The Mass Shooting In Las Vegas, In Which 58 People Were Killed And Hundreds Were Injured, Is Only Another Example As To How Violent American Society Has Become

 By Theodore Shoebat

The mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas, in which 58 people were massacred and hundreds were injured, is only another example as to how violent American society has become. This is the subject of my latest video. We will post on this story as new information is discovered.

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  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    I pretty much agree.

    I’ve seen people already say he was a democrat and he aimed for trump supporters.

    • susan

      He was delivering payback. He knew the kinds of people who’d be there. He’d once been a part of them in a small way. He’s way too methodical for random madman. And he’s number two.

  • Brick

    ISIS and other counter Jihad movements identify the shooter as a convert to Muslim. But, personally I have my doubts…

  • AnthonyM

    Such an evil act. Shooting innocent defenseless people is juste veil.
    I don’t accept his brother explanation that he just ‘snapped’. The murderer built up to his actions over time. Where was his brother, his girlfriend who is conveniently out of the country when intervention would have made a difference?
    ISIS claims Paddock converted, but there is no proof offered. Terrorists claim every evil act to spread fear.

    • David W

      As many others have pointed out, he planned this very well in advance. Don’t expect the empty suits in DC or Vegas to ask pertinent questions.

      The suites at the resort casino are very expensive, he had to book these in advance. He had to get these ten rifles up to the room and thousands of rounds of ammo. Vegas casinos have a no-gun policy for guests, so how did he get 10 guns and ammo through the casino and hotel lobby past the security personnel, and up to his room?? Full automatic weapons are very hard to get legally (no machine guns imported since 1986), and very expensive, with extensive and slow federal background checks, as well as a $15000+ Class 3 permit. Who assisted him? Was he on a watch list too?

      Alot of people want to know: Was there only one shooter? What did he use to bust out windows? He had camera surveillance to alert him to the approach of a SWAT team that did not show up for MORE THAN ONE HOUR. Why did he choose a country-western venue? Where is his girlfriend? Where is the combative Hispanic girl that warned concertgoers that they were gonna die 45 minutes before she and her boyfriend were escorted out? What kept the TAC units from responding in a timely fashion?

      What were the calibers? Belt-fed or magazine? Was he trained?

      After Fast and Furious, I have trouble trusting the official press release.

      • AnthonyM

        I suspect he modified, or paid someone to modify the rifles for full automatic. One was named as an AR-15, probably done illegally. He had no military training, but this ambush/shooting information is freely available, as in setting up a shooting platform, etc.
        His girlfriend is in the Philippines. She seems to be just along for the ride. Apparently he owned many homes, so was classified as multimillionaire.
        It was strange about the Hispanic girl and her boyfriend. Apparently they were shoving to get to the front of the venue, and the woman in front of them objected. Who know where that Hispanic woman’s statement was inspired from.
        Why he chose C&W is odd. Hopefully we will hear more in the coming days.
        From the audio clip, it sounded like after firing 10-15 rounds he would pause for a few seconds, probably to load another magazine.
        The clips were very difficult to listen to. He was just spraying the area that was packed with people. He did’t have to really aim.

      • DeusLoVult

        “and very expensive, with extensive and slow federal background checks, as well as a $15000+ Class 3 permit.”

        This is quite incorrect. There is no such thing as a class 3 permit for the purposes of buying a weapon as an individual. You’re thinking of dealers. Class III is a weapons category of the National Firearms Act. The only additional cost is the $200 tax stamp. The background check is no longer than buying a suppressor.

        Furthermore, the 1986 ban is on possession of fully automatic weapons manufactured after May, 1986. I believe importations were prohibited with the Gun Control Act of 1968, which bans the importation of weapons that are deemed not to have a “sporting purpose”

        I find it very likely that he used semi-automatic weapons/weapons in the attack. Media is full of sh*t.

        • David W

          Appreciate the correction. My error! I also forgot about FDR imposing heavy taxes on full automatic weaponry.

          • DeusLoVult

            No problem. Hope it didn’t come off as rude.

          • David W

            It is never rude to label the midstream media as FOS!!

  • Michael Powell

    Theodore, I’m hearing reports that this may be a false flag. Not taking anything away from this attack if it really happened, or shame on them if it was really a false flag. The gun control narrative is underpinning this with the democratic national socialists planning legislation in both NV and federally, purportedly, in the same verbiage. And we had the networks breaking the story, purportedly MINUTES BEFORE the event actually happened?! And DHS conducting “anti-terrorism training” in Vegas from the 3rd through the 5th. Remember San Bernardino and the reports of the same sort of “training” going on, and reports of tall WHITE men in MASKS, etc, etc. Rather suspicious to me. Things are not as they seem on the surface, brother.

    • richinnameonly

      Yes, too many oddities here with a resulting noxious odor. Media and authorities will let out more “facts and discoveries” to bolster the story until the next atrocity happens to help us forget the ones before.

    • Ceirwyn

      Totally false flag. Police investigations have been “disrupted”. Cameras everywhere in a hotel in vegas, and no footage? Bull plain and simple. This has ever single sign of being a classic false flag.

      • Michael Powell

        We even had “The Renegade Republican”, a deep state shill if ever I heard one, stating boldly last week that “there was no fourth floor shooter”. This IN SPITE OF THE FACT, **THE FACT**, that I can produce for your AT LEAST THREE-FOUR videos, all different angles, capturing the shooter ON THE FOURTH FLOOR. Such utter propaganda at nearly every level on this.

  • obfuscation100

    This was a well-planned false flag. The violence is created by Foggy Bottom. We the People aren’t violent but our overlords and their Useful Idiots are.

    You seem to judge us from afar from a different cultural background. As the locals say, “You aren’t from around here” and many of your judgments reflect that difference in

    Have you read Williams’ “Operation Gladio”?

    • Randy Perez

      Theodore was born and raised in the US and has wtitten about operation Gladio.

  • MattB

    Ted, not to take anything away from the flawless social commentary you offered here, and it is flawless. Please, those who haven’t watched this video, watch it!

    You also briefly alluded to the experiments that go on.

    This is Bill Clinton’s speech apologising for the Monarch Mind Control experiments the US government did:

    I’m not an American and don’t know why Clinton’s hand was forced on this issue. I don’t think anyone who is aware of the corruption in politics today believes this program was ever truly shutdown, whether in the private or public sector. That line became blurred a long, long time ago now.

    When it comes to tv and video games etc, I believe they are an unhealthy influence. However, as you said, they reflect the health of the society. These forms of entertainment thrive because we continue to consume them on mass.

    God Bless

  • filomena seiffert

    I come to think the violence here is a chastisement for the many lives these country murder in other nations, maybe Go is just sending a small sample of what this country will be transformed into madness. Every life belongs to God, He is the father of all. I know some will be angry with me because their god is their nation, God is the last. France, UK and others in Europe share this chastisement also. I tell my sons to not go to crowded places as it is mostly the target of those who want to inflict mayhem.

  • jimmy

    While I agree American society has become more violent I’m not exactly sold on paddock being the actual shooter yet, so many things just don’t add up its possible this guy was setup.