Spokesman for Deep State Threatens the President of the United States on CNN

The video below speaks for itself:

Phill Mudd a Bush and Obama former official of the CIA and FBI lies through his teeth and then makes bare-faced threat against a duly elected President of the United States.

The truth about a conspiracy against the President has now been exposed with undeniable evidence. These Deep State Scum think that they can take out a president! This guy Phill Mudd seems to forget that Donald Trump was elected, unlike him and his FBI/CIA fellow officers serve the President, whose job as commander in chief is to defend the American public and to direct the FBI and CIA in their posts, not the other way round. It is certainly not the job of the leadership of the FBI and DOJ to act in a way to stop or unseat the election of any president Democrat or Republican. This jerk things it is perfectly ok! He is worried about the morale at the FBI, Please spare us this nonsense.

If I were head of the secret service I would be paying this piece of this you know what, a visit, and ask him exactly what he means of who will “win between the FBI and the President”