Feminist Goes To The Vatican And Tries To Steal A Statue Of Jesus While Screaming “God Is Woman!” The Vatican Police Grab Her And Send Her To A Detention Center

By Theodore Shoebat

A feminist went to the Vatican to try to steal a statue of the Baby Jesus. As she tried to steal the statue, she screamed “God is woman!” A Vatican guard arrested her and she was detained. I did a video on this and how it is a reflection of the decadence of the Left, and how the Right wing response is not absent of dangers:



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  • Constantine’s Correspondent

    She was topless if I read the news right. Regardless, that is utter blasphemy for a deranged topless woman to try and steal a statue of Christ.

  • Elias

    I saw her in the news Yesterday and yes she was toples… When will we see them protesting at MECA

  • Renato Steri

    Satanist demon possessed witch

  • filomena seiffert

    She is not a woman she is a prostitute who is so stupid that think showing her assets is doing her any good. No doubt she was guided by satan. Why the femen prostitutes like to attack the Catholic Church and blame it for woman’s oppression? why those devils do not go to Meca or the stupid dome in Jerusalem to protest the true slavery of woman? It is true that our rights are restrict every where but is not the church that restrict it is the male who dominate and control woman from thousands of year. We can see how islam is the devil sect because the oppression of woman is the worse on the planet, since the devil hates woman the most because is the woman that crashes its ugly head

    • Marie Halligan

      Here,here Filomena,very well said!

  • Nancy Diniro

    Excellent video. Thank you. Your dad and yourself make things so clear.