Posted by Keith Davies
Polictical Correspondent.

FISA MEMO already released to public by NSA on January 23rd 2018 but in complex form. Let us break it down here

Dr William Binney who is advisor to President Trump and former technical director of the NSA who retired in 2001 after acting as a whistle-blower against the NSA tipped some members of the media off on the ninety nine page FISA court order and memorandum written in April 2017 which exposes the malfeasance of the FBI and Department of Justice. The four page memo that will be released by the Whitehouse shortly will just summarize the findings of the already released document that you can read in full here.

Dr. William Binney
Former Technical Director of the NSA

According to Dr William Binney page 15 of the memo is particularly damning as the FBI admitted to the court flat-out their abuse of the FISA warrant program. When Admiral Mike Rogers the director of the NSA discovered this malfeasance in his audit of March 2017, the FBI knew the game was up so they went to the court in advance so as to make the issue less of a problem but as we now see this did not work as the dirty laundry is now being aired.

It has been established based on the powerful technology available to the intelligence community that Donald Trump, his family and all his campaign associates had been wire tapped illegally. Now the question is, who ordered this wire tapping? This had to be at the highest levels of our government.

According to Joe DiGenova a very reputable former federal prosecutor said that the private contractors who were provided with illegal “classified” information were probably Fusion GPS and Cloudstrike both hired by the DNC (Hillary Clinton).

Joe DiGenova
Former Federal Prosecutor

Based on what happened with Fusion GPS and the contractual ownership (by the DNC which is Clinton because according to Donna Brazil the former DNC chairwoman stated Clinton had total financial control of the DNC) of the Phony Russian dossier, it is a strong probability that President Obama himself gave orders to make this illegal surveillance, in order to share it with the Clinton Campaign. Those evidentiary facts have not yet been established but will become more clear as the dirty laundry is aired in public.

Remember that the phony unverified dossier was the whole basis of the request for the FISA warrant along with lies that the FBI were seeking weapons of mass destruction and terrorist ties to Russia by potentially Donald Trump (can you believe these FBI people would put forward this garbage). The soldiers of Obama i.e. his sycophants at the Department of Justice, FBI and State Department are probably only the small fry in this scandal.

It is understandable why the Demo Rats are going crazy trying to stop the truth coming out, as well as the worms at the top of the FBI and the Department of Justice squirming and begging the Chief of Staff John Kelly not to release the news. The news is already out but few care to look very hard. When the truth is spread wide it will cause a constitutional scandal the likes that has never seen before and the main stream media will have a difficulty in bypassing the story as dozens of swamp creatures are arrested and make their court appearances.