Boom: Report that Andrew McCabe Did in Fact Frame General Flynn

Keith Davies political correspondent

Investigative Journalist Mike Cernovich is reporting that his sources have confirmed that Andrew McCabe the former Deputy Director of the FBI; both altered the #302 files (FBI interviews of persons of interest) and destroyed evidence in General Flynn’s case.

The pertinent #302 file on Flynn was written by his McCabe’s subordinate Peter Strzok who in an earlier behind closed doors congressional testimony made by James Comey (the Former FBI Director) in March of 2017 testified that General Flynn spoke the truth and never intentionally misled the two interviewers which included Peter Strzok. It has also been reported that Andrew McCabe tried to destroy evidence of his wrong doing. It seems obvious from these reports if confirmed that Peter Strzok is now singing like a bird to the investigators at the Inspectors General office as well as the team of clean FBI agents who are investigating these matters. I am sure Peter Strzok is looking to get a deal for a reduced sentence.

As we have reported over the last week we know that Flynn had an animus against General Flynn and had stated in a meeting about F**King Flynn and then Trump.

We also reported that Judge Emmet Sullivan who has had previous experience of the Obama’s Department of Justice malfeasance when they succeeded in framing a sitting US senator Ted Stevens and only after appeal was the frame-up exposed. The same Judge Emmet Sullivan who presided over the appeal is now taking this new case up with the MOST UNUSUAL ruling which is to order exculpatory evidence to be provided to the defense after a guilty plea was gained from the defendant. The Mueller special counsel has some real explaining to do if the case is dismissed for tampering of evidence. Not only should McCabe be indicted but other lawyers which could include Mueller for conspiring with McCabe or at least be negligent in their duty when it came to the revision of the FD #302 files that appear to have been tampered with. Andrew Weissman the leading prosecuting attorney for the special counsel, appointed by Mueller has already a track record of withholding exculpatory evidence on several high-profile cases as reported by journalist Sara Carter

It appears it should only be a few more weeks before the Inspector General’s Report will be out, when we will see the full extent of the conspiracy to exonerate the guilty and frame the innocent. This is a major crime in itself, but made even more gigantic when it involves the two 2016 candidates for President of the United States.