BOOM! Mueller and Rosenstein secretly apply to courts to throw out their own case against Paul Manafort. FULL COVER UP IN PROCESS!!

Keith Davies, political correspondent

The essence of a free government consists in an effectual control of rivalries.

John Adams founding father and second president of the United States

According to report on on February 3rd 2018 News:

Mueller’s prosecutors urged a judge to dismiss a civil lawsuit attacking an Oct. 27 indictment charging that Manafort, a political consultant, failed to register as an agent of the Ukrainian government and laundered millions of dollars before he worked on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Robert Mueller requested the postponement of the sentencing of Mike Flynn on January 31st as reported in previous article, now we see the request for the dropping of the Paul Manafort case on February 3rd 2018. Mueller and his Clintonista cronies are now, not only in full retreat but are in full cover up mode; to hide the fact that they themselves are the allies of Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strozk who I call the Three Amigos. The Amigos seem to have enlarged to the Cinco Amigos. Mueller and Rosenstein and their loyalists now seem to be embedded in a conspiracy to bring down a duly elected president. It is clear that their plot to destroy Donald Trump has failed and they are now looking to cover their tracks, destroy evidence of their conspiracy, sorry guys it is too late. The Inspector General’s report will come out soon and most of the truth should hopefully be revealed.

Gregg Jarrett legal correspondent reported on Fox News (and a second source) that Rosenstein threatened Devon Nunes with “Subpoenas” from the Justice Department; if they continued to investigate the FBI and the DOJ. This sounds like panic from a guilty man.

watch here:

Based on the law and self admission by the current Deputy AG Rosenstein, the special counsel is illegal because collusion in itself is not a crime, and in order to create a special counsel a crime is what is needed to have been committed to set one up. It now appears most likely that Comey and Rosenstein conspired with their common friend Robert Mueller to create a special counsel, knowing that there not only was no grounds for a special counsel but that the evidence to show potential collusion was completely fabricated and fraudulent. This not only makes the special counsel illegal but is a conspiracy to abuse power. Now these low lifes are dropping the cases on Flynn and Manafort. It appears they have nothing and wish to escape from the net they have created for themselves.

Former Assistant Secretary of State Robert Charles describes the proof of wrong doing in the Steele dossier and FISA Court:

Based on the revelations that are now coming out on the other current scandal: Uranium One, in which Clinton through the Clinton Crime Family Foundation received hundreds of millions in bribes, we know that the FBI had overwhelming evidence of the bribery several years ago, yet no arrests were made at the time, and they whitewashed the investigation which allowed the Clinton’s to get their huge payoffs. Robert Mueller was the FBI chief at that time. We have been told by both the GOP and Democrats that Mueller is squeaky clean. The Uranium One scandal now calls into question Mueller’s credibility without even taking into consideration the current scandal of the Special Counsel.

There are so many conflicts between the Cinco Amigos that have been ignored and cannot be taken as coincidental. It can now be deduced from all the evidence that is out in the public domain currently that “the secret society” mentioned in Strozk’s text message, also included Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe and others to frame Donald Trump, by creating a phony special counsel in order to invent a ficticious crime and force the impeachment of the President. They knowingly used phony evidence created by Hillary Clinton, and the DNC which included the cooperation of Barrack Obama, former AG Lorreta Lynch and even possibly John Kerry the former Secretary of State. There is also strong probable cause to suspect John Brennan the former head of the CIA, James Clapper the former head of the DNI and Ash Carter the former Defense secretary as partners in the “Secret Society.” Obama and his whole inner circle are also implicated.

The evidence that will come out over the coming weeks will expose this clearly. This is a massive case of TREASON and abuse of power the country has never seen before in its history. High Treason requires the ultimate punishment and that is the death penalty. The core principles of the founding of the United States has been breached and undermined in the most egregious way. Hillary Clinton knowingly and willfully took bribes of hundreds of millions of dollars to deliberately undermine the national security of the United States. She used her position as Secretary of State to enrich herself and her family. Then she thought that she had the right to spy on her political opponent using the power and cooperation of the Obama executive branch along with willing partners who are at the highest level of our government. The scale of the wrong doing is breathtaking.

If the government of this country fails to reveal the complete evidence surrounding the Uranium One case, the Clinton Email scandal and the use of phony evidence to try to undermine a presidential candidate (along with the proper prosecutions of all the perpetrators) with subsequent use of same phony evidence to unseat a president, it will then destroy the public confidence in our Republic. If this country believes in the law and proper due process for law breakers no matter what position that person holds in our society or government then it is vital that justice be served. If justice is abrogated in these matters then one of two things will happen: there could be a civil war to restore the rule of law, or our government will sink further into more corruption and people will rather willingly accept the corruption for the sake of a comfortable life. This will mean freedom is dead and we are no better than the oligarchy of Russia or the communism of China. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

I think the first duty of society is justice.

Alexander Hamilton Founding Father, promoter of the Constitution (wrote 51 of the 85 installments of the Federalist Papers) and first Secretary of the Treasury.