Massive Corruption and potential Treason now officially confirmed with firing of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Democrats lash out in Panic with veiled threats from all sides.

Keith Davies political correspondent

With news breaking yesterday and last night which confirms what had speculated a few weeks ago, we have now seen two major significant pieces of news that is confirming that the FISA court was either corrupted or was attempted to be corrupted, as well as the official firing of Andrew McCabe for lying and leaking, which confirms what the conservative media has been exposing for the last several months concerning the conspiracy to protect Hillary Clinton and illegally through falsifying evidence to bring down a duly elected president.

Andrew McCabe’s actions based on what is in the public domain is probably just a fraction of his abominable behavior which probably stretches back long before President Trump was even a candidate for President.

The fact that Andrew McCabe was fired as a result of inquiries completed by both the DOJ’s Inspector General’s office and the FBI Office of Professional Accountability, shows to any independent observer that the decision was non-partisan and based on the facts of which some of the details are in the public domain, which are convincing on the merits.

True patriotic Americans whether Republican, Democrat or Independent should be willing to accept the findings of these non-partisan bodies based on their reported facts; sadly the Congressional Democrats and leaders of the past administration are willing to continue to lie, obfuscate as well as threaten the President of the United States to avoid owning up to the most egregious abuse of power ever seen in the history of the country.

The facts are now starting to be confirmed by independent government bodies, that massive lies, corruption and treason have been committed by the very agencies we trust to protect and defend our constitution. A special counsel should be appointed within a short period, if not America is done.

The leaders of the previous administration’s FBI, CIA, DNI, DOJ, State Department, President Obama and his national security team will show to have conspired to protect Hillary Clinton from serious crimes she committed, then the same leaders abused their power by spying on Candidate Trump, President Elect Trump and President Trump. They further conspired to produce made up false evidence to remove a president which is tantamount to a coup and an affront to our constitutional republic; in other words what these people did is tantamount to treason which carries the death sentence. Clinton, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strozk and others could and should be all charged with High Treason.

It is now proven that Peter Strozk based on his latest texts which were released on Friday; that he knew personally Rudolph Contreras the FISA court judge (who also initially was the presiding Judge in the Michael Flynn case) tried to interfere with either the FISA court proceedings and even possibly the Michael Flynn case. The scandal now has officially spread to our judicial system. This type of stuff is usually only reserved for banana republics, is this is what we have become? speculated previously based on common sense perception that the FISA court may have been tainted and it now looks like our suspicions were correct. We speculated that it was hard to believe that the Steele Dossier based on how it was written and the lack of corroboration in the document, which read like a tabloid magazine rag, could not have been passed as credible evidence by any trained lawyer, never mind by a federally appointed judge.

Remember the Steele Dossier in congressional testimony by Andrew McCabe and confirmed in the Nunes memo stated that it was the predominant document used as supporting evidence to request a wire-tap on Carter Page which was needed to spy on Trump and his campaign, his transition and even the first three months of his presidency. The FISA court in April of last year issued a public report condemning the FBI and DOJ for misleading the court. I would contend that it is possible the FISA court itself was in cover-up mode or CYA mode, and that it is possible the Judges who did issue warrants knew the evidence was faulty but were corrupted by both their relationship with Peter Strozk and their own prejudices against Donald Trump. They knew exactly what the FBI and DOJ were doing but did not care for the truth or the rules surrounding the acquisition of a wire warrant, and turned a blind eye. The FISA court presiding judge had to issue the report to CYA when Admiral Mike Rogers the head of the NSA reported the malfeasance of the FBI /DOJ to the court.

It is very apparent as the news comes out against these rats that the reaction from the accused and their protectors is that of a magic mirror. They accuse Donald Trump of the very things they are guilty of. Read the following tweets and you will see what they say applies exactly to their side and if one studies the evidence and the facts none applies to Donald Trump, his campaign or subsequent administration. The left will always tell you the truth about what they did by projecting their guilt and actual malfeasance on to the innocent.

John Brennan the former CIA director in the Obama administration

Adam Schiff the Democrat ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee

Eric Swalwell a Democrat member of the House Intelligence committee

Be prepared for more shocking news that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama and his gang of crooks ruled our country more like Mussolini than a free republic and that when arrests are made it will destroy the Democrat party in the eyes of the public for many moons to come. Let the truth come out and cleanse our country from the stench of treason and corruption and pray for our President that he can overwhelm the forces of evil and bring our country back to a stable constitutional republic, one nation under G-d, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.