Las Vegas Mass Shooter Worshipped Gambling, Spent Ten To Thirty Thousand Dollars A Day Gambling In The Casinos

By Theodore Shoebat

The Las Vegas mass shooter, Stephan Paddock, spent 10 to 30 thousand dollars a day on gambling. Its another reflection of the decay of society. I did a video on this:

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  • My wife called it. She said she suspected he was either an addict to gambling, alcohol, drugs, or a veteran who simply lost it.

  • susan

    We are a sick society that needs Catholic teaching and healing. Confession and the Eucharist. The sacraments. We can hope people made a last minute confession but the sad reality is few do. When ones whole life, as hefner’s was, is a lie from satan and he chose it…and never wavered….that hardened crusty heart will still follow the lie to the grave. It’s one of many of the deadly consequences of sin. How many innocent babes in the womb were murdered to satisfy the lusts spawned by playboys girls next door. Marriages irretrievably broken. Perversions tasted. Step children molested. And on and on it goes from one generation to the next. We need healing.
    We should consider our death everyday. Wise words today Theodore.

    • Kamau41

      “Confession and the Eucharist.” Amen, Susan.

    • jimmy

      Amen Susan I couldn’t agree more.

  • Shane Bass

    Your son Mr. Walid is becoming more articulate and mature everyday, a fine young man on fire for God. And I do not mean that he wasn’t articulate or mature before, I’m simply saying your Son has no rival, except for maybe Saints in the past. His intelligence is so far reaching and his knowledge is deep. Thank you and your wife for raising a man such as him.

  • filomena seiffert

    So much many spent in gambling while millions are starving. How much bread could be bought for one day of his spending. Vices are difficult to overcome. One needs to implore God’s mercy to overcome a vice. Sorry for his soul for the useless use of the money he could have used to help others and the assassination of many lives and the utmost despair by taking his own life

  • MattB

    You’ve just explained whether deliberately or otherwise, why false flag terrorism is such an effective (and satanic) military strategy for governments who choose to adopt it, regarding foreign or domestic terrorism.

    It’s easy to point the finger and blame an outside enemy or threat for one’s troubles. It is much more difficult to soberly reflect upon the evils of one’s own nation and people (and self) as a society.

  • Kamau41

    Excellent analysis on the background of this sub-human. So many ignore the fact that we are truly living in a disfunctional society. The solution is to return back to the Catholic Christian Faith.
    “For they that will become rich, fall into temptation, and into the snare of the devil, and into many unprofitable and hurtful desires, which drown men into destruction and perdition. For the desire of money is the root of all evils; which some coveting have erred from the faith, and have entangled themselves in many sorrows.” -1 Tim 6:9-10

  • magaforever

    Jesus told his disciples to buy a sword…i imagine that is because he knew EVERY society would be disfunctional until his return

  • David W

    And we see more brutality and depravity every day–not all of it from Muslims:

    Drugs, homosexuality, violence and cruelty…

  • Ceirwyn

    This whole thing is a false flag. The facts don’t add up at all. Pretty sure this shadow government.

  • filomena seiffert

    Agree, gambling should be banished its a immoral way of making money at others expenses. How man families have been devastated by this vice? As for him been a IS member I doubt, he was to old for that. I think he just saw how meaningless his life was and got infuriated but the much money he wasted just to make his life miserable and decided to take many lives as he could to make a statement.

  • Eric Mueller

    If this video is true I will never forget it. It has been added to the horrific videos I have seen. Just like with the brutal beheading and execution videos I have seen. Just like the video with the Jordanian pilot burning alive. Just like the video with people locked in a cage and dropped to the bottom of a pool to drown. Just like the video of people locked in a car and having a rocket fired at them. Just like the video of a tank running over a poor soul. This video is like those, to me. Watch when you can I’m sure it will be blocked and taken down in a day or two.

    • Eric Mueller

      Coincidentally is it my hearing or on a few videos am I hearing 2 guns firing at the same time? Take for instance this video:

      Now listen very carefully to the 2:00 minute mark. To me it sounds like a gun firing a distance away, away from the person taking the video.
      At about the 2:05 mark it sounds like a gun firing above their heads a lot closer before it stops but then the gun in the distance keeps going for a couple seconds longer.
      I realize that buildings can cause an echo-y sort of sound but would it be at all possible that one person was at one window firing and when the people would try to run away the other person would fire making it a true “kill box”?

      The only other thing I can think of at this moment regarding this moment in the video was this demon had multiple guns loaded and ready to fire at each window and easy access. When he ran out of ammo he would switch to the other window quickly, within 2-3 seconds, (Like: step, step, kneel, shoot. back and forth. if that makes any sense?)

    • Eric Mueller

      One other thing. This could have been A LOT worse. Hannity had witnesses on and one of the guys said the shooter was taking shots at propane tanks. . .

      I will try to post source asap.

      • Grandmere

        Eric, they were large jet fuel tanks at the airport.

        • Eric Mueller

          Thank you for the correction. I was in a hurry when I wrote the post and did not have a chance to correct it until now.

          That would have made it that much worse with jet fuel tanks exploding. That probably was the getaway plan. While cops and firefighters dealt with the explosion, he (they?) would have been able to sneak out of the hotel and probably kill even more people later. . .

  • Eric Mueller

    I heard on the fourth floor the flash was the smoke alarm flashing. I do however believe it might be possible there was more than one shooter on the 32nd floor. See my comment to myself. : – )

  • Michael Powell

    There were at least two shooters.

  • Grandmere

    Las Vegas has always been a way to launder money. People who need to wash money don’t care if they get 70% on the dollar. The whole place was set up by the Mafia back in the day.

  • Grandmere

    You are onto something. Gun runners and drug dealers launder their money in Las Vegas.

  • ezekiel22

    You got some of the things correct. The designer and his daughter were executed however. They were shot in the back of the head with a shotgun. That is one heck of a contortion.
    The gun running was done to the Middle East mainly and can be partially traced by his airplane tail numbers and flights. The “shooter” did have a sketchy background with the CIA for sure. They just released a little information stating the security guard was shot six minutes before the main event which is odd. Odder still is that the jacket he wore is missing. BTW two hundred shots in a hotel hallway and no panic? Really? If you get a chance check out the photos of the dead body and see what you notice. For starters the guy shot himself with a .357. The body looks laid out. The blood stain is wrong in size and the fact that there is two conjoint pools of different intensity. Also he is too pale for the amount of time he was supposedly dead.
    There are more videos coming out of multiple shooters that echoes cannot explain or account for. The FBI wants all videos given to them of course and they are probably threatening people to not release to FB.
    Vegas is the biggest small town in the U.S. My guess is that this was an arms deal with ISIS that got found out. ISIS killed Paddock shot the people and left in short order with one of them wearing the security jacket. If that gets out the Vegas tourism takes a hit.