Obama “Lite” Is Not alright

Obamacide “Lite” Isn’t Alright !

By: D.M. Stewart

Obamacide has not been fully repealed as promised. Instead, the republicans are flirting with what has been termed “Obamacide Lite” to include some form of bailing out insurance companies [likely at taxpayer expense] who have suffered economic losses due to Obamacide. While I am not familiar with the specifics of the apparent republican proposal, I thought a follow-up to the original article on this subject would be important given how what we call health care is often counter to what healthcare should be. It might be helpful to revisit the original article Obamacide is Suicide published by Shoebat on February 15, 2018.

Obamacide is fully aligned with the far reaching plan for one world Communist Manifesto inspired big government and one world Atheistic religion both obsessed with depopulating humanity without shots being fired. It’s always easier to control smaller numbers of people through lies and then use intimidation and humiliation to turn these smaller numbers into cowards or discernment free lemmings. Lenin’s most famous dictum was: “The Lie is Sacred.”

Theodore Dalrymple writer

Theodore Dalrymple clarifies: “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.

Obamacide coerces destructions like: less life; early death; and sovereign bankruptcy. We are forced by big government to fund against our will the ceaseless thinning of the human population via dictates that demand: failure prone and health risking artificial contraception; baby butchering; selling of butchered baby parts; infanticide; gendercide; geriatricide; fruitless and fatal sodomy; insane transgender surgeries; sterilizations; suicides; assisted suicides; Planned Parenthood atrocities; and other pro-death measures being called health care.

These evils require wealth redistribution which helps governments coerce and control through taxing powers. Like Charles De Gaul once stated: “In order to become the master the government poses as the servant.” Those who receive FREE or nearly FREE products, systems and services from governments [at the expense of actual taxpayers] continue to vote for those who promise to provide for them [at the expense of others] until the victims of the theft [actual taxpayers] stop earning; earn less or otherwise disappear. When left unattended or uncorrected subsequent economic implosions eventually weaken or crater the entire system. Look at the dead and dying countries within the European Union whose long lingering low Birth Replenishment Rates may be beyond fixing.

And coercion is the essence of the dehumanizing hopelessness within the core Communist and Socialist evil: “from each according to their means to each according to their needs”. OBAMACIDE, as just one example, can force citizens to purchase and pay for up to 72 different alleged “health care” items or benefits even though such items aren’t wanted, needed or used by those who are forced to buy them. Here again we have coercive health and wealth redistribution. “Affordable” in the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act merely means that some citizens work for what they receive while all too often supporting the citizens who won’t work while both groups receive essentially the same. So, why work? Communism and socialism eventually intend that everybody receives the same things in the same amounts except that nobody [save of course for the elites] ever receives enough of anything. Communism and socialism eviscerate the middle class because the middle class is forced [save for the elites] down into the lower class where everyone eventually lives in “one size fits all” dependency driven and controlled equality.

Self-sufficiency and independence aren’t valued because being unique might make others feel bad because they are less successful. The equality driven benevolent STATE which postures fairness pretends it can’t accept such inequalities except that such inequities are exactly what they intend. Communism and socialism are misery loves company agendas. Communism and socialism aren’t about lifting-up the lower class into the middle class. By design Communism and Socialism create and use the lower class as Marxist magnets to pull the middle class down into the lower class. The elites are automatically elevated because the middle class, who the elites see as threats and competition, continues to shrink until eventually the middle class disappears.

This takes time in the USA because the perils and perditions of pretense and propaganda take longer to kill; an avalanche of sinister and cunning distractions; and because there are still significant numbers of discerning citizens [actual taxpayers] who see and understand what is happening. But these citizens have a fatal flaw. They end-up tolerating and obeying obscenely unjust and unconstitutional laws inside of a system that wasn’t built to last. Overtime, and by design, we all end-up in a ceaseless Civil War [CLASS WARFARE] because we have two competing groups [currently democrats and republicans] fighting for control of the same government. If we have one Constitution written in English, why do we need two competing political parties warring with each other on everything especially when one of the parties has repeatedly raped the Constitution while the other party mostly [if at all] merely protests the ongoing rapes?

Communism and socialism rely on: lying; cheating; stealing; taxing and spending; regulating and litigating adnauseam until only the elites are left standing. The evil intent is to make people surrender by creating division, envy, class warfare and ultimately societal collapse. When one connects all the dots, this can result in a perpetual thinning of the human herd so that the elites can [with demonic deception] eventually have the world to themselves. If they win, there may come a time when money no longer exists. Wealth will then be measured mostly by two elements: POWER and POSSESIONS. At their most evil roots Communism and Socialism are Godless and soulless meaning that life is merely an accident without purpose. Thus, humanity is merely accidental and that all of the accidents [save for the elites] are equally accidental.

Who wants accidents running around creating even more accidents? How many of the same equal things do we really need? And yet someone needs to control and corral such equally accidental accidents wherein the Communist and Socialist elites come to the rescue! This comes together through the arcane belief that the earth and its contents are finite and fixed requiring forced equalities even though the Universe is infinite and God given human ingenuity when carefully cultivated has a history of unparalleled improving and overcoming.

The “useless eaters”; “masses of pulsating maggots”; and the “gobbets of meat protruding from wombs”, [people like you and me] if we survive at all, may be bred into slavery or placed in Zoos for the pleasure of the God-like elites. With bio-engineering; artificial intelligence; and a geometric expansion of terrifying technologies e.g. artificial semen and artificial wombs, we may ultimately see a time when females have made themselves extinct; when perverted homosexual men or the genderless control the world; when life is programed and manufactured in factories just like machines are today; and when the elites have the power to perpetually clone themselves into ever improving super-human, God-like perfection and immortality. Humanity as we have always known it will have ceased to exist.

The UNITED NATION’S AGENDA 21 calls for a 95% reduction in world-wide human population terming human beings as a scourge on the earth. OBAMACIDE fits perfectly with the recipe for the “annihilation of nations” through thinning the human herd beyong its power to reproduce itself through one world government. And it does it in the main without shots being fired as compared with previous world-wide conflagrations. The GEORGIA GUIDESTONES call for a world population of no more than 500 million which would mean shrinking the current world population of 7.3 billion by 85% and shrinking USA population to about 40 million from the current 325 million. The GUIDESTONES are located in the USA.

These GUIDESTONES would reduce the USA population to its size at the outbreak of the Civil War in 1860. That’s what thinning the human herd looks like. And that’s what progress looks like for progressives who are mainly super selfish life hating and family destroying Godless Communists and Socialists in disguise.

Nevertheless, permitting government elites to ceaselessly control; coerce; and confiscate is easily the equivalent of giving chimpanzees and monkeys unlimited and uninterrupted supplies of live hand grenades and expecting or believing that the chimpanzees and/or the monkeys won’t ever pull the pins. Look at the cratering results of Communistic and Socialistic government controls [coerced not chosen] with Medicare; Medicaid; and Social Security as just a few examples. Yet we lament our current and ever rising federal debt of $20 trillion. Comrade Obama in eight short years amassed more federal debt than all previous presidential administrations combined. In a just system of governance, this wealth redistributing and morality perverting MARXIST maniac would have been stripped of all accumulated wealth; and then imprisoned for premeditated malpractice and theft. Obama makes Bernie Madoff look like a sentinel of credibility and trust and a mere candy store thief.

Catastrophically, and at one moment in time, our total national debt figurers [they change upward by the millisecond] showed a total debt of $175.8 trillion which is 8.79 times higher than the currently cited $20 trillion. When we count state debt; local debt; interest on the debt; personal debt; debt to foreign countries; mortgage debt; student loan debt; credit card debt, the total national debt is $67.7 trillion. In addition to the $67.7 trillion we must add the combined gargantuan unfunded liabilities of $104 trillion for Social Security; Prescription Drugs and Medicare. Therefore, our total US sovereign debt is about $175.8 trillion.

At this suicidal rate, we will hit and surpass $200 trillion in debt. $200 trillion represents a debt load per citizen [324,890,323 citizens] of $615,592; and a debt load per taxpayer [119,455,594 taxpayers] of $1.67 million. However, since only 53% of the 119,455,594 taxpayers currently pay federal tax, the 53% of taxpayers would then be required to pay an average of $3.15 million as the remaining 47% feed freely at the federal trough while being exempt from paying little or no taxes while receiving rebates on the little or no taxes they paid. That’s sneaky Communism. Also, please consider that one trillion seconds equals 31,688 years. If each second represented a dollar, it would take 6,311,537 years to pay-off $200 trillion debt ONLY IF revenues collected by the United States government[s]would be used ONLY for repayment of the debt and nothing else AND while never adding to the current debt.

Currently, Medicare and Medicaid, together, account for 43% of federal spending. Adding only the interest on the deadly Marxist debt, just these two Communist and Socialist inspired suffocations [both fatally bankrupt] are set to consume all tax revenues by 2025. And all of this is before the unparalleled waste, fraud, abuse, and bureaucratic bankruptcies just to manage and enforce the gargantuan OBAMACIDE monstrosity. Don’t forget the FULL FAITH AND CREDIT clause within the US Constitution. This means that [as the Communist sympathizer FDR did when he confiscated Gold] the US government could pay off these massive debts [that they ran up without the permission of the people] by using confiscatory powers to siphon even more wealth from the citizens they have already robbed. Here again citizens would be forced to pay for the debt creation mistakes of those who have ruled over them and who are mostly driven by their acquisition of personal power; perks and privileges as they represent themselves; each other and the special interests who buy them the offices they hold and seek to covet. What kind of a Constitution would make such a perversion possible even in the least?

As an example, the IRA holdings of US citizens as of December, 2016 were 26.1 trillion. These lawfully earned retirement savings have been considered as offerings to the federal debt beast to help offset the previously cited number of $20 trillion in federal debt…a debt that grows ceaselessly. Don’t be surprised when IRA confiscations occur whereby those who followed the IRA rules will end up being forced to accept pennies for every confiscated IRA dollar in favor of the “common good” which was otherwise ignored as the debt was amassed. This would then force all into the enslavement of privation and impoverishment.

That’s what Communist and Socialist equality look like. Obviously, those who don’t have IRA’s won’t lose anything because they didn’t have anything to lose. However, we can then [save of course for the elites] all equally frolic around the misery loves company camp fires together while making excuses for what happened and blaming each other for the dire consequences. That’s when class warfare becomes actual warfare.

Medicare’s unfunded liabilities [part of the $104.1 trillion] would have no doubt been dwarfed in comparison by those that would have been intentionally caused by OBAMACIDE and perhaps OBAMACIDE LITE. The computer server designed to expedite OBAMACIDE access for sign-ups was budgeted @ $94 million. The results showed an actual cost [at the time an unfinished work in progress] of $634 million or a +574.46% cost increase vs. what was planned. This is commonplace with our perverted spendoholic wealth redistribution prone government which is now [since the Woodrow Wilson administration] even more chaotically out of control. The chaos and pandemonium have been calculated until the USA [as it was intended to be] no longer exists thus permitting one world government.

John Adams Second President of The United States

John Adams, our second president, and the father of the American Navy once said: “There are two ways to enslave a nation. One is the sword. The other is debt.” Enslaved Americans now live in a moral and fiscal fantasy land where 2+2 equals whatever number enslavement oriented unaccountable government needs it to equal. There are no real constraints on government. The Constitution has proven convolutional. The Constitution is often a meaningless museum piece save for feckless oaths to preserve, protect and defend it. And those in Washington, who conceived and permitted our premeditated enslavement, act like they work in a consequence free romper room where American citizens are their toys and rattles despite the truth that the health and the wealth of any American citizen are none of this or any other governments’ business.

Governments should be intended to keep the peace; protect private properties and provide for projects common to all citizens while creating and preserving environments that encourage; expect and then help educate all individuals to seek and secure their own unique levels of self-sufficiency and independence. This conditions all citizens to object to becoming drags or drains on their neighbors. That’s brotherly love. Those who truly can’t help themselves should be helped. That number is so small that those closest to such people can be sources of benevolence. Those who won’t help themselves shouldn’t be helped because they preside impotent in the face of those who intend to subtract vs add value.

The United States of America was founded on the Declaration of Independence FROM coercive big government [the British Empire] not the Declaration of Dependence ON coercive big government [Washington, DC]. Since then, and little by little, the productive tax paying citizens of this once great Republic [now called a democracy] have been enslaved by those who specialize in coercion; control; and confiscation driven by jealousy and the demonic need to strangle, suffocate and siphon. Perpetuating legacies of lobbying and lying; bullying and bribing; denying and defying; promise making and promise breaking – all too often in favor of those who can but won’t help themselves [as they help drag down those who can help themselves] is Sovereign Suicide.

Since the USA was founded upon the Core Values of: Life; Liberty; and the Pursuit of Happiness, how have we been anesthetized into being governed by the Core Perditions of: Death; Deceit; and the Promise of Hopelessness? The answer is historically irrefutable. Employing the precepts of gradualism and incrementalism [inch by inch enslavement is a cinch] the USA is now governed as much by the privations and impoverishments of the Communist Manifesto as we are by the so called precepts and principles of the United States Constitution.

Willard Cleon Skousen was an American conservative author and faith-based political theorist.

In 1958 Dr. Cleon Skousen wrote a book entitled: The Naked Communist wherein he predicted with prescience the plot to ruin the USA from the inside out via accomplishing the then known 45 Goals for the Communist Takeover of America.

Since then, and lie by incremental lie, all 45 of these sinister and cunning Communist takeover goals have been accomplished in full or in part. As just one example, Goal #15 states: “Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.” The 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto are one and the same with the democrat party platform and its history of incremental collectivism and ruination beginning with Woodrow Wilson’s presidency [March 4, 1917 to March 4, 1921] a regime that installed 3 of the 10 Communist planks into the USA during his “progressive” [actually regressive] administration. The three installed Wilsonian Communist Manifesto planks are:

The SECOND PLANK OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO which states: “A Heavy Progressive Income Tax”. This was accomplished in 1913 via the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution [despite the apparent fact that the 16Th amendment wasn’t formally ratified]. This amendment means that higher incomes are penalized by paying higher tax rates so that overtime and eventually everyone [again save for the elites] no matter their gross income keeps the same amount after taxes so that everyone is equal no matter their earnings. We are now half-way there as already shown. The tax paying half pays for the non-tax paying half while the non-tax paying half feeds freely at the government troughs at the expense of the tax paying half. That’s what “from each according to their means to each according to their needs” looks like!

The THIRD PLANK OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO which states: “Abolition of All Rights of Inheritance.” This is accomplished by a labyrinth of federal and state “Estate Tax” laws. The federal estate tax law was passed in 1916 with the understanding that it would be temporary to help offset the costs of the World War l. It’s still in place. Yet another made and broken big government promise. At least this theft has been rightfully renamed as the “Death Tax”. This punitive and exorbitant envy based tax has wiped out families and their rightfully earned legacies thus reinforcing the insanity of feeding the STRONG STATE at the expense of the STRONG FAMILY. Those who earned what they earned are not permitted to keep what they earned. They must surrender such earnings to a maniacal confiscatory government which then redistributes the stolen earnings to those who didn’t do the earning. This discourages wealth creation.

Wouldn’t it be better to encourage; expect and then help educate everyone to seek and secure their unique levels of wealth remembering that bigger isn’t always better? As Thomas Jefferson knew: “To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his father have acquired too much, in order to spare others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principles of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” The founders said many virtuous things which didn’t find their way into the so called US Constitution. We suffer because of such omissions and the absence of the principled CLARITY and CERTITUDE such things would have provided.

The FIFTH PLANK OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO which states: “Centralization of Credit in the Hands of the State.” The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave the federal government the powers to create fiat [fake] money and the monopolistic powers for keeping valueless “debt money” in circulation which drives ceaseless inflation and losses of purchasing power. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve doesn’t hold any reserves and this hydra is largely immune from Congressional; Executive or Judicial oversight.
The remaining SEVEN PLANKS were amply entrenched during the administrations of Franklin Roosevelt; Lyndon Johnson; Jimmy Carter; Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Along the way feckless republicans collaborated and compromised with and caved into the more fiercely resolute democrats. In the main, the democrats say the wrong things but they do what they say. The democrats move as one and rarely blink. In the main, the republicans say the right things but they don’t do what they say especially when it counts the most. Republicans have a blinking disorder and they move more at will rather than as one. Please recall goal #15 within the COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA as shown above.

Communism and Socialism fit the overarching plan to forever wreck and ruin the United States of America by transforming this once great Constitutional Republic into a Communist democracy. Being first among equals is seen as discriminatory. The USA has to be made into being just equal or better yet the last among unequals. This is punishment for having been preeminent. Everything now revealing itself as pandemonium within the USA has been premeditated and orchestrated by enemies within. Those who are paid to protect the general welfare have perverted the general welfare. Too many of our leaders are self-consumed liars. In far too many ways and places, we have Communists and Commissars on the left and Cowards and Capitulators on the right.

The Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act is a Marxist misnomer. For the sake of history, it should be formally retitled to one of or a combination of more fitting names like: The Patient Peril and Bankruptcy Health and Wealth Confiscation Act; or the Less Life and Earlier Death Act; or the Ultimately You Will Be Next to Die Early Act.
When you redistribute what others have earned in order to equalize, collectivize and communize, you will eventually die. If government programs are so wonderful, why are citizens forced to participate in them? Why aren’t citizens given the option to participate? Coercion isn’t charity. It’s theft. Authentic charity can only work through the principles of subsidiarity at the local level where strong families should reside. OBAMACIDE is a Marxist misery loves company agenda – all save for the elitist Penthouse Bolsheviks; the Myrmidonic Marxists and some of their boot-licking dolt ridden dragoons and acolytes. Equalizing misery for everyone is the eventual evil intent of the entirely misplaced term Obamacare. That’s why it is accurately and correctly called by its more perfect one word pedigree: OBAMACIDE.

OBAMACIDE is easily UNCONSTITUTIONAL in many ways one of the most obvious of which is the clear violation of the Commerce Clause which permits products; systems and services originating in one state to be available to citizens in any state. In violation of the Commerce Clause OBAMACIDE forces citizens to buy health insurance only from insurers selected for their state of residence thus engineering government collusion with the Health Care industry resulting in minimized competition which allows for price controls and other rigged results. Whatever happened to the Sherman Anti Trust and the Robinson Patman Acts?

Some of the Obamacide solutions could be:

1) Repeal this monstrosity in full. Go back to where health care was prior to the sneaky [Christmas weekend] one sided unilateral democrat passage which received no republican support.

2). Remove the mandate for coercive universal participation while including open enrollment across state lines for those who do chose to participate provided they are actual citizens of this country.

3). Take the government out of health care entirely relying on the principle that if there is an individual right to health care, there must also be an individual responsibility to pay for it!

4). Exercise charity for those actual citizens who can’t pay via the principle: Sponsors Pay! Those who feel strongly about providing free health care to others should prove it by funding the free health care themselves rather than ever forcing others to do so against their will.

5). Insure that all government employees are governed by the exact health care rules that govern the people they are paid to represent.

Keep in mind that the USA was founded on the Declaration of Independence FROM coercive big government – the British Empire – not the Declaration of Dependence ON coercive big government in Washington, DC.