Turkey’s President Erdogan And U.S. President Donald Trump Are Currently Negotiating ‘Peace Deals’ For The Entire Middle East Giving Turkey The Lead To Soon Control The Entire Region And Revive The Ottoman Empire

By Walid Shoebat

The wise are always on the lookout when things seem hunky-dory and they rest when people worry about ‘rumors of wars’. The fool however, is alarmed when there are “rumors of wars” and sleeps in a time when false peace deals are being made.

This is exactly the type of times we live in. The Bible says of the Antichrist that “By peace” he will deceive” and “destroy many” (Daniel 8:25).

And now we have President Donald Trump declaring that President Erdogan of Turkey will be the man who will bring such peace to the Middle East. Things are moving faster than we expected.

“Will be speaking to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey this morning about bringing peace to the mess that I inherited in the Middle East. I will get it all done, but what a mistake, in lives and dollars (6 trillion), to be there in the first place!” Trump tweeted.

Where every U.S. president failed (to bring peace to the Middle East) Trump believes he can pull it off by making deals with the devil Erdogan.

Sultan Erdogan is the man who not only aided in the creation of ISIS but is the man reviving the Ottoman Empire.

And who is also added in this mix to bring about peace? Iran. Erdogan working along with Iran’s leadership are supposedly finding a “political settlement” to stop the bloodshed in the Middle East. So Turkey creates ISIS, bring bloodshed, then put back ISIS in circulation as “rebels” while destroying Syria is some grand plan for peace.

The very Iran that tricked the U.S. to enter Iraq and convert it to be under Shiite control now has Sufi Muslim Turkey tricking the U.S. (again) to clear the runway for both regional superpowers (Iran and Turkey, Shiite/Sufi)) to set the stage for the rise of both Sunni and Shiite crescents.

This is not unusual considering U.S. history that from time immemorial, the U.S. has supported the Ottoman Muslims to the point of throwing Christianity out the window. Last year I warned:

“Most are unaware, that the United States, John Adams to cozy up to the Ottomans declared in the Treaty of Tripoli: “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”


If this fulfillment is to repeat and as we see the United States today still cozy up to Turkey, this will repeat including the famine.”

American politicians will say anything to make deals. Can we imagine Saudi Arabia ever saying that it is “not founded on Islam”?

And a year before that in 2015 I warned “The American Military Has Been Fighting And Dying All This Time To Advance The Caliphate Agenda”.

How many Americans died in Iraq? And for what?

Was it only “President Obama” and “Hillary Clinton” who made deals with Islam? From John Adams (to John Bolton), presidents change, foreign policy never changes. Presidents have little control over foreign policy.

As we said in the past, the U.S. is subbing its role in the Middle East and handing the entire region to be supervised by Turkey.

So what will this deal look like? Turkey made a deal with Qatar to allow Turkish troops on its soil. This is also the case in Africa. Indeed, with Turkey taking the lead to ‘establish peace’ and change “set times and set laws” throughout the Middle East, it will give the Gog of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan success. He has established himself permanently by concocting the Ergenekon Conspiracy, and another supposed coup to thwart the Generals and the judges. Turkey will soon end what the United Kingdom and France through Sykes Picot did to redraw the boundaries of Al-Mashriq Al-Arabi — the Arab lands to the east of Egypt. To keep the Ottomans suppressed these nations created the fractious states we see today. By undoing this, the dream of putting back the Ottoman Humpty Dumpty looks closer than ever. This time Iran and Turkey will “consume much flesh” (lands).

Even as back as 2013 we predicted:

With the end of Arab Nationalism, we have a void to be filled with the Turkish Model; that model is ‘moderate Islam’. The fall of Arab Nationalism will cause the Arab world to be looking for a protector and a guard – “be a guard unto them”. (Ezekiel 38:7)

So whats the point of sending American sons and daughters to serve and die in the Middle East so that bastard politicians offer them on the altar of compromise, so that whatever American blood liberates, is handed over to Turkey that wants to create a sultanate for Turkey and a Persian Empire for Iran. Heck, Trump even ignored Turkey’s latest crimes by Turkish security forces against US citizens in Washington DC. A US grand jury indicted 15 Turkish security officials in August for beating up American protesters by Erdogan’s security personnel during Erdogan’s visit to Washington in May. Erdogan has called the indictment “undemocratic” and said it was not binding for Ankara.

Is peace now a “binding agreement” by Erdogan? Is Trump the “predicted King Cyrus”? Hello? Anyone?


  • ChristianAmericanCrusader

    ‘“The wise are always on the lookout when things seem hunky-dory and they rest when people worry about ‘rumors of wars’. The fool however, is alarmed when there are “rumors of wars” and sleeps in a time when false peace deals are being made.”’

    Excellent update, Brother Walid. This comes as no surprise to me whatsoever. The rise of the Ottoman Empire is happening faster than what most realize.

    The prophetic pieces of the puzzle no doubt continues to come together and falling perfectly in place just as predicted.

    • susan

      Do you think anyone noticed the “famine” part?

      • ChristianAmericanCrusader

        I seriously doubt it.

  • susan

    Thank you Walid. You are truly the ONLY one who understands the biblical big and small and medium puzzle pieces. And you generously share them with ALL who come to your site. For free! Thank you again for your genorisity. And genius son, i might add. 😉

  • Matt

    The American revolution separated Church and State. A nation state that separates itself from the Church cannot be considered Christian (as a nation). So why would John Adams have any issue with Muslims and the laws of Islam? Polygamy? No big deal. Child brides? No big deal. etc. You have your “freedom” and we have our “freedom.”

    I don’t remember reading this quote before (haven’t read every shoebat.com article ever written and can’t remember ever quote ever read). It’s an excellent quote that sums up the reality of this separation concisely.

    The problem is people generally see what they want to see. This separation has allowed morality to literally be redefined by the state (and transnational corporations), and this Antichrist revolution continues to this day, a revolution that has been preparing the West to embrace a new global caliphate for a long time.

    I think it’s already reached a point where only God can save our nations from His wrath now. Much prayer and fasting is needed.

    • filomena seiffert

      Not only your nation but the whole world.When we read about brothels using the innocent animals for their depraved sex deviations is not anything else left untouched by the dragons filth. I feel powerless but keep begging God to have mercy on His church and send the Holy Spirit to clear up the minds of His sheep. I pray for God to deliver His innocent animals from the cruelty of humans. How many will escape hell? look like the lowest minority.

  • filomena seiffert

    Here is two reason trump is doing all this deal with turkey; first to stop turkey from buying weapons and allying with Russia. Second to have a strong man controlling the region is easier then send soldiers to fight over there. USA was the one to throw the middle east into chaos, beginning with Iran. It is probable the deal will force turkey to discard Iran. Peace is only a dream over there unless all terrorist groups be exterminated.

    • mamabear111

      The Bible says, with Turkey siding up to Iran is a plot to rule the lands over there. and Iran,, will end up loosing in the end for being so stupid to believe Turkeys leader. In the meantime, a nation east being N Korea will attack S Korea and it will become one nation again. and it says in Isaiah 17, that at night , in one day Damascus is rubble and we know Babylon will also be destroyed, never to be rebuilt again. and Iran, it will take Israel four days to take it down, but that will happen. anyone with a different belief, take it up with the G-d of the Bible as HE IS THE word..

      • filomena seiffert

        US would not make a deal with Turkey if it did not dump Iran or at least betray it. I remember when Turkey did betray Russia bring down the war plane. It seams to me that everyone is walking on egg shells with Turkey; Russia, US, Iran and so on. If US did not empower Turkey it would not had the power to dominate all others. Babylon has been destroyed lon ago, there is no city or country called Babylon.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Great article mr. Shoebat!

    Ever has there been through the past 900+ years of human history, factions in the major Nations the were ”Pro-Turkish”. During the Byzantine East Roman Civil War of the 1300’s, there was a party that used the help of the Ottomans and one that did not. And so it was with every advance, and even in Ottoman Turkey’s long retreat and contraction, she could find defenders among the other countries to try to help stop the collapse. So too it appears with the rebirth of a Turkish Empire, that Nations, companies, and individual persons will once again help the Turk gain rule over the Middle East, Balkans, and North Africa, and much more…

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    We shouldn’t glory in the death of millions and the loss of salvation of many more. The Terrible Judge is no respecter of persons, and I myself may be among the lost, thinking myself saved.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Putin isn’t ”appeasing” Erdogan, he’s trying to repair Russo-Turkish relations, because nothing good has ever come of the two countries being enemies. If Erdogan or another Turkish leader turns out to be an Antichrist, then Russia will resist him. Just as Czar Alexander I Romanov wanted peace with Napoleon, until Napoleon invaded Russia and became the enemy who broke Napoleon.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Turkey isn’t a world class power yet, ready to play with the big boys just yet. Just watch.

  • Grace Ziem

    I think it likely that Erdogan is the Antichrist. He has changed “times” [Daniel 7:25] in going from a Gregorian to a Hijri [Islamic ] calendar and “laws” (increasingly sharia with state-sanctioned beheading). Turkey is the Magog mentioned in Rev 20:8. If a treaty later involves Israel and if Erdogan allows Jewish temple sacrifice, that would be further fulfillment. When those things happen, we are likely in the last 7 years.

  • Darren Neufeldt

    I’m here, reading carefully, but new meds have me even more confused so I re-read slowly to hopefully find the truth. I cannot however answer your questions though it would seem that the “binding agreement” does belong to Erdogan, as for King Cyrus I cannot say.

  • ties

    Sorry but the leader of Turkey is too smart to fall for that… America and the CIA tried to kill him and over throw his government

  • Julie LaBrecque

    “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.”
    Woe to those use peace to deceive = so Trump is peacemaker, Erdogan is in it for show and future rebellion.