Major Catholic Publication Exposes New Evidence That Obama And Hillary Colluded To Depose Pope Benedict So They Could Start A War With Russia


As the evil legacy of Obama and Clinton continues to unfold, new evidence of just how far their crimes went continues to come out.

In a fascinating article from One Peter Five, a major Catholic news website, they have found new evidence suggesting that Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton directly colluded to force the resignation of Pope Benedict in order to attempt to instigate a war with Russia:

According to Dottori, Obama was eager to dethrone Benedict XVI for two reasons. On the one hand, his presidency was close to fundamentalist Islam (de facto fostered by regime change in Libya and Egypt and civil war in Syria, provoked by U.S. former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy design), whereas Ratzinger, ever since his famous Regensburg lecture, had been identified internationally as a strong opponent of Islamism. On the other hand, Obama was worried about the Church’s reconciliatory efforts toward Moscow’s Orthodox patriarch, within the scope – Dottori wrote – “of a geopolitical project aimed at European-Russian integration, actively supported by Germany and Italy.”

The Obama administration may have resorted to two instruments: fostering scandals within the Church and the Italian government and threatening to drain away Italian and Vatican financial resources. Italy was at risk of being excluded from international financial markets. The menace against the Vatican was to bar the IOR (Istituto per le Opere di Religione, the Vatican bank) from the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) network. Taking as an excuse the fact that the IOR did not abide by international rules of transparency, Deutsche Bank (which runs point-of-sale payment systems in the Vatican and was suspected by Bankitalia of hosting an IOR account where all money earned within the Vatican converged) had been induced to block all ATMs in Vatican City, a service curiously reactivated, Dottori noticed, right after Pope Benedict’s abdication.

On the one hand, the perspective of a tighter political integration between Europe and Russia, supported by the Catholic Church for the sake of the construction of a sort of religious “conservative front,” was a cause of anxiety for Obama and Clinton. The role of the pope could be that of a trait d’union (literally, a hyphen) between Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin – as a German, and as a moral leader, Benedict XVI could mediate to ease friction between two politicians joined by a love-hate relationship, but whose intentions, beyond all, were to deepen the ties between their countries. That the United States backed Ukraine’s revolt against the pro-Russian government there and supported civil war in Donbas region (the Obama administration’s involvement was denounced by Foreign Affairs in 2014), and that they sabotaged the project for the South Stream pipeline (with the help of Senator John McCain, who literally threatened Bulgaria’s prime minister and obtained his withdrawal from the project), is proof that Democrats were willing to do anything they could to prevent a closer political and economic partnership between Europe and Russia. In this sense, Berlusconi, Putin’s (and Libyan dictator Gaddafi’s) personal friend, was a troublesome individual.

On the other hand, the Obama administration was likely to be frightened by Pope Benedict’s conservative stance on the liturgy, morals, and politics. A conservative pope, in a moment when the Church’s aid was no more required to fight communism in the Soviet Union – and Russia was becoming a conservative nation – could mean an undesired, and politically dangerous, rightist breakthrough for American Catholics and an unseen convergence between religious conservatives in the U.S. and Russia.

That Obama’s fear was well informed is apparent, since Donald Trump won the Catholic vote in the 2016 election in spite of a progressive pope who almost openly endorsed Hillary Clinton, and despite Catholics’ leftward turn in the two previous elections of 2008 and 2012.

In this light, one may also interpret the recent article in La Civiltà Cattolica (a journal whose content has to be supervised by the papacy for publication) that attacked the allegiance between Catholics and Evangelicals in the United States. The message from the Vatican is clear: according to Pope Francis, good American Catholics should vote for Democrats again. Why is the new papacy so worried that conservative Catholics and Protestants might join forces in politics when it favors “inter-religious dialogue” whenever it amounts to unconditional veneration of Lutheranism?

Now, while Laporta claims to be “90% sure” of this report, it is much harder to ascertain whether, or to what degree, Pope Francis was aware of a financial and political operation that, nonetheless, was likely to have been buttressed by the Holy See’s Secretariat of State, and to have required the American Apostolic Nunciature’s mediation. Laporta hypothesizes that during his visit to Rome, in June 2017, President Donald Trump might have had an animated discussion with Pope Francis, as he asked for elucidations on the Church’s aid to Clinton. According to him, the pope’s waxen and scrawny expression in the photographs taken next to the American president was due precisely to their quarrel and to Francis’s embarrassment.

Elucidations are precisely what we need. In the spirit of the letter addressed by The Remnant to Donald Trump, American Catholics should ask their new president to investigate the Obama administration’s involvement in the events that led to Pope Benedict’s abdication. Clarifications would be welcome also on the ambiguous maneuvers between the Holy See and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. These seem to be much more urgent questions than Russophobic hysteria over Trump’s alleged plot with Vladimir Putin. (source)

For centuries, the Catholic Church was not only what defined Christendom, but she was the stabilizing force between different European and international political interests. The height of the Middle Ages was the height of the Church’s influence in resolving, mitigating, or engaging in different political social crises. Likewise, evil forces throughout history attempted to influence, manipulate, or even destroy the Church from within to serve their own interests.

The Church will survive and rebuild, and just like every tyrant of old, if the charges are proven to be true, Obama and Clinton will have much to answer for, if not in this life than in the next.



  • The boldfaced quote proves the long held belief there is a nuclear fusion of Catholics and Orthodox coming, and that scares the anti-Christ elements of the world.

    They know when the Church is one, just as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are one, the Church is an unstoppable force for Christ.

    “Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people, producing the fruit of it. And he who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust,” (Matthew 21:43-44).

    That’s why the Catholic Church stands today. It’s why Russian Orthodox are rebounding phenomenally. The enemy couldn’t defeat them.

    • Kevin Nicholson

      “one body and one Spirit, as you were also called to the one hope of your call; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” Ephesians 4:4-6 Amen.

      • Amen. May the broken sticks of the Church be brought together, healed, and made one stick again.

        • Kamau41

          Yes indeed. Certainly, it will happen in the fullness of God’s perfect timing.

      • Kamau41

        Amen, Amen!!!!!

      • Darren Neufeldt

        Amen, Amen

    • Kamau41

      It does indeed. Totally agree…

      • That is why the Muslims and their traitorous Christian allies were dashed to pieces and sent to the bottom of the sea. God literally smashed them against the rock of the Church.

        Theodore did a great job detailing, not only the Battle of Lepanto, but of another ill-advised invasion where a violent storm sent the ships of the hordes against the rocks, dashing them to pieces.

    • Darren Neufeldt


    • More tremors hitting Bodrum, Turkey. 4.8-magnitude struck Bodrum.

      Mobile site:

      • Kamau41

        Lots of shaking continues….A 6.4 quake has also strucked near Bengkulu, Indonesia.

        • Grandmere

          That one hit last night while Dutch was in the middle of his forecast. Before he finished, a very rare quake struck in Brazil. Poor ole Dutch was nearly speechless.

  • Mart1963

    Wolves dressed as sheep!

    There is a former president that pretended to be a Christian but did his utmost to let the Muslims in and in the whole exclude the Christians, there is a former runner for the presidency who is pretending to be a Christian for her next presidential run even though she is so much into the occult that it is public knowledge and there is a upcoming pope(supreme governor of the Anglican church of England) who will be the head of the royal gartr which is the triangle above the rest of the satanic masonic organizations which forms the base who states that once he becomes king he will be known as the defender of all faiths.

    As much as this man pretends to be Christian, straight and a playboy, the third person in the bed was not Camel but his gay butler.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Dear Catholic and Orthodox brothers and sisters in this website

    I am embarking on a serious study of the early history of the church, church fathers, and enhance my understanding about the Catholic and Orthodox churches. I am an Anglican (belonging to the Church of north India). Therefore, I am looking for Enclyoepdia, books written by early church fathers, the various councils that cover up to the first 1000 years of Christianity. Can Walid, Theodore and other brothers and sisters please suggest some good books/places I can begin my study?

    I feel a lot of Protestants are ill-informed or ignorant about the early history of church and unnecessarily bash Catholic/Orthodox churches. I am against such behavior by my fellow protestants. Since most of us were born into protestant churches (for no fault of our own into families), we just ended up in protestant churches. However, I am always open to learning and growing and God to guide me and I have the utmost high regard for the Catholic and Orthodox churches who were always there long before our protestant churches came. I look forwards to your guidance here for the reading materials. I am particularly impressed with Theodore’s deep knowledge of early church history.

    Many thanks.

    P.S for those Pentecostals and ultra-evangelicals coming to crucify me, please don’t bother to reply. This is a question directed only towards Catholic and Orthodox brothers and sisters.

    • I have a book written by Peter Toon on the Seven Ecumenical Councils.

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        Thank you Trevor. All the best for August 27th

        • And all the best in your search.

      • bubba

        thanks for that link trevor! :o)

        • You are welcome, bubba.

      • Darren Neufeldt

        Thank you Trevor, this is what I need as well. Amazing resource.

        The 27th should be an amazing day for you. Congratulations.

        • You are welcome, Darren, and looking forward to the 27th.

    • magaforever

      Cardinal Newman famously stated, “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.”

    • Julie LaBrecque

      The Teachings of the Church Fathers – John R Willis, The Father’s Know Best – Jimmy Akin ( my fav) , This Is The Faith – Canon Francis Ripley, The Age of Martyrs bybAbbot Giuseppe Ricciotti

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        Thank you. Much appreciated.

      • bubba

        thank you too julie for those! :o)

    • Kamau41

      I would highly recommend, The Father’s Know Best” by Jimmy Akin, “Church History” by Fr. John Lau, “Ecclesiastical Church History” by Eusebius. Also, you can visit, where they have hundreds of books on Church History to choose from at very deep discounted prices.

    • Стефан Евгений

      ICC, I hope this helps? Sadly there is not much in English, most of Orthodox writings are still in Greek or Russian.

    • Julie

      I have a new friend who shared with me that the Great Schism between the Eastern and Western Apostolic churches was in essence caused by mistranslations going back between the pope and the head of Constantinople, the Patriarch of Constantinople head of the Eastern Orthodox and second in headship after the pope.

      Likewise, language, culture, history, and politics causes a great divide between the two.

      You go back to the Gospels, and I noticed this even as a child growing up, the infighting among the apostles, and who would get the ‘best seat’ next to Our Lord.

      This ‘schism’ of who is top goes back to the apostles themselves…and likewise indicated a common problem.

      St. Ignatius of Antioch in 107 on his way to martyrdom named the Church, ‘He Ekklesia Katolika’….simply our authentic and original name, ‘The Universal Church’.

      When we have 2 or more heads we no longer have in effect universality, leadership brought down to a regional mindset…you pick who you want, and then that gets down to us….we as individuals really in charge of who we want to follow, and subsequently, we are not truly and perfectly living in faith, but our own selves.

      The Orthodox priests who fled the Turks went to Russia. The problem with Russia is its usual ultra nationalist position, and because there are alot more Orthodox in Russia, and the Turks pretty much wiping out Christianity out of Asia Minor, even though the Patriarch Bartholomew still resides there, — the Russian Orthodoxy wants to be second in headship. Russia converted 1,000 years after Asia Minor.

      The Church of Rome originally had gatherings of Jewish Catholics who fled the Diaspora having Mass in private homes headed by presbyters. The Church of Rome was not formally, not — formally, founded when Peter came, his son Mark assisting him in founding the Church, but the members of the Church in Rome always saw themselves as one. St Peter had founded the Church of Antioch before he was sent to Rome.

      But his blood signified as well affirmed him as founder of Rome, actually co founder of the Church with St Paul, both martyred under Emperor Nero between 64 to 67 AD…Peter founding the Church of Antioch prior to that of one, and Russia not converting until 1000 years later, the Church there not directly founded by any apostle but their successors.

      The other problem holding back reunification are the Orthodox Churches of Georgia and Bulgaria, and the various independent dioceses in Russia.

      You can go online and read the debates between the Latins and the Orthodox, and they usually degenerate into alot of bad feeling and charges of one being a heretic over the other. I read their statements, and for me, it is more cultural differences….looking at the same construct but from different angles…and both complimenting each other.

      The Latins are more authoritative and intellectual, the Orthodox are more inward, mystical and emotional….I am repeating here someone whose one parent is Latin and the other, Orthodox, the bellicose behavior by the Orthodox towards us as more emotional than anything.

      We have alot to pray about.

      When the East and West re unite….the world will be given much grace to believe.

      • Nan

        There are a lot of former protestants who became orthodox and hate the Catholic church. They don’t realize how close Catholic and Orthodox are in doctrine.

        • Стефан Евгений

          The problem Nan ,is they never really become Orthodox.
          They are stuck at being Orthodox Outside, but never change the heart on the inside.
          We have a word for them in “Ruslish” …. Konvertsy… that is taking the English word for convert and the Russian word for envelope Konvert, combining the two. So is it Full empty or is the flap is stuck.

          • Nan

            We have a lot like that as well, who say things clearly rooted in protestant beliefs.

          • Julie

            I read recently that most American Catholics are protestant.

            I wonder if you personally know devout American Catholics…many of them are public evangelists and do very well. I am witness to devout Catholics here who likewise have many children, attend sacred liturgies and are highly educated.

          • Стефан Евгений

            When I was a young man it was the Maalouf family.

        • Julie

          There are alot of Catholics who go to Mass on Sundays and are primarily Protestant………………………………………

        • Julie

          Puzzling…they are not truly converted to the Universal Church.

          When speaking as thus, I am referring here to the prior unity we had and of which we await when dealing with those who come in but have the same protesting baggage…not a sign of faith, but of ego.

    • CTyank

      A big Amen!!

    • Kevin Nicholson

      Dear ICC,

      “The primary purpose of the Timeline is to be a quick reference to important dates for Catholic apologists. It also gives a general overview of the history of the Church to the Catholic who might like an idea of what occurred in the past, but has little inclination to read in-depth.”

      I read the entire timeline and used google search into the many heresies combated – a good summary of the traditional catholic church: the body of Christ which inherits eternal life:

      ““Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven.” Matthew 7:21


    • Vinny Zee

      1. Eusebius – Ecclesiastical History
      2. St. Irenaeus of Lyons – Against Heresies
      3. The Didache – (Get the One from Ancient Christian Writers)
      4. Aquillina – The Mass of the Early Christians

      Those 4 should keep you busy on top of the other suggestions you’ve received. God bless your study.

    • Indian Christian Crusader

      Thanks to all who have responded/will respond for the information. God bless

      • RodK1975

        Hello ICC… This website has some good links and articles in the “Library” section that might be of some help to you…

  • Raph Sebastian

    Amazing that Walid would have this article first then Aletia picks the story up as well and uses the link below.

    Very interesting….

    • The Holy Spirit is at work, captain. The purging of the Church, weeding out the corruption, is underway.

      Taking a look at the Church of England and the implosion that is following its embrace of the homoheresy is nothing short of speculator. What is taking place and the open rebellion formenting by GAFCON against Abp. Welby and his acolytes, should serve as a warning to worldwide Catholics faithful that to embrace the world is to invite disaster.

      Nevertheless, Christ’s own words will stand true, “The gate of hell will not prevail,” because Christ is the chief cornerstone, the stumbling block, and the Church, built on the rocks of the apostles, is just beginning to wake up from its drunken stupor. One day, that rock will be transformed into a mountain that will grind all heresies into powder to be scattered to the wind.

      Not only is the expose, finely written by 1 Peter 5, rudely yanking the veneer off the antichristian agenda, it is also building on top of a thoroughly refutation of an article criticizing the alliance of Catholics and Evangelicals against the immigration, I believe you know what I speak of, “An Ecumenical of Hate.”

      I believe deep down, Christians are instinctively turning toward the ancient Church Councils for wisdom on how to combat the multiple heresies of our time. GAFCON, as previously cited, turned to the Nicene Council and noted how St. Athanasius’ resistance to the Arians heresy has given them the inspiration to install a missionary bishop to shepherd orthodox Anglicans. Orthodox Catholics, already wearied and angry at the pope and his acolytes, are turning to godly leaders such as Cardinal Raymond Burke and Cardinal Sarah to give them the orthodox leadership they hunger for.

      I truly believe that we are seeing the integration of orthodox Christians and one day soon, they will come together in one fold.

      • Raph Sebastian

        There are rumblings coming out of the Vatican not from the Pope directly though of this “Ecumenical of hate” naming EWTN and the National Catholic Register for promoting this.

        This is the divide and conquer plan that the destabilizing elements which infiltrated the Church are working towards.

        We will indeed see the purging really soon and all these elements will indeed be weeded out.

        • Grandmere

          It is very telling that they single out these two.

        • Also, they singled out Church Miltant dot com.

          • Raph Sebastian

            Indeed dear brother. CM has long been a thorn in the side of the “church of nice” and modernists. They specifically singled out Michael Voris and Christine Niles.

            Truth is never palatable.

        • Julie

          Hi Ralph…they named them??????????

          I went to….and came to Catholic blog…I usually get this site for Pro Life News….it defined the problem through various articles that went beyond the Lavender Network as well who this ‘mafia’ wanted for election of pope after JPII.

          If you can find it….they have an article from the journalist of Argentina who had his response from the fruitful election.

          I have made up my mind….but we pray always for the pope.

          I have made up my mind…it is all encompassing.

          • Raph Sebastian

            Thank you dear sister. I will look and dig for the info you pointed me towards. It seems to be an interesting read.

            There is a lot of intrigue going on at the Vatican despite this please stay faithful to the authority, the Scriptures, Sacred Tradition, the Magisterium, the CCC, the Church.

            Personally despite of all this I will not risk my salvation by being outside of the LORD’s Church. Let the men be men but the Holy Spirit who is the Paraclete in His Church will know best.

          • Julie

            I saw the full unedited version of the climate change light show on the building of St Peter’s.

            We continue to pray for P Francis….what the Argentinian journalist said of him at his papal election is very clear and fulfilled today.

    • Kamau41

      Very interesting indeed. Confirmation that the Holy Spirit is absolutely at work, my brother.

      • Julie

        Now LifesiteNews…most encompassing…and telling…read things I knew nothing about until now.

    • Julie

      My friend asked me to start reading Alletia for levity. Have come to OnePeterFive from time to time………….

  • Vinny Zee

    I like One Peter Five, but often times too one gets the sense their articles are just at the fringe of almost touching reality, but there are often glaring gaps too. They seem quick, at times, to publish the earliest report of a possibility of something, without it being fully vetted out. Now I am not claiming to be a journalistic expert, I know it can have its challenges, but I often leave their article with a sense of doubt that I’ve received the full scope of the issue. There are some writers at 1P5 that seem eager to be sedevacantist, but probably figure that is not the right path to go. With that said, they are quite openly staunch anti-Francis using subtle undertones. I am not surprised Allesandro Rico was “90% sure” of these facts. However, what if the 90% he is sure of is only 1% of the overall puzzle? Then you end up with a whole lot of nothing. I do not doubt Obama wanting a more liberal mind to cozy up to his left wing agenda. I just highly doubt Obama was at all concerned about Vatican’s warming relations with the Russian Orthodox Church. That is over blown myth. Obama seemed more like a poly-theist, a live and let live, as long as they were accepting of his agenda. However, something as complex as the West/East – Catholic/Orthodox relationship just doesn’t seem like it was something of concern at the President’s morning briefing.

    With all that said, and if there is a percentage of truth to this, then it stands to reason the consecration was not done. We should not forget Benedict XVI, was at one point under suspicion of modernism by Pius XII. Benedict probably came back to the center and to the right late in life, but perhaps we could have all benefited from him clarifying some of what still seems ambiguous from Vatican II. In my opinion, he is to be commended for his stance on the importance of the Latin Mass.

    • Julie

      Tend to share somewhat your take on One Peter Five….Agree with your take on Benedict. He really did not have the health to continue….but he has much influence over the Catholic world today.

      • Vinny Zee

        He does and he still has time to maybe help clear up some of the ambiguities of Vatican II that the liberals are using to try and run the church off of the rails. However, with the papal chair, we must remember the first see is judged by no one. Blessings be upon you Julie.

        • Julie

          We must follow the apostles and the traditions they gave us.

          There is a site I came to today that went beyond Pro Life, and they came from the blog….especially regarding the Seat of Peter.

          It caused me to make up my mind as to what is happening and is affecting all of the entire Church, not just the issue with the Lavender Network.

          I continue to pray for our pope and the Church, and am so thankful having grown up with the beginnings of modernity, liberation theology, the protestantization of the Church, etc… be under one of the most orthodox bishops in the USA.

          He consecrated our diocese again this past May to the Immaculate Heart of Mary………

    • Raph Sebastian

      I agree with your points. Whenever I read 1P5 I often counter check with other sources. IP5 does lean sedevacantist and has me reading them less often.

      But I do think IP5 has it right that Pope BXVI was a threat to Obama’s muslim appeasement policy but if that is the reason for intervention it would not surprise me. Afterall Pope BXVI did go to the belly of the beast and openly say that islam was spread by the sword.

      • Vinny Zee

        Hi Raph, yes, these people cannot point to the place in the Catechism that teaches, “resistance to the Pope.” Canon 1556, states “The first or primatial see is subject to the judgment of no one.” If the apostolic see can be judged by no one, then this Catholic resistance is troublesome. The Catholic faith is a real live faith, tracing to the apostles and once for all entrusted to the Saints. People flippantly throw around “resistance” as if it is God generated and endorsed. In Quanta Cura, promulgated by Pope Pius IX in 1864, he was clear that it is not possible that one can contend that without sin and with no loss of Catholic profession, they can withhold assent and obedience to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See. Pius IX never advocated for “resistance” to the apostolic see of first primacy.

        My only other point about BXVI was that he was under suspicion of modernism in the 1940’s. Either that was quashed, solved, or who knows. I do recognize that in his papacy he restored much of the Latin Mass for celebration. However, as you know, the Assisi prayer meetings were a trouble spot for the church. I was intending to say, that as an original attendee to VII, perhaps he could have clarified some of the ambiguities that sprung out of that. Not everything is wrong, but I think there was enough wiggle room for the liberals to do what we’ve seen they’ve done in the last 50+ years. Hope all is well brother.

        • Raph Sebastian

          God’s blessings and the LORD’s peace be into you and yours. Thank you brother all is well indeed.

          I fully agree with what you said here. I just hate the machinations of those in the halls of supposed power in our Church that abuse their appointments as well.

          I for one am going to be faithful to the orthodoxy of the Catholic faith which is authentic Christianity.

          There will be no lack of people claiming that V II is somehow illicit or worse not even a proper council and thus not applicable to them.

          Anyway, like you, I too share the same position. My faithfulness and fidelity to the authority our LORD and to those He bestowed His authority upon will be unwavering.

    • Michelle Therese

      I hear you. I take 1Peter5 with a big grain of salt. There seems to be a growing number of young highly traditional Catholics in America that have an alarming degree of that militant nearly joy-less deep south Protestant Fundamentalist approach to the Faith and the Church that has driven so many out of Christianity and into Secularism. This really worries me!

      • Nan

        It is the happy clappy clown mass and other anomalies that drive people away.

        I’m acquainted eith a going couple who attend Latin mass and are quite joyful. They were married last year and have a beautiful 5 wk old baby.

        The local Latin mass parishes are full of families with many children.

      • Kelly Ann

        Millions have been leaving the faith for decades, you can’t blame it all on the Youth currently rising up in distress over the state of the church today. If anything they will save her from the destruction of the smoke within her. Good thing they are learning the faith, n not accepting every abuse n novelity thrown at them today from modernist heretics. The church is Our Mother and they have been dismantling her bit by bit from within for decades, what’s so joyful about that?

      • Vinny Zee

        Hi Michelle, yes, these people cannot point to the place in the Catechism that teaches, “resistance to the Pope.” Canon 1556, states “The first or primatial see is subject to the judgment of no one.” If the apostolic see can be judged by no one, then this Catholic resistance is troublesome. The Catholic faith is a real live faith, tracing to the apostles and once for all entrusted to the Saints. People flippantly throw around “resistance” as if it is God generated and endorsed. I think Eastern Orthodoxy, tragically, is seeing a growing number of converts who bring in a very anti-papal position to the church. Many Eastern Orthodox do not have that position, but it is now being foisted upon them by this growing exodus of fundamentalists fleeing crumbling Protestantism and infecting the Eastern Orthodox church with their irreverent attitudes of the see of Rome.

        In Quanta Cura, promulgated by Pope Pius IX in 1864, he was clear that it is not possible that one can contend that without sin and with no loss of Catholic profession, they can withhold assent and obedience to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See. Here is the issue. Either one accepts Francis as Pope and are thus subject to the judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See or one rejects them. Pius IX never advocated for “resistance” to the apostolic see of first primacy.

        “Nor can we pass over in silence the audacity of those who, not enduring sound doctrine, contend that ‘without sin and without any sacrifice of the Catholic profession assent and obedience may be refused to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See, whose object is declared to concern the Church’s general good and her rights and discipline, so only it does not touch the dogmata of faith and morals.’ But no one can be found not clearly and distinctly to see and understand how grievously this is opposed to the Catholic dogma of the full power given from God by Christ our Lord Himself to the Roman Pontiff of feeding, ruling and guiding the Universal Church.” – Pope Pius IX, Quanta Cura.

        I will follow Pius IX.

    • Kelly Ann

      He recently rebuked pope Francis on his new novelty teachings

      • Vinny Zee

        Kelly Ann, where can I find or where can I look in my Catechism to section that teaches, “resistance to the Pope?” If you can send it to me, I’d appreciate it. I do know that the Catholic Canon states quite clearly in Cannon 1556, “The first or primatial see is subject to the judgment of no one.” If the apostolic see can be judged by no one, can you please explain to me the “Catholic resistance” be it yours or anyone else’s you advocate for and how judging the chair of Peter is actually allowed among the laity? The Catholic church and her decrees goes a bit beyond those who try to make us think its just showing up and splashing a little holy water on some trinkets. It is a real live faith, tracing to the apostles and once for all entrusted to the Saints. People flippantly throw around “resistance” as if it is God generated and endorsed.

        In the meantime, I have to ask if you or the writers at 1P5 (or anyone claiming to be Catholic) have read Quanta Cura, promulgated by Pope Pius IX in 1864? Is it possible that one can contend that without sin and with no loss of Catholic profession, they can withhold assent and obedience to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See? Here is the issue. Either one accepts Francis as Pope and are thus subject to the judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See or one rejects them. However, you will not find Pius IX being at all favorably disposed to this position of “resistance” to the apostolic see of first primacy.

        “Nor can we pass over in silence the audacity of those who, not enduring sound doctrine, contend that ‘without sin and without any sacrifice of the Catholic profession assent and obedience may be refused to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See, whose object is declared to concern the Church’s general good and her rights and discipline, so only it does not touch the dogmata of faith and morals.’ But no one can be found not clearly and distinctly to see and understand how grievously this is opposed to the Catholic dogma of the full power given from God by Christ our Lord Himself to the Roman Pontiff of feeding, ruling and guiding the Universal Church.” – Pope Pius IX, Quanta Cura.

        You can side with the resistance makers at 1P5, for now, I will follow Pius IX.

        • Kelly Ann

          It’s not in the catechism, it’s was taught by popes in encyclicals n saints in their writings approved by the church , the catechism teaches the sacred traditions on the dogma, not church temporial governance in regards to popes. You have to go to councils n encyclicals as well as cannon law for that.
          Question : if a pope changes the divine law on the Blessed Sacrament, by giving communion to unrepentant sinners according to his own Personal desire, is this in harmony with the catechism?

          Show me where he can do that in the catechism.

          From what St Peter taught us, “he who eats n drinks unworthy brings judgement to himself. ”
          So if pope Francis grants the Blessed Sacrament to unrepentant sinners , is he not promoting them to dam themselves out of a supposed act of mercy ?
          So they feel like they fit in, where is the mercy for their souls.? Hidden perhaps in the bowels of smoke ?

          This is one of the major issues Catholics who know their faith are having with this pope.

          • Vinny Zee

            “He who eats n drinks unworthy brings judgement to himself.” We are to examine ourselves no matter whether there is Amoris Laetitia or not. Before Francis there were priests giving communion to divorced and remarried, or others guilty of grave sin. You think it started in 2012 after AL? Therefore, there is a bigger problem of liberalism, rampant in the Church. This is why I said it would have been great if Bl. Benedict XVI spent time clarifying the ambiguities of VII. The Liberals continue to subvert that council to their own ends. AL is one of many outgrowths of growing liberalism. There is a dichotomy, on one hand a priest/bishop/pope giving someone the idea they have license to sin. On the other hand, absent the permission, one thinks God does not see if they sin. We still have Humanae Vitae standing in the church. How many Catholics, despite its clear teaching, use and believe birth control is okay? So you do not have any papal permission for it, but you have laity who ignore it and continue on anyway.

            Read Ted’s article from today on the Alt Right Movement. He hit the nail on the head about what the issue is in the Catholic Church. Everyone sitting around arguing about the liturgy, meanwhile the church remaining silent in the face of moral and societal degradation.

          • Kelly Ann

            I never said it all started with AL, where did you pull that opinion from? , since VII there has been 50 years of litgural abuses since the sixties. But here’s the big difference , now they are trying to make this abuse a replaceable dogma of the Sacrament, before AL it was condemned. See where this is heading? N bishops over the past decades have spoken out agianst birth control, etc… I wasn’t born yesterday.

            Social n moral depravity is the result of this crisis which started officially some say in the sixties with the sexual revolution. N it’s gonna keep getting worst as long as compromises are granted.

            Pope Benedict is wrong to correct error ? Really ? Since when is pope Francis fallible document AL greater than any other popes infallible documents n decrees of the past? Where is that in the catechism ? I’ve never read such a thing.

            Regarding the infighting over the faith, that’s part of prophesy. Bishops will oppose bishops. As long as this diabolical disorientation continues within the church the social issues will continue outside of her. Simply put, smoke is arising still.

            Liberals within the church love pope Francis as long as he does what they want, pope on demand so to speak, but the talk coming out of Italy is that now they want to be rid of him, they have grown tired of Francis n he’s creating too much scandle causing millions of cats to return back to the one true faith, the opposite effect they wanted.

          • Vinny Zee

            Kelly Ann,

            You are trying to flip the argument back on me. In my very first comment that started this chain I said, “There are some writers at 1P5 that seem eager to be sedevacantist, but probably figure that is not the right path to go. With that said, they are quite openly staunch anti-Francis using subtle undertones.” Then I talked about the consecration and whether it was done. Then I concluded that “Benedict XVI, was at one point under suspicion of modernism by Pius XII. Benedict probably came back to the center and to the right late in life, but perhaps we could have all benefited from him clarifying some of what still seems ambiguous from Vatican II.”

            You then introduced the argument, “as for 1P5 they are upset like Antionio in Italy and many others are, the more Catholics wake up the more you will find this troubling resistance to this pope.” My reply to this “resistance” is with what Pius IX said in Quanta Cura, which is that he said it is not possible that one can contend that without sin and with no loss of Catholic profession, they can withhold assent and obedience to those judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See. Therefore I argued, “one accepts Francis as Pope and are thus subject to the judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See or one rejects them” and that “you will not find Pius IX being at all favorably disposed to this position of resistance.”

            You’ve accused me of being blind as a bat and other things. I have not in any way advocated for or against Amoris Laetitia. What I am advocating for is that there are a lot of people who speak of “resistance” to the POPE. The whole point of my argument is that Pius IX said this was not possible. So if you are anti-Francis, then please come out and say you are a sedevacantist. This is the problem I see with the traditionalist Catholics in the church, they believe they can resist and be Catholic. You don’t see that from Pius IX. Now, we can get into a discussion of Mystici Corpus Christi and whether heresy automatically severs one from the church. I am not a sedevacantist, but at least that camp knows where it stands. They openly say the seat is vacant and Francis (Benedict, JPII, etc) weren’t Popes. That is their argument.

            Finally, the reason I said it didn’t start with AL, was that there is abundant evidence there were priests who were giving communion to those not properly disposed. Again, I believe AL is an outgrowth of the growing modernism that has mounted within 50 years. So I will end where I began yesterday, we can all benefit from Benedict XVI clarifying some of what still seems ambiguous from Vatican II.

          • Kelly Ann

            Yes some of them are, but they are upset to the point of cutting themselves off from the Apostolic See, it’s very troubling, these cats are cutting themselves off from the church, don’t you find this troubling at all? some of them are upset but holding on

            It’s madness. A woman journalist who once asked a catholic lay why he was so concerned, to which he replied ” my dear lady you’d have to be mad not to be concerned.”

          • Kelly Ann

            See my last comment.

          • Kelly Ann

            Yes we are to examine ourselves then goe to confession before taking communion, pretty simple .

          • Vinny Zee

            Yes, so whether there is AL or not, if I go to communion and I am not properly disposed to be able to do so, Paul says I have brought the judgment down on myself. If a Pope gives permission to someone to go, despite the fact they are not properly disposed, then you would have the whoa of Jesus when he said, “whoa to the one who causes my little ones to sin.” Then you would also have the judgment of the one who came not properly disposed bringing judgment upon themselves. I guess I’m going to have to assume we are in agreement on this one.

          • Kelly Ann


        • Kelly Ann

          And my question to you is, do you defend and guard the sacred dogma or new novelities?

          • Vinny Zee

            The sacred dogma.

          • Kelly Ann

            Then why on earth are you defending Pope Francis errors ? his person is of no concern to us, is it ok to compromise the faith yet defend it at the same time ? How do one do that?

          • Vinny Zee

            I defended the apostolic office. If you feel I have done otherwise, then quote me where I did not defend the see of Peter/Rome. You are missing everything I am saying.

          • Kelly Ann

            I don’t reject the Holy See as you proclaim me to do, I love n depend on it for my salvation. but I do resists errors , its heresy.
            And is the Apostolic office the dogma of the faith in your opinion ? Is that what they teach in the eastern rite. It’s not in my part of the world , the office of St Peter is the vicor of Christ not the dogma. the office was not my question.

            Regarding the Apostolic see,
            Melchior Cano , Spanish theologian at the council of Trent said ” defending blindly is to subvert it ,,,,now it can be said briefly that those who defend blindly and indiscriminately any judgement what so ever of the supreme pontificate concerning every matter, weakens the authority of the Apostolic see, they do not support it, they subvert it , they do not fortify it ,,,,,,Peter has no need of Our lies. ”

            So your telling me that you will undermind the Apostolic see thinking that your defending it, even if a pope teaching errors on the Sacrament of marriage you will blindly defend his error.

            Ok got it.! You can go back to sleep now.

          • Vinny Zee

            Heresy comes from the Greek word Heresies. It is a word that means choosing. So heresy is choosing for one’s self in matters of faith and morals. A heretic then is one who rejects what has been defined and described by the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Instead one decides they will choose for themselves. I am not sure what you mean by “dogma of the faith” but we have the oral and the written tradition. Much of what defines these two is in the Catechism. Some try to confine it to only the canon law, but one will see that what makes up our dogma is described out in the catechism. I was not able to follow any of the rest of your argument about Cano. Sorry.

          • Kelly Ann

            No problem! We can go back to sleep now.

          • Kelly Ann

            I know what you defend.

        • Kelly Ann

          Pope Pius IX, quanta Cura also applies to popes. It applies to everyone. ” of those ” everyone!” No one can be found ” that means no one not even the pope himself can override the dogma. Nor can he override infalliable decrees by past popes. His duty is to faithfully n saintly guard, protect and defend the dogma, not override it n make new dogmas. Pope Francis is not the first pope to make such errors, but it’s as plain as the nose on your face that he has.

          I’m not siding with anyone, I’m merely pointing out the situation. I don’t deny the pope, but by golly you gotta be blind as a bat not to see what is going on.

          • Vinny Zee

            But the first see is judged by no one, including me.

          • Kelly Ann

            No he’s not judged, nor can you judge anyone else for that matter subjectively speaking. But objectively speaking regarding the popes actions it is up to the princes to form a council to review a popes actions, which he can be removed if he don’t recant from his errors as St Peter publicly recanted when St Paul corrected St Peters error. why do you think Our Lord allowed this passage to be cannonized in the New Testament, this was the foundation of such a law to be put into place, it was not put in their for Our reading pleasure this I assure you. the church has a system put into place to perform this duty , although it is rarely used. The church recognizes that the pope is a man not God. The pôpe Is a sinner like the rest of us, in human flesh. And he has no authority over divine law aka sacred traditions n institutions such as the Blessed Sacrament founded by Almighty God the pope he is charged more so than the rest of us to obey divine law not to override anything God has put into place. Only to further define them. , but he does has the jurisdiction to change laws in governance of the church which is a entirely different section of the churches functional governing system.

            I’ve been researching all of this Because I was so confused about it . It’s been a big help in understanding what’s going on.

            There’s is a reason why pope Francis is avoiding the Dubia , simply because it will allows the dogma to publicly judge his errors , and he has now gone so far in promoting his errors ( worldwide ) that now the pope is facing a decision to be made public worldwide , either denounce the sacred definitions aka teachings of the church on the faith , or recant from his errors . Pray that Almighty God gives him the courage to do the right thing.

            What can we do is simply pray for the Holy Father that God will bring him back to his senses, and stop following modernist heretical theology in conflict and open rebellion with the dogma of the faith founded by Almighty God through Christ the crucified Lord.

            Do you Recall what the council of Trent proclaimed ? Anyone teaching a doctrine outside of this doctrine let him be acursed n cut off from the church. Approved n decreed ex excathedra by pope St Pius V at the closing of the council.

            ex ca·the·dra
            /ˌeks kəˈTHēdrə/
            with the full authority of office (especially of the pope’s infallibility as defined in Roman Catholic doctrine):
            “for an encyclical to be infallible the pope must speak ex cathedra”
            Powered by Oxford Dictionaries
            The past popes n future popes have the authority to judge popes. Just becasue a pope dies, his decree still stands on solid ground .

            Please try to understand that the 7 sacraments are under divine law instituted by God , they were put into place for our benefit to help us obtain the beatuifitic vision, we can’t get there without them.

            The pope must in his Apostolic duty guard protect n defend them with all his human might.he was given the keys to heaven to help with this. Not to change or modify anything in them, to do so would be deadly poison for our souls.

            As for changing things in church governance regarding disciplines in operations that is not matters of the faith, but matters of temporial governship within the church. This the popes can change. And the keys from heaven are there for this function as well.

            The church has many functions. But the dogma is untouchable.

          • Vinny Zee

            A council certainly can be called, but is that necessary? Who within the magisterium will call said trial or council? In expounding upon Mystici Corpus Christi (Pius XII), Monsignor G. Van Noort stated the internal sin of heresy separates one from the body of the church and external heresy formally separates one from the Body of the Church. Here is Van Noort:

            “Public heretics (and a fortiori, apostates) are not members of the Church. They are not members because they separate themselves from the unity of Catholic faith and from the external profession of that faith. Obviously, therefore, they lack one of three factors—baptism, profession of the same faith, union with the hierarchy—pointed out by Pius XII as requisite for membership in the Church. The same pontiff has explicitly pointed out that, unlike other sins, HERESY, SCHISM and APOSTASY (emphasis mine) automatically sever a man from the Church.” “For not every sin, however grave and enormous it be, is such as to sever a man automatically from the Body of the Church, as does schism or heresy or apostasy” (MCC).

            Van Noort continues:

            “By the term public heretics at this point we mean all who externally deny a truth (for example Mary’s Divine Maternity), or several truths of divine and Catholic faith, regardless of whether the one denying does so ignorantly and innocently (a merely material heretic), or willfully and guiltily (a formal heretic). It is certain that public, formal heretics are severed from the Church membership. It is the more common opinion that public, material heretics are likewise excluded from membership. Theological reasoning for this opinion is quite strong: if public material heretics remained members of the Church, the visibility and unity of Christ’s Church would perish. If these purely material heretics were considered members of the Catholic Church in the strict sense of the term, how would one ever locate the “Catholic Church”? How would the Church be one body? How would it profess one faith? Where would be its visibility? Where its unity? For these and other reasons we find it difficult to see any intrinsic probability to the opinion which would allow for public heretics, in good faith, remaining members of the Church.”

            I think the issue is that because people say, “Francis is a heretic” while at the same time believing he then has to be “deposed” first, then they believe it is their duty to “resist.” My point is that it is this presumed resistance which is not shown by Pius IX. Similarly Pius XII explained a heretic is automatically severed. For the recanting position perhaps read up on Guerard des Lauriers’ position about material and formal popes and what he had to say about a situation that for example, if Francis has become a heretic (as you seem to suggest), he could become the true Pope automatically as soon as he would renounce his heresies and become a Catholic (again).

          • Kelly Ann

            Research the teachings on the differences on material heresy ( errors) and formal heresy
            ( all out rejection ) pope Francis is by no means a formal heretic, but by his actions regarding certain teachings n practices of the church he is manifesting evidence of the material, that is (objective ) outward not ( subjective ) inward. These are observed by many and compared to documents, although many are judging the pope in the most horrible way, I don’t agree with that he is the Holy Father and a pope can still be the pope if he errs by mistake, the Dubia was meant to clear that all up. But as time moves on more n more cats in the west are becoming concerned about it. The princes and bishops have to make the call for the council, it doesnt have to be all of them, but a % , and I doubt very much at this time that such a thing will happen as the four princes aka cardinals have been very quite since they published the Dubia and moved on to other duties

            . I like to keep in touch with Italy as we get more news that don’t make it into our region. In what I’ve been learning coming out of catholic newspapers from Italy , it’s said they are getting sick of pope Francis and are already lining up a new pope to replace him. If such talk comes into blossom then I suspect( now this is just my opinion) ; it could be possible they will arrange a council if needs be just for that purpose n possibly use the Dubia as an excuse to oust Pope Francis, this is just my speculation on that last part.

            One thing I do know and that is the modernist run the Vatican.

            Also according to church law, if Pope Benedict was truly forced to step down as some claim, then that makes Pope Francis papacy valid but illicid.

            There’s some funny business going on over there in church politics. I’d like to know the truth of it, like I said we deserve to know the truth. Our salvation is at stake here., their messing around with the papacy. The mother of God warned us things would get bad for the pope.

          • Vinny Zee

            Who can judge the inside of a man but God? Therefore, how could you possibly determine the “subjective” (internal)? The hearts of man can’t be read by mortals, so how can one ever say if any pope has professed a heresy materially? Therefore, one can only say he has professed heresy (if it is so.)

            The Reverend Sylvester Berry said this, “A heretic is one who chooses for himself in matters of faith, thereby, rejecting the authority of the Church established by Christ to teach all men the truths of revelation. He rejects the authority of the Church by following his own judgment or by submitting to an authority other than that established by Christ. A person who submits to the authority of the Church and wishes to accept all her teachings, is not a heretic, even though he profess heretical doctrines through IGNORANCE of what the Church really teaches.”

            Berry is talking about rejecting the teaching authority of the Church, not simply the profession of a heretical doctrine. You said, “pope Francis is by no means a formal heretic.” You’ve also stated he’s taught error, “but if he teaches something in contradiction to it then if I follow it, that makes me a heretic.” No, that makes him a heretic, because every pope has confirmed that the Apostolic See will be kept by Christ from teaching error. So if he’s taught error, then that makes him a heretic. If you believe he is a heretic, then you can’t call him pope. If you think he is pope, stop saying he has taught error.

            So you’re the one who has to decide.

          • Kelly Ann

            Totally missing it. It’s in the church teachings. I’ve explained it to you as simple as possible. The difference in both heresies the material and formal . The difference between objective judgement n subjective judgement , when St. Peter said ” we are called to judgement . ” (It’s part of the dogma, that you claim to defend.) we are called to judgement , what does the church teach on that ? when you look at a LGBT person how do you judge that person subjectively or objectively ? St Peter said they are worthy of death is it because he is judging them subjectivity or objectivility?

            You throw me for a loop when you claim to defend the dogma, yet you don’t defend it when it comes to a pope over riding the dogma , which no pope has the aithority to do so.

          • Kelly Ann

            That’s not what the church teaches. I’m going by what the church teaches.

          • Kelly Ann

            The first see was St Peter , he was judged by St Paul objectively. St Paul was a prince of the church not a lay, n he corrected St Peters error. But we read it n know that St Peter erred, does that make us St Peters judges objectively as well. Or do we determine from it by the gift of reason. that St Peter erred according to the objective judgement of St Paul?

            The popes are judged by themselves in their actions n deeds measured by the teachings of the church past popes n future popes objectively, councils and most importantly by the dogma instituted by Almighty God. It is these things that do the judging for us objectively, if we can’t determine right from wrong than we ourselves are in danger of falling away. N this is where many cats who are upset stand, but those calling the pope names are alarming. No need for it. Like Fr PT said we are being punished from heaven , n we should thank God for it.

            God Gave the church the measuring rod to do so in order to protect the church from complete destruction.

            Have you not read any of this in church documents?

            Have you not read the teaching concerning the two forms of judgements.

            In the opening document of Vat I , pope Pius IX openly swears n professes he firmly believes n upholds the teachings of the seven sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ where as pope Francis creates a document AL introducing a new form of Sacrament on marriage, not instituted by Jesus Christ , but in complete opposing opposition to what Lord Jesus instituted. Which pope is following n obeying Christ here in this matter ? Pope Francis or pope Pius? They both can’t be right. As they have opposite actions Pius obeying Our Lord n Francis writing a newer Sacrament by modifying it.

            This is a serious situation. It’s either, or,,,no compromises, Our Lord never built A church of compromises. This is a new novelity. As he said in the gospels , ” not one jot or one tibble will be taken away, heaven n earth shall pass away , but my words are everlasting .” Catholic meaning – the truth cannot change. The 7 sacraments came from this truth God!

            Same with the litgury, this was instituted by Jesus Christ. So what’s with all the fighting about it ? It’s all due to the changes. So if you think it isn’t as important as social n moral depravity, than you may want to look into the church history concerning it. Going all the way back to Passover n the eve of the Lords passion.

            Regardless of your ill thoughts of me , to be honest I really don’t care much about it.
            God bless

          • Vinny Zee

            I am not sure what this “prince” of the church argument is. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of it before speaking with you. Peter was rebuked for a private mishandling of the Jews. It in no way affected Peter’s position. I’ve also explained to you already that I am an Eastern Rite Catholic. Our liturgy is the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. It has not changed in 1700 years. I don’t have any ill thoughts of you Kelly Ann. You commented on my comments, not me on yours. I hope you have a blessed Sunday.

          • Kelly Ann

            Mine is the Latin rite , but has had many changes since Vat II. So it’s clear your one of the lucky ones , and you don’t fully understand what’s taking place with the Latin rite.

          • Vinny Zee

            I was raised in the Novous Ordo. I served in the Novous Ordo, I am quite familiar with it. I am Sicilian and my family is from Sicily. Italy has strong Greek roots, and the Eastern Rite has strong Eastern Rite ties to the region as well as to the Western Rite. When I discovered the Eastern Rite, I was strangely at home, but couldn’t figure out why. Then when I discovered the Eastern Rite ties to Italy as well as the west, I feel at home in both. I have settled down in the East for now. When I get a chance, I attend the Latin Rite. The Western Rite is the religion of Pius IX, Pius X, Pius XII, etc.

          • Kelly Ann

            By Western rite you mean the Latin rite yes?

          • Kelly Ann

            Prince Of the church is one who is next in authority to the pope. And yes he corrected St Peters error. He wasn’t mishandling the Jews rather he was mishandling the Gentiles. Sending them the wrong message by his actions. It’s understandable that your teachings are different than mine somewhat. I’ve been digging among church documents.

        • Kelly Ann

          i guess pope Benedict is in error as well by publicly correcting pope Francis on his errors . . he pope Benedict who is one of the most educated minds on catholic theology today.

          • Vinny Zee

            He is. Maybe in his waning days he can clear up some of the ambiguities that still permeate from VII.

          • Kelly Ann

            But how can he if he’s in error concerning correcting the errors of Francis, we got errors correcting errors, this is madness . How can a past pope who is in error correcting errors of the present pope, manage to correct VII errors ?

            Pope Benedict didn’t fully give up the office of St Peter, only the governing duties He reserved the spiritual duties. This came from his personal assistant in Rome.

        • Kelly Ann

          You gotta look at this from both sides of the panel. N you will follow pope Pius , even if pope Francis teaches something contractary to what pope Pius taught during his pontificate, first n fore Most pope Pius defended n guarded the the faith, performed only the Latin rite , if he was alive today n saw what was going on he’d have a heart attack.

          • Vinny Zee

            But that’s your opinion Kelly Ann. How do you not know he wouldn’t have a heart attack because of all of the rebellion and in fighting within the church? It is easy to look up the ladder (at the leadership and condemn) but we forget to look down the ladder and see who is looking up at us for guidance.

          • Kelly Ann

            I’m a lay person , I don’t have an opinion, I go by what the church teaches , only a modernist heretic has opinions based on feelings. How do I know if he wouldn’t have a hèart attack ? An expression of speech on how drastic this crisis is. Read his encyclicals , think he’d change with the times ? No way ! He’d be crushing every cursed novelity out there. Starting with publicly condemning pope Francis new teachings right of the bat.

            Almighty God gave us reason when he created us to be used, not to shut it down.

            Looking up the ladder at us? First n foremost who are we to be up the ladder in the first place ? I’m no clergy man. From what I know the lay are at the bottom of the ladder. A member of the flock, I’m looking up digging through church documents trying to make sense of it all , they do the work for me, I simply have to read it.

            Are you further up the ladder? If so what office do you hold?

            Oh n by the way I got the heart attack expression from a bishop,( not my personal opinion) , but the opinion of a bishop addressing pre conciliar popes, of which pope Pius is one.

          • Vinny Zee

            From what you’ve said so far, you don’t “go by what the church teaches” because if Francis is the Pope in your eyes, then you’ve openly advocated more than once not to follow him. Are you advocating Francis is not in the church? Modernism is the synthesis of all errors (Pascendi Dominici Gregis, Pius X). It goes beyond feelings. When I talk about the ladder, yes the Pope and Magesterium are at the top, followed by the clergy. However, not every single person in the “laity” is at the bottom. If you have been a Catholic for any extended time, then there are going to be people who are looking up to you. We are exhorted all over scripture to use are talents and we are judged according to what we have been given. To say you are not in a position to influence anyone or that no one is looking up at you misses the point of your faith. This is what I was saying, it is easy for ALL of us to look up the ladder and judge those at the top, however, we forget to look down the ladder and realize there are those beneath us looking up to us. What do they see? If you don’t want to see the analogy, that is on you.

          • Kelly Ann

            I’m not going to follow error that would be pretty stupid of me, I’m not bound to error I’m bound to the dogma the church always taught. If the pope teaches something in accordance to church dogma that’s all fine , but if he teaches something in contradiction to it then if I follow it, that makes me a heretic.

            I’m not blind I know what my catechism teaches.

            For example pope Francis said that Our Lord failed on the cross, you’d be pretty stupid to believe n follow that, its evidence you’ve lost your senses Fidelium. Once that’s gone your lost.

            If your going to judge my words which your welcomed to do, you best to know what your judging. Like I said before I’m going by what I’ve read n learned from the church, not by what I feel.

          • Vinny Zee

            Who ever said you should be bound to error? Clearly you’ve missed everything I’ve said about what Pius IX taught about the apostolic see. So I’ll stop here.

          • Kelly Ann

            You haven’t told me anything . Merely chose one quote from the pope. He said far more than that.

          • Kelly Ann

            For the holy Spirit was promised to the successors of Peter
            not so that they might, by his revelation, make known some new doctrine,
            but that, by his assistance, they might religiously guard and faithfully expound the revelation or deposit of faith transmitted by the apostles.

            we teach and define as a divinely revealed dogma that
            when the Roman pontiff speaks EX CATHEDRA,
            that is, when,
            in the exercise of his office as shepherd and teacher of all Christians,
            in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority,
            he defines a doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole church,
            he possesses,
            by the divine assistance promised to him in blessed Peter,
            that infallibility which the divine Redeemer willed his church to enjoy in defining doctrine concerning faith or morals.
            Therefore, such definitions of the Roman pontiff are of themselves, and not by the consent of the church, irreformable.

            Quotes from pope Pius – Vat I.
            Defining dogma , not making up new ones.
            here’s where millions of cats are troubled, are they all sedvantist by your judgement?

          • Kelly Ann

            Oh my gosh so when he speaks about giving communion to adulterers your all for it, yet your also all for the catechism teachings on it as well? That’s so confusing.

          • Vinny Zee

            I follow Pope Pius IX (as I do the other Popes) because he stated that one cannot with hold obedience to the chair of Peter and be a Catholic. I follow Francis, because those I hold in authority over me follow him. I am an Eastern Rite Catholic, something I doubt you know very little about. Sedevacantism does not live and breathe like it does in the Roman (west). Even Sedevacantists don’t argue about whether there are still valid orders going all the way up on the eastern side of Catholicism. However, my leadership holds Francis to be Pope and therefore I do.

          • Kelly Ann

            Oh my gosh, your totally missing it.

  • bubba

    how deep does the liberal corruption in our government go. this is truly appalling and disgusting.

  • filomena seiffert

    The pieces of the puzzle coming together. It reminds me as the 3 most catholic countries in Europe, Greece, Italy and Spain were the ones which had and still have the most financial troubles, unable to pay their loans and pressed into cutting benefits to the people. In Spain people committed suicide because could not afford a place to live. This the beast system, to corral every people, every nation under its power to dominate everyone. We see what is happening to the nations who refuse to go under the foot of the beast, they are bullied, threatened and finally invaded, destroyed. I remember father Malachi Martin saying the beast is a power and we were already living under it.

    • Julie

      A Polish priest said the ‘Beast’ is already here.

  • magaforever

    Here is an excerpt from a shoebat article… If all can interpret who then can prevent the madmen? Who then can stop the Manicheans? I have seen friends go mad left on their own with no one to instruct. Heck almost all whom I knew in the counter Jihad Movement have gone the way of the eugenist.

    It is the church and not the Bible that prevents the sane from going mad which Christ Himself instituted “the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth.” (1 Timothy 3:15)

    In reality the Catholic is more fundamental than the fundamentalist. Only the Catholic Church decided what Four Gospels the fundamentalist reads while all others gospels were cancelled only by the authority of the Catholic Church. So even the very New Testament the Protestant reads he reads because such authority he gains from the Catholic Church.

    Therefore, the fundamentalist is still under the authority of the Catholic Church since it did not canonize the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Marcion, Gospel of Basilides, Gospel of Truth, Gospel of the Four Heavenly Realms, Gospel of Mary, Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Philip and many other gospels.

    So even what the Protestant does not adhere to in these other gospels he does so under the authority of the Catholic Church, not the Protestant reformers.

  • magaforever

    You are also a protestant as all who protest the catholic church are just an individualist cultist that denies the other 40000 plus bible interpretations of catholic haters

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Not really bodica, John 21:25 days – “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.”

    Jesus did a lot and said a lot, not everything was recorded in the 4 gospels or Acts of apostle. John the apostle himself admits that. Of course, the 4 gospels teach us about the basics of faith, but there is more to history of church.

    • Precisely, Indy. The Church Fathers demonstrated their understanding of the Scriptures and refuting the earliest Protestants who contended Jesus was not divine, as Arius did for example.

  • Well said. Very, very well said.

  • Julie

    Andrew….check out….and the blogs and various articles on the Catholic Church.

    They have on there a you tube review by a woman with master’s degree and knows New Age very well, who made comments on the light show put out on December 8, 2015 on the outside of St. Peter’s at the Vatican….on Mary’s primary feast of the Immaculate Conception.

    Anyway, they brought out articles from their blog as well….

    The biggest obstacle now to Latin/Orthodox reunion could very well be the Gallen Mafia……..

  • Julie

    No. He said at the beginning of his pontificate his time would be short and didn’t have the health.

    I found out today on that there was work on Bergoglio getting elected instead…..of Benedict.

    Much more going on than slowing down the purging of the Lavender Network.

    I got the “Sunday Visitor”‘s ‘Pope Speaks’ that had booklets on all the talks and encyclicals of John Paul II. Because of the internet, they did not continue with P Benedict.

    But P Benedict did help JPII write a number of his encyclicals…’Revelations….where he will be taken suddenly to his throne in heaven where he will rule….’….at this did not think of Christ at this time….but John Paul…and now Benedict. Have plenty of in home sources…

    And am not afraid whatsover of these goings on at our headquarters….

    Check out at their site what happened to the outside of the Vatican on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Dec 8, 2015…..the light show….I didn’t hear of it until now and some other news is coming out………………………………….

    John Paul ii warned us….and enduring so much since early adulthood…it doesn’t faze me now,

  • Julie

    God bless you….there is also the veil of language

    After studying ‘Perfection’ in the ‘Dialogues of Catherine of Siena’, my Baptist now Catholic friend who was not catechized properly in the faith, asked me how people go to heaven.

    I replied to her the Catholic position but applied the use of language to her background….(I did 5th year work at the U of WA and some grad work in Linguistics)….and she then replied, ‘That is how Baptists think!’

    I think you will really need to pray to the Holy Spirit because of reacting to the baggage of language and the stereotyping used to cause divisions.

    BTW, my friend went head long into Catholicism after that, is most devout and knows so much now. She is Afro American, from New Orleans, her family always trying to return to the Baptist tradition. She is a former Army Cpt and didn’t complete her Masters for some reason….we are friends a long time.

    Keep you in prayer.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    “Human trafficking has surpassed the illegal sale of arms
    Trafficking will surpass the illegal sale of drugs in the next few years
    Drugs are used once and they are gone. Victims of child trafficking can be used and abused over and over
    A $32 billion-a-year industry, human trafficking is on the rise and is in all 50 states (U.S. Government)
    4.5 Million of trafficked persons are sexually exploited
    Up to 300,000 Americans under 18 are lured into the commercial sex trade every year
    From 14,500 – 17,500 of those victims are trafficked into the United States each year”

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Thank-You Phil for your service. My dad was PD/FD commissioner in Livonia, MI from 1966 – 1970. Godspeed in the good fight of faith (traditional catholic) and will keep you in prayer.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Yes, much appreciated Phil. Amen.