Chief Of Counter-Terrorism In The European Union Declares: ‘Expect More Massacres Done By Islamic Terrorists.’

By Theodore Shoebat

The chief of counter-terrorism in the European Union, Gilles de Kerchove, has declared that we should expect more jihadist massacres in Europe. This, in my observation, further proves that Germany and the rest of the EU knew already that past terrorists were going to happen, and they want these attacks to happen. Its all done to make justification for militarism for Germany, and for eugenics. This is the subject of my latest video:

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  • filomena seiffert

    He is right, terrorism was not quenched, they will attack and kill where ever they can

  • richinnameonly

    In the end it seems that it’s a big power play with many innocent victims.

    • Brenda

      That’s exactly what it is, the innocent people are always trapped in the middle, Normal people do not want genocide on anyone. Unfortunately there’s a lot of people calling for it these days especially on whites, Sorry to say, as I know a lot of pople hate white just for being white and blame white people for everything on earth period and no matter what. So many of us never met any natsi in our lives, I’m almost 50 years old and never met one, The most racist whites I knew simply did not want to live around the violence of blacks, they did not want to kill them, most wished more than anything for their family and home life to change, for them to stop teaching the screaming and yelling stuff. Now after all of this and all the hate that came my way these past years? I am not sure if I should keep my smooth jazz artist that are black since I cannot even comment without getting attacked on you tube by blacks, I’m tired of all of this white hatred and weird ideas, I know some really nice and kind blacks but these hate filled one’s are making me Leary of all of them now, sorry to say I am just being honest, I also wonder anymore who is getting paid off to promote so much hatred? I want to go live with kind people that understand how I feel anymore and not have to hear the screaming and complaining and all of this over 100 year old live in the past escape goat blaming.

      • richinnameonly

        I hear you. As MLK said, it should be about content of character and not color of skin.

      • David W

        Brenda, this has been simmering under the surface since the 1960s. I grew up in E Oakland, and the Black Panthers/Nation Of Islam/Crips/Bloods were never as united and WELL FUNDED until the last few years. Remember, the Black Lives Matter terrorist group was invited into the White House many times, and GEORGE SOROS is funding these street thugs!! There are also very wealthy whites funding the riots and the gangs. At the Baltimore riots, the black mobs were in front, while the white college kids were in back. And never underestimate the effect of marijuana on useful idiots. And you will see the illegal immigrants with the masks and bandanas!

        You know history as well as the rest of the Shoebateers. As Theodore said, the war and massacres in Serbia started with assassinations of police, and then the Bosnian/Albanian terrorists started killing civilians. And lest we forget South Africa, the black mobs were encouraged by the ruling Marxists to attack the disarmed and outnumbered white farmers.

        And one of the ways the ANC dealt with opponents was to drag them out out of their cars and give them a “necklace”. Imagine a tire filled with gasoline, placed around the neck of a victim who is handcuffed. People have been burned alive in the US by black gang members recently, expect more. And the media, along with the enemies within the government, will ignore and excuse this. MAGA, my eye!!

        • Brenda

          That is the most frustrating part of this whole thing, The true white devils are getting off Scott free and paying for this mess to enslave us all, While the regular Joe and Jane that just wants to work and support their family and always dreams peace and security for everyone gets screamed at and hate filled looks out of the blue while at the store o in the parking lot, Oh whites do this to other whites too, It’s just in the past two years especially this call for literal genocide has kicked in and I know there is a script these people are going by, Not just here in the US but all over it’s way too scripted IMHO written by a true sociopath.

      • Randy Perez

        Yep. Excusing hatred and normalizing hatred and fear. You fleshly creature. You arent welcomed in the Christ’s kingdom with that attitude.

        • Brenda

          What in the heck are you talking about? The normalization has been getting attacked based on skin color and that has to stop, it’s the last thing I want, I’m not the one hating people out there so much that they cannot even make a nice comment on a song without getting attacked and mocked for it, It’s going to push the wrong people away and make them fearful when they weren’t before, It has to stop, and media especially has to stop pushing it and normalizing it.

  • Raph Sebastian

    They have already lost the war. By saying they are going to expect more attacks without saying “we will defeat and kill on sight all who try to attack or plan to attack or give support to potential terrorists and terrorists.”

    It’s the mentality of a defeated person who thinks it is a fait accompli or as inevitable without doing anything to preempt or the prevent this from happening.

    How about trying extreme vetting at borders? How about asking for sponsors already in the country before they enter? How about profiling at borders?

    As far as I am concerned, after having served in tours of duty in these nations and working in defence intelligence before requesting to be deployed there are certain assumptions that are true of terrorists, many of whom now are “refugees”.

    What is sacred to them is clan, family and tribal ties. The only way to win this is to openly say, if you have family in the country you attack, they will be deported. If they gave material support or shelter they will face 25 years imprisonment. Juveniles will be deported.

    We will hunt down your family members in the country of your origin and residence prior to your attack.

    This will level the playing field.

    • Did you watch the video?

      — Theodore Shoebat

      • Raph Sebastian

        Yes Theo I watched the vid. I agree that this from the start is part of a grand design. All wars were started on some pretext or another.

        But as a former soldier, my comment is a solution that no one will implement.

        I’ve come face to face and most times during my service, observed from a distance how they operate, gathered intel on their familial networks and how they shield and protect their own yet because of rules of engagement my men and I could not take them out because they either did not fire on us first or posed no imminent or immediate threat to us.

        I watched them kill whole families while we could do nothing. I watched them torture children while we did nothing.

        While many today say that attacks cannot be 100% prevented I say if any gov’t or leader of a nation is willing to say what I said in my first post and implement it, then there wiĺ be 100% prevention because they are now also putting their families, clan and tribe at stake.

        But if anyone says that implementing my comments means we are being no better than them, then the people who think this has no concept of what war really means.

        We both know that muslims in whatever country they are in do not see themselves as nationals or citizens of that country. Their allegiance is to family, clan and tribe first and foremost.

        • Brenda

          They truly do not have any concept of war, there is more then one kind / style as well and they just don’t get it, These people are more patient and devoted to their cause than most can ever imagine. We live in an instant gratification world that doesn’t do anything good or wholesome for us in our daily lives and especially it doesn’t help anyone understand the patient and persistent mind of an enemy determined to take over.

          • Raph Sebastian

            What sickens me most is the notion that if we lower ourselves to playing the game with their rules; it makes us no different than they are.

            That’s a false equivalence. War is never pleasant. But any proper soldier would know that one goes to war to win and make the enemy lose their appetite for further war. Wars throughout history were never won by limited use of the army. Even the Crusaders knew what war entails despite being God fearing men.

            Did St. Joan of Ark not fight as fiercely as her enemies? Are Christians now going to claim that she was just as barbaric as the English?

            Does that make us just like the enemy? Tons of people say such miserably obnoxious ignorant things including purported philosophers. But none of them faced the enemy head on in any battle. These are armchair warriors as far as I am concerned.

            As a soldier I have often encountered hypocrites who would thank me for my service from one side of their mouth and from the other accuse me of being a brainwashed automaton with orders and a big gun.

          • Brenda

            Yes I know what your saying, I cannot talk truth to anyone even in my family without being considered extreme or mean, Today the simple truth is considered being just as bad as them etc and then everyone wonders why things are so messed up. It’s like the fatherless family but on a grand scale I guess.

          • Raph Sebastian

            Scripture says The truth will set you free. So keep telling the truth even if it alienates you. It’s beyter to be a witness to the truth than to be politically correct.

          • Kamau41


          • Raph Sebastian

            Amen brother.
            The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose and it will defend itself. –St. Augustine

  • And then, we have this: ISIS Supporters Call For Poisoning of Food in Grocery Stores Across U.S. and Europe

    “The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) and its followers have traditionally used shock and awe tactics in their attacks on the West, taking knives, assault rifles and trucks on as weapons in shocking assaults. But the group’s followers are now calling for a hidden weapon: poison. The target? Western grocery stores.”

    “In the third part of an English-language series promoting lone-wolf jihad in Western countries, potential attackers are advised to inject food for sale in markets with cyanide poison,” U.S.-based jihadi monitoring group SITE Intelligence reported.”

    Link to complete information:

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