Australian Government Declares To Catholic Priests- ‘You Must Report People’s Sins To The Government Or You Will Go To Jail’

The Australian government is threatening to pass a law that will arrest and imprison Catholic priests and bishops for “refusing” to violate the seal of the confessional by identifying and reporting people who confess to sins of child sexual abuse according to a recent report:

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has made 85 recommendations into the justice system, including a new criminal offence for failing to report child abuse.

Under the proposed law, Australians could be charged if they know, suspect or should have suspected a child is being molested, and do not go to the police.

That would include members of the clergy who would be breaking the law if they failed to report any abuse divulged to them during confession.

It has triggered a mixed response from the nation’s Catholics.

The plan has the support of one of Australia’s most well-known Catholics, Melbourne priest Father Bob Maguire.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and that’s what the royal commission is doing,” he said. “In principle, I agree that we should have mandatory reporting, especially in this vexed, vexed, vexed issue of child abuse.”

At the moment, religious confessions are privileged in some parts of Australia, so members of the clergy can refuse to reveal anything that is confessed to them.

Father Bob wants more clarity over how the proposed law would work.

“What can I do? That’s what I want to know. I want the bishops and the royal commission to tell me what to do,” he said.

But he says the recommendations should still be taken seriously, even if they are distasteful to some Catholics.

“Everything should be resubmitted for [redefinition] in the post-modern age. So I want a redefinition of the seal of confession because the one we have now goes back 1,000 years.”

Deep within Melbourne’s CBD is the Caroline Chisholm Library, a Catholic institution with close to 30,000 tomes covering subjects like church history, philosophy and mysticism.

Anthony Krohn is a lawyer from Ballarat who volunteers at the library and thinks breaking the seal of the confessional will not improve reporting on child sex abuse.

“Recidivist and remorseless child abusers are not going to be turning up for confession,” he said.

“If there are people who do turn up who have abused, they’re likely to be in a frame of mind, if the seal of confession is still there, to be open and then get good and sensible and constructive advice.

“The priest and the penitent, and in neither case are they likely to be going to the police and be witnesses for the prosecution.”

Mr Krohn said changing the law would be heavy-handed.

“I don’t think that it would achieve a good that can’t be achieved in another way, and I think that it would drive a wedge between ordinary Catholics’ respect for the law of the land and their faith.”

Some of Australia’s most well-known and highest-ranking clerics have already signalled they would oppose any changes to the privilege around religious confessions.

When asked if he would go to jail to uphold the sanctity of the confessional, the Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, told ABC Radio Melbourne he would.

Archbishop Hart denied suggestions priests would be above the law.

“I would go to extreme lengths outside of the confessional to make sure that the law was observed,” he said. “But there are some matters which are of a higher order, things to do with God.

“If we leave the seal there, which is the position of the Church … it’s perhaps the only opportunity where a person who’s offended or a child who’s been hurt, can have the opportunity for broader advice and then outside the confessional for appropriate action to the taken.”

But that reaction has been met with dismay and anger from Juliette Hughes-Norwood, a Catholic author from Melbourne’s north.

“At what point do you say you’re doing the right thing by disobeying the laws of the country?” she said. “You already disobeyed the laws of the country when you protected child abusers.”

She wants the law to change.

“Have decency — put children first, put human dignity first not your position.” (source)

I cannot emphasize how serious this is. So let’s put this its proper context in as short an explanation as possible.

As the Gospel of Matthew explains, Christ did not come to abolish the old law of Moses, but he rather came to fulfill and perfect it. This means that the provisions of the old law were brought to their full completion in Christ and, having been restored to their full meaning and purpose, are now practiced as God always wanted them to be practiced. At the same time, it also meant discarding non-theologically rooted disciplines that were no longer necessary or would be hindrances to the propagation of the Gospel. It is the reason why the Catholic Church has always taught that she is the New Israel and the fulfillment of Judaism, for to be a member of Israel is not conditional upon genetics or tribal birth, but about choosing to believe in the Gospels or not. As the veil of the temple was rent asunder when Christ died, so was the barrier to salvation for the whole human race destroyed, opening the way to Heaven for all who would choose to receive Christ and follow Him. The coming of the New Testament did not abrogate the spirit of the law or many of the rituals of the Old Testament, but instead purified the Old Testament. This is why both the Old and New Testaments are read at Mass, and why so many rituals found in the practices of ancient Israel are preserved in the Church today. One of these practices is the forgivness of sins, for whereas in the past sins were confessed once a year, sins are now confessed each time at mass as well as to the priest acting in the person of Christ, which was enjoined by Christ Himself when He gave His disciples the power to forgive sins (John 20:21-23, 2 Corinthians 5:18).

When a man goes to confession, because the priest acts in the person of Christ, he is serving in the role given to the Apostles by Christ Himself. To confess one’s sine to a priest is to confess them to Christ, and as such the matter of sin is explicitly between the person confessing his sins and God. The priest is simply the one to whom Christ gave the grace to carry out this ministry. This is the reason why confessional booths in most Churches throughout history have a wall that blocks the penitent from seeing the priest and vice versa. Likewise, the priest under no circumstances can ever reveal the identity of anybody confessing his sins. This is a sin so serious it incurs automatic excommunication that cannot be removed except by the Pope himself. The sin is so serious that many priests are taught that it is better to go to prison or suffer death than to reveal what is said in the confessional.

Everybody knows there is a problem with “sexual abuse” in all societies. But the government doesn’t care one bit about children who are sexually abused, for if it did, it would look into the massive network of sexual abuse involving children that is well documented among the political and business elite of the UK, Australia, and the USA. At the heart here is a struggle between the government and the Church of a magnitude and seriousness as that of the Protestant Revolution, except this time the struggle is about completely stripping the power of the Church from society and making the Church an absolute vassal of the state. To say that the priest must confess to the government is to say that God does not exist because the state is now god and God is a fictional creation of a man’s imagination. “Helping children” is used as an excuse to lever policy in order to justify more control by those who, as we have been constantly saying, view men as farm animals to be controlled, and ultimately their fight is not for the common good, but for who will get to play the role of farmer.

As far as the priest and the woman cited in this article, they are evil and the causes which they are promoting will drag them to hell by the words of their tongues. People speak of wicked men in the ranks of the Church, yet you are looking at them in this article. These people, either by ignorance or by malice, would attempt to subjugate the laws of God to the will of the state just as the Protestant revolutionaries of old did by destroying the second estate and attempting to create a national religion where worship of God is equivalent to following the government.

Fr. Bob Maguire and Juliette Hughes, from the article above. These are the faces of traitors who would overthrow God in favor of government.

By the way, it is worth mentioning that in the Soviet Union and her satellite states, confessional rooms were bugged many times and priests in the Orthodox and Catholic Churches paid in order to attempt to spy and blackmail people. This would happen in any society where socialism takes over, be it the nationalist or internationalist variety because both believe that the state is more important than God. Indeed, history is repeating itself again.

We have been warning that a massive persecution of Christians is coming in the West that will likely be the greatest yet in history, and this is just another sign of what lays ahead.




  • “But the government doesn’t care one bit about children who are sexually abused, for if it did, it would look into the massive network of sexual abuse involving children that is well documented among the political and business elite of the UK, Australia, and the USA.”

    That is a great point here.

    I liked watching “Father Brown” and he always insist that before granting absolution, he would insist the confessee to go to the police and report their crime.

    I agree, this is another attempt for the State to override the authority of the Church, especially when it comes to dealing with sins.

    • Linda

      Absolutely correct! And if the government REALLY cared about sexually abused children, they would enact the DEATH PENALTY for every single pedophile convicted of child sexual abuse!

      • Exactly so. As someone said below, it’s the government’s excuse to use children to break the yoke of the Church.

        Psalm 2 is startlingly reality now.

    • Grandmere

      I am a fan of Father Brown as well.

      • I was too until the last season and I haven’t watched any more since.

        • Grandmere

          I didn’t watch all of them What happened? I stopped watching Grantchester when they went gay.

          • Started to show the priest as toeing the line without going over it. Made him look more tolerant than the older priests who frowned on Wiccan activities.

          • Grandmere

            Well, they better not mess with the final season of the remake of Poldark because I remember the original from the 70s. See you soon.

          • My wife watched most of Poldark and did not like it as the season progressed. She stopped watching it after the 2nd season I think.

            WE CAN’T WAIT FOR OUR CONFIRMATION! See you soon!

  • Sirene

    The Australian left doesn’t know what else to do to attack the Church there. They been attacking Cardinal Pell with all sorts of false accusations.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Hypocrites!!! I’m sick of hypocrites. Would Australia consider enacting laws that demand the reporting if murdered babies? I’m SO sick of ‘governments’ pretending to have the interests of babies and children foremost while they write legislation that allows their wholesale slaughter.

    • David W

      Julie, the eugenicists in the US have fought to prevent abortion clinics from reporting underage abortion “clients”, even in cases of statutory rape and sexual abuse of these underage girls. The pervert is usually the one urging his victim to murder the unborn child to cover his vile act. Whereas reporting these could lead to the arrest and removal of sexual predators, the ghouls use the old privacy arguments. And these ghouls are on both sides of the aisle!

    • Grandmere

      Amen, sister! AMEN!

    • Стефан Евгений

      This sounds just like what the commies did.They forced weak priests to inform on the parishioners.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    I’ll look to find the details – here is the gist though – a priest actually served time in prison, was found guilty of a crime that was committed by the person who had confessed to the crime (seems the crime occurred on Church property) – that is HOW SACROSANCT the seal of thhe confessional is. Pardon to our protestant brothers and sisters that don’t believe in/go to confession because they bought the lies of the founders of their sects.
    Talk about traditions of men that nullify the Word of God!!

    • Richard Dalessandro

      Having once been Baptist I can tell you from my experience they have what is called an altar call. Even a Pentecostal had it. This is what confessional is usually to them. It’s usually a whipping up of emotions to get you to come cry at what to them is deemed an altar at the end of the service. Everytime I went down there to cry babbling about something I felt guilty for even though alot of times I wasn’t. Someone would be next to me saying amen over and over. I started to notice it seemed really fake and it always seemed like the same people going up. Later in life I would sneek into a mass and just watch…I heard so much about how bad Catholics were and how they can sin get their sins forgiven then keep going in their sins and how they worshipped Mary I just had to see with my own eyes.

      From the evidence I have seen it was the Protestant churches that propagate you can sin over and over and all will be fine, I assume that came from the once saved always saved theology. From the Catholic perspective I realize we all have sinned and we at times struggle with snares of our past if we listen to them even slightly, but what is Biblical truth that The Church up holds is a working out of our faith with fear and trembling. The Christian Faith upheld by the Church is a mature and serious matter that takes the faith of a child. It’s a process and walk that takes till now to death….

      On another note my wife bought me a awesome rosary for my birthday. It’s has walnut prayer beads and Walnut cross. I was looking at it and told her I can wear it without worrying it might break. It’s military grade,lol.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        I’ve witnessed what you relayed – the pastor whips the people into a frenzy, I.e., people going to hell – then he asks them to ta raise their hand and get prayed for, come up to the altar and certain congregants come prayed over them (all of a sudden someone is allowed to intercede between you and God) – thanks for your post, because I have totally wiped that whole scenario from my conscious mind! Glad you’re home , glad you have a rosary – I’ve been a Rosary-Prayer for a a little over a year now – last fall I did aa Marian consecration, am thinking of doing it again, this time using the 33 days to Morning Glory. I have read the books by Fr Don Calloway his conversion story is beyond remarkable – his latest book, ‘Champions of the Rosary’ is where I learned of how the Rosary saved the life of a Florida State co-ed from the hands of Ted Bundy – and years later, after requesting to speak to a pastor before he was executed, he told the pastor of the incident at the door of her room, how a force would not allow him entrance to thee room. Thanks.

      • Kamau41

        Welcome Home, Richard.

        “The Rosary is the most excellent form of prayer and the most efficacious means of attaining eternal life. It is the remedy for all our evils, the root of all our blessings. There is no more excellent way of praying.”
        -Pope Leo XIII

  • 1Bobby8

    Like always, the communist anti-Church, anti-God Left uses children to advance their evil agendas while they abort them by the millions and scandalize the rest with homosexual dribble in the schools.

  • Joan Simpson

    This is a difficult situation. I can see both sides.
    In the UK, it is the law for counsellors to report to the police any information a client gives in therapy about child abuse.
    Clients are made aware of this in their contract with the agency and if it looks like they are about to self disclose the counsellor must warn them before they say it. If they do speak of abuse they have been involved in the counsellor works with the client to make it easier for the police to be involved.
    Nor being RC I may not understand as fully as I could but could something similar also happen with the confessional? If the priest worked with the parishioner till he was able to report himself to the police, wouldn’t everyone be satisfied?

  • Ceirwyn

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander: anyone that doesn’t report a child rapist is no better than a government that ignore the rapist scandles going on all over now. Both are guilty.

    Good for those who urge the rapist to confess his crime to the government, but who knows if they will or not? Doctors, police, teachers, etc are supposed to be reporting these crimes already so I can see the governments point. However, I don’t like the strong arm approach being used here.

    I can see this as the consequences of failing to clean up priest/pastor abuse scandles to. That gave government the excuse they needed to reach this point.

  • Rjk

    They’re just trying to scare anyone who is Catholic or Orthodox into avoiding the sacrament of confession altogether. This has nothing to do with what they’re claiming it’s for. They just hate the real church of God so much. Soon like Walid warned before that they will go after the Eucharist or the grain offering. Totally satanic what else could it be.

  • Sirene

    The left is the same globally. A cancer.

  • Julie

    Confessors encourage penitents to report their crimes to the police.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    And many thanks to you for your kind words – and for the links.

  • It’s not limited to Australia. When I went to my first confession in an Anglican Church, there was only three person in front of me, and I think I was the last one.

    I was told people don’t go to confession anymore. Such a shame. First time I was given absolution, it was like a huge burden was lifted. There is something humbling and empowering to be vulnerable to a priest who simply want to help us become the person Christ died for.

    • Стефан Евгений

      No confession no communion in the Russian Church.

  • The “Right” isn’t any better either. They would insist the laws be followed, priest’s obligations to keep confessions under seal be damned.