Donald Trump Is Right, These NFL Players Who Don’t Honor The National Anthem Should Be Fired. The Left And Major Elites Are Using This Situation To Push A Violent Racist Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat

Donald Trump is right, these NFL players should be fired for using their position for a race based political agenda. But this is all part of a conspiracy to push a violent racist agenda. I did a whole video on this:

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  • Julie LaBrecque

    Most of them are just overfed, overpaid fat boys. Dallas has it right – go Cowboys!

  • Rjk

    I hope to GOD that the people listen to Trump and stop attending the games. So that whole industry starts to disentagrate and then they will start to crack the whip against these idiot brainwashed players.

    • susan

      It’s the owners.

  • NFL = No Fun League. Been unwatchable for several years for me. Can’t hold my attention for more than 5 minutes.

    • Julie LaBrecque


      • We are just like ancient Rome who goes to games for entertainment.

        One day, those stadiums will be come spectacle of blood where Christians will be martyred for Christ, here on American soils and they will be an entertainment. It will be like Afghanistan where soccer stadiums were turned know killing fields.

        We brought this upon ourselves because like the Romans, they went to games while barbarians swarmed the city. Today, it’s the MS-13, white eugenics supremacist, BLM, apostate Christians who create weird cocktail of witchcraft and Christian theology, who will be doing the killing. They are within our cities and waiting.

        The many division of the Church made us weak.

        But what a time to be a Catholic, an Orthodox, and an Anglican for we will bear witness by our declaration of the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          Absolutely – we can hear the chugs of the train in the distance. Don Bosco’s prophetic dream – the moorings of the ship are the Eucharist and Mary.

          • Speaking of Mary, excuse me, the Blessed Virgin, the priest-in-charge wife gave my wife a booklet for praying the Rosary. Yup, even Anglican Catholic are praying the same Rosary, much to my everlasting delight.

    • magaforever

      Soon to be no fan league… I hope all those racist cowards lose those millions they got from white fans and starve to death…i hope they have to live like the black african slaves of muslim bastards they dont give a damn about

      • Maybe it has been a while but there’s plenty of white players like oh, Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. So maybe revise your statement.

        • magaforever

          Ummm pretty sure i didnt say only the black players can starve and im pretty sure that blacks are only 13 percent of the pop of that how many are contributing money watching the nfl??? Not near as many as whites.. Maybe youre tge racist for assuming i only hate the pathetic black players that kneel.

          • Your comment suggests otherwise.

          • magaforever

            Not really.. The only time my comment is explicitly about the black nfl players i was speaking on their hypocrisy of taking so many white dollars instead of giving the money to poor blacks that actually are enslaved.. Im not a racist im an equal opportunity bigot…i hate trash of all ethnicity.

  • susan

    I’m already looking forward to your next series. You touched on so many subjects. I really agreed with your analysis of the holocaust industry and the movie saving Private Ryan. They only get upset and kill dead Nazis. It’s mammon.

    I’ve often wondered why news commentators are so terribly wrong. You explained it perfectly! 😀

  • DeusLoVult

    I disagree. They do not have free speech. If they told their coach that he was an idiot don’t you think they’d be fired? Absolutely. Same if you told your boss.When they’re on the field, at work, they don’t have that right.

  • Lance

    NFL & AFL are dead to me. None of the games, products, sponsors, ads or News Replays will be seen during my personal boycott.

  • Brenda

    Pretty much some of the the same things I said today, “Too bad people weren’t as upset about the gay cake deal or on demand abortions and the satanic churches.” The football watchers are not all Christians, so naturally they can agree on it in mass, Tons of things have become cultist like anymore. Recently you did a post of a nerd that bashed a black person in a coffee shop, I went through similar a lot of times and it never would have made any headlines, Our car windows were smashed out, I was shot at waiting for the school bus and so on for being white, and then we were mobbed when we were moving out of that neighborhood. Now, I am not socially “allowed” to mention any of those things without getting labeled a racist, even of they are true. I’d never be able to sell a movie or a book on my life experiences. Before I get labeled here, Understand that I can still also freely wave hello to blacks just while driving and I can still see friendly Godly men. I can also instinctively know who to stay away from just by eye contact of any race for that matter. The problem is this for me.. since Obama something got really “mixed up” along the way, and now concerning any political person, If you do not like the person that the other person likes? Your considered some mortal enemy. Everything became like some extreme life or death situation, Your now the enemy based on that and that alone, It would never even be considered that maybe you just jumped out of your car the previous day to help a hit and run victim who was not of your race, as I have done. When or how is the mental mix up going to be fixed? I don’t have any other answer besides please stop seeing any political person as our God, Our only voice or our only hope, All too often they serve themselves alone and they will not walk into my home and cook me a meal anytime soon.

  • My wife said it best this morning, “This is a nation being run by children.”

    • Kamau41

      She’s absolutely right. As we can clearly see the conditions of our society, it’s a very telling sign that we are living in a very degenerate/adulterous generation.

      • And we live among Christians who are seeking after signs for the coming of Christ instead of being occupied until He comes.

        The latest craze? It is September 26 and the world did not end as predicted on the 23rd.

        • Kamau41

          Nothing new under sun, right? The madness/chaos continues on. This latest craze reminds me so much of Harold Camping back in Sep 1994, who wrote a book, plus a sequel, about the world coming to an end twice in the same month and did it again in Oct of that same year. He made another prediction again as recently as May 21, 2011. Just with him alone, he made 12 total failed predictions, but eventually his world came to an end first. Then we had to deal with the whole ‘blood’ moon nonsense with Mark Blitz/John Hagee recently.
          As I have said before, every person who predicted the end has an absolute awful track record, as every date setter has been wrong since the beginning….Attached below, is a list of the 10 high profiled failed ‘doomsday’ predictions. See link below. They ain’t the first and surely this latest craze won’t be the last.

          • Absolutely correct, nothing new under the sun!

            Camping…Hagee…Cahn… they refuse to recant and repent.

            I remember that list.

          • David W

            Camping died of a stroke in a nursing home in 2013. I remember his END of the World books in the book stores back in 1994, and even back in 2011 his radio scam was raking in tens of millions of $$$$. He read the Bible in allegorical mode (SOLA SCRIPTURA fanatic). He told people to leave the churches (the “whore of Babylon according to this Dutch Reformed cultist) and spend Sunday listening to his radio show.

          • I remember he died in a nursing home to an inglorious end. I also recall reading of a mother who was such a devoted listener of Camping, she became hysterical when 2012 was approaching, she killed her children.

  • Randy Perez

    So many good points. You talked about thr psychology about how people in the 21st century start to become racist and believe in eugenics. Its funny because it was the same thought processes that led me to become a Christian Theocrat. I already had a strong Christian foundation.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    I most-heartedly applaud your comment – I would like to see this go ‘viral’, as you have captured the sentiment of ALL red-blooded Americans at this moment in history. At Sam’s club yesterday, I happened upon a couple that I had not seen in 20-plus years since they moved away to another town. Once past the gratuitous ‘How have you been, how is mom?’ etc, the entirety of our ‘catching-up’ was the subject at hand of which you have heretofore brilliantly stated. Bravo to you, and bravo for telling it without reservation!!

  • David W

    If a player expressed an opinion that offended the LGBT or Muslim mafia, he would be suspended, fined or released!

    These are millionaires and billionaires who have never experienced slavery. And the NFL is a non-profit Corporation. When Dallas wanted to wear an emblem in honor of the policemen assassinated by the Black Lives Matter thug, the NFL commissioner said NO.

  • Tzione

    “Praying” for their SUPERBOWL RINGS?

  • John

    A lot of these celebrities seen by the public as winners are really losers. A lot of them have poor morals, take drugs, cheat on their spouses and don’t have it together personally. Yet they take to the air and tell the public what should be done on issues. That doesn’t make any sense at all. They need to spend time to work on their own selves.

  • Kamau41

    “Never again is already happening again.” Another excellent video, Theodore. I definitely agree with the fact that the Holocaust movies/documentaries during the 1970s-late 90s, did indeed do more harm than good. One can now look back and see that they were making these movies as an ‘industry’ as opposed to actually educating the public of the foundational truths/concepts regarding the Holocaust.

    I’m glad you touched on the fact that Jim Crow actually inspired the N*zis in Germany. Most people are unable to make that connection. Following people in what people say and do is a great indicator to see how society is shifting…

    Let is always remember, “Evil has no race”.

  • MidNightRider2001 .

    What if the NFL started protesting gay marriage? Is it okay kneel then or do we need to lick boots?

  • randomthoughts4u33

    they will start on boxing next… although, the hollywood tolerant’s love boxing… go figure

  • Eric Mueller

    It’s been years since I’ve watched any football game. Of course now having a 60 hour work week and helping with family obligations might do that. : – D In all honesty though I now consider almost every athlete on some sort of stimulant/muscle enhancer. All sports in my mind is like “professional wrestling”, entertainment and just for show and not the natural God given physical abilities as it should be.

    Incidentally, my thoughts on this would be a good-old fashioned hanging. If you disrespect the flag, our national anthem, and our veterans they all should be hung for treason. I doubt many people would miss them anyway.

  • bubba

    signs of the times folks. only one facet of the same evil trying to enslave us all. billions are walking in darkness and certainly not realizing it either.

    • Brenda

      Love your cat helmet, It just reminded me of my first boyfriend when I was like six years old, He wore a special helmet becasue he was kicked in the head by a horse and had to have surgeries and to me it made him more cute, I still remember the smell of soap on his cheeks I would sometimes steal a kiss on.

  • Brenda

    Finally I was able to watch the whole video, my computer is getting old. Oh boy, Some of the same exact thoughts I had today on a few topics and it helped verify that I am not alone on seeing it, So hopefully many more are, But I think were silent people especially now with so much instant hate around us. There is a kind and gentle black man I have talked to and asked some questions I had that were bugging me but was afraid to ask anyone else directly, and although he has falling just slightly into the trap he is out of it enough to see the truth and think for himself, thank god. Because he is not a screamer and is more introverted like myself we had that luxury of honest and frank conversation that many extroverts never will in this decade I guess. This liberal PC really will be the death of us, without honest and open conversation we wont be able to see where we actually can make realistic and healthy compromises.

  • DeusLoVult

    That is completely unrelated to my point.

  • MidNightRider2001 .

    You worship a national anthem that supports gay marriage? Really?