How The West Is Creating Another Great Conflict In Europe (World War Three Is Looming)

By Theodore Shoebat

The West is creating another great conflict Europe. This is the subject of my latest video in which I get into detail on this and give my own commentary:


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  • filomena seiffert

    I doubt europe can freed itself from the claus of USA, it would have destroys all the american bases installed there which they do not have the power to do. Once USA carves its claws on some other nations it never lets go.

    • magaforever

      Thank God its America sinking its **claws** and not the filthy german savages of the third reich or the ottomans

      • pan nat

        The ottoman is bad!

  • filomena seiffert

    The elite wants to destroy most of world population and what they have imposed in humanity has not succeed in diminish the population, it has increased and worse, among the most poor and uneducated population. Contraceptive, abortion has not worked as they expected. They are willing to deflagrate the war as they all have bunkers to survive while the less rich will die by all means of war, including atomic.

  • Methusalem

    People in these nations are as arrogant and unrepentant as the Pharaohs. Their hearts are hardened, the coming unbaptized generation will be very weak and degenerate — I wish they could, but I’m afraid it’s too late for them to get back to The Lord. We know what happened to the Pharaohs!

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    Theodore Shoebat

    • Constantine’s Correspondent

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  • magaforever

    Lmao oh are you gonna educate me on how america created hitler and the ottomans you ignorant pos??

    • Donnie

      Educating you would take too much time, i don’t wanna waste mine.
      Stay in your simplified model of the world, it’s a well of pleasure to you; you wouldn’t stand the truth.

      • magaforever

        Lol arrogant self justified pos

  • MidNightRider2001 .

    Unless Europe uses its military to repatriate Islam back to the Middle East, they’re in catastrophic error.