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Western Women Are Freezing Their Eggs So They Can Indulge Their Debauchery And In The Process Are Destroying Society

Many young women today are told to freeze their eggs “as insurance,” so that in case after (assuming) they get a high-paying career, buy a home, and do all of the “traveling” and “self discovery” touted today, they will get married and have a child. If they are too old, than they can just unfreeze […]

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Homosexuals Beat Three Small Children With Cords, Shock Them With Electrical Equipment, Lock Them In Cages In The Dark And Force Them To Eat Dog Feces For Months

A homosexual couple was arrested after they were caught abusing three small children. According to the investigation they would beat the children with cords, shock them with electrical equipment, keep them in cages in the dark and force them to eat feces: Three children in Mardela Springs were beaten and reportedly locked up and fed […]

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American Courts Bow To The Example Of The Chinese Communists, Start Using Artificial Intelligence And “Social Credit” To Determine The Fate Of Prisoners

Judge, jury, and executioner are the defining marks of the court system. After a man is charged with a crime he faces a judge and sometimes a jury, and upon concluding an investigation of the matter a sentence of innocence or guilt is pronounced and executed on the accused. In America, the ideal embodied in […]

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We are asking the wrong question, why was Trump being spied on in first place?

Dan Bongino former secret service officer explains that we are asking the wrong question which hopefully will start round two of this Obamagate Spying Scandal. The real reason is that yes the phony dossier was used to get a warrant but WHY? The current argument is because of “Russian collusion.” No, the answer was that […]

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