Make No Mistake About It, Sodomites Have Taken Over America And They Want To Rape Your Children. They Are Dressing Boys As Girls And Indoctrinating Them To Become Homosexuals

By Theodore Shoebat

Make no mistake about it, sodomites have taken over America and they want to rape your children. I did a whole video on this:

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  • Brenda

    Agree with everything your saying here, People that keep defending the gay agenda and then turn around complaining about the sharing of the bathrooms just irritate me anymore. We cannot defend them and then say that what they do and plan on doing is unjust or unfair at the same time. It’s like everything else, there may be some gays not like that, I wouldn’t know, But the fact is.. it’s “Effecting society” like that, Same as the black women, I have had issues with them most of my life, Now the men not so much, I think if the women would respect the men that have common sense they’d be so much better off. Now the white skin crap has been nothing but an irritation also, becasue too many people are ignorant, a lot of white looking people are not even all white, My son is one of them, My brother another, I have known whites that were mixed with Indian but they would be called white / honky etc becasue of the shade of their skin. It’s not always going to be that darker shades dominate, Plus where not even all the same shades, some burn easier than me, Others can get a lot tanner than me, Were all just various shades IMHO.

  • magaforever

    Jesus said let the children come to me..not execute them if theyve been corrupted..its not your place to say the kid is beyond rehabilitation its a priest and other authorities said yourself in the very same video he was “forced” to do this evil…i completely agree with executing the mother however.

    • Brenda

      Maybe it would also depend on if the demon could be summoned out of him and that demon is much older than any of us here. I agree with Theodore that the kid is probably demon possessed. But yes it would take someone in that field of expertise to do the most proper and right thing.

      • magaforever

        Thats my thoughts exactly

      • susan

        Brenda, not everyone wants to let go of their demons…

        • Brenda

          True and he admits he loves it which makes it seem like a slim chance that he’d be able to get exorcised, Then again I am not any expert on exorcism.

          • susan

            I’m not either. I just know what I’ve read by them. We are going to need a lot more of them. I certainly hope our Bishops are preparing them via conferences, discussions, etc. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and it is the church’s duty to do so also.

          • Brenda

            Exactly Susan, I had the thought today that what if there aren’t enough to go around? Chances are there wont be, It has to be men in charge to take control of the situation then and they will not get one complaint from me, My only job will be to look the other way as they do what needs to be done. You know it wasn’t long ago that I didn’t even think much about it, my background was more secular, I wasn’t big on television and only briefly even saw a few gay people, Now after all of this? I go to bed feeling angry and wake up feeling angry that every single day I’ll need to hear about them, If I want them gone and to not hear about them anymore and it has nothing to do with being open minded or not open minded or even empathetic which can be abused, it is what it is, It’s a sickness being tossed around like a bucket of puke on all of society.

  • concerned american

    Homosexuality is the destruction of God’s grace. It is the destruction of natural father and mother in order to destroy our spiritual Father and Mother.

    Here are the words of Louis de Montfort:
    “God has entrusted Mary with the keeping, the administration, and the distribution of all His graces, so that all His graces and gifts pass through her hands; and, as St. Bernadine teaches, Mary gives to whom she wills, the way she wills, when she wills and as much as she will, the graces of the Eternal Father the virtue of Jesus Christ and the gifts of the Holy Ghost.”

    Montfort also said, “As in the order of nature a child must have a father and a mother, so likewise in the order of grace, a true child of the Church must have God for his Father and Mary for his Mother; and if anyone should glory in having God for his Father and yet has not the love of a true child for Mary, he is a deceiver, and the only father he has is the devil.”

  • Paul Doyle

    I believe your disgust and hatred of this evil is just like a drop in the cup of the wine of the fierceness of the Lord’s wrath against this … so if people think you are overreacting, they have no idea how enraged Christ is against this. Some of this made my blood nearly boil. I agree that that behemoth/woolly mammoth should be put to death, but as you said, that child was forced into this dragqueen stuff, indoctrinated into it … and what that evil “mom” said she did for the little boy I’m sure is only a tiny fragment of all that she really did to him to make him like that … with that said, I disagree with putting the child to death. As he was forced into this and is under the age of accountability, I do believe that he, through much rehabilitation and healing, could be recovered.

    • Brenda

      People have grown to think that the basics of taking care of oneself is extreme anymore, The more extreme / demanding sodomites get the more extreme people should be getting in return, But people are sleeping and thinking that giving in another inch will stop or delay something perhaps? I don’t know what people are thinking, by allowing this to grow it’s not going to delay anything it’s speeding things up. In all ways imaginable a great war is on the horizon.

    • Eric Mueller

      I’m sorry but what rehabilitation? What healing? If you are talking about medical rehabilitation the doctors and psychologists are enabling and contributing to the madness. Years ago they had it right when they declared being gay/lesbian/trans/bi was a mental disorder. Then Satan got in their head and now it is no longer a disorder but normal behavior.

      If you are talking about spiritual rehabilitation and healing the churches and the church leaders are not doing enough to help these sick people and some, like the doctors, actually encourage such behavior to continue.

      I’m afraid this world is destined for fire and nothing will stop it. Let God’s will be done.

      • Paul Doyle

        I agree that many doctors and psychologists are enabling and contributing to the madness, as well as most churches and their leaders. Have you ever heard of Paul Bonacci? If not, check out his story. He went through 10 times worse than this little boy has gone through, and with the proper counseling and with the healing found in Christ, he is now a strong Christian who not only has overcome his terrible past, but is also now working to help other youths to do the same.

  • susan

    I agree with you 100%. We see wickedness in children accelerating…the “mystery demon”…plays a prominent role in our end time.
    I came this article by Dr Duke Pesta.:

    “While normal, hard-working Americans go about their daily business, progressive provocateurs are busily rewriting the very fabric of reality. Our basic understandings of law, justice, family, fairness, and freedom are all being wrenched from their moorings without so much as a vote from the American people.

    Case in point: a recent survey shows that almost half of all Millennials support the idea that government should “remove children from homes where the parents refuse to provide resources for gender transition.” So, a gender confused middle schooler who demands to transition must be enabled by the parents, or taken into state custody. Following that premise, what remains that confused middle schoolers may not demand, and that parents must provide? Why not tattoos, extreme piercings, pre-school conjugal play dates, or aligned-to-inflation disposable incomes, all radically less invasive and destructive entitlements?

    And the double-speak and hypocrisy on the part of progressive activists on this front is nothing short of monumental. The same liberals who understand why children cannot vote, drive a car, or be treated as adults in courts of law, nevertheless seek to empower babes to demand treatments and even surgeries that alter their bodies for the duration of their lives. The same progressives that wish to punish parents who let children play outside unsupervised or walk to school alone, now seek to deny parents any oversight whatsoever when it comes to gender transitioning, even before the child has reached the age of puberty!

    Case in point: the story of “Lactatia,” the eight-year-old drag queen of Montreal. The boy—full name Nemis Quinn Melancon Golden—started attending drag shows at age 7, and is a regular participant at Montreal drag performances, engaging in provocative dance moves alongside adult men in drag, wearing full make up, heels, and hose. Lactatia, who evidently appropriated her name from women who lactate, says that if your parents don’t allow you to dress in drag, “you need new parents.” Lactatia’s mother does all the child’s hair and makeup. Good thing too, lest the state come and seize the child to enforce his God-given right to glam.

    These self-same progressives who find the burlesque of little Lactatia so heartwarming (“Anyone can do what they want in life,” preens the eight year old), are the same adamant scolds who insist that white people who wear sombreros on Cinco de Mayo, or kimonos on Halloween, are racist for appropriating a culture that is not theirs (It’s bad to be something you’re not!). The same feminists that for years have chided parents for dressing their little girls like princesses now have no issues with their little boys wearing formal gowns (It’s good to be something you’re not!). The same social justice warriors who argue that subjecting little girls to garish makeup and over-coiffed hair, and then exposing them to the beauty pageant circuit, is a form of objectification and exploitation (It’s bad to make little girls into sex objects!), are now cooing and awwwing over the sexed-up outfits and racy stage act of Lactatia (It’s good let little boys in drag become sex objects!).

    Or, as the gay advocacy publication The Advocate put it after Lactatia won an award for her campy performance in drag: “Looking like a living porcelain doll, Lactatia received a trophy as his parents beamed.” Yep, nothing to see, move along, no exploitation or objectification to worry about here.”

    Like what you see? Support FreedomProject Today!

    This article by Dr. Duke Pesta

    • Goes to show how absolutely sick this world is getting, and getting worse.

      For reference, simply look at the Apocalypse and see why I take a dark view of the world.

      • susan

        The apocalypse? Is it something you wrote, Trevor?

        • I am referring to the Book of Revelation.

          • susan

            I wonder where we are… And what’s coming next..

          • I no longer see the stuff from the Apocalypse as a one time thing. It seem to have multiple fulfillment (near and far fulfillment in theological terms) throughout the age.

            I believe the CCC says that every time someone declare there is the Antichrist, we bring ourselves closer and closer to the end.

          • As for what may come next?

            There is a connection between Fatima’s prediction of three days of darkness and the Apocalypse predicting the kingdom of Antichrist will endure darkness that causes unbelievable pain. Horrible diseases will break out, we are already witnessing it especially among ISIS dealing with flesh eating bacteria from improperly burying the dead and multiple diseases related to sodomites activity.

          • Kamau41

            As we are seeing, the world is changing by the day as we see so much evil advancing….

      • Kamau41

        Indeed, Trevor.

    • Brenda

      Double-speak and hypocrisy.. That is exactly what I saw right off the bat when I went to you tube to see that video in full, There are many of them. These degenerates think they can somehow shame Christians into accepting this sickness with blame it’s so obvious, The problem is what they do works on so many so called Christians that’s how we got into this mess in the first place, People are actually submitting to them, and then the irony to complain about submitting to Islam, If they are submitting to sodomy then what makes them think they wont also willingly submit to Islam when push comes to shove, I predict that many will, they have already shown me that!

      • susan

        “If they are submitting to sodomy then what makes them think they wont also willingly submit to Islam when push comes to shove, I predict that many will, they have already shown me that!”

        It certainly appears that way! Do you read Revelations?

        • Brenda

          In the past yes, but I prefer when Walid explains it, on one hand I understood some of it, But the way Walid explains it all makes a lot more sense than just me reading it on my own.

          • susan

            Same here. I “get it” when he says it. Plus his track record is 100%. Did you listen to the teleconference on Friday? I didn’t get to hear it. I’m searching for someone who did. 🙂

      • Стефан Евгений

        Brenda, I just had to smile when I saw this on the Russian web 😉
        This is a Russian plane, and you don’t have a drama queen fit when they wont let you smoke. The little puff said Russian people are shyte.
        This is what he got.

        • CTyank


        • Brenda

          They really are all the same no-matter where they are, Looks like the Russians will need to re-train people how to confront them one day like an lost art.

          • Стефан Евгений

            Russian men are not shy at dishing out instant justice.

  • Moogle

    Pope Francis: Kids Picking Their Gender Is ‘Terrible,’ ‘Exact Opposite’ of God’s Will:

  • Kamau41

    What a very evil, sick, degenerate and adulterous generation/society we are living in by far…You have accurately highlighted in the video of what we see happening around us today. We are absolutely witnessing the return of paganism right before our eyes.

    However, I absolutely love what Nigeria is doing these days, as they are one of the very few countries going against the tide of this world by actually having and maintaining enforced laws against sodomy.

  • Wilma Mills

    I think “Lactatia” must be a take on lactation (a woman producing milk.) So wicked and twisted.

  • Renato Steri

    In fact you are right, women are under great manipulation to make them believe that homosexuality is born, because they think mostly about male homosexuality. In fact, female homosexuality is scarce, and female homosexuals are more ashamed of revealing it.

  • Renato Steri

    Some of children born into diabolical environments do convert to Christ. The rest is lost forever

  • Renato Steri

    If in Sienna Italy mothers were dressing up their sons as girls to be abused by homosexuals, then there is no wonder why Sienna is full of Muslims these days who take over the Italian businesses