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The United States is still backing Turkey as it expands into Syria. This is because the Cold War never ended

By Theodore Shoebat The United States and NATO are backing Turkey as it has expanded itself in Syria. This is because the Cold War never ended: CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION TO OUR RESCUE TEAM THAT WILL SAVE THE LIVES OF CHRISTIANS FROM PERSECUTION

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Teenager Gives Birth To Baby Boy, As Soon As He Is Born She Stabs Him Nine Times All Over His Body, Wraps His Body In A Bathrobe And Dumps Him In Her Neighbor’s Shed

A seventeen year old woman was arrested after murdering her newborn baby boy minutes after birth. She stabbed him nine times all over his body, then wrapped him in a bathrobe and dumped him in her neighbors shed: A 17-year-old Texas girl repeatedly stabbed her newborn just minutes after it was born then dumped the […]

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illegal ice

US Supreme Court Rules Illegal And Non-Citizen Legal Immigrants Can Be Detained Indefinitely

In a victory for the Trump administration, illegal immigrants and even non-citizens with legal status can be held indefinitely without receiving a hearing: Immigrants can be held by U.S. immigration officials indefinitely without receiving bond hearings, even if they have permanent legal status or are seeking asylum, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. In a 5-3 […]

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Turkey is now going to be using unmanned remote controlled tanks

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey is now going to be using unmanned remote controlled tanks, as we read in a report from Yeni Safak: The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), already an effective user of unmanned aerial vehicles, will soon start using unmanned land vehicles on the ground in the country’s ongoing counter-terror operation. An official from […]

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The United States government is training Turkey on how to use nuclear weapons against Russia

By Walid Shoebat The United States government teaches European countries and Turkey on how to use nuclear weapons against Russia. This is all a foreshadowing of the great showdown that is going to happen in the next world war. RT published a very interesting article on this training today: US programs which train non-nuclear powers […]

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