they must also be helped to understand the “unique difficulty of their situation”.

Campaigners have pledged their support to the family on social media using hashtags and blue heart emoticons.

Charlie’s parents, both in their 30s and from Bedfont, west London, had asked European court judges in Strasbourg, France, to consider their case after judges in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court in London ruled in favour of GOSH doctors.

But last Tuesday the European Court of Human Rights refused to intervene. (source)



  • Theresa May, you are a disgrace.

    • Eric

      That she is, Trevor.

      I saw Trump’s tweet on this earlier. And I have to say. . .despite the mistakes he has made from time to time on forgien policy, I cannot deny that Trump truly seems to be dedicated to the Pro-Life cause, and protecting people here at home. This is a truly heartwarming thing to see, and very bold on his part. Good on President Trump for this.

      • What’s interesting is he made this appeal right after the Pope did. Very telling.

        • Eric

          That is, Trevor. I read on a Pro-Life Catholic website a while back (I forget which one) that Trump is working with Pope Francis to eliminate Abortion, which is wonderful, as well as a few Planed Parenthood shutting down in California of all places. I believe Kamau shared both.

      • Стефан Евгений

        Hey Eric, they wanted me to kick off . The doctors tried to do the same to me, well by Gods grace we showed them Eric!

        • Eric

          That we did, Steve! I often forget you and I are in the same Cerebral Palsy boat! In my case, the doctors didn’t want to kill me, but they basically told my parents that since I was born at 26 weeks, I’d be dead within 24 hours, and not to get attached to me. Idiots!

          • Стефан Евгений

            I was 3 months too soon I was 2 Lbs and had to be resuscitated 3x and each time the doctors were forced to do it.” I would be a burden if i lived”
            My mother told me I was the best child , never gave her any trouble..
            It makes me sick parents listen to the doctor death idiots!

          • Eric

            Steve, it is a shame that parents listen to these idot doctors. Like you, I was born 3 months early, and also weighed 2 pounds. Although I never had to be recessitated, I did have to spend the first 3 months of my life in the ICU, on oxygen.

            The doctors never told my parents that I’d be a burden. . .just that I wouldn’t survive past 24 hours most likely. My parents had a kind doctor who was an Orthodox Jewish man, and even he didn’t understand my parents optimism–they knew completely that I’d make it. They never doubted it for a minute.

            I am fortunate my Cerebral Palsy is very mild. I primarily have spasticity. I generally have tight musscles, but, considering everything, I am pretty flexable. Really, you can’t tell I have anything unless you look at my gait, which is a little off, and since my left arm is super-tight compared to my right, my left arm looks shorter than my right, even if that actually isn’t the case. I am generally very mobile, and have a Third Degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo, going on almost twenty years. I can walk, run, and jump just fine, but I find I fatigue quicker than most, but that’s to be expected.

            I have had so many surgeries over the years I’ve lost count, from spinal and hamstring release to other things, I’ve had just about everything done. The moinker “Man of Steel” in my case is accuret because my body has literally been through super-tough things, including falling 8 or so feet off the second floor of a barn and landing on the stone floor below COMPLETELY unharmed. My Angels were on duty that day, for sure.

            Given all I’ve gone through just in my short 24 years, I simply laugh when I hear that God doesn’t exist. I’m living proof–as are you–that He certainly does. God was with me from my very first moments, and He hasn’t left me since, and I know He NEVER will. 🙂

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            God bless you both my friends!

          • CTyank

            Superman lives!

          • Eric

            Heheheh! I am alive indeed!

          • Стефан Евгений

            I was lucky I was in the best part of the soviet union, the of standard living and health care was better than the rest of Russia.
            i was in an a ward for four months.

          • Eric

            You’re a survivor, Steve. Both of us are.

            Speaking of Russia, I would so love to visit there one day. . .it certainly seems far safer than Europe, and I’ve developed quite an affection for the Russians, given a few important characters in my book series are of Russian ethnicity.

          • CTyank

            God bless you Eugene for proving the doctors of death wrong! I like the flag.

          • Стефан Евгений

            here have a good read and learn something new about me.
            this is home CT.

          • CTyank

            Interesting. So do you consider yourself Russian, Ukrainian, or German? Here’s my home, lol:

          • Стефан Евгений

            I’m a part of Holy Rus CT. so I’m just an old time Hunky and by holding on to Russian Orthodoxy makes me a part of Russky Mir the Russian world.
            Russians say i’m Wery American , and Americans say how Russian.

          • Стефан Евгений

            The Ukraine is an artificial construction this map proves it.
            Ukraine means borderland what people are called borderland?
            The orange spot is the original Ukraine it was known as middle russia in Tsarist times. Ukrine did exist until the German Occupation after WW1.

            Here is more

          • CTyank

            I’ll need to look this over, thank you. I never did buy the story our government tries to sell us about Ukraine, or Syria, etc. If it weren’t for info from people who know the truth, we’d have no choice but to believe the propaganda. It’s good to have you as a fellow American;-)

          • CTyank

            That was a good history lesson. It appears the region you call home has more in common with the Russian regions of eastern Ukraine than with its eastern neighbors. So much for learning about the world through CNN.

          • Стефан Евгений

            Never ever call a Rusin a Ukrainian, your face may hit his fist lol.



            CT, there is a form of euthanasia going on in the Ukraine . it is such a basket case that the gov is denial of health care, and the first to go are pensioners and babies.

          • CTyank

            Yes, good manners are more important in some places than others!!
            We sure don’t want any knuckle sandwiches.

            That’s the best argument against “assisted suicide” from a secular point of view. What begins as a voluntary procedure soon becomes mandatory in the name of “humanity” and ” limited resources”. Which is nothing more than a cover for the state not being able to provide proper health care. Or wanting to eliminate undesirables. Yet this is where the west wants to go: towards communism. Seems only people who lived under communism know its errors.

            From a religious perspective, euthanasia a mortal sin.

          • Jan Christian

            Those are the same doctors who sentence us to early deaths when we are older, with their FDA approved dangerous drug therapies while ignoring or covering up natural or cutting edge therapies – therapies that work, but steal from big pharma’s coffers.

  • Paul Doyle

    Thank God for Trump’s appeal.

  • Jami

    Trump is making the US proud . God save Charlie Gard and bless him abundantly. Courage to his Parents

  • Dorothy Margraf

    It has been in the news for a very long time. Perhaps if President Trump hadn’t been so busy twittering about silly things he might have stepped in earlier. At this point it’s more showboating than anything else. He could do something about the euthanasia program and assisted suicide laws in this country if he was truly serious about pro-life causes and saving human life. At the very least he could call attention to what is going on because he has the pulpit to do so.

    • Taurnil Oronar

      There’s always one of you types isn’t there?

      I’d hazard to say if you were around during the Apostles time, you’d be badgering one of them; hey, why are you over here instead of over there?

      BTW. You do know the President presides over the Executive Branch which means he enforces the law. For what you want to happen congress has to modify or create the law.

      • Dorothy Margraf

        “The main duties of the president are to carry out the laws, oversee the agencies of government, negotiate with foreign governments, issue pardons, and perhaps most important be commander in chief of the armed forces”. He does not do the entire job by himself however. He has a cabinet. We didn’t elect a king. The laws are those defined by the Constitution. You might want to see more detail.

        • Taurnil Oronar

          And You might want to exercise cognitive skills more often. The OP made reference to Trump “doing something” about our existing laws. I was specifically addressing that point.

          Like I would wholly trust mickypidia to educate me about my government.

          Further, where did I infer to him as king? I didn’t, that was your poor reading skills.

          • Dorothy Margraf

            I don’t want to play the insult exchange game. While you might not see him in that light, I follow enough sites to worry about his following, and I’ve been a conservative for over 50 years now. Trump’s job is not to make laws. We had enough of that nonsense while Obama and others were in office. They acted as if they were kings. Trump’s job is to enforce laws that are based on the Constitution. Cute comment about Wikipedia, but I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t know how it operates behind the scenes. I had to research that for someone else.

        • CTyank

          I think you just made Taurnil’s point for him. Nicely done, Dorothy.

  • Juan

    Donald Trump isn’t perfect but for sure he is one million times better than Hillary Clinton or Theresa May.
    He is confronting Deep State in the U.S. and doing his best.
    He is clearly and without any ambiguity supporting Charlie’s right to life.
    Bravo Mr. Trump!

  • filomena seiffert

    It does not make up for the healthy children he kills in Syria, Yemen, Africa and elsewhere

    • CTyank

      Of course not. Trump should continue to do evil to be consistent with the evil evils of evil America, but even more importantly, to placate the self righteous.

    • Randy Perez

      I almost forgot about that. It’s good and healthy to see both good and bad from a man.

  • Kamau41

    Excellent God bless President Donald Trump for standing up against the Govt of the UK to help protect/preserve the life of this precious baby. Pope Francis also did the same thing, praise be to God. I love the tweet that he posted:

    “To defend human life, above all when it is wounded by illness, is a duty of love that God entrusts to all.” AMEN!!!!!

    Let us continue to keep the parents and baby Charlie in our prayers that he will be brought to the US to receive treatment to help maintain his life.