Muslims Accuse Man Of Stealing A Pair Of Speakers From A Mosque And Savagely Beat Him Then Burn Him Alive, Realize Later The Speakers Were His

The Imam of the mosque later apologized and the man’s wife forgave them, but not after a horrible ordeal in which a TV repairman accused of stealing from a mosque was severely beaten and then burned alive according to a recent report:

Last week, a man in Indonesia was beaten up by a group of people, and was then burned alive by the crowd after being accused of stealing three sets of loudspeakers from a mosque.

The incident, which happened in Babelan, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat, took place right after prayer, when the deceased was accused of stealing. He then was chased down by the locals in the area, and they even burned the man alive.

But, it was then revealed that the man did not steal the speakers, instead it had originally belonged to him.

As revealed by Tribunnews, the man was accused of stealing after he brought his speakers into the mosque. He did that because he did not want the speakers to be stolen.

After the prayers, he took the speakers and went to his motorcycle, but was then accussed of stealing the speakers.

The man was a TV repairman, and the reason he brought the speaker was due to him being on his way to deliver the speakers to his boss’ house.

The man left behind a wife who is seven months pregnant, and one 5 year old child.

His wife then shared on her Facebook her regrets for her child, for not being able to see his father.

She also said that her husband is not a thief even though they are poor, and she forgives the people who murdered her husband, and hopes that god forgives them too.

It is also understood that now Ustaz Anshari Taslim is now taking donations for the man’s family to help them move on from this tragedy. (source)



  • Mart1963

    This religion has a gang mentality, break the rules you are beaten of killed.

    Don’t join, beaten or killed.

  • Laurel Watson

    This is pure evil. That poor man and his poor family. Lord have mercy.

  • Rjk


  • Coombes Larry

    OK, being in Indonesia I need to add more data.

    This was a horrible case and actually made the news here. That is unusal and indicates that toleration for this kind of thing MAY be fading; though I seriously doubt it…

    …BUT!!! This is not an Islamic thing. Not in Indonesia. Mob killing for crime is quite common in rural areas. This is because the police are known to be utterlly corrupt. In many ways the police are the crime lords here. So, when a crime is committed, the view is that the LAST people you call are the police. [I am not sure how this goes in the cities. I get the impression that the police in the cities would actually turn up and killings are not so common but few crimes are ever solved.]

    If the police are called the belief is (often warrented) that…

    1) At best the police will not come at all. That involves effort and the police have far better thingsto do with their time like playing video games or receving extortion money from local businesses or getting their cut from their proxy drug dealers.

    Note that in Indonesia you BUY your police uniform with money you borrow from a bank… and you have to pay the cash back through extortion/crime. Promotion is also bought in all sectors of the civil service. The driving test here is actuall designed to be impossible to pass and you only get through if you pay a ‘undisclosed fee.’ Often you then do not have to take the test at all and the police give your license there and then!!!
    There is a love of money here the likes of which I have never seen anywhere and Indonesians will lie, cheat, steal… even their close family… for The Money. (They even talk about ‘The Money’ as if it were capitalised and a living being!
    So Justice – money and money = Justice here. In a sense, everything in Indonesia is up for sale. That’sone o fthe major reasons Ahok went down. He was not for sale and that threw the entire establishment. That is also why Ahok dropped his appeal. It was very likely the judges would have been paid to INCREASE his sentence and prevent him from running for office in the future.
    Of course, the beliefe that money means you can walk away from any crime also increases the desire for money!! The belief here is the more corrupt you are the LESS likely it is that you will be prosecuted. Also, the police and the corrupt Government – at local and regional levels – recruit their own. A prosecution for corruption here can actually be a careeer enhancer. “He’s one of us!”
    So what do the local do when a crime is committed?

    2) If the police do come out – and you may have to offer money for them to bother – the likelihood is that the police will ARREST YOU!!! It saves time on an investigation and the criminal, if they have money, have already bought off the police. Certainly the police target the poor and those without money while they let those who can pay off from anything. So the poor rural villagers really fear the police! The Soviet joke applies here; “I was mugged! Theives took my wallet and left me beaten. BUt luckilly I was able to escape before the police arrived!”

    3) The police will apprehend the criminal and let him off after her has paid a nice fee. At which point he will strike again knowing that he who has money can do anything in Indonesia,

    Sooooo… the only way locals believe they can protect themselves is by immediate force! You catch a suspected criminal and you kill them there and then!!! It is believed that this is the ONLY deterrent that will work when it comes to crime. If you get law enforcement involved YOU will be the one who suffers and the criminal gets off. So the villages feel they have no protection other than to take the law into their own hands.

    Killing thieves by locals is ***common*** here. The police mumble about “they shouldn’t do it” but NEVER prosecute the killers as they see them as solving their problem. The criminal dies, there is a deterrent, the locals fear the police but they have a local ‘solution’ and so do not protest and the status quo is maintained. So corruption feeds this kind of local violence.

    I do not approve and there have been times when the police have stepped in to save someone about to be killed but generally speaking, this is what counts for ‘order’ in rural Indonesia. It has nothing to do with Islam. I swear. It’s to do with the utter lack of any protection for the poor by the law.

    I mean, in Indonesia, if you are sent for trial and have money then you pay the judge for a private consultation, you get to select which court will try you – normally the notorious ‘South Jakarta district court’ which is the rich man’s whitewash bath – and you arrange the required verdict in advance. The trial is just for show. That explains various bizarre court rulings. It’s all decided with money and backdoor power deals. The entire legal system in Indonesia is bought. The saying here is; “If caught for a crime – whether you did it or not – pay the police there and then. It gets more expensive as you head towards trial.” That’s not hyperbole. That’s common sense here. You pay the police before any prosecution!

    It is likely to change… The current President is clean and he wants Indonesia to be strong and he is going the right way about it. But the country is mired in deep, entrenched corruption and an establishment that hates Jokowi every bit as much the establishment hates Trump. OK, Jokowi has certain advantages over Trump… now. He has the media largely on his side, the public respect him, he is more popular at home than Trump and his opponents were thrown by the Ahok case that was an attempted coup but failed and it strengenthed Jokowi’s hand. But notice that a coup was attempted by the political actor here just a couple of months ago!! That shows how much the corrupt esta

    Jokowi cannot deal with the corruption until the local economy improves AND he smashes apart Islamic fundamentalism. Those are his two priorities and critical to him winning the next election. He has no further bandwidth to do anything else. I swear. So the corruption continues for now. Once the cross country roads are finished and the ports modernised, Indonesia will become a MASSIVE trade route (It’s crazy that it is not thanks to corruption) and the power of various mafias broken. Then Jokowi can tackle the establishment. But he does not have the power until the money is flowing!

    Sooo…. this is only an example of local ‘justice.’ The villagers feel there is no other way. The police and the courts and the Government will not help them. So it’s is strike first and kill so as to deter future criminals. Anything else and the accused buy their way out. I mean, in Indonesia, convicted murderers who have money and are connected with power politics have been sent to prison where… They ran their drug trade freely, got to go out during the day, go for lavish meals, see their multiple girlfriends and return to the prison for three star treatment. There have even been cases when said criminals have gone on holiday abroad while ‘in detention!’ And that’s if they are convicted at all! And usually, if they are convicted, it is simply due to public protest and the need to be seen to do something to silence the plebs. So the convicts are sent for cushy treatment and THEN they come out into a senior Government position! A criminal record is a Government career BOOSTER here!!! Of course, the local people HATE this and HATE corruption and stand behind the clean Jokowi… something the corrupt elites had not factored in with their attack on Ahok and, by extension and consequence, Jokowi. Think Clinton level corruption in the entire legal system…

    I don’t think corruption justifies what happens but this attack has NOTHING to do with Islam. I swear. These types of killings are common place and happen all over Indonesia regardless of religion. It’s corruption behind this, I swear. I could give numerous links to other cases. This is just a really bad case but such killings are in the news fairly regularly where the police mumble; “Shouldn’t happen. Don’t do it” but never, EVER investigate or prosecute. And most cases are not reported at all. To do anything would be to upset the status quo that favours the police and the elies. A few innocent killed means nothing at all if they are poor and powerless and, if it keeps the locals feeling they have some kind of ;justice’ that does not affect the powerful… sure.