Satan Worshippers Enter Catholic Church And Murder Twelve Catholics

By Theodore Shoebat

Satanic people entered a Catholic Church in Nigeria and murdered 12 people. I did a video on this, and how it reflects society as a whole:

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  • magaforever

    Walid here is an article in which some stupid person tries to refute your article on the shroud of turin and they also say methodist and lutheran are apostolic like to see a response to it..

    • I know about it. The guy contacted me to read it and I ignored him and his blog. Its chasing after the wind.

  • susan

    Timely article as usual. For what it’s worth, i agree 100 percent Ted. Since we’re going to pass through it, I’m going pray that it happens quickly. Since heaven is our true home, I was hoping you might do some articles on Revelations. The heavenly portion of it… 🙂

  • Julie LaBrecque

    It appears that southern Nigeria is no longer safe.

  • Diana

    The darkness continues to grow in America as the Holy Spirit leaves the nation. So now we have the homosexual movement, satanism and Muslims all filling the void of the Holy Spirit. America needs an outpouring of the Holy Spirit because darkness is closing in on all sides.
    There are now several monuments to satan erected in the United States.

  • Kelly Ann

    To the catacombs we go….