Beaten and Tortured for Crime He Did Not Commit; Now Free Courtesy of Rescue Christians

We would like to thank our supporters for without your help we could not have saved this man:

On 24th May 2016, Liaqat Masih contacted us in order to help his son who was arrested by the police over the charge of the sharing and publishing the Blasphemous material against Muhammad (prophet of Islam). At the time of Usman’s arrest all the Christians from the Nabi Pura village had fled and the Muslims were threatening to burn down all Christian homes.

When the Rescue Christian team investigated the whole issue, we found that there were a gang of Christian and Muslim men who took the picture of women and posted them on Facebook and then they blackmailed Usman Masih. Prior to this Blasphemy accusation Usman Masih was assaulted by these men in which Usman was badly injured. Usman Masih submitted a complaint against these men but the police did not act against them. In an act of revenge by his attackers the same people who assaulted him filed false charges of blasphemy with no evidence to support the claim, then Usman Masih was arrested. The anti Christian bias was blatant.

With the support of the police and some local influential people this gang registered an FIR against him under the blasphemy law. They accused Usman for posting and sharing the Anti Islam and Anti Muhammad material on Social media. Usman worked at a Honda Factory and he hardly has any time for the family, he never gets involved in any of such activities on the internet.

Watch Usman Masih’s full testimony


Police took his cell phone and computer for their investigation and later his ISP. Mr. Najeeb Ullah Khan testified in Court that he did not find any blasphemous material from Usman’s Cell Phone or Computer. He further explained that the Forensic laboratory analyzed his computer as well as his Facebook account and found nothing sub verse against Islam was published.

Even Eshan Asmat the complainant failed to provide any evidence against Usman Masih. Our team of lawyers proved Usman Masih innocence and after a long twenty months the Judge being Mohammed Moeen Khokhar on February 16 2018 signed the acquittal and release papers in the court of Additional and session judge of Ferozwala, Punjab.

Court Order of acquittal

The Judge Muhammad Moeen Khokhar understood Usman Masih was innocent and there was not a single piece evidence against him and provided more than enough time (nearly two years) for the complaint to show any evidence of guilt which they could not. While the judge did finally acquit Usman, it is still scandalous that he took twenty-one months for justice to be done as well as police torture to go unpunished. Our lawyers and partners were able to get justice but it took efforts that went way beyond what it should have taken.