Is Trump a Nazi or was it Obama?

By Keith Davies
Political Commentator for

Prior to Donald Trump announcing his candidacy for president the media were his best friend. Trump had a huge reality TV show with NBC who are now his worst enemy. Trump had on his cell phone contact list nearly every major news producers telephone numbers from right across the political spectrum. He was apolitical and the best friend with all the media. Today he is their enemy number one because he became a Republican candidate and subsequently elected as a Republican.

The left wing leadership of the Democrat party and the so called main stream media have been shrieking at the top of their voice about the nazism and racism of Donald Trump as a candidate and now as president. The media rhetoric is louder than a bullhorn. The words spoken by Donald Trump are twisted by the left, yet the actions of a fascist do not seem to reveal any evidence of nazi tactics, as facts have no bearing on what today’s media wish to report.

The glaring examples of the twisting of his words were his famous Mexican immigrant speech when he described criminals coming across the Southern border when he DID NOT say “all” Mexicans and qualified his statements real time to only talk about “bad hombres,” yet the main stream media mischaracterized his statements and painted him as a racist.

Another example was his statement following the Charlottesville riots when President Trump referred to both sides of the argument which he was specifically referring the violence of both sides as well as to the tearing down of statues of historical figures associated with the Confederate side of the Civil war, yet again the media deliberately misconstrued the Presidents views and words to paint their own false narrative of the president as a “White Supremacist”. We all know the Antifa and Black lives matter people are just as hateful as white supremacists but our enlightened media think otherwise. These are just two examples and evidence of the medias dishonorable bias.

Now let us turn the clock back a little further:

During the transition period between the election and the first six months of the Trump administration we all remember the unauthorized leaks that were undermining the Trump administration on a daily basis. Much of these leaks came from the Obama left overs from the previous administration. Now we know nearly a year later what was happening both during the campaign and since Trump was sworn in as President, and what we now know is that the real fascists and Nazis’ were Obama and his willing supporters.

Even prior to knowing what is about to come out in detail next week with the FISA memo, the hints of such despicable police tactics have already been known to us but weak kneed Republicans with no leadership (i.e. no Donald Trump type leader) failed to push back. The scandals of supplying money to terrorists as per Shoebat research, Fast and Furious scandal of supplying illegal weapons to the drug cartels as to undermine the second amendment, the IRS scandal and the Benghazi cover-up have all been exposed but no prosecution or consequences for the perpetrators, is a scandal in itself.

Next week and over the following several months the real nazism and fascism of the Obama administration and his Democrat/RINO swamp will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the undemocratic and police state tactics that has been running our government for the prior eight years under Barrack Obama.

Freedom of the press is another cry from the left that Trump is “suppressing the media.” And how is Trump painted as the demagogue: he dares to criticize the media and push back against false personal attacks against him, his family and phony unconfirmed stories that try to tarnish his reputation. He fights back and uses his own first amendment rights to defend himself. His own first amendment rights are the very things the media criticize as his attack on “free speech.” The media cannot point to one thing that Trump has actually done to prevent freedom of the press other than President Trump’s willingness to fight back against their lies. Our media has the right to free speech and is able to lie with impunity because of our very protective laws that make it nearly impossible to defend against slander or liable, especially if you are a public figure. We have experienced this same difficulty when we were slandered by CNN several years ago.

Then we have the duplicitous behavior of the Obama administration who actually used Nazi style tactics against the media and there was virtually no push back by the media and in some circumstances the media helped in the suppression of their own rights. There is the case of Sharyl Attkisson a former CBS reporter who was exposing the Obama administration on Benghazi. Her computers were hacked by the FBI and Justice department and intimidated; she later resigned from CBS because her own network failed to back her in her work as an investigative journalist. In other words CBS political bias for the Obama administration was more important than their fourth estate obligations to protect the public from an all-powerful government. Then there is James Rosen a prominent Fox News reporter who was declared “an enemy of the state” and threatened with prosecution. There was the New York Times reporter James Risen who was threatened with legal action in order to reveal sources. Dinesh D’Souza the conservative journalist and film maker was selectively prosecuted and given a prison term for a minor election infraction which would normally only get a fine, this because of his film “Obama’s America” which exposed Obama. We ourselves at believe we were targeted and believe our phones were tapped during the time we were exposing Obama with his terrorist ties, Benghazi and other exposes we were writing about on during the Obama administration.

Obama and the top echelon of his administration are about to be exposed as the worst perpetrators of Gestapo style tactics comparable to actors of a police state who have shredded our constitutional values. Up to now Obama was proven to undermine the first and second amendments but it appears he has now added the undermining of our fourth amendment rights too.

Now we have Donald Trump who has the courage to stand up to the real Nazis who are about to be exposed and hopefully all involved will be brought to justice. All includes Hillary Clinton, her husband, her top advisors, the leaders and high officials both at the Department of Justice and the FBI. Unfortunately Obama is probably protected by executive privilege but he is the biggest crook of them all. At least he will lose his already tattered reputation. If the truth does not come out and justice is not administered; it will mean the end of the United States as a Constitutional Republic and a huge blow for freedom around the world.

  • luis

    I have a feeling the truth will come out soon and many politicians will fall both Republican and Democrat

    • susan

      There’ll be more than a few retirements I think.

  • LJW

    What I fear most is the truth will come out, but no one will be prosecuted. As you have reported before on not even treason is punishable now.

    • ChristianAmericanCrusader

      “What I fear most is the truth will come out, but no one will be prosecuted.”

      Absolutely. I definitely feel the same way, LJW. We have seen this way too many times in our modern day Era. As you probably already aware, these political and professional gangsters are usually heavily financially protected/well guarded!

      • Taurnil Oronar

        Well as Walid has said in past articles talking about Jesus on this matter of anyone actually being punished one thing rings in my mind about Jesus saying and I paraphrase; the devil cannot cast out the devil.

        Before anyone ties their knickers in a knot and raises them over their heads. I’m not saying Trump is the devil. I’d like to think he along with many of us would actually like for those in our government to do their friggin jobs they were hired for instead of messaging the system for their own benefits personally or politically or “for their party”. That last bit hasn’t happened for more decades than I know.

      • LJW

        I agree completely!

    • 1Bobby8

      Yes, justice is only for us little people…it seams.

      • LJW

        Today, Lady Justice’s blindfold is no longer a symbol of objectivity, but total bias. I feel sad for her. She must be disappointed and embarrassed to the extreme, I know I am. I love my country, but disappointed in my government. However, the Lord is taking names and kicking a$$e$ and saving those that will. Thank you Jesus, Yeshua!

  • ChristianAmericanCrusader

    As always, very thorough, concise commentary simply laying out the facts othe drastic distinctions between the Trump Adm, eight years of the BO Adm(which is night and day)
    and the bias of the western media. Truth has no color and will ALWAYS eventually win and reveal itself in due time.

    Outstanding and excellent reporting, Keith! Thank you.

  • David G

    I strongly encourage those that read and follow to learn about the psychological term: Projection. Emotionally immature and/or unstable people project their feelings or what they do onto others. This is defined in psychology as a defense mechanism. So when we see Liberals make these outrageous claims against others, namely anyone they disagree with, what we are witnessing is projection. And when confronted with such behavior, they (Liberals) deny, deflect, change the subject, name call, etc. just like that of a child.

    • Motoman

      Awesome fact
      Great point

  • Motoman

    Great Article!
    Pray for Trump as the Apostle Paul asked. This is as much or more of a spiritual battle then physical.
    The Liberal approves of killing babies in the womb in spite of Technology and Scientific Facts proving it is a human with life. The Word of God in no less then 9 verses gives us direction on humans who are in the womb. Libs have no problem lying and a host of other abomonations they see as light.
    Father God protect President Trump and give him faith, wisdom and strength

  • richinnameonly

    Nice job, Keith. Obama had all the supposedly neutral realms working for him, like the DOJ, FBI, IRS, MSM, Hollywood. Sow the seeds of leftism for years and it’s what we got.

  • Grandmere

    Thanks, Keith. I never find anything to criticize in your posts. May God bless you and your family.

    • ChristianAmericanCrusader