Obamacide is Suicide

Dennis Stewart guest contributor

Saint Thomas Aquinas proved: “Against a fact there is no argument”. John Adams, our second president and the father of the United States Navy stated: “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence”. We should all refuse to preside impotent in the face of premeditated error that helps orchestrate dependency on and suicidal enslavement by coercive and confiscatory big government. This article is not meant to cite and/or dispute the endless number of lies, contradictions and hypocrisies embedded in the 2,572 page 391,517 word Obamacare law. Nor does it attempt to illuminate the contortions and convolutions within its 10,535 pages and 11,588,550 words of incoherent and bewildering regulations. By comparison this vastly shorter article helps prove that the USA has been smothered by Communism and its maniacal wealth and now health redistributionist aims and ambitions. The term Obamacare is a misnomer. Its proper name is OBAMACIDE. OBAMACIDE is a choreographed Communist Manifesto inspired charade. It claims health care not only to expand suffocating government but to give government ultimate control over life and death.

OBAMACIDE means less life at the beginning and earlier death near the end while exponentially bankrupting the country along the way. With OBAMACIDE the youngest [those residing naturally and temporarily in their mother’s womb] and the oldest [those determined by elites to have lived long enough] will be offered-up to the government beast under the falsehood of long-term health care which is actually early death care in disguise. Those who escape the womb and who haven’t reached old age will be protected until they likewise reach old age. Look no further than the socialized medicine “Liverpool Pathway” in Great Britain [a benign name for a malevolent practice] wherein the government fosters an environment where the elderly, when they become like old machines, are treated like obsolete fully depreciated assets because they are no longer productive. This is a product of employing Lenin’s “Lie is Sacred” dictum [use constructive words to camouflage destructive aims], and his precept: “Socialized medicine is the keystone in the arch of the socialized state”. Communism and Socialism are like Siamese twins. Communism enslaves through force. Socialism enslaves through voting.

The formal name for OBAMACIDE is the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act. This moniker is a Marxist misnomer because ultimately it doesn’t fully protect; it’s not always life-saving care; and it’s not affordable especially for those who actually pay taxes. As just one unconstitutional example, OBAMACIDE mangles and massacres the first amendment of the United States Constitution by forcing people against their will and religious beliefs to fund baby murder; sterilizations; artificial contraception; abortifacients etc. How does such coercion and contempt comport with freedom of religion? How does less life comport with health? How can any civilization survive by forcing citizens to treat babies and children like obsessed teeth or malignant tumors? How can any country exist with fewer and fewer taxpayers and without all citizens paying taxes? Due to the slaughter of 60 million American babies since 1973, the elderly, who are living longer but working and earning less, continue to represent higher percentages of our total population. Because of premeditated depopulation of the young, there are now fewer and fewer younger citizens paying into the already bankrupt and severely underfunded redistributionist systems like Medicare and Social Security. By design the elderly will now be penalized because of the barbaric slaughter of 60 million American babies.

OBAMACIDE gradually rips $716 billion out of Medicare including $157 billion from Medicare Advantage which has proven to provide the elderly [as compared to Medicare] longer life spans. Only a Marxist myrmidon would fail or refuse to see that the elderly won’t be fully protected despite having been forced [no option was provided] to pay into Medicare [forced payroll deductions] for the entirety of their working lives since Medicare was passed in 1965. Now, and thanks to OBAMACIDE, when it comes time for the elderly to secure their promised Medicare benefits, which the elderly already bought and paid for under government duress throughout their working lives, many of those benefits will be given to people who never paid into the system. Insurance rates and deductibles are already skyrocketing while coverage protections are shrinking. Only the malevolent would dare call OBAMACIDE “social justice”. The coercions; controls; and confiscations of OBAMACIDE are so staggering in their orchestrations, Americans might as well be living behind the former Iron Curtin or in the former Soviet Union.

OBAMACIDE aims to destroy health care for the majority [85%] who are insured in favor of the minority [15%] who are not insured. Drag everyone down to the lowest level and keep lowering the levels. Bolstered by STRONG FAMILIES vs. the STRONG STATE wouldn’t it be more beneficial to the “general welfare” to encourage; expect and help educate the 15% to become economically self-sufficient so that they can bolster their self-esteem by buying their own health care insurance and, therefore, become less of a drag or a drain on their neighbors? If there is an individual right to health insurance or any other insurance, there must also be and individual responsibility to pay for it! Rights without responsibilities aren’t rights. They’re wrongs. Absent that, and as a result, we not only have more wealth redistributions but now health redistributions as well. This leads to rationing. And the rationing will begin concurrent with the need for life saving treatment. No problem…by then current citizens, and eventually those they care about; will be judged by some heartless Washington bureaucrat on the ORWELIAN PAYMENT ADVISORY BOARD or by an insurance provider to have lived long enough! Those in their early years [who were lucky enough to survive time within their mother’s womb] will be forced to pay for health care that they don’t want or don’t need until they become the elderly. Then, as was suffered by their predecessors, they too will be denied what they already bought and paid for when life-saving treatment is most likely needed because they are then determined to be obsolete fully depreciated assets.

Ezekiel Emmanuel [the brother of Rahm Emmanuel – Obama’s first Chief of Staff], who was one of the Marxist architects of OBAMACIDE decreed, subsequent to the sneaky unilateral democrat passage of OBAMACIDE, that no one should live past age 75. Sounds like a Nazi disciple of Dr. Mengele. Of course, when the rubber actually hits the road, this 75 and Die precept will not include elites like Rahm Emmanuel – just people like you and me and those we know and care about…those the elites see as “useless eaters; masses of pulsating maggots; or gibbets of meat protruding from wombs.” And, then there is Jonathan Gruber, the MIT professor and chief architect of OBAMACIDE, who was convicted of fraud and sued by the state of Vermont for false billings. And let’s not forget the gutless members of Congress [royalty] who are held largely exempt from the most onerous OBAMACIDE mandates. They don’t represent us. They represent themselves; each other; and especially the special interests who buy them the offices they hold and seek to covet while acting as adversaries to fool the people while they collaborate to conspire against us. OBAMACIDE insanely argues that everyone should be forced to pay into the Communist system even though they don’t want or need health insurance because someday down the road they will need and want health care. Wowie! That’s like saying everyone should be forced to pay for car insurance even those who don’t own cars or don’t have drivers licenses because someday they might own cars and want drivers licenses. The role of government is not to provide, but to promote the creation and preservation of an environment whereby everyone is encouraged, expected and then educated to provide for themselves so that they don’t become drags and a drains on their neighbors. That’s Independence vs. Dependence.

Strong families and communities negate the need for perilous suffocating Nanny States especially when such families and communities practice “if you fall down. I’ll pick you up! If I fall down, you pick me up”. That’s why strong families have been decimated. Strong families help make moot the draconian desires of strong suffocating states. OBAMACIDE is like being forced to buy a life insurance policy that will eventually force those who live long enough to pay in advance for their own early death. Of course, the elites are or will somehow become exempt from these dehumanizing privations and impoverishments within this toxic totalitarian law that enslaves the very citizens these perverted Communist and Socialist clowns and cowards work for.

How can the American people be so incredibly blind and gullible to ever trust big government? The USA has been a breeding ground for the envious and the ignorant who have been rewarded by dragging us all down while killing this country along the way. Inch by inch gradual yet relentless enslavement to coercive and confiscatory Communist Manifesto inspired big government has proven a cinch! If OBAMACIDE is such a benevolent “equality driven” program, why pray tell were thousands of waivers and exemptions granted to Obama’s Bolshevik Buddies; to those in the obese federal government [I wonder if the Supreme-less Supreme Court and other federal courts have been likewise pampered and preferred]; and why were delays beyond the onerous October 1, 2013 start-up granted to certain interested parties and special interests? There was start-up delays for everyone [it seems] save for the enslaved citizens who are forced to pay the enslavers. Only the dolts or the demented would dare call such haughty hypocrisies equality. Yet the Supreme-less Supreme Court found this hydra-headed evil constitutional! OBAMACIDE enslaves taxpaying citizens [only 53% of those who file federal income tax returns actually pay federal income taxes while the remaining 47% (and growing) who file federal income tax returns pay little if any federal income taxes while feeding at the federal trough; and while in a large number of instances receiving tax rebates on taxes they never paid – Wow!] with trillions of dollars in new tax increases [between 18-21 new taxes]; and new KGB police state bureaucracies fraught with smothering regulations and privacy invasions.

How do massive tax increases, and thus massive cost increases, make OBAMACIDE more AFFORDABLE? OBAMACIDE’S version of economic “social justice” is oxymoronic: less coverage; higher premiums; and higher deductibles! The pampered 47% who don’t pay taxes while feeding freely at the Federal Trough have the luxury of time on their hands to protest against those who are working and affording them the time to protest. What a deal…steal from the productive and then protest against those from whom the theft occurred; those who were forced to make it possible even easy to steal. The 47% must think that money grows on trees and those that have money have money growing trees while they don’t have money growing trees. Or they think that Government owns vast forests of money growing trees and the thought of making them work for their money is mean spirited when all the government has to do is grow more money growing trees. OBAMACIDE includes taxes on health care devices and equipment; investments and real estate [as examples] the latter having absolutely nothing to do with health care which, by the way, [as also applies to income taxes] should ALWAYS be none of the federal government’s business.

What kind of a sovereign saboteur or imbecile would call a health care program more AFFORDABLE when it increases taxes [costs passed on to the consumer] on health care devices and equipment? If OBAMACIDE was truly designed to be more “affordable”, wouldn’t there have been trillions of dollars in tax decreases vs. trillions of dollars in tax increases? So, what does “affordable” really mean? In brazen contradistinction to the constitutional principles of private property, “affordable” means taking money and health care benefits from those who already earned them; and simply transferring such wealth and health care benefits via government coercion [theft] to people who didn’t earn them in calculated ways so that those who didn’t earn don’t have to pay. Wowie! What a system!