The Majority Of Catholics In The UK Officially Support Men Sodomizing Each Other And Murdering Babies

The majority of Catholics in Britain officially support both abortion and homosexuality according to a recent study:

Most British Catholics now back abortion, according to a new census which shows a dramatic shift in Christians’ social views.

For the first time a majority of Catholics – who typically hold to conservative views on issues of life and death – agreed ‘the law should allow an abortion if the woman decides . . . she does not wish to have a child’.

It comes after Jacob Rees-Mogg, tipped to be a contender for leader of the Conservative Party, explained his staunch opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion by saying he followed the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The 2016 British Social Attitudes survey showed an increase in support for abortion among Catholics rise from 39 per cent when the question was last asked in 2012 in 61 per cent last year. The level of approval is only slightly lower than among those with no religion – 70 per cent of who back abortion according to the same survey.

The sudden rise comes after British Catholics views on abortion had remained relatively steady over the previous 30 years with the same poll in 1985 finding 33 per cent said a woman has a right to have an abortion.

In 1985 the proportion of those with no religion who backed abortion was 57 per cent after a significant shift in both the law and public perception following the 1967 Abortion Act that made termination permissible in certain circumstances.

The survey also found a majority of Anglicans saying gay relationships were ‘not wrong at all’ for the first time. The same study found a 50-50 split in 2015 with support among those of no religion at 76 per cent.

Meanwhile support for gay couples among Catholics continues to rise with 62 per cent backing same-sex relationships after crossing the 50 per cent marker in 2013.

However the official position of the Catholic Church remains resolutely opposed to both abortion and gay marriage and the Church of England has promised a more welcoming attitude to gay people but has offered no change to its stance against same-sex weddings. (source)

This is a very disturbing development in the UK, but not a surprise, for as the article itself notes, the change is generational, and the younger a person is the more one is likely to support these particular ideas.

Catholicism in the UK has been under strain since the Protestant revolution, and the issue of the English Revolution was the same as it was of Luther’s rebellion, for it was less about religion or actual problems in the religious hierarchy, but instead about making the Church subject to the will of the crown, and obedience to the King synonymous with obedience to God. This is also not a new problem historically speaking, and was the cause of many martyrs, including the martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket over his conflict with King Henry II. The difference with the time of St. Thomas Becket and King Henry VIII is that King Henry’s revolt was successful in subjugating the people and expelling the Church. This was the end of Christendom, because the fracturing caused by the Protestant movement allowed each man to create his own “church” acting as his own, self-appointed, independent authority. As such, it would only come in time and naturally so that without any historical context and sacred tradition coming from the apostles and transmitted throughout the ages that a man could reject any authority he disagreed with merely on his own opinion and appoint himself priest, bishop, and pope and claim the Bible supports him because it is simply a matter of one opinion against another.

The Catholic Church in the UK has suffered many persecutions since the Revolution, being virtually stamped out in ways seen only in Islamic lands. It was not until 1829 that some of the anti-Catholic laws were overturned or notably loosened and has made continual improvements, but there are still may problems with the state of the Church, most notably a decline in church attendance, a falling population, and a rise of secularism.

These things did not happen just out of nothing, because secularism does not just “pop up” from among a religious people. It has roots and origins, and the simple answer is that being Catholic for many English people became a symbol of group and social, or in the case of many Irish, ethnic identity instead of religious belief. People associated with the Faith because it was part of “their group” and not because they actually believe in what it teaches. This has been a historical problem for the Church just like heresy, just as weeds are a constant problem for a gardener. It is necessary to pick the weeds out of the garden to keep it healthy just as it is necessary to identify and confront the heresies of each time, for it is when they are left unattended that it becomes a dangerous problem.

English Catholicism is not declining because of just “natural causes,” but it is because people simply do not believe. That is the reason that in addition to the decline a majority of the people support homosexuality and abortion and nearly the same rates as the general population, because there is no difference between them and the average pagan other than a mere, superficial group association.

People talk about the rise of Islam, but the fact is the rise of Islam could not happen unless there was a void left by the Church for it to fill. The fact is that the state of the Catholic Church in the UK is a reflection of the people as well as that of the work of the clergy, and everything points to a lack of believe in the faith, from simple points to complex ones. There are many Catholics, but one can say that many do not believe, especially among the younger ones.

Certainly as long as a man lives there is hope, but the writing is on the wall. Barring an absolute change, there will not be so much of a decline in the Church as a natural disappearance from that nation, as there will no longer be a purpose or difference in going to church than being a secular pagan.



  • Church of England is dying. Anglican Church of North America and GAFCON installed a consecrated missionary bishop in England – Canon Andy Lines, in open defiance of the apostate Archbishop Welby, in order to shepherd orthodox Anglicans.

    The Anglican Catholic Church, whom I belong to, will be meeting in Atlanta to sign an intercommunion agreement with other Four Continuing Anglican dioceses.

    In order for Anglicans to resume being in communion with the Eastern Orthodox Church, we have to address the “filquoe” clause in the Nicene Creed, jettison all traces of Calvinism, and basically return to classical Anglicans of the Middle Age before the innovation of the 1960s.

    Until then, we are pretty much on our own, but it’s not stopping me from hoping for a reunion with the Eastern Orthodox and eventually Rome.

    Have a good evening, y’all.

    • Kamau41

      “Until then, we are pretty much on our own, but it’s not stopping me from hoping for a reunion with the Eastern Orthodox and eventually Rome.” In the fullness of God’s timing that will happen; but in the meantime as the road continues to get so much narrower, we patiently keep on rowing together all the way to the Promised Land!

      • A Roman and Anglican Catholic rowing together. Why not?

        • Grandmere

          Sounds good to me.

    • Kevin Nicholson

      “In summary, then, authority rests originally and uniquely in God’s will, of which Scripture is in many respects the unique record. Scripture itself is understood and apprehended by reason and tradition. These three sources are mutually supportive and influential. The best guide to the truths of Scripture, reasonably and traditionally understood, is the consensus of the apostolic, episcopal Churches through time and space. These truths are authoritatively summarized in the three Creeds of the Church and are elaborated by the fuller teaching of the Ecumenical Councils. These, in turn, have shaped the founding documents of the Anglican Catholic Church–The Affirmation of St. Louis and the Constitution and Canons of the ACC.”

      • So what did you glean from visiting the ACC’s website?

        • Kevin Nicholson

          Trevor, I pray that they reunite with the traditional (not Vatican II) Catholic church. Christ only has one body. Godspeed brother in Christ our Redeemer. Amen.

          • Grandmere

            Things could get so bad that the numbers of the faithful dwindle to those of the early church and like those saints we might be holding hands in the Coliseum.

          • Kevin Nicholson

            Grandmere, our coliseum will be FEMA centers for not accepting the beast’s mark (microchip) for re-education to buy and sell in Antichrist’s socialist supermarket. We are the remnant if we endure by good works until the end. The more of God’s mercy and grace we receive the more obedient we become – let’s be purified in this life to see His face in the next. Peace in Christ our victory. Amen

      • Grandmere

        The three legged stool. I remember that from confirmation class.

  • Randy Perez

    “People associated with the Faith because it was part of “their group” and not because they actually believe in what it teaches.” Excellent. I made this point many times.

  • Raph Sebastian

    Those who support abortion, sodomy, contraception, and/or the 5 non-negotiables but claim to be Catholic truly are not Catholic.

    Just like you can’t be a white, black , brown, green, yellow, purple or whatever colour supremacist and be Catholic.

    These people have excommunicated themselves and receive the LORD in His real presence in the Eucharist unworthily and thus according to St. Paul bring judgment upon themselves.

    • PaulF

      exactly. unbelievers are not Catholics.

    • Julie


  • Mart1963

    Should not be surprised that everything is rotten in the land of the Antichrist!

    The Bible tells us where the AC comes from,

    In Daniel the lion(England) will have it’s eagle(US) wings ripped off(War of Independents) and later the lion will stand up as a man and a man’s mind will be given to it.

    Daniel tells us that these beasts represent kingdoms and that the 4th beast will consume the whole world(UN).

    Revelation tells us the Beast will have a lion’s mouth and that the number of the beast is the number of a man this lion beast man of Daniel.

    A Prince who says that when he become king he will be known as the defender of all faiths, i.e. savior of the world!

    Type in google images “Prince savior world” to see him in all his glory!

    • All For Him

      Did you know the wisest of all men was receiving 666 gold talents at the height of his reign, who was this. Here is his end 1 Kings 11 vs4-13. Those same attributes the AC will have, almost everyone will fall.

      1 Kings 10:14 The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents,

      2 Chronicles 9:13 The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents,

  • Fred

    Labeling a person “Catholic” is incorrect if they do not believe the dogmas and doctrines of the Faith. They are Protestants – if they protest the teachings of the Church. Reference Pelosi, Biden, Pope Frances, et al.

  • jay

    This is more evidence that the Vatican II cult is not the Catholic Church nor are the Anti Popes that have held sway over it true Popes. Catholicism is in the catacombs.

    • Kevin Nicholson

  • Julie

    Mystic Post has a great introductory piece on Fatima and the Angel with the Sword…it is in the Book of Revelations….not so much global warming…as I tended to think…but under the ground……

  • Mart1963

    The royals trace there roots to King David, Muhammad and many other leaders and kings due to their inbreeding with each other.