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Attacked On Both Sides — Poland’s Struggle For Survival Against Nazism And Communism

By Theodore Shoebat In 1919, the Bolsheviks tried to flood Poland with communism. And then during the Second World War, the Nazis invaded Poland, and the Russians invaded the same country. Today’s video is on how Poland was attacked on both sides in its struggle for survival against Nazism and Communism: Christianity Is At War, […]

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Now Even The Mainstream Media Is Talking About What We Warned- A.I. Face Swapping Technology Is Going To Be A MAJOR Threat, And Perhaps In Even Worse Ways Than Expected

We warned about this TWICE (here and here), and now even mainstream news sources are echoing our words, that A.I. face swapping technology is going to pose an existential threat to the integrity of video and photo evidence: Alec Baldwin is to some a perfect stand-in for President Trump. But in a digitally-altered video online, […]

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Poland Passes Pro-Christian Law That Supports The Fourth Commandment, Most Businesses Now Must Close On Sundays Or Else Face Heavy Fines And Jail Time

In a time when Christianity is being ridiculed, attacked, and outlawed in the Western world, Poland has passed a law with the support of the Catholic Church in opposition to the relentless onslaught that now most businesses must be closed on Sunday. Anybody who is caught illegally operating on Sundays will face heavy fines and […]

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New Strain Of Drug-Resistant HIV Discovered In The Philippines Prepares To Devastate The LGBT

The LGBT has bragged that thanks to advancements in recent anti-viral medication, there is little concern about contracting or spreading HIV. However, this is about to change as a new strain of HIV has just been discovered in the Philippines that is drug-resistant: A drug-resistant strain of the HIV virus discovered in the Philippines has […]

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