As Christianity Is Declining, Social Darwinism And Eugenics Is Now Rising To Power

By Theodore Shoebat

As Christianity declines, eugenics and darwinism rises up. This is the subject of my latest video:

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  • Shane Bass

    Hannity is next

    • susan

      I hope not. It IS frightening to me how quickly men are losing their reputations and jobs over this. I’m afraid it’s starting a new trend of tyranny of the masses. If we can convict in the public court based on hearsay alone then we are ALL in trouble. I disagree with Ted in that i DO suspect some of them were bullied and some were raped. But that’s for the courts to decide if and when charges have been brought forth. I really think we’re on a dangerous path here.

      • Matt

        What’s most chilling about this whole sordid affair is how casually the masses, both in the media and the general population, casually tweet these allegations without giving it a second thought.

        What ever happened to “the golden rule”?

        It’s nothing new for Catholic clergy to get this kind of treatment in the court of public opinion. That’s the norm. Seeing it go mainstream where everyone on mass can have their reputations publicly crucified now without a trial or conviction is horrifying.

        I agree with Ted that there is an agenda at work here, and he’s probably correct that the media giants are “cleaning house” to add more compliant anchors as part of this agenda. Tucker Carlson also supports is same-sex rights, surprise, surprise.

        Men have had to worry about sexual harassment claims for a couple of decades or so now. That’s nothing new. Recent events have taken this agenda to a whole new level.

        There would be some legitimate instances among these claims of course, and in those instances the men (or women) should suffer the consequences of their actions. That’s what “due process” is for. Publicly trashing a persons name and reputation before they have been convicted of anything is defamation and that’s a mortal sin, especially if the person is innocent.

        Yet the tweets continue to fly…

        We’re seeing in graphic terms why defamation is considered such a grave evil. It makes our society and environment very toxic to live in.

  • Matt

    A major part of the problem, as Andrew B often cites, is that both the ignorant and those with ill intent often point to real legitimate evils and then use these evils as an excuse to justify or bring about a greater evil.

    For example, governments are in cahoots with transnational corporations today. They work together to exploit the masses through regulations that give these corporations a monopoly and taxes that benefit both governments and corporations. For example, whenever a medical drug is subsidised by the government, 1) our taxes pay for it, and 2) big pharma fattens its own pockets.

    They also work together to socially engineer the masses. For example, the government legalises sodomy, and then corporations (and the government through education etc), start to promote sodomy as normal and healthy.

    The problem libertarian capitalists have is they remove morality from the governments role altogether using the above examples to justify that, and want a market (and society) that is completely self-regulating. They are Utopians that have no real grasp on the complexities of human nature, strengths and weaknesses.

    The governments proper role isn’t to micro-manage every market. It’s true that the best defense against corporate and government corruption is less regulation and taxation on local businesses. Local business would have a major edge in most markets if government regulations and taxes didn’t hold them back through regulations that favour transnational corporations. It would be much harder to exploit workers too as nations like China do, using their people as slaves, and then exporting their products through free trade agreements (once again, governments and transnational corporations working together for the purposes of evil).

    The government DOES have a role to play. For example, the government rules what kinds of business are lawful and what kinds aren’t. This is an important government regulation. As a Catholic, it’s obvious to me pornography can and must be illegal for both the individual and common good, and this requires civil laws and a civil government to enforce it. Whereas the libertarian capitalist will be against this, because they reject divine law and the Social Kingship of Christ.

    In short, until we are able Christianise our nations again by the grace of God (through prayer and penance), starting at the grassroots level, we are doomed…

  • “the perfect male”

    — And thats why so many women go with drug dealers?

    — Theodore Shoebat

  • Dorothy Margraf

    There is a big difference between rape and inappropriate behavior. Rape does occur leaving horrific emotional scars. Men are physically stronger than the kind of women they attack. Men with power also act in an animalistic fashion, testing their powers of seduction. They don’t go after chubby, middle aged women. They go after young attractive women who look to be in their childbearing years.

    However you are right in that Social Darwinism plays a major role. Lately there have been a spate of articles telling women they should try to downsize their expectations. As women in the workforce go up in the power structure they look for men higher up than they are. As women got the jobs that men would get in the past, there are fewer men higher up, not enough to fill the needs of those looking for more. So time clocks run out.

    Peter Pomerantsev’s book about Russia spells it out very clearly. He sized up the social structure over there while he was working. The young women who became models worked at finding their “Forbes,” moving from partner to new partner as they were left behind by the Western men they encountered. As they got older and moved out of the modeling circuit, they got more desperate and would put up with more from potential partners. Women in the FSU were in a similar position as the feminist structure was promoted in the ’20s and ’30s over there.. They needed men just to procreate. Once they got their children they left the men behind, leading to a very high alcoholism rate among the men who were no longer needed for anything.

    Now we are seeing a major push for anything goes to have sex with. Robots, transgenders, and even ecosex. Controllers designing utopia are having a difficult time filling the need for something to have sex with since by their planning sexual activity is spare time entertainment having nothing to do with creating a new life and family life.

  • TGIF

    Hi, I think I understand what you mean, Olivia below is also right, you both can be right. What your referring to can go for both men and women, this is what I would call being lost.. It’s when the heart really does want the proper thing but the mind doesn’t even know where start since there wasn’t enough on a daily basis to learn what you were even supposed to be looking for. You can see there is a puzzle that needs to be fixed but cannot find the pieces to fix it, and there will be many who will toss in the wrong pieces since they have their own broken puzzles. These would be the men and women who sometimes survive it and later can be useful at helping others.

  • Dorothy Margraf

    Sounds like you were raised in a dysfunctional family and never got over it. I do hope you find yourself a nice robot wife and a few robot children to scoot around your family room. A robot partner is just what you need.

    • Michelle Therese

      Sorry but I am dying laughing!! The PERFECT reply, I can add nothing else to what you typed hah!!

  • Michelle Therese

    I’ve lived in a LOT of neighborhoods and not ever seen the Inert Majority ever stick up for the target of the pitchfork and torches treatment. No one really cares about the other person much these days. Even in the churches!

  • Michelle Therese

    Maybe if Adam had acted like a MAN and told Satan to get lost and leave his wife alone, then we’d not be in this situation. Instead he stood by like a wimpy Soy Boy and did absolutely nothing as he watched.

    It was not just Eve’s fault! And we see Adam’s wimpery and laziness play out time and again in human history, most recently during the Feminist revolt. Most men just stood by, did nothing, and let the world burn. It’s only afterwards that these men spoke up and spoke out, but only to whine and blame women for the state of the World.

    • Matt

      Olivia and AFST weren’t discussing the weaknesses of men. The discussion was about women. To assume Olivia is blaming women for all the problems in our world merely proves the point she made about being continually attacked for expressing the truths shared in Sacred Scripture in relation to women. There are complexities in the male and female relationship, and both genders have their strengths and weaknesses.

      AFST expressed an overly romanticised utopian view of women that simply doesn’t stand in the light of reality and Olivia set her straight (even though it fell on deaf ears). Eve was seduced by the serpent before the fall, in the same way as Adam neglected his duties as a man. I’m not sure he could’ve stopped Eve. If she really wanted to eat the forbidden fruit, she would’ve sooner or later, given that God has given us freewill. Adam certainly could’ve been a much better leader and example for Eve.

      Since the fall, we are all marked by original sin, and our weaknesses have become more pronounced than they were beforehand. That’s why Christ said He came to give medicine to the sick. Male or female, we need this medicine.

      • AflowerofStTherese

        Lol whatever

    • AflowerofStTherese

      Lol “wimpy soyboy!” Good one.

  • AflowerofStTherese

    No God true God and true man has a mother.

  • Matt

    And you.

    In response to your question, “Yes, original sin is disobedience toward God.”

    Christ has blessed you with razor sharp discernment in this area. You see straight through the social engineering in this area including its many subtleties. I very much enjoyed reading your insights. Impressive. Thank you.

    This wisdom is a grace reserved for the humble:

    Matthew 11:25 (DRA)

    25 At that time Jesus answered and said: I confess to thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them to the little ones.

    1 John 2:16 (DRA)

    16 For all that is in the world, is the concupiscence of the flesh, and the concupiscence of the eyes, and the pride of life, which is not of the Father, but is of the world.

    This isn’t shared to “puff you up” of course. As you said, we all have to fight for righteousness and virtue, or to use Christ’s words, “pick up our cross and follow Him daily.”

    I listened to the following homily yesterday shortly after reading your original comment and it brought this exchange to mind:

    We all have our struggles with concupiscence i.e. our fallen nature. Those blessed with the eyes to see clearly identify this struggle inside and out, and the humbler one is, the more obedient they are.

    Therein lies the ultimate test for us all. The true measure of one’s love for God is his/her obedience to Him. Discernment is critical and it does require humility for God to reveal Himself to us in truth as Truth. Obedience however is the greatest measure of one’s love for Him.

    Peace be with you.

  • Matt

    A simpler way to phrase this would be to say men and women have complimentary strengths and complimentary weaknesses. Couples who choose obedience to God first complement the strengths of the other, and those who choose disobedience first complement each other in their weaknesses (to whatever degree they have chosen disobedience).

    Adam and Eve complimented each other in their rebellion. Eve was seduced by the promises of the serpent. Adam decided pleasing Eve was more important than pleasing God and thus followed the fall of man.