The Society Has Become Utterly Dumbed Down, And This Is Going To Lead Us To War

By Theodore Shoebat

The society has become utterly dumbed down, and this is only leading us to war. This is the subject of latest video:

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  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Great video Ted!

    It’s true that Americans have become self absorbed idiots, with no sense of the world around them, where the world has been historically or where the trends indicate things are going. Such a nation is blind and will not survive very long with that attitude.

  • susan

    I wondered what happened to the history in the history channel. I figured someone bought the channel and told them they had to make a switch to aliens. I mean…of all things to switch to…aliens? I really enjoyed the music at the end, thank you. 😀

  • Mart1963

    Legalize more drugs to keep more people in their own self contained cocoons so that they do not have to deal with reality and die the death of the lobotomized.

    Notice Prince W is now sprouting that there are too many commoners in the world like his dad is doing and his dad’s dad is doing. Georgia guide stones recommend reducing the population to 500 000 000 so they are planing a massive cull of humanity, it is the stupid ones they will kill off first because they are too doped out to care.

  • susan

    Are there some channels/shows you can recommend?

  • susan

    Thank you for sharing those! :D. I’ll check them out.

  • susan

    I’ll be sure and check it out! 🙂