Buddhist Man Realizes That Buddhism Is A False Religion, Declares That Buddha Is A False God And Accepts Christ As His Lord And Savior. His Brother And Uncle Tie Him Up And Brutally Beat Him

By Theodore Shoebat

A Buddhist man in Laos rejected Buddhism after realizing that Christ is the Lord and Savior of Humanity, that He is the true God. His uncle and brother tied him up and brutally beat him. As we read in one report:

A young Christian man in the Buddhist-majority nation of Laos said he was severely beaten by members of his own family because of his decision to choose to follow Jesus Christ.

Open Doors USA shared on Monday the story of Cheu, a 20-something who had to escape the “tyranny” brought by his own family because of his conversion to Christianity.

“One day, my brother and uncle came to me and lied to me. They invited me to go to their house which I agreed to without hesitation. Little did I know that when we arrived at my uncle’s house, they would beat me and tie me up with a rope. They told me that I need to return to my old faith, they would continue to beat me,” Cheu shared.

“They bound me with a rope with my hands behind my back. My brother, an average-sized man but with a solid build, used the side of his palms to hit my neck and face over and over again. I was tied from seven in the morning until seven at nigh.”

The young man explained that his uncle and brother warned him that they will hit him until he is dead unless he renounced his Christian faith.

Cheu turned to God in prayer, asking Him to forgive his family and himself.

“After praying, I lied to my brother and uncle and other people and told them that I would return to my old faith. So they untied me. After they took off my ties, I slept at my house. I went to my wife very early the next morning to pick her up since my in-law’s house is very far from my house,” he explained.

“We hopped on a bus to escape and came here. Until now, my uncle and brother and my family still don’t know where I am, and I heard that they are looking for me. I also heard that the village chief, my brother and uncle said that if I come back to our home in our village, they would hit me over and over again until I die.”

Cheu and his wife have since been assisted by an evangelical church that is providing them and other persecuted Christians food, shelter, love and comfort.

“Though I miss my mother and despite what happened to me, I am still very happy that I believe in Jesus. I can worship Him and I can believe and I have peace in my heart. For me, I will stay here in this village and I will live here because I can worship and nurture my faith freely,” Cheu said.

Open Doors, which reports on and helps persecuted believers around the world, lists Laos as 24th on its World Watch List of worst Christian persecutors. “Christians refusing to participate in Buddhist practices are perceived as foreign and a threat to traditional culture,” Open Doors notes.

A number of stories of persecution in Laos have made international news.

Authorities arrested a Christian man for praying with a sick woman back in 2015, after which they denied him vital medication and watched him die.

Human Rights Watcher for Lao Religious Freedom said at the time that Tiang Kwentianthong, a Christian believer of Huey village in Atsaphangthong district of Savannakhet province, died from his diabetes condition and lack of treatment.

The 61-year-old father-of-six “continued to suffer severe diabetes. During his imprisonment … he requested permission to be treated for his worsening diabetic condition but the prison officials denied his request,” the group reported.

Tiang had reportedly been arrested nine months earlier when he and four other Christians prayed with a local woman who had recently converted to Christianity, but were caught without the necessary government approval to conduct public prayer.



  • Indian Christian Crusader

    It is sad, unlike Islam, the founder of Buddhism never advocated violence, these Buddhists have shamed their own religion. Buddha never claimed to be a god and he in his own teachings gave people the freedom to seek the truth for themselves.

    However not surprising, since all unbelievers are under the power of the devil, the god of this world. Men hated the light, as the gospel of John 1st chapter says.

  • Jami

    Certain communities have to forcibly state they are peacefull, for if they really were ,, would they have to shout out loud slogans that they are peacefull? Peace is a feeling that can be felt , it’s just like love , a feeling to be felt and not told repeatedly . Isn’t love and peace felt way more times than it is heard and said?.
    it’s like when you hear individuals who have to state, I’m a good person . You can bet that a real good person is way too shy to state such a thing about himself.
    God so loved the world that he gave his only Son to us. The world went astray and rejected this peacefull love . Only few follow the Lord facing much hardships and pain in their lives and instead keeping the peace. Which means majority in the world today hate this God of love and peace and that is why they persecute his peacefull people. So if the World hates you , know that you are so loved by God.
    May God of true love and peace give peace to all such peace slogan communities.

  • Grace Ziem

    I pray that you will come to Christ; so you no longer feel the emptiness that you try to fill with meditation. For wonderful enlightenment, please try reading the gospel of John; ask Christ if He is real to give you peace in Him. Please try it, you have nothing to lose. I wish you eternal peace in Christ.
    John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

  • Jami

    These very same Buddha enlighted meditators brutally beat up their own Buddhist brother who realised that meditating with a Statue of Buddha was pointless and turned to the way the truth and the life JESUS CHRIST.

  • Jami

    Dear Vivienne,
    I read,
    “Buddhism has never been a religion of worshiping the statue of Buddha”

    Later you wrote,
    ” I meditate and I sit with a Buddha statue to focus my mind”
    ( which if you do not realise, is to already worship Buddha )

    Believe me if you were lead to enlightenment, your hunger wouldn’t have lead you to Shoebat.com.

    “Rajas Tamus Satwa” whatever this means , no one even wants to know because everyone here is on their WAY to seek the TRUTH and the LIFE .
    Hit the road Vivienne .

    May the Lord God lead you to the Way.
    Have a great day.
    God Bless you abundantly

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Japanese also raped and killed many during world war 2, they were not Muslims. Anyone can rape and kill, if they succumb to evil and anger.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    “clearly beyond your comprehension”, you sound rude Vivienne, did Buddha teach you to be rude? I don’t think so. Did Buddha speak that way to anyone else? No. It seems meditation/prayer has not helped you overcome EGO.

  • “All armies rape”

    Show me one incident where Israeli army raped anyone during the 1967 Six Day War. I lived it. In fact, the Israeli army were defending the Arab population from any theft or looting.

    • I knew it! She is a Gnostic heretic. Look at her comments.

  • Jami

    Dear Vivienne, I do not find any reason to disrespect you. Neither will I. Since you have found your salvation in Buddha and meditation , I am not jealous. I will continuously lift you up to the Lord.
    I was spiritually concerned for you .
    I know that you are blessed .

  • Jami

    By your request I shall definately read the book of Esdras/Ezra . But for that you will have to convert to Christianity and accept my Jesus. Are you willing?

  • Jami

    Since you like Buddha so much , I am going to look for a nice Buddha website where you can find like minded peacefull people to talk to. I think here we are more for the love of Christ so it’s pointless talking about meditation and Buddha. It’s still good to see you taking interest in these amazing Articles , isnt it ? I love to read here too but we all mostly share the same belief in Our Lord Jesus Christ. I was surprised to read about Buddha while you are here.
    I just wana say dear Vivienne God loves you so much , return to your first love , be Loyal to the love of your life, Peace abundantly will follow. You will never need the Statue of Buddha .

  • We fully agree on this one Vivienne.