Another Bombshell: Judge Overseeing Michael Flynn Case Was Removed Because He Was a WITNESS in the FISA Court Memo issue.

Keith Davies
Political Correspondent

Again Joe DiGenova former federal prosecutor knocks it out of the park in Radio interview on WMAL (Washington DC area talk radio station).

Joe DiGenova exposes the fact that Judge Rudolph Contreras was forcibly removed from presiding over the Michael Flynn case concerning his lying to the FBI, when it was discovered in Judicial community that he was a witness (probably granted the original FISA warrant to allow Trump and his associates to be spyed upon).

Federal Judge Rudolph Contreras

One would ask why he did not recuse himself without him being told to stand down? This scandal is just getting worse each and every day. It is now a possibility that Judge Contreras could have himself been biased in granting the warrant to wire tap Donald Trump. Based on the extraordinary request to wire tap a presidential candidate the presiding judge should have gone out his way to make sure that the evidence or probable cause was strong enough to even qualify to have the warrant granted in the first place. There should also be an investigation into the Judiciary to see if the proper deliberations and procedures were followed by the judge(s) not just the FBI and Justice Department. As Mr DiGinova points out in his interview is to why no one in the media ever reported on the fact that the judge in the Michael Flynn case was removed when he should have recused himself without been forced to step away from the Michael Flynn case.

The Congress and the watchdog of the Judiciary under the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act of 1980, 28 U.S.C. §§ 351-364 should look into the conduct of Judge Rudolph Contraras.