Bombshell: Weiner Laptop Emails Deliberately held back by Comey, New Hero Appears at DOJ – Did his Job!!


We all remember the bombshell Comey announcement a few days before the 2016 presidential election concerning the Weiner Laptop of the estranged husband of Huma Abiden (Clintons personal assistant) which was found to probably have classified email on it. We now discover that the only reason that Comey informed Congress was because there was one upstanding Department of Justice offical named George Toscas who is the Deputy Assistant of the Attorney General. He discovered the emails/Laptop Weiner case and forced Comey to release the information to Congress. Based on Text messages that were released yesterday it is blatantly obvious that Comey, McCabe and Strzok had known about the Labtop and knew about the classified information that may have been on the computer but deliberately decided to keep the information hidden from Congress and We The People. Later the FBI exonerated Huma Abiden but this was also a lie as Judicial Watch with their research and gaining of a FOIA discovered in fact many classified emails were on the Laptop which in itself is a major scandal.

Here is the relevant text from Strzok:

The date of discovery was around September 28th probably a few days before. The date Congress was notified was October 28th 2016. A few days later the FBI exonerated Abiden/Clinton which now based on FOIA research by Judicial Watch was also a lie. George Toscas may have forced Comy to send Congress the letter but he then as quickly as he could whitewashed the evidence that should have prompted an arrest.

Now the argument from the Demo Rats that Comey actually cost them the election because of the pre-election announcement of Weiner’s Laptop maybe true but the information should have come out at least 4 weeks prior to this time. Their evil plans and fraudulent behavior failed and the timing became even more beneficial to Trump. It is strange how sometimes evil turns against the evil doers. What goes around comes around.

Now its time for Justice and fill some of our jails with the corruptors of our Republic and Constitution.