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Drug Addicted Felon Forces Woman To Watch Him Torture Her Boyfriend To Death, Then He Murders Her And Throws Their Bodies Down A Mine Shaft

A Utah man was arrested and is facing charges after he tortured a teenager to death in front of his girlfriend before murdering her and throwing them both down a well: A Utah man forced a teenage girl to kneel and watch her boyfriend being beaten and stabbed before she was killed and thrown down […]

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Lesbian Beats Her Mother To Death With An Iron Rod For Refusing To Accept Her Lesbian Relationship

A woman in India murdered her mother by beating her head with an iron rod for her refusal to accept her relationship with another woman: Police on Tuesday arrested a 21-year-old woman in Ghaziabad who killed her mother as she objected to her lesbian relationship with her teacher. On March 9, Rashmi Rana’s father Satish […]

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Man Takes Birds, Guinea Pigs, And Rabbits In Cages, Throws Them Into A Trash Compactor And Crushes Them Alive

A man was arrested and is facing animal cruelty charges after he took birds, guinea pigs, and rabbits- eight animals in total and still in their cages- tossed them into a trash compactor, and proceeded to crush them while they were still alive: A man is facing animal cruelty charges after being accused of placing […]

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It Is Pathetic Watch Saudi Arabia Resort To “Dates And Dabke” To Try To Save Her Rear From The Turkish Khazouk

“Panem et Circenses” was the social policy for the late Roman Empire- keep the people fed and their minds distracted and they would not focus on the real problems in society, such as the overspending, the crumbling infrastructure, and the invading Germanic tribes. Such is common to all falling societies, as they try to keep […]

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