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Major robotics company in England creates a robot that can cook perfect for meals. This very robot technology is being used to create killer robots for the next major war

By Theodore Shoebat A major robotics company is England, Moley, has created a robot that can cook perfect meals for you. This very robot technology is being used to create military robots for the next great war or world war:   Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The […]

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Spanish Government Orders All Flags At Military Bases Flown At Half-Mast For Holy Week

The Spanish government has ordered all flags at military building to fly their flags at half-mast to commemorate the death of Christ, from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday according to a report: The Spanish flag will fly at half-mast on all military buildings including the Ministry of Defence in Madrid to commemorate the death of […]

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Lesbians Adopt Six Children, Starve Them And When The State Starts To Investigate, They Murder Them All And Then Commit Suicide

They were the “picture perfect” homosexual family- two lesbians who “married” and then adopted six black children- and lots of photos of everybody looking happy. But after revelations came out that the women were starving their children and CPS began to investigate, the women went on a murder-suicide rampage, putting all the children into a […]

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American Homosexuals Threaten To Rape Christian Student For Promoting Marriage

An investigation has commenced after homosexual threatened to rape a Christian man for promoting marriage at his college: A Title IX investigation is now underway at the Dominican-run Providence College in Rhode Island after a Catholic student-employee received a rape threat for displaying a poster articulating the Church’s teaching about marriage. The college’s administration has […]

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Judas Betrayed Jesus For The Cause Of Nationalism, The Story Is A Warning To All Who Would Value Race Over Grace

Today is Good Friday, the day when Jesus was crucified at Golgotha and died for our sins. The Bible states that he was betrayed by Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples for 30 pieces of silver. “Judas” is a hellenized form of the Hebrew Judah, which can mean either a man of the tribe of […]

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Conservative Christian Colleges Are Now Being Forced To Choose Between Their Faith And The LGBT

For a long time, “conservative” Christian institutions were relatively insulated from the effects of the culture war. Now that the LGBT has emerged as victorious, these institutions are increasingly being forced to choose between homosexuality and their faith: Conservative Christian colleges, once relatively insulated from the culture war, are increasingly entangled in the same battles […]

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Islamic terrorists murder Catholic priest

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in the Central African Republic murdered a Catholic priest, as we learn from a report from Christian Headlines: Dozens, including a Catholic priest, were killed last week as fighting erupted between armed groups in several villages in southern Central African Republic. Father Joseph Désiré Angbabata, 49, the parish priest of […]

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Man in India murders nine year old boy, the police are now investigating if the child was sacrificed in a Hindu occult ritual

By Theodore Shoebat A man in India murdered a nine year old, and now the police are investigating to see if the murder was a sacrifice for a “tantric ritual.” As we read in one report from the Times of India: The Karauli police probing the suspected murder of a nine-year-old boy Naitik Bansal said that they […]

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Muslim doctors stab and and beat Christian man to death in a hospital and stab three other Christians with scissors

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim doctors in Pakistan beat and stabbed a Christian man to death, and stabbed and beat several other Christians as well. As we read in a report from British Pakistani Christians: Hypocritical Pakistani doctors have failed to uphold the ethical standards that they have sworn to uphold within their Hippocratic oath, primarily […]

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EUGENICS military industrial complex

The interconnections between the Military Industrial Complex and the international eugenist elite

By Theodore Shoebat Looking into the apparatus of the Military Industrial Complex, one will find un underlying agenda: eugenics. This is the subject of my next video: CLICK HERE TO READ MY IN DEPTH ARTICLE ON THE CIA AND HOW IT INTERCONNECTS WITH THE COUNTER-JIHAD AND EUGENICS    CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY […]

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Pope Francis Celebrates Holy Week With Heresy, Stays In Interview With Famous Atheist That “There Is No Hell” And Then Tries To Avoid Addressing The Matter When Questioned

In an act of manifest heresy that the Vatican is desperately trying to cover up, during an interview with the infamous Italian atheist Eugenio Scalfari, Pope Francis has said there is no hell and that the souls of the wicked disappear: In another interview with his longtime atheist friend, Eugenio Scalfari, Pope Francis claims that […]

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Facebook Is Completely Dead- The Adult And Now Tech Industry Has Declared It So

Authors note: I was not even intending to write about this story. However, this has potentially serious repercussions for the future of social media that I could not but address: The infamous porn company Playboy has just announced they have pulled completely out of Facebook: Playboy Enterprises says it’s pulling its Facebook presence as the privacy […]

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Outrage After Famous Pastor Calls Infamous Prostitute Stormy Daniels A “Hooker” While Defending Trump

Outrage erupted after famous pastor Greg Locke tweeted that Stormy Daniels, the porn “actress” who slept with President Trump, called her a “hooker”: Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee has garnered controversy for a social media post in which he defended President Donald Trump by calling porn star Stormy […]

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LGBT In Panic After President Trump ‘Gives The Green Light’ To Persecution of Homosexuals In Russia

The LGBT are upset after President Donald Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin and congratulated him on his recent victory, saying that it is an action which shows Trump’s disdain for the LGBT and the encouragement of “persecution” in Russia: There’s another reason why Donald Trump‘s congratulatory call to Russian President Vladimir Putin on his […]

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Hindu Terrorists Incite Other Pagans To Rise Up And Attack Christians In India

Hindu terrorists have been attacking Christians all across India, but now the Hindus are inciting local non-Hindu pagans also to attack Christians according to a report: About 20 villagers questioning Christians gathered for worship in a home in Odisha state, India were animists who worshipped objects in nature and other gods, but Hindu nationalists had […]

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