Bombshell:FISA Court in Public Document Confirms President Obama Wire Tapped Candidate/President Elect Trump and His Transition Team

Keith Davies
Political Correspondent

On January 21st Joe DiGenova a former federal prosecuter did a You Tube video interview, which you can watch in its entirety below and exposes the irrefutable evidence that Obama and the Justice Department along with the FBI did willfully and criminally wire tap Donald Trump. Mr. DiGenova explains the real hero of the story is the head of the NSA Admiral Mike Rogers who suspected the FBI were doing somethings wrong and ordered an audit of the FBI counter intelligence division in March 2016 and he discovered from the audit that the FBI were sharing information with private contractors which is against the rules and a serious crime. Those contractors were then sharing classified information with the DNC and Fusion GPS. Admiral Rogers reported this to the FISA court, in May of last year 99 page opinion was made public by FISA which confirms the story related in the powerful bombshell interview below:

The part in which I describe above is 14 min 50 seconds to 19 min 35 seconds. The whole interview is worth watching

The Fisa Opinion was issued in May of 2017 but very little media focused on it or how it came about to be released. Joe DiGenova clarifies the back ground to the whole story.

Here is a link where you get a commentry and read the whole 99 pages if you wish to read the FISA opinion.

As the news unfolds over the next few weeks on how rotten to the core the DOJ, the top brass at the FBI, as well as the most senior people in the Obama administration including Obama himself; we should expect many arrests for very serious crimes. Justice needs to be swift and accross the board for people who think they know better than WE THE PEOPLE at the ballot box. This cancerous corruption at this level of government needs to be cut out now.


  • CTyank

    Great news! Lets pray the truth comes out and the constant static stops.

  • magaforever

    If these corrupt pigs are not brought to justice then i no longer have any respect for american laws and i will only follow the laws i want to because if the lawmakers can then so can i and so will everyone else and so goes the nation and so goes their lives when the anarchy takes over

  • bubba

    the article and the video are great. thanks KD. however, i will wait and see if justice is really served. it just seems its never going to come to those rascals! hope you are right about it being swift and sure.

  • Ceirwyn

    OBummer was a narcissist of the highest order. It’s why he’s constantly talking down to everyone, and holding his nose up in the air like snob. No surprise here.

  • AnthonyM

    Obama was a radical leftist, worse President than Jimmy Carter. He weaponized the IRS and other agencies against conservatives, and brought about loss of confidence in our government and country, which was his plan, not an accident. Obama was following in the footsteps of his real mentor, Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinksy.

  • Grandmere

    He is married to Victoria Toensing. The dynamic duo. Nice catch, Keith.