Hindu Terrorists Set Up Checkpoints Looking For Christians Going To Prayer Service, Then They Attack The Christians In Prayer, Beat Them With Sticks, And Set 100 Vehicles On Fire

Hindu terrorists are planning for the systematic extermination of Christians in India, and as Hindu nationalism rises their intentions have risen to the surface. In a recent case in India, Hindu terrorists were stopping and searching cars looking to identify Christians going to a prayer service. Later on during the service, these same Hindus attacked the Christians, beating them and burning over 100 of their vehicles according to a report:

Hindu extremists in Chhattisgarh state this month kept hundreds of Christians from a prayer service and attacked those who managed to attend, and in neighboring Madhya Pradesh a frivolous accusation led to the arrest of Christmas carol singers, sources said.

At a prayer service where 2,000 people were expected in Tarra Kopra village, Raipur District, Chhattisgarh state on Dec. 6, only 300 Christians made it past Hindu extremist check-points, said pastor Lachhan Ram Sahu of Blessing Prayer Hall (Ashirwad Prarthana Bhavan).

On a day where a Hindu event known as a Ram Kathan was also scheduled in the area, Hindu nationalists positioned men at village entry points and asked them where they were headed, Pastor Sahu told Morning Star News.

“If they said they were going to the church service, they were shooed away, and if they tried to reason with them, they were threatened and manhandled,” Pastor Sahu said. “Those who came to attend the Ram Kathan were allowed to enter the village and proceed straight to the Ram Kathan venue.”

Christian women who objected at the check-points were disgracefully manhandled, he said.

“The people who were not allowed entry into the village later reported to me that the women were caught by their throats, and their clothes were pulled in order to threaten them,” he said.

When the worship service began at 10 a.m., a mob of 700 hard-line Hindus attacked, led by members of the Hindu extremist Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and its youth wing, Bajrang Dal, said Pastor Sahu, 34, who has been ministering in the area for five years. They struck vehicles parked outside the prayer hall with sticks and set two of them on fire, he said.

Two cars, one van, one auto-rickshaw and 100 motorbikes were destroyed, he said.

Setting up a sound system at the entrance of the prayer hall and shouting insults and threats, they surrounded the building and yelled slogans accusing Pastor Sahu of carrying out forceful conversion, he said.

“They shouted from the mike, name-calling me a butcher, low-caste and much more, using all kinds of vulgar language,” he said. “They said that they will carry their flag in one hand and a sword in the other and kill all those who dared to enter the prayer hall.”

The Hindu extremists broke open the door of a room at the prayer hall entrance and ransacked it, breaking chairs, windows and a refrigerator, and stole a DVD player, 26,000 rupees (US$460) and other equipment, he said.

“While breaking the chairs, they threw the chairs on some worshippers who tried to stop them, causing them minor injuries,” Pastor Sahu said. “But before they could reach the main hall and attack the worshippers sitting inside, the police arrived.”

The mob demolished tents surrounding the prayer hall and its boundary wall. Three Christian males were kidnapped, with one of them managing to escape shortly afterward, and two others returned by 8 p.m., he said, adding that the kidnappers absconded and have not been arrested.

Anticipating opposition, Pastor Sahu had submitted a written application on Nov. 11, requesting police protection for the event, which was scheduled to last until 5 p.m. He obtained permission for the event, he said.

The service continued in spite of the chaos outside the prayer hall. About 12 policemen arrived two hours after the service began, and when they were unable to disperse the violent Hindu mob, a police force of about 200 arrived, he said. A First Information Report (FIR) was filed against 13 Hindu extremists on Dec. 7.

Arun Pannalal, president of the Chattisgarh Christian Forum, told Morning Star News that persecution in the area is highly organized.

“There are no second- or third-generation Christians found in the area,” he said. “As soon as a new church is established, they are intensely persecuted, and the church gradually dies down.”

Pastor Sahu said he had heard from villagers that Hindu extremists had held a meeting five days before the prayer service and planned to disrupt it.

“They discussed that I was the one carrying out most conversions in Chhattisgarh,” he said. “But I was determined to obey the leading [of God], despite strong opposition, and I praise God that my meeting was a success. The policemen did not interrupt the on-going prayer, and I was allowed to carry it out as scheduled.”

Local newspapers published false reports the next day portraying the attack as a clash between two groups, even though “not one of the Christians retaliated to the attack,” Pastor Sahu said, adding that three media reporters interviewed him but did not publish anything he said.

The prayer hall is built over a 10,000-square-foot area and has a seating capacity of 300 members inside the hall, but outside it and within the boundary walls there is seating space to accommodate another 1,700 people, he said.

Since the event police have provided 25 to 30 policemen to guard the prayer hall night and day, said Pastor Sahu, who lives on the premises with his wife and two children along with other relatives. (source)



  • Indian Christian Crusader

    The time has come for a separate Christian nation-state for south Asians (Pakistanis and Indians) in the Indian subcontinent (within our own mother sub-continent/land of our ancestors). Pakistani Muslims got theirs, Indian Hindus got theirs. It is time for us. It is enough our children are threatened, our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan are treated as slaves, killed, brutalized, treated sub-human.

    I will be among the first Christians if needed within the South Asian subcontinent, a descendant of Rajputs, many of my relatives who served in the Indian army, TO OPENLY CALL FOR A SEPARATE CHRISTIAN NATION /PARTITION of the subcontinent for Christians of Pakistan and India (those who are willing) to come together and live as one community and govern themselves by a Christian majority government with the values of Christ and shelter other Christians from other parts of the world (including Arab Christians, Iranian Christians and other Christians fleeing Muslim nations or other nations), as our ancestors long ago sheltered others.

    We cannot yoke with this darkness of Hinduism and their demon gods or with the evil of Islam any more (2 Corinthians 6:14). We cannot force them to accept Christ, but we cannot be forced to accept their darkness either.

    • Paul

      The same person who said not to be yoked with unbelievers also said“I wrote unto you in my epistle to have no company with fornicators; not at all meaning with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous and extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world: but as it is, I wrote unto you not to keep company, if any man that is named a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such a one no, not to eat.” (1 Corinthians 5:9-11)

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        We should not associate with any unbeliever from a deeper sense, but yes, to engage with them in terms of trade, work, gospel preaching, it is possible. Hindus do have a concept of monotheism but a vague and distant one, the supreme Brahman as they call it. Named a “Brother” to be fornicator, Islam may have started out as a misguided Christian cult, but as of now they are not a Christian cult any more they are a completely separate religion and most Muslims cannot be called as “brothers” who happen to be idolators or drunkards or extortioners. Muslims nor Hindus are the brothers of Christians.

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        Paul, I would just like to add one more thing

        If you are thinking of building an alliance with Hindus to fight Muslims, it is a misguided and dangerous idea. Hindus are not your allies, and they kill Christians, and they indulge in magic, witchcraft, demon worship, and they ill-treat their own low castes. With such people you cannot yoke. They reject Jesus Christ. They are unbelievers and pagans. You therefore should not indulge with them at a deeper level. Building an alliance with Hindus to fight Muslims is a dangerous, perverted, idea that can lead to ruin. One cannot build an alliance with one devil to fight another devil. Secondly, please interpret the scriptures holistically. What Paul was speaking, understand it in the larger context. Christianity is built on God’s precepts and values, not paul’s letters alone. One verse interpretations can be very dangerous and misleading. From the bible’s holistic point of view, idolators/demon worshipers are to be kept at some distance. Of course, one cannot completely avoid unbelievers, as we live in the same world with them, but one must learn not to YOKE with them or come under their administration as much as possible (in modern times). I am sorry if you disagree, but then we have to agree to disagree there.

    • Elias

      They should have their own Christian country, great idea

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Modi, the prime minister, is an evil wretched psychopath man. He has gripped control of India through “democratic means” as Hitler did by using the votes of a demonized/radicalized majority. His party has recent won additional state elections/provincial elections. By April next year, he will most probably have majority in both houses of the parliament, to pass laws to change the constitution into a Hindu Brahministic state. No elections/democracy is of any use in a country where the vast majority of idolators are getting demonized. The majority rules/runs the show. “Democracy” where devils elect devils. It is not “democracy” that determines the value /worth of a nation. It is the social values/faith of its people in the one true God. India lacks that. Everything else is in paper only. One can dream and be idealistic, the reality on the ground for vast majority of states in India is bitter.

    • ChristianAmericanCrusader

      Thanks for always keeping us informed of what is happening out there in India. Much dangerous times are ahead, our prayers are certainly with you.

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        Thank you. I pray God will bless Shoebat ministry, all is supporters and participants, and supporters of this website the HIGHEST and GREATEST rewards in eternal heaven for being the voice of the voiceless.

        Hindu extremists and their “civilian” supporters including many Hindu Indians in United States have spread enough lies covering up the crimes of their religion. Repentance cannot come without first acknowledging one’s sins. That is what Hindus have to learn. The path to the kingdom of heaven begins to open when there is genuine repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as starting points and living the life Jesus asked us to live.